Pathmark Coupon Matchups 10/7 – 10/13

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 10/7 – 10/13

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Laurie M.

    I don’t see a Skippy coupon – only one for Lever 2000. Did I miss it?

    • Sue

      I saw the Skippy coupon just now — maybe you printed it earlier?

  • Mary


    • jessica

      can you tell me what eCoupon is? and where i can get it?

      • Anonymous

        Go to You should be able to register your pathmark card and load coupons directly on to your card.

        • jessica


  • Anonymous

    YAY! Stocking up on Morningstar Farms. thanks Cindy.

  • Annette

    Can I still do the buy $35 in P&G products and get $1o prepaid visa by mail even though I did the same deal for back to school in Aug. (I just got my $10 prepaid mastercard in the mail today)??

    • couponcort

      Last time, was the P&G based on shelf price or sale price?

      • Annette

        Mine was based on shelf prices. I only bought 2 tides @ shelf price $15.99 but paid
        $9.99 for 1 and
        $12.99 for the 2nd (only 1st bottle was 9.99)
        Minus $1 zavers coupon and $1/2 manufacture coupon and my rebate printed at the end.

  • kelly

    freschetta pizza is $2.50? my ad says 2/$10

  • Crystal

    I did a different P&G last week for pampers and it was based on shelf price.

    • Karen


      • Diana F

        The P&G deal for the Pampers (Spend $35 receive $10 prepaid visa) – it doesn’t look like the numbers add up to $35. Am I seeing something wrong??

  • Erin G.

    I’m kind of new at this so excuse me if this question is stupid…but can you use the Dove catalina to do another Dove deal and get another catalina??

    • Malinda

      no, not usually

      • Erin G.

        Thanks, Malinda 🙂

  • Janelle S

    The Country Crock $0.75/1 coupon pops up but when you click print it tells me that I already printed it…..Does anyone have a main link to the page that its on…..Greatly appreciated

    • Tracy Acosta

      I am having the same problem…

  • gabby

    I have $0.75 coupons for dove 6-pack bar soaps, so I plan on doing the $5 cat for $15 deal, since my Shoprite doesn’t fully double and this will give me a better value. Does anyone know if this deal is usually based on shelf price or sale price? I’m hoping to be able to buy 2 6-pack bar soaps for $5.99 (regular price $8.99) and trigger the $15 limit for the cat. Any feedback would be appreciated : )

  • Joanie

    Does anyone know if the Philly cream cheese is still 1.00? I didn’t see it in the sales ad but my pathmark had so many of them… I can’t imagine that they still aren’t on sale. If anyone knows, please reply! Thanks!

  • Danielle M

    I always seem to strike out at Pathmark. This is what I bought:
    2 Tampax Pearl ($5.99 shelf price) $3.99 used a bogo and $1.00 zaver
    2 Crest Pro Health ($3.89 shelf price) $2.69 used 2 $1.00 off plus $1.00 zaver
    2 Gillette Body Wash ($4.47 shelf price)$3.49 used 2 $2.00 off plus $2.00 zaver
    2 Fabreeze Air Effects ($3.49 shelf price) $2.50 used 2 $1.00 off plus zaver.
    Total shelf price $35.68 and no cat printed. : (

    I don’t want to return it all because I will loose all my q’s. I only paid 8 something for all of it which is a good deal but the $10 would have been nice to get too. Last time since the total spent was less than the requirement for the cat they treated me like I had 3 heads. What would you do? Please Help

    • Mary

      PM won’t give you the cat at the CS desk unless it is the correct sale pricing to meet the requirements 🙁 I hate to say so, but you might just be out of luck. I too have really bad luck with any type of OYNO or prepaid card deals there. Acme and SR always turn out much better for me!

    • Alex

      It isn’t a catalina deal………. You have to send in to get a gift card.

      • Mary

        Yes and no. It is supposed to print a catalina which you then mail in.

        • love couponing

          Not the best trip to Pathmark today.
          Tried the P&G deal and this is what i did.
          1 pampers wipes 1.99-20/1 shelf 3.29 not part of P&G deal
          1pampers diaper 18.88 -1.50/1shelf 24.99
          1crest toothpaste 2.69 -1.00/1shelf 3.89
          1 gillette body wash 3.49-2.00/1 shelf 4.79
          1 dawn dish 2.69-.25/1 shelf 3.69
          sale price 30.74-5.40 coupons=25.34
          shelf price 37.36 wipes not included
          I got the $5.00 from pampers.
          None of my zavers came off and i did’nt get the 10.00 from P&G
          Think i will return everything and repurchase with additional item to get the sale price up to $35.00. Don’t think this is working on shelf. And i have to figure out why my zavers did’nt come off. ANY feedback would be great.

