My Shopping Trip to ShopRite & CVS

Woohoo!  What a haul!  Here is my shopping trip to ShopRite from last night.  Isn’t it beautiful 😉

No worries.  There were plenty of Propel left on the shelf.  Plus I was shopping at the end of the sale and they were stocking shelves right behind me throughout the store.

I’m not going to break this trip down because the sales are over but I will give you a summary of what I spent.

Number of Transactions: 2 (The couponing duo of Pat & Cindy swooped in on ShopRite Saturday night)

Started with:

$6 ShopRite Family Credit
$0.75 Cellfire Bonus Credit
$5 off $50 ShopRite Coupon (Entertainment Book 2011)
$36 in Catalinas

Paid out of pocket: $9.18
Have: $4 Catalina from the Almond Breeze (rolled the first set into the 2nd transaction) & I’m getting $1.30 back in my SavingStar account for the Smart Balance Peanut Butter and the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage
Saved: $188.83 (according to my receipt)
Toward my Holiday Turkey: $84.54 (this was my first purchase toward the turkey)

Also, I stopped in at CVS and picked up the Wisk.

Paid: $12.54 out of pocket
Have: $10 CVS Gift Card

Here is my Grocery Budget progress to date:

$465 grocery money (built up from not couponing for 4 weeks) as of 9/18
-$72.54 spent on 9/18 Shopping Trip
-$6.99 spent on 9/24 Shopping Trip
-$61.20 spent on 9/25 Shopping Trip
added $150 to our grocery envelope on 9/30
-$33.00 spent at Farmers Market
-$10 Bought Newspapers on 10/2
-$10 Walgreens Cottonelle Deal
-$43.75 spent on 10/7 Shopping Trip
-$31 spent on 10/9 Shopping Trip
-$42 spent at Farmers Market
added $150 to our grocery envelope on 10/14
-$35.65 spent on 10/15 shopping trip
$24 spent at Farmers Market
$9 spent on Coupons/Newspapers
-$21.72 spent on 10/17 shopping trip
Total in envelope as of 10/23: $364.15

How are you doing on your grocery budget?


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  • heather D

    Awesome trip!!! I did my trip on Sat night with the Almond Breeze cats! I am stocked and ready for next weeks $10 cat. I have $28 in cats ready to go!!!

  • Jan

    That a great deal too bad you did not post this earlier in the day because i shopped at shoprite last night: oop $34.28, i statred with $7.00 Catalina
    saved $130.01, got back $1.00 Rice Dream Milk, $2.00 Poise and $1/2 Dole fruit bites = total $30.28.

    • Cindy

      Most of what I purchased had been posted all during the week.

  • How is the peanut butter? Does it taste like the average brands?
    Btw congrats on your savings!

    • Pamela

      we get this a lot, in fact there are 5 jars in my cabinet right now lol It tastes similar to peter pan in my opinion.

  • tara

    I got coupons from almond breeze by emailing them…now I have to see if the cat deal is still working

  • susan c

    wow…i love checking out your shopping trips….i am on here checking out the deals 50 times a day… and i missed the propel and the cvs wisk deal….(hangin’ my head in shame) LOL

  • Maria

    Your lucky my $5 off of $50 is scanned last after all the discounts and coupons, if I’m below $50 they just give the coupon back to me. So I tend to use it when I’m stocking up on the meat deals.

  • Dawn

    Congrats. I’m in South Jersey. I put the same INTO budget, but regnl pricing, regnl coupons, no Fully dble SRs, individual store policies, stock, and changing raincheck policies do not allow for the same ‘turnaround’ on the $. 🙁 We also buy more meats, dairy and teenage snack foods (OMG my third is a bottomless pit- he makes up for the first 2 getting under control). I use you first for my lists, then tweek and adjust OOP, Thank you for being a def + in our bugdet!

  • Yazmin

    hi Cindy how come you spend so little on newspapres?? i get 6 news papers that comes up to almost $40 a month.. just want to know if there is a different way of getting the coupons… If anyone can help? Thank you!


    • Cindy

      Some weeks I just buy newspapers and some weeks I just buy individual coupons. When I do buy newspapers, I only buy 4 and I try to use my ECBs or RRs to buy them as well.

      • Anonymous

        Ohhh…. And where do you get individuals coupons??

        • Crystal

          Our Dollar store sells them for $1!

          • Yazmin

            wow what area
            u live in? it would be great to have a dollar store that sells them… im going to look arround.

            • Michelle

              Dollar Tree is all over the place and they sell the Sunday papers for$1 🙂

  • Ann

    I got a $1 off coupon for a rice dream product from the register. It says manuf. Q at the top. So I can combine this with SR super coupon from the living well magazine ? ( $ 1/2 rice dream)

    • Michelle

      @Ann, yes you can!

  • Maria S

    Hi cindy,
    Got my new 2012 Entertainment book and there were no SR coupons. 🙁
    What about you?

    • Michelle

      @Maria, SR is not in the regular Entertainment book next year:( but they are in the KidStuff ent book for 2012. Those are fundraiser ent books that kids sell for school. They get that fundraiser right at the start of the school year (and the SR coupons are $5/75 this time)

      • Maria S

        Thank you.

  • Dawn

    I stopped buying the papers , i get a smartsource and redplum delivered each week then order Hot coupons from clipping service on sundays. cheeper than paper and u get what u want. its usualy here by mid to late week

    • Elaine

      How do you get RP and SS delivered? If i am reading it right, you said you do NOT buy papers?

      • Vanessa

        Just the inserts are delivered? How?

  • annie

    i’m confused how did you get $$ towards the free turkey??

    doesn’t that start today???

    • Jessica

      No the turkey thing started last week 10/16 , I went shopping on Friday 10/21 and i have a running total for the turkey at the bottom on my receipt.

      • annie

        wow!!! i didn’t even realize that!! that’s great b/c last week was Huge for me…this week i don’t need much of anything and considering there aren’t such great deals…i’m so excited!!!

  • Lianne

    I love how I only spent $35 out of pocket this week and I’m already up to $113 towards my free turkey! Thank you Cindy!

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday night I sent my Hubbs to ShopRite(b’coz of my car problem I couldn’t go) with a list(cut dowm to very basic few thing) + 2 $5 cat’s from Kraft which were expiring yesterday. He called few times to check few things & finally at 9 he called me “which store U wanted me to go I’m here at Stop’n’Shop & when they didn’t took my Cat’ s I realized U wanted me to go to ShopRite”……..LOL! I got so upset…he got most of the stuff though overpriced but anyways…….first thing today morning quick trip to ShopRite, checked with Customer Service that I couldn’t use my Cat’s yesterday & Good Staff let me used them today….

    Lesson learned here…use your cat’s ASAP & don’t send your hubbs to grocerries on the last moment……

    • Elaine

      A++ for trying on his end! My husband wont even step into SR with my list and coupons… God Bless Cindy for Pat 🙂

  • Tina

    Is the Wisk deal still on?

    • Crystal

      nope last week