Possible New CVS Coupon: $5 off $25 + Tide Deal

CVS Coupon: $5 off $25

Make sure to check your inbox to see if you received a CVS Coupon for $5 off $25.  If you did, you may want to use your coupon on the P&G deal this week to score an awesome deal on Tide Laundry Detergent.

The deal is Buy $30 Get a $10 ECB.  Here is a deal idea to use your new coupon.

Buy 4 Tide or Gain Powder Detergent $5.97 each
Buy 6 Puffs Tissues $0.99 each
Total: $29.82 (should trigger the ECB)
-$5 off $25 CVS Coupon
-(4)$2/1 Tide Gain Coupon from the 9/11 SS
-(2)$0.25/3 Puffs from the 10/02 PG
Pay: $16.82
Get a $10 ECB
$0.63 each after coupons & ECB

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  • pam

    If they have the Puffs plus vicks you might be able to use 4 of the 1/1 vicks products coupons from the 10/2 P&G and score a better deal…

  • Jenn

    Wow – that would have totally made my transaction!
    4 Bounty Packs @ $ 7.49 ea less (4) $1/1 Bounty 6roll or greater
    1 Huggies Slip On Little Movers @ 8.99 less (1) $3/1 Slip On
    Used $14.50 ECB from last week
    OOP $ 18.37
    ECB Earned – $ 11
    That extra $ 5 would have ROCKED!

    Thanks for the heads up Cindy!

    • Jenn

      Oh – and I have the $2 Saving Star Coupon for the Huggies too!

      Such great web teachers I have……I only started this about 7 months ago! A lot still to learn, but I think I’m catching on! 🙂

  • Anne

    Boohoo I didn’t get that. Is the $25 on shelf price, sale price, or after all coupons etc?

  • Izabela

    @Anne: Cindy mentioned about possible coupon received from CVS to your email address. $5 off $25 or more purchase.If you are not receiving promotional emails from CVS, go to cvs.com and sing up asap :))

  • Laurie M.

    I have never once gotten a coupon from them and I’m signed up. Wonder what I’m doing wrong?

    • Mary

      It’s a bit strange. I’m signed up and got email coupons with some regularity, then didn’t get any for the longest time. Now I seem to be getting them again, including this one. I have no idea why the sudden change or why I didn’t receive any for a while.

      • Becky

        Hmm, I’ve never gotten them either–at least after the first 4$ off 20….wonder why?

  • Laura

    I too am signed up and never get any coupons e-mailed to me.

    • Anonymous

      Make sure cvs has your correct email address on file!

      • Deena

        And make sure they are not getting caught in your spam filter somehow!!!

  • Michaela

    both of my CVS don’t carry that size Tide.

    • Becky

      Mine didn’t either, but they did have the gain

  • Haseena

    Got my coupon…cant wait to use it 🙂

  • Erin

    I tried to use one at CVS in Wayne, and they wouldn’t use it on items on sale.

    • Deena

      Call corporate — CVS uses these coupons like cash!!!

  • kim

    I worked this deal on Sunday plus I had a 1.00ecb from the coupon machine ….chaching!

  • kim

    I would also like to note that my cvs allows unlimited coupons in one transaction!

    • michelle

      where is your cvs?

  • Be


    Could you explain how a purchase totally less than $30 (in your example, $29.82) would trigger the ECB? How does it work? I am always a few cents short of the required purchase amount. Thanks. Oh, I assume you are also talking only about CVS. I’d love to be enlightened. By the way, you are awesome. I’ve saved some much money since following your blog. I am now known as Santa Claus since I am always visiting family with bags of “free/almost” stuff and it’s stuff people want (not just toothpaste . . ). Thanks a million.

  • Anna

    At my CVS they would issue the ECB coupons even if you’re a little short. The guy that I always go to at check out told me it’s just a matter of pressing one little button on the register to get the ECB. It doesn’t hurt to ask them if they would consider issuing the ECB for you since you’re just pennies short.

  • Haseena

    I am planning to use the BOGO Tresemme and Dove coupons and I have 2 of each and some other coupons….will the $5 off be deducted before the BOGO coupons?


  • Anson

    I actually did pretty well. I had about $11.00 in ECB’s, so this is what I did:

    1 Bounty $7.49
    2 Charmin $10.00 ea
    1 Tide $5.97

    $5.00 Bounty
    $1.00 Charmin
    $2.00 Tide
    $5.00 off $25

    Paid $10.28 including tax after ECB’s and received $10.00 ECB from the Tide deal!

  • Vercilla

    Oooooh! I got 4 of those coupons left! I thought about doing but I did not think about the ECB! Hmmmmm! I will score all of that stuff! Know what I am doing tomorrow after work! LOL!

  • Dawn

    I want to do this deal but I am confused about the Tide..do you have to get the powder or can you get the liquid? I have never tried the powder before..does it work just as good as the liquid?

    • Anson

      I used self checkout and scanned the $2 Tide powder but bought the liquid. I find both work equally well.

      • Nora

        aaaand that is considered coupon fraud. 😉

    • Cindy

      The coupon is for the powder

  • Michelle

    I had something weird happen yesterday. I wanted to do the Tide deal, but only had 2 of the coupons. So I decided to just get one. I used one $2 coupon and a $2 ECB that was expiring. I also had sent my $.50 ECB from quarterly earnings and a $4/20 coupon to my card from the internet. I expected to pay $1.47 plus tax, but the machine took off the $1.47 in the form of a CVS coupon. So it was free..I paid nothing. I was shocked and am thinking that part of the $4/20 coupon was applied?! I am not sure what the cashier did, but she said “Your good. Have a great day.” and that was it. Hmmm…anyone else ever have this happen to them?

  • jennifer

    This deal scenario is for this week running or next week starting this sunday?

    • Lisa

      this week running

  • xb

    I did a similar transaction this week with the 4 of the Bounty paper towels. I had a 25 cent coupon and a $1.00 coupon for the bounty, and then used old ECBs from last week. So before coupons and ECBs I spent almost $30 – enough to trigger the $10 ECB, BUT the $5 never came off. It even shows on my receipt that the $5 off $25 is still on my card (I had opted to put it on my CVS card instead of having to print it out). Does anyone understand why this might have been?

    • Anson

      I believe the coupon is on the