          • Cynthia

            I have had problems with my zvers for a few weeks ( emailed them SEVERAL times with no response) so I gave up on it BUT last week out of nowhere they came off of my purchases! I went yesterday & they DIDN’T come off again!! The manager was SO NICE and called to get them off for me. BUT it took about 25 minutes or so to get 2 coupons off! They gave me a customer service number to call today, I will try and see what they say.

          • Kristy

            The $10.00 from P&G this week, you need to mail your original receipt to receive a $10.00 visa gift card when you spend $35.00. You can call 1-888-826-2964 for details. I do know that the amt is before coupons. (I called and asked) Last week is when the catalina printed for spending $35.00 on shelf price. Hope this helps.
            Does anyone know if there is a number to call since I bought a box of pampers but my $5.00 cat didn’t print.

            • love couponing

              I think you need to buy 1 box of pampers and 1 pkg of wipes for the $5.00 cat to print. That’s what i bought to get the cat.

              • Kristy

                I did buy both. I called catalina marketing and finally found out that the catalina machine wasn’t working that day. They were very nice and said as soon as I email them a copy of my receipt, they will send me the coupons.

          • love couponing

            Went to pathmark returned my order and started over. Checked my zavers online, realized i used my perks card and zavers only comes off when you use your advantage card. So, i repurchased the entire order and added 3 more dawn dish. Worked perfert! I got the P&G mail in visa card form, Pampers $5.00 coupon and all my zavers came off, i made sure not to scane my perks card and only use my advantage card. After $10.00 visa and 5.00 pampers coupon i paid $8.38 Happy Day. Looks like it will only work on sale price. My sale price was about $35.82 before zavers and coupons.

            • colleen

              there is two cards for pathmark ??? Oh I am confused now !

  • Danielle M

    Yeah A Cat to mail in was suppose to print out and it didn’t. I’m just going to keep the stuff. The Dove Shampoo deal worked perfectly. : ) I am going to stick to Shop Rite… Thanks for the input… : )

  • christine

    i have about 20 P&G but there is no one dollar off febreeze product i have 2.00 off and bogo im not sure what to do????

  • Cynthia

    FREE CAROLINA RICE! Last week it was free @ Shoprite (if the cashiers didn’t manually overide) Just came back from Pathmark where the Carolina Brown Rice was $.99! At my Pathmark they double even if the coupon says DND! Didn’t check to see if the white rice was .99 but I’m sure it is!

  • Kristy

    The dove shampoo catalina didn’t work for me this morning. No cats printed and I went customer service and they told me that is was based on sale price which I didn’t believe because I did the pampers deal the day before off of shelf prices and it worked fine 🙁

    • gabby

      I’m surprised the dove deal didn’t work for you. I went tonight and bought 2 of the 6-packs of soap at $5.99 each (shelf price $8.99), so it took me over $15 only on shelf price, and I got the $5 cat. I did the deal twice and it worked both times. The cashier was actually surprised, so I’m not sure if it was a fluke or what.

    • Danielle M

      I did 4 dove shampoo and used 2 bogo’s. It worked out for me.

      • Kristy

        I wonder if it is because I went in the morning (late morning). I really wished the $5.00 diaper cat would have printed. Could really use the savings.

    • Michelle

      I purchased 2 dove soaps and was able to get the $5.00 Catalina. I was super excited since I didn’t know about it.

  • Diana

    Has the catalina for the P&G Buy $35 Get $10 Prepaid Visa Card worked for ANYBODY?? Everyone says it hasn’t worked for them – so I am hesitent! If there is anyone that it has worked for, please let us know and let us know what you bought!!!

    • Dana C

      Last night the cashier even rang up $40 worth of P&G products as a test, sale price with no coupons to see if we could figure out the problem and it still didn’t work. I’m calling the 800 number for P&G customer service on Monday morning and Pathmark is calling their head office on Monday as well.

