New $0.75/1 Windex Coupon + Awesome ShopRite Deal!

New Windex Coupon

Woohoo!  I’m a happy camper right now!!

There is a new Windex Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.75/1 off any Windex Product.

Print: Windex Coupon

And, this is why I’m happy…

These are part of the Buy 5 Get a $3 Catalina and although these are not free like the Fantastik, it’s still a great deal at ShopRite this week.

Here is a deal you can do:

Buy 4 Windex $2.49 each
Buy 1 Fantastik $1.99
-(4)$0.75/1 Windex Coupons
-(1)$0.75/1 Fantastik from the 9/25 SS
Pay: $4.45
Get a $3 Catalina
$0.29 each after coupons & catalina

or you can do this deal:

Buy 3 Fantastik $1.99 each
Buy 2 Windex $2.49 each
-(3)$0.75/1 Fantastik from the 9/25 SS
-(2)$0.75/1 Windex Coupons
Pay: $3.45
Get a $3 Catalina
$0.09 each after coupons & catalina

Make sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for this week.

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  • Diana

    This is for this current week??? Ends this Saturday 10/15??

  • aimee

    Awesome!! thanks a bunch Cindy.

  • Karen B

    Does anyone know when does the catalina deal ends?

  • Jen

    Oh my goodness Cindy, my head is spinning with these deals! How do you keep up and not get burned out?! I want whatever your having

    • Cindy

      LOL, I had a 4 week break from couponing last month. Best thing I did. Now, I’m refreshed and ready to go again! 😉

      • jazzycee

        no fantasik left at the fishkill ny shoprite on wednesday boohoo will try again tomorrow , cindy do you happen to no when the stores restock there shelves ?? is it at night??

        • Lady J

          when it’s n0t 0n the shelf – go to c/s. The majority of the time, they have more in the back and will bring it out. They’d rather do that than write you a raincheck. If not, as long as the deal is in the ad – they’ll give you a raincheck. Now, a raincheck won’t produce the catalina, but it will still lock in that price for you.

  • Will this continue for this week coming up?

  • BM

    does anybody knows if this catalina roll ? thx

    • chris

      my catalinas have been printing before I pay.
      So rolling wouldn’t matter in that case.
      The catalina has already printed before your choose you payment option, which could include catalinas.

  • Bernell

    Could you do
    4-Fantastik- 1.99 each
    – 4- $.75 Fantastik coupons
    -1-$.75 Windex Coupon
    get $3 catalina
    Free + .05 MM

    • yes I did this one earlier in th week!

  • Barbara A

    No, problem finding the Fantastik at my ShopRites. I bought 5 at each store and they were always restocking even while I was there. I have done the deal at 3 different ShopRites. I am so excited about the Windex… that I could actually use myself. I have been donating the Fantastiks to charity. Yes, they really need cleaning supplies, too.

    • Barbara A

      I forgot to thank you Cindy…. THANK YOU. You are the best.
      Oh, while there were plenty of Fantastiks in the stores, I can’t find the Fast Fries….

      • Melissa

        LOL we should switch stores! I found the fries but the shelves were almost clear of Fantastic!

      • Lady J

        I’ve checked 2 stores no fast fries, and b/c it’s not in the ad no raincheck. Oh well, you can’t catch every deal. Still got free gravy for Thanksgiving. I don’t really have room in either of my freezers anyway. Well, I probably could make some room.

        • Pamela

          They’re on sale 4 for 5.00 tho so they should have given you a raincheck even tho its not in the ad its on the shelf tag. They gave me one and I didn’t even ask I was hoping they had more stock to bring out.

  • I know this isnt the comments for the oreida fries,but i went to shoprite 4 times this week and each time they were completely sold out of the fries.Im assuming theres alot of couponers in pa.I want my moneymaker!LOL

    • Valerie

      At my shoprite in NY they were on the top shelf of the freezer, pushed a little back, I could barely reach them and you couldn’t see them at all unless you stood back from the case. I guess they didn’t really want to sell any.

  • Barb

    Same problem her in south jersy. Two different SR’s, two different times, no Orieda fries. Do you think they do it on purpose to stop extreme couponers?

    • Lady J

      possibly, since they don’t have to write rain checks for this one. Are they fully stocked Sunday morning? That would be one way to know for sure.

  • Marjie

    How do you print 4 of the Windex coupons? I was only allowed 2.

    • anonymous

      you can print 2 coupons per computer

    • Haseena

      If you have two computers you will be able to print two from each.

    • Cindy

      You would need to have access to two computers in order to print 4 coupons.

      • Pamela

        my netbook died last night, now in order to print a second set i have to luck my printer up to my kids room lol

      • Marjie

        ok…thanks. I’ll get working on that!

  • hanan

    cindy thank you any w can we print fantastiks coupons 75

  • valentina

    the fantanstic coupon says 75 cents off two not one =/
    also i have a question is the catalina for the fries printing on sunday?
    ive been to shoprite multiple times and the shelves are still empty

  • valentina

    actually the one from is on two the other one is not yayyy =]

  • Heather Iannelli

    Is this deal good for the windex multi surface as well?

    • Sandy


  • CT Eric

    This deal does roll. I did the fantastiks a couple times earlier this week (Once only buying 4 DOH!). I did 4x vinegar windex + 1x fantastik this AM, using 4x 75c and 1x 55c – and got my 5 free gravies, with your order 🙂

    Two shoprites no fries….. Milford CT folks looked in the back for me yesterday and couldnt find any, so I’m doubting they’ll get more in before EOW.


  • Valerie

    great deal! thanks- I just did it at Shoprite with the 4 windex multi surface antibacterial and one Fantastic and it worked great- I’m going to donate it all to someone I know who has to clean up after a flood. Thanks Cindy for your hard work- you have no idea how many people are really being helped by you!

  • Cynthia

    I missed the Windex deal this past week. Is SR still running the same $3 catalina deal?

    • Adriana

      cyn..i was wondering the same thing!

  • Karen B

    Any idea if the windex deal is still going on?