NEW LINK: $0.50/1 Birds Eye Coupon = Free at ShopRite

New Birds Eye Coupon

Woohoo!  Happy Day.  There is yet another Birds Eye Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.50 off any Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites Variety as well.

Print: Birds Eye Coupon

And as I mentioned in the first post today,  ShopRite has the Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables on sale this week (through 10/7) for only $0.99.  And, the Chef’s Favorites are included.  So, free after coupon.

Here is your deal:

Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorities $0.99
use $0.50/1 Birds Eye Coupon
Free after coupon

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Thanks Loretta!

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  • lupe chic

    I cant open the page for this coupun> Buuuuuu help i want it.

    • Heather

      click the red half oval with dotted cut out lines and scissors THANK YOU CINDY!!!

  • lupe chic

    Cindy you are the best. I got it. Gracias Chica. Tk. Girl.

  • Arielle

    Thanks, got it to print twice! Plus I got the previous Birds Eye coupon to print twice. I’m going to Shoprite after work and picking up FOUR bags of veggies, all for free! And people say couponing doesn’t pay off!

  • Kristi

    I went yesterday and was able to get 5 – 4 with printed coups and 1 from an insert- they say Chef’s Favorites so I had to get the Rice Mix, Pasta Mix and a Mixed Asian Veg – the only “veggie” only one I could find was Cauliflower with Garlic. None of the straight veggie bags seem to be included- Am I reading that right?

    • Leigh Ann

      Correct only the ones that say Chef’s Favorites are included….there are a few I have seen that are Chicken Fried Rice, Southwestern Corn…I really had to look but there are several different kinds of “Chef’s Favorites”.

      • Leigh Ann

        Sorry meant to say that you can use the coupon on…the straight veggies dont’ have a coupon out (at least not that I know of).

  • Kristi

    PS- I didn’i take the time to write it up but yesterday at SR I spent $18 and saved $86 – thanks so much Cindy for all you do! What a rockstar!!

  • Heather Leah

    Does anyone know if these coupons (or the birdseye from the insert) are beeping when scanned since they are deducting $1.00 (once doubled) instead of the .99? I want to run quickly to Shoprite and don’t feel like waiting for a manager to come over and adjust.

    • Leigh Ann

      I haven’t had a problem at all…

    • Lady J

      it should work, because SR q’s automatically adjust to the price of the item. So the .50 q will dbl as .49 since the item is .99. You probably won’t get overage. Overage is rare at SR.

  • Leigh Ann

    I’m in the process of getting 20 bags this week. I bought coupons off Ebay last week. I work right next to SR so each morning I go over and pick up 4 and put it in the freezer at work. They are all stocked each morning so I always have a great selection to choose from. I’m pretty happy…I spent $2.05 on the coupons and that price for 20 bags of veggies is great.

    • Hanley Swift

      you overpaid. I got mine for 1.75

      • Guest


  • Winnie

    I just went to the ShopRite on Rte 46 with 4 printable coupons and the mgr there only doubled the first coupon and said the rest will be taken at face value b/c you can only get 1 free item with coupons (when doubling occurs). So I made them take the other 3 off and I’ll go to another one later this week. 🙁

    • Lady J

      don’t you love when they just make up their own rules?

      • Emily

        Sometimes the manager comes over and says I can only get 1 free item if I have two coupons. She said it’s their policy. It’s not in Shoprite’s coupon policy on their website. When I asked if that rule is in any written policy and if I could get a copy (that would be really helpful!) she said, “that’s just the rule”. I don’t know whether to take the chance I can use multiple coupons or just use one. A little frustrating.