New ShopRite Electronic Coupons – Smart Ones, ShopRite Bread & More

New ShopRite Electronic Coupons

There are some new ShopRite Electronic coupons that you might be interested in.  These are coupons that are added directly to your Price Plus Card.  They work the same way as Cellfire Coupons work.  I know there were some issues with these electronic coupons when they first put them on the site but it appears that more and more of you are having luck with them.

Also, there is a Smart Ones Coupon that would work great with the Smart Ones Catalina Deal this week.

Here are some of the coupons you can find:

  • $1/5 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees
  • $1/1 Skintimate Moisturizing
  • $1/1 Bix Stain Fighter Product
  • $1/2 Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks
  • $0.50/1 ShopRite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • $0.50/1 ShopRite Pizza Crust Ready to Bake
  • $0.50/1 ShopRite Whole Grain White Bread
  • $1/1 ShopRite Rechargeable Toothbrush
  • and more

ShopRite Electronic Coupon

Thanks Ueen!

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  • How do these work?Are they considered store q and can you stack with mfg and/or cell fire?

    • Allie

      I’m not sure if you can stack them with cell fire but you can stack them with mfg coupons. I used the Smart Ones electronic coupon and the mfg coupon today and got a total of $2/5

  • K

    Do these double or are they just like the cellfire and come off only once? Can we use other manufacturers coupons with these? Thanks.

    • Dawn

      SR electroinc does not double and can use only once during the time they post to their expiration date..uif they post again after that then you can use them during that next promotional period ONE TIME again…I used the $5.00 Osteo the other night….it is NOT showing on my list any more and I cannot reload it either….it did stack w/ the $3.00 Manu so my Osteo was free (I didn’t realize til I got home why it gave the cashier a problem…Osteo was $7.99, took $5.00 off from ecoupon, and the $3.00 said ‘over item amt’. Neither Cashier or I realized there was only $2.99 left on the Osteo value, I figured it out while checking recpt at home when I saw the 7.99..light went on…) So you do have to be careful what values are left on your items. You CAN get back a paper coupon, you CANNOT get back an ecoupon….

  • nancy

    can i buy 10 of them in one transaction and receive 2 of the $5 Catalina?

  • will the smart ones catalina still print if you use shoprite electronic and mfg q?

    • Question


      YOu will only get one 5.00 catalina,

    • Allie

      It did for me!

  • nancy

    ok Thankyou

  • su

    Thank you! I forgot about these coupons…ugh.

  • Erin

    I just saw these this morning – went to shop rite and bought the smart – ugh!

  • Jennifer

    I am a little confused about cellfire and other electronic Qs. For me they are so hard to keep track of. Right now I just add them as a sort of extra buffer in case I buy those items but I am not getting any great deals with them …. at least I don’t think I am…. ??
    Is there any reason I would *not* want to load electronic coupons to my card? For example will it automatically use the $1/1 Cherrios electronic coupon if I buy one and make me unable to use my .75/1 Cherrios coupon (my Shoprite fully doubles so my Q would be better).
    Are electronic Qs store or manufacture Qs?
    Love your site Cindy!

    • jen

      Hello Jennifer! You can use Cellfire & a paper coupon together. To keep track of them, I usually just jot them down on my shopping list. But, if you notice, the cellfire are usually the same brands and quanities. Hope that helps!

  • c

    jennifer, i am waiting to see what response you get to your question about any reason why you wouldn’t want to load digital coupons.
    i have the same question about whether they would override the use of my higher-value MQ’s…

  • Jasper

    Does anyone knows what happens if you load both a Cellfire coupon and one of these ShopRite ones onto your card for the same product? I noticed a lot of these coupons are the same ones that are on Cellfire.

  • Lori

    From some experimenting and what I’ve read on both the Cellfire & ShopRite websites here is what I THINK is the scenario….Yes, you CAN stack both a paper Q and a CF or digital Q (although the CF website says it doesn’t recommend it, it does seem to work). The CF Q deduction typically shows up on the receipt immediately below the item being purchased with a CF next to the deduction (right below any PPCard price reduction) whereas the paper Qs come off at the bottom of the receipt. You only get 1 deduction for a CF Q (Cellfire Coupon). So, if you buy 2 or more of an item, you only get the CF Q amount off 1. Since the ShopRite & CF digital Qs so far seem to be all the same, I have yet to see a SR Q come off any of my orders. If you have 1 CF Q AND 1 SR digital Q and purchase 2 or more of the same item I don’t believe you get 1 of each off your order-it seems to be either/or 1 and done. Of course, if you buy DIFFERENT things like yogurt, cereal, and muffin mix, you would get a Q off for each 1 if you have them “clipped”.

    The websites seem to indicate that if you have Qs clipped from both sources, the register automatically chooses to use the one that will give the consumer the most savings. I haven’t been able to verify that as they all seem to be of the same value.

    Once you “use” a CF or other digital Q that you had “clipped”, it goes away & you can’t use it again unless it “reloads” and you “clip” it again.

    I have read on other posts that someone clipped all of their CF Qs AND all of their SR Qs and when they used 1 for an item they became unavailable in BOTH places. So, you might try clipping CF Qs, using them and THEN afterwards try clipping the SR Q and using it to see what happens.

    The only drawback I can see to clipping ALL of the Qs whether you think you will use them or not is that CF mentioned something about your PPCard only being able to hold so many. So, I suppose there is the chance that your card would get “full”. It appears that once you clip a Q, you can’t unclip it, so you would have to use some or wait for some to expire before you would have more room on your card. The only reason I see this being an issue is if something great pops up & you have no room-unlikely!

    One last note….I did have some Qs that did not get deducted. Customer Service told me they had no control over digital Qs whatsoever. I emailed (via their online form) Cellfire to let them know what wasn’t deducted properly (had to put in store info/upc code/etc) & was told I’d hear back in a few business days. It’s been over a week & nothing so far. So, if your digital coupons don’t work, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of recourse & frankly, chasing them down over .75 starts to get counterproductive after a while. The digital coupons do not double but again, they do stack with paper, so they can bring an item’s price VERY low-but only 1 of that item!

    Let us know how they work for you!:)

    • I have stopped using CellFire. The digital coupons almost never came off my order at Shoprite. I contacted them and it took almost 3 weeks for someone to get back to me. They wanted me to send my receipt with ALL the upc labels for the products!!! Not worth my time. They also only offered this solution after I followed up twice. Don’t say you’re going to get back to someone in x amount of time and then triple it! I don’t have time to chase them over a few dollars, so I emailed them that I was cancelling my registration and never heard back. The new Shoprite Electronic Qs aren’t working for me either. ARG

    • Cindy

      Great info Lori, thanks for sharing your findings!

    • Sarafina

      Well stated. I usually load Cellfire coupons first and then e-SR coupons after I’ve used Cellfire first.

  • Lori

    P.S.-Sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted to let you know everything I knew!:)

    • Jasper

      Thanks for all that info!

  • Jasper

    One reason I’ve found not to clip cellfire/digitial coupons until you’re ready to use them was that, until you use them, they constantly print out at the bottom of your receipts, thus making all your receipts longer and consuming more paper.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Lori! Very helpful info!

  • Anonymous

    The catalina did notprint for me, what shoud I do?

  • Purvi

    I used Shoprite ecoupons yesterday for the first time and worked well with paper coupons. There is $2 coupon for Schick razor (shoprite ecoupon) and it makes it totally free with paper coupon plus $1 overage.

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  • Alison

    these never work for me, it makes me so angry! I would have save almost $3 if they had worked on my shopping trip yesterday, I think I’m going to go to customer service this weekend as see what they can do for me.

    Does anyone know if there is a trick to it? Like they need to scan your SR card first or last?