New $1/1 A1 Steak Sauce Coupon + ShopRite Deal Kraft Catalina

New A1 Steak Sauce Coupon

There is a new A1 Steak Sauce Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any A1 Steak Sauce 10 oz or more and was found at zip code: 07039

Print: A1 Steak Sauce Coupon

ShopRite shoppers, you can use this for your $5 Kraft/Nabisco Catalina from last week.  A1 is listed on the Kraft Products List.  Plus the A1 Steak Sauce Sweet Hickory 10 oz is on sale for $2.79.  Here is how to work the deal:

Buy 2 A1 Steak Sauce Sweet Hickory $2.79 each
-(2)$1/1 A1 Steak Sauce Coupons
-$5 Kraft/Nabisco Catalina
$1.42 will be applied to the rest of the items in your order

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  • esther

    Hi Cindy,
    The five $5 Catalina from last week has to be redeemed on Kraft/Nabisco items only? or can we use them on any purchase? Thanks!

  • Lady J

    I wish my cats would have printed. I did the same deal as everyone else and nothing. I emailed catalina marketing and nothing, so I resent it. Between my husband, Halloween and play practices I know all the cookies will go. And, they were a good price. But still, it would’ve been nice to get the cat.

  • Jenelle

    Do you have to buy 2 or could you buy one and the rest of the cat would just come off the other items?

  • I used my cat to buy a pkg of Oscar Mayer turkey today.. I didn’t really need anything else w/in the Nabisco/Kraft list, and it seemed like nothing was on sale, so I just decided to see if it would work (it was on sale for $3.49) and deduct from my other items. Figured if it didn’t I’d just go find something else to buy. The cashier asked me what I had gotten that was Kraft or Nabisco, and I told her. When she swiped it she had to get an override and I imagine it was because the turkey was below the $5. She knew it was below the amount but she said it was ok. Next week I will just spend the full $5 on the products, because it clearly does not automatically deduct unless you spend the full $5 (before coupons) on Kraft/Nabisco.

    • Carie

      Melissa- I believe the $5 coupons never automatically deduct…that value coupon at my SR needs an override no matter what. When the manager came over to override my coupon she didn’t even check to see if I bought Kraft products so I think it is a case of your mileage may vary.

  • heather D

    I had 2 $5 cats from this deal to use this week so I purchased 2 kraft singles for $1.99 with (2) $50/1 blinkies and I purchased 4 bags of Nestle fun sized candies, and used (1) $1/1 raisinets bagged candy and had 50 cents left over towards my order. YAY for Halloween candy!

    • KT

      $50/1 blinky! sign me up for that! just kidding 🙂

  • LindsayG

    I didn’t need much Kraft product either… I bought some Crystal Light on sale for $2.99 just because we always rip thru those. I had 2 other $5 cats to use as well as check out (the theraflu/scotties etc). A manager was called for an override for all of them and it took the money off no questions asked (about Kraft products).