  • Becky

    I have a $1/5 Sobe zaver coupon available on my account, and my Pathmark ad inWilmington states that when you by 2 Hillshire Farm lunchmeats at $3.50, you will get $2 of free bananas.

  • Pam

    My P&G did not print either. I think its on sale price this this. When I added up my shelf price it was almost $40 and no $10 CAT. Well I still did really well got 4 Fabreeze Air effects, 4 crest TP and 2 gillette body wash and paid $13.

  • Shamara

    I went to Pathmark last night and NO LUCK with the P&G deal… I didnt get any print out to mail in??????

  • Christina


  • Maggie

    I am planning to do the P&G deal but it seems to be not working properly…
    Is it it a $10 Catalina at the end of the transaction OR $10 visa gift card by mail ????
    Can someone explain please?
    Thank you

    • Danielle M

      I always have a hard time doing these deals at Pathmark. I wouldnt try it until someone confirms it working. A catalina is suppose to print of the transaction and your suppose to fill it out and mail it in with your reciept.

  • I tried the P&G deal you posted, however it didnot work beacuse the total retail is$ 32.59 and we should buy $35.00 worth of product. I will lose my coupon if i returenevery thing so i decide to keep every thing.

  • Amanda

    I did the p&g deal using diapers, febreeze and crest. It worked for me. 🙂

    • shannon

      where do you shop amanda?

  • Amy

    I tried the p&g deal using the diapers febreeze and crest also and it did not work even after I went to customer service. The customer service rep was not very helpful and ended up telling me that it was because of the sale prices…I’m going to try and call the P&G customer service on Monday…

  • meganchipp

    Got alittle upset shopping at PM today. My zaver coupons didn’t come off so I went to customer service(I have done this 2 other times) so they would take off the zavers. The customer service woman there today didn’t want to give me my money, since I had already used coupons for those items. I have to explain to her you can use a manufacturer coupon and a zaver coupon. She then said “well then you’re getting the item for free” I said so, PM still gets there money from the manufacture coupon. Then szhe checks the coupon policy, she couldn’t disprove me. So she reluctantly gave me my money, then told me she is going to speak to her manager. I told her good, she obviously needed to be informed about her coupon policy. She shot me a look and I left 🙂

    • stephanie

      To tell you the truth she’s sorta right, I don’t think the manufacturers offering zavers would approve of customers using paper coupons on top of the savings. In many regions it’s one or the other, we’re just lucky that Pathmark’s system has not caught up yet.

      • meganchipp

        Well until the policy in writing changes, they shouldn’t give people a problem.

  • love couponing

    It worked for me today on sale price.

  • Maggie

    Can someone explain the difference between “perks” and “advantage” card? I only have one path mark card… Is there separate card for e-coupons?

  • stephanie

    Viva paper towels are 1.99 this week after the .85/1 q from last week it comes out to .29. I used to get these all the time when A&P used to triple, I really missed Viva towels for cheap:)

  • The Frugal Nurse

    @Stephanie Zavers does two categories, store coupons and brand(mfg) coupons. So, I agree if someone is complaining about a brand coupon that didn’t come off when also using a paper coupon it’s wrong, but if it was a store coupon that did not come off we should be reimbursed for that.

    Plan on trying the P&G deal at my Passaic PM. I’m going to buy 35.oo in items based on shelf price for safety and since I got the 2012 entertainment book i should still come out on top. I will update after i try it.

  • Couponcort

    I called P&G hotline and they said $35 AFTER coupons!!??

    Called Pathmark and they said it was based on sale price.

    I’ll be returning my items 🙂 Not such a good deal then!

  • Melanie

    Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 8ct – $1.25 How is this as low as .25 cents after coupons? Thanks.

    • meganchipp

      if you have a .50/1 that would double to a $1 off, making the biscuts .25 cents

  • Stephanie

    So I was just at Pathmark to try and get the P&G deal and I did not get a print out for the 10 mail order Visa. I saw that there was a 100 number you could call and that they said it was after coupons so should I take the items back. Are all the P&G deals for a mail away Visa? Also the deal says for the frebreze set and refresh and my store had them for like 6 so I got a air effect instead for 2.50 but no ezavers came off. Was that only for the set and refresh??? I am proud that I stuck to my list and my math was pretty much dead on but not getting the 10 threw me off. If some one could help that would be appreciated!!!

