New Lactaid Coupons: Milk, Ice Cream, Cottage Cheese & More

Lactaid Coupons

Okay you ready.  The Lactaid coupons are back.  The milk coupons go very fast so DO NOT WAIT! There is are 4 New Lactaid printable coupons available.  The following coupons were found at zip code: 07039

Be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for even more great coupons.

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  • Lisa

    I didn’t even know it was out and it was already showing as having reached its limit several minutes ago!! They are IMPOSSIBLE to get!

  • Lynette S

    Wow that was fast I couldn’t even find the milk and my hubby can only drink that stuff. Got some CC last week but man would have loved to try the ice cream!

    • Cindy

      it looks like they are updating a bunch of coupons right now and the coupons are popping in and out. It might still come back.

    • Lisa

      Smart Balance also makes a good lactose-free milk — and that coupon is much easier to get your hands on. I almost never buy Lactaid milk anymore. I managed to print the cottage cheese coupon and then that one showed as having reached the limit; apparently the Lactaid coupons are one available for ONE print, on top of fighting with tons of other people to get the hands on. Lactaid really needs to stop with these ‘teaser’ coupons. Since there are so many other brands of lactose-free milk out there, I have to admit that I don’t understand why this one is so popular….?

      • Heather D.

        I got used to the Lactaid taste, when it was the only lactose-free milk I could get at the time, then when the others became available somehow those other lactose-free brands taste funny. Like drinking whole, 2%, skim would taste funny to me now.

  • Donna

    They are working right now….

  • Robin

    I was able to select them and couldn’t get them to print – frustrating!

  • Anonymous

    Just printed the ice cream and milk @ 4:28 pm but they only allowed me one print each. Thanks Cindy.

  • Danielle

    Just tried to print the Lactaid coupons. There were available and said they printed but never popped out of my printer. Now it says my print limit is reached 🙁

  • Heather D.

    *jaw drop* I saw Lactaid milk for print and I got excited, but it didn’t print among the others, then it’s not there anymore, on this computer or the others. That was fast… It’s almost the only milk I drink. I’ll take Smart Balance, it can be doubled, $1.50 off isn’t bad.

  • Lucy

    I couldn’t get them to print either even after I selected them. Darn! Could someone who still has the coupon copy scan it and allow us to print off yours. I know some stores will take a copy. Please?