Peanut Butter Prices Rising – Time to Stock Up

Peanut Butter Prices Rising – Time to Stock Up

Well, it looks like the price of peanut butter will be rising within the next couple of weeks.  According to the Wall Street Journal, a “hot, dry summer has devastated this year’s peanut crop, sending prices for the legume skyrocketing and forcing peanut-butter brands including J.M. Smucker Co.’s Jif, Unilever NV’s Skippy and ConAgra Foods Inc.’s Peter Pan into startling price increases.”

So, what’s a couponer to do?  Stock up while the prices are still low.  So head over to your stockpile and check to see if you are running low.  I already picked up a couple of jars this morning at Pathmark for only $1.02 each.

Here are some options for you from some of the current sales:


Another option is a decent deal on Amazon:

6 Jars of Skippy Peanut Butter for $11.75 when you choose Subscribe & Save.

If you have a great deal on Peanut Butter, please let us know.

Thanks to Kmegg for the heads up on this price increase!

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  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    Read about this yesterday. I used all mine on PB cookies during the week of Hurricane Irene lol. Guess it’s time to stock up

  • Michele

    Amazon has skippy creamy 6pk for $11.75 with subscribe and save. That’s only up $1 from 3 months ago.

  • Jenn

    Just a warning about the Stop & Shop Deal …
    Depending on what your store doubles be careful
    The stores around me will only double the first 4 coupons (HOWEVER the 5th one doubles as long as the cashier allows it )
    BUT on that 6th Coupon … it actually ADDS the amount and then double adds it.
    For example
    If you use 6 of the .75 coupons
    the first 5 will take $1.50 off (if your store fully doubles)
    that 6th one will ADD $1.50.
    So be careful and watch your screens to STOP the cashier and have her fix it.
    What I usually do is hand over the 6 coupons and tell the cashier that the first 5 will doubled to keep all 6 to cover it. She looks at me funny for a min .. but when she trys it she understands.

    Just be careful

    • Bernell

      could you use
      4- $.75 coupons
      and 2- $1 coupons (if you have both)
      that should still come out to about $.85/jar..still not a bad price

      I’ve noticed funny things like this at Stop n Shop as well..
      pay attention to that screen…especially during self checkout

  • Bernell

    Just found $1/2 Planters Peanut Butter coupons on Ebay…
    you can pair them with the Walgreens deal…
    should be $1 a jar!

  • Grandma Bird

    No Planters PB in my Walgreens ad.

  • Purvi

    You can also use your Kraft $5 catalina from shoprite for Planters penut butter. I scored two for free today!

  • Does anyone know of a source for bulk organic peanuts? I want to try making my own PB as we go through a lot.

  • Lesley S

    Big Y, has Planters Peanut Butter on Sale for $1.99 starting tomorrow 10/13/11.

    My coupons expired for them, but I was thinking of picking up a couple just to have if they are going to jump in price soon!

  • Jamie

    Acme has Peter Pan Peanut Butter 2 for $4. Then use the coupons or Sept All You.

  • Susan

    seems like everything is getting more expensive ; coffee is outragous;thank goodness I scored some free carolina rice this week!!

  • CJ

    I’m hoping the Walgreens price holds through the week of 10/23 so I can use a $1 printable with it. I’m afraid if the price goes up before then and the coupon is still in the ad, they will just post a note refusing to accept it 🙁

    • crystal m

      What is the sale @stop n shop 4 jif? I recv coups in the mail.

  • Miranda

    I got smart balance at stop & shop last week. Sale price 2.69 – 75 cent Q which doubled. Also I think saving star has a 75 cent off one jar too. Double score! Less than a $1.

  • al

    Am I the only one who can’t access the Skippy coupons????

  • Jenn. E

    In Alaska, everything is way more expensive already.. like $3.43 for a jar… Great..

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