Possible New CVS Coupon: $4 off $20 + up $16 Money Maker Deal

CVS Coupon: $4 off $20

Make sure to check your inbox to see if you received a CVS Coupon for $4 off $20.  If you did, you may want to use your coupon by Monday, 10/31 to score an even better deal.  Note the coupon expires on 10/31 but must be printed or sent to your Extra Care Bucks Card by 10/30.

Here is a deal idea to use your new coupon.

Buy 4 CoverGirl Blush $4.99 each
Buy 4 CoverGirl Blush ($4.99 reg price) $2.49 each
Buy 1 CoverGirl Eye Shadow $3.49
Buy 2 Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 1 oz $1.49 each (travel size)
Buy 2 Dawn Plus $0.99 each
Total: $38.37
-$4/$20 CVS Coupon from your email
-(4)$8/2 CoverGirl Coupon from the 10/2 PG (full $8 taken off)
-(1)$1/1 Cover Girl Coupon from the 10/2 PG
-(2)$0.50/1 Dawn from the 10/2 PG
Pay: $0.37
Get a $10 Gift Card
Get a $7 ECB (Aveeno)
Free + $16 Money Maker after coupons & Gift Card

Note: If you received a $5 off $30 coupon, then you can score an even better deal.  Also, if you don’t want to buy more blush, you can always substitute any other CoverGirl face product.  With such a big money maker, you have plenty of room to play with different priced items.  Have fun making up your own deals! 😉

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  • Julianna

    The $29.xx in make up would also go toward the the Beauty Club $5 ECB WYB $50. I thought that you automatically signed up for the Beauty Club when you get my ExtraCare Card, but you have to sign up separately on the CVS website or in the store.

  • Jennifer

    Yay! I hadn’t been getting the extra deals but I went ahead and checked my e-mail and I do have the $4 off of $20. Now I have to see if I have any of the cover girl coupons lelt.

  • Lisa

    I printed my coupon & it has an expiration date of 10/31/2011.
    Does anyone know if CVS will honor it after that date?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Pamela


    • Jacqueline

      That all depends on your cvs – some stores will honor it a few days expired

  • sue

    OK I got the $4.00 of $20.00 coupon, but I dont have any more of the $8./2 cover girl coupons , what other deals can be done.. thank you

    • Cindy

      I will post another scenario tomorrow. Tonight I am working on store deals that start tomorrow.

      • I too am out of the $8/2 CG so I can’t wait to see with you come up with, on the bright side I do have my $10 AMEX card from the Wisk deal 🙂

        • Patrice

          Loretta, did you have to pay a purchase fee with the AMEX card? I wanted to get AMEX with my $10 but the ones I saw on the GC rack had a $5.95 fee

          • wendy

            I got my $10 amex gift card last week for the Scott products, I did not have to pay the fee.
            I made sure and asked first. They did not have any CVS gift cards(strange)

        • Deirdre

          i have 2 covergirl ($8) and all of the rest….what can i do to still get the giftcard?

  • Johnna

    I never seem to get these special CVS deals 🙁

    • Amy E

      Me neither! CVS must not love us!

  • Pamela

    sadly there wasn’t any 4.99 cg blush at my cvs. It was 6.29, unless there’s some secret makeup section other than the covergirl one. 🙁 Oh well

    • jenny

      some prices vary by region. drives me crazy some times!

  • Jessica

    Mine expires tomorrow. Isn’t that weird?

  • Lynda

    I am totally confused! I got the 5 off 30 coupon. The deal you listed came to $40, why would I need to add another item as the total is already over $30?

    Also, I’m out of the $8/2 coupons so looking forward to your post with other deals.


    • All4Savings

      I have the same question. 🙂

      • Alexandra

        I believe she meant that if you don’t want to buy blush, you could buy another face product INSTEAD, not in addition to.

        “Note: If you received a $5 off $30 coupon, then you can score an even better deal. Also, if you don’t want to buy more blush, you can always substitute any other CoverGirl face product. “

  • Holly

    Can’t wait to see the extra deals….now to dig for coupons

  • JT

    Why would you have to wait to use it Monday 10/31 – wouldn’t it apply to Sunday 10/30?

    • Cindy

      Yes, I meant to say by Monday 10/31. Thursday’s are a rough day for me with all these stores to do..sorry about that.

      • JT

        I think you are great; that blowdryer deal blew me away.

        • Michelle T.

          Me too, I got 2 hairdryers! LOL 🙂

  • Jenn

    I got a $5/30 coupon in my email. yay!

  • Tom

    When did this email arrive? I checked my trash…I only have CVS emails from Oct 19 and 20th…nothing newer.

    • Haseena

      I got mine today at around 2 pm

  • M

    I didn’t get a 4/20 or a 5/30 or even an email. Boo. When I first starting qing at CVS, there were weeks I’d get multiple 3/15s…. what I would give for a 5/30 now… terrible, aren’t I?

  • axhilli

    I can’t wait for you to post a gift card deal that doesn’t include the cover girl coupons as well but my coupons are a mess. Funny thing is my Mom bought me a beautiful binder and a ton of the plastic inserts to organize my coupons and I haven’t even taken it out of the package yet….lol.

    • Michelle T.

      @axhilli, it took me probably a week to get my binder put together, but since its been done, what a time saver! And I don’t miss any in store deals, since I always have my coupons and they are organized 🙂

  • Marite

    I think the total is $38.37 (no $40.36)… minus $38 in coupons…. great deal!!!

  • Meli


  • Liz V

    Oh! I can’t wait. I hope my cvs has everything I need to do this deal. They are notorious for empty shelves.

  • melissa

    Recieved $5 off $30!

  • Diana

    For the $4 off $20 coupon (I got the $5 off $30 in my email), do I have to spend $20 or $30 BEFORE or AFTER the sale prices???

  • Nancy

    Why do some people get the $4 for $20 coupons and some don’t. I didn’t get that coupon in my inbox and I shop a CVS all the time.

    • Deanna

      I didn’t get the coupon in my email either but I went on the cvs extracare site and it was sitting there- waiting to be printed. Check your account online.

  • Emily

    I subscribe to CVS emails, but I NEVER receive emails from them especially those awesome ECB! What am I doing wrong??

  • Jen

    so after reading everyone’s comments here, I guess I’m not alone. I never get these “extra money off” emails or even a coupon in my cvs inbox. Is there anything you guys are doing that is different which is the reason why you’re getting these coupons?