  • R.

    Can someone explain the difference between “perks” and “advantage” card? I only have one path mark card… Is there separate card for e-coupons?

    • Lady J

      the perks gives you a discount on baby supplies – supposedly. I registered my perks card with zavers and have used it successfully – so I don’t use my advantage card anymore. You can register either a Perks or an Advantage card with zavers.

      • Jim

        I think Perks is a rebranded Advantage. I have my Advantage card (the original from when the program started) and I signed up online and get the baby discounts.

        On the Zavers, I think the “trigger” is hitting the “total” key. When I use self check-out and hit “finish and pay” or whatever the button is to get me to the “Do you have an coupons?” screen, it is at that point that the Zavers would come off (Prior to scanning any coupons). I usually use self-checkout and have not had any issues.

        I used a person yesterday and noted that once they hit “total” before I gave them the coupons, the Zaves came off. Maybe you need to make sure that “total” is hit before giving coupons for the zavers to come off. If they dont and just scan your coupons and then hit total, Zavers (or the register) sees that you already used a MFGR coupon and therefore, the zaver does not come off.

  • love couponing

    The P&G worked for me based on sale price. The catalina printed when my total sale reached the $35.00 amount. I watched it pop out of the cat machine. Then the cashier took my coupons. I used my pathmark advantage card. Hope this helps.

  • Lady J

    Now I am totally confussed. Previously Zavers came off my Perks card. Today, they didn’t. And, I know, the q’s in needed were on my card. Anyone know how to contact Zavers? And, I bought 2 of the $18.99 boxes of Pampers – the correct size and did not get the mail in catalina. The cashier did all the math and could not figure it out. So, he wrote me a rain check for $10 off my next order. I don’t get the $15 value wallet-thingy, but I don’t care about that. On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about never getting the mail in visa, and I can use my $10 credit when I buy formula tomorrow at a different Pathmark since this one was out (they’re always out – I’m starting to think they don’t carry it).

    • meganchipp

      Zavers are unpredictable. Sometimes customer service will help you and give you your money back for the items printed on your list.. Other customer serivce people give attitude before reimbursing you. Have your zaver list printed out either way.

      • Lady J

        No one at any PM I go to even knows what Zavers are. I’ve been told that you can not put coupons on your card and that the only take printed coupons. I’ve even been told things like this by customer service. I am amazed that PM wouldn’t tell their employees about Zavers.

  • lisette

    If I did the P&G back to school offer can I still take advantage of this new offer?

  • The Frugal Nurse

    *UPDATE* Grr! I tried the P&G today at Pathmark and it was a total bust! I spent $35 at sale price since i heard it wasn’t working oh shelf price, and it didn’t even work then. Upon going to CS they told me that it’s $35 after coupons! Ugh! I really wish they would put things like that in the circular!

    • Anonymous

      What did you buy? Went to pathmark with my girlfriend today and she did the same deal I did this week. And it worked for her also.
      1 pamper wipe 1.99
      not part of the p&g deal but needed for 5.00 pamper cat
      1pamper 18.88
      4 dawn 2.69
      1 crest 2.49
      1gillette body wash 3.69
      She used coupons on everything and she got 5.00 on pampers coupon and 10.00 mail in visa.

  • Janelle S

    the Gold Peak 18.5 oz teas are one sale for $1.25 so with the $1.00/1 coupon its fonly $0.25…..also ther is a zavers coupon for $1.00/4 Lipton Naturals so if you buy 4 and use 2 $1/2 coupons you pay only $0.49 ea…….I did this deal and was pleasantly pleased to find out that the zavers coupon came off….I originally thought it was $1/5

  • CouponMama

    I did the P & G deal twice at Waldbaums last night since they have the same deals as Pathmark. I did get two catalina’s for the $10 gift card but it says only 1 per household. Any ideas on how I can redeem more than 1? Can I send one to someone else’s name & address?
    Also I did the pampers deal within the P&G deal and got a $5 off pampers coupon. I thought it was supposed to be a $5 catalina off anything? I didn’t realize at first that it was only off pampers until I tried to use it on my next transaction. Any info on this?
    By the way for the people that are getting frustrated at Pathmark-Waldbaums zavers usually come off no problem & their catalina’s are usually loaded right but they don’t double coupons that say DND like Pathmark does.