P&G BrandSamplers: Free Samples & Coupons

 P&G BrandSamplers: Free Samples & Coupons

Proctor & Gamble Free Samples & Coupons are available once again.  If you haven’t set up a free account, you can do so today.  Otherwise, log into your P&G Brandsamplers Account  and see which samples and coupons are available for you.

Request: P&G Coupons & Samples

Here are the coupons & samples that were available in my account.  They may vary from your account.

Always coupon
Always Infinity®
$1 off ONE Always Infinity
Tampax coupon
Tampax® Pearl®
$2 off ONE Tampax Pearl or Pearl Compak
Bounty coupon
Bounty® ExtraSoft
$1 off ONE Bounty
Iams coupon
Iams® Premium Protection
$1 off ONE Iams Dry Dog or Cat Food
Crest® samples & coupons
Sample and coupon for Herbal Essences®
$1 off ONE Herbal Essences or Aussie® Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product
Tide coupon
Tide® Stain Release® Free
$1 off ONE Tide Stain Release Free
Tide coupon
Tide® Free & Gentle
$1 off ONE Tide Detergent
Bounce coupon
Bounce® Dryer Bar Free
$2 off ONE Bounce Dryer Bar
Ultra Downy® Simple Pleasures®
$1 off ONE Downy Liquid Fabric Softener or Unstopables
Covergirl coupon
CoverGirl® NatureLuxe Foundation or CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm
$2 off ONE CoverGirl NatureLuxe
Clairol coupon
Clairol Nice & Easy® Color Blend Foam
$2 off ONE Clairol Hair Color Product
Olay Total Effects coupon
Olay® Luscious Embrace Body Collection
$1 off ONE Olay Bar, Body Wash, In Shower Body Lotion, or Hand and Body Lotion
Olay coupon
Olay® Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
$1 off ONE Olay Pro-X Facial Advanced Cleansing System
Venus coupon
Venus® ProSkin MoistureRich
$3 off ONE Venus Embrace, Breeze or ProSkin Refillable Razor


Thanks wheelndealmamma

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  • Cortney

    Does anything happen when you press submit?

    I didn’t get any confirmation.

  • Mary

    That happened to me too, Cortney. It turned out I hadn’t selected a drop out menu on one of the coupons, try and see if it’s that?

    • Cortney

      Yup that was it – the Tide size!


  • Carol

    Some of the coupons (like the Tide) you have to select an option/size. I had the same problem and didn’t notice that I had to make a selection.

  • Alice

    Cindy – thanks for this info – had signed up for P&G awhile back but didn’t know about the samples opportunity — happy mailbox thanks to you 🙂

  • Pamela

    Thanks so much. Can’t wait to get these!

  • Amara

    Your reminders are awesome! I had signed up before (thanks to you) but had no idea about new samples. I love your site. Thanks Cindy!

  • cecilia

    Cindy thanks for this info..I waiting for my samples and coupons P&G

  • Pamela

    Yay some of my favorite stuff!

  • Hope

    Thank you Cindy and P&G!!!

  • Donna

    Thank you so much i cant wait to get this

  • Pam

    This is great! Gotta love free samples! I had problems with the drop down menus not dropping down. I had to deselect the items that had those options. 🙁
    I did put in my comments that I heard about their program from your website.

  • caly

    thanks cindy for all your postings I love your website and again thanks for everything you do and thanks P&G.

  • Dianne

    im new to couponing, and im not sure if i am doing something wrong but none of those items were available to me on my pg account i set up

  • kristi malloy

    I signed up and never got anything from P G and I know other people that have had the same problem. Any suggestions?

  • Cynthia

    Thank you!!!

  • Enalyn

    thank you,Cindy
    i got mine with no problem.
    can’t wait to get them!

  • Paloma

    Got my coupons in the mail about a week ago 🙂 Pretty exciting.

  • Jay

    First time I’ve gotten there in time to actually get samples/coupons! Thanks.

  • all i can tell you is thank you
    first time i get samples and coupons .


  • Kelly

    Does anyone know how to chang e your address ith P & G or do I start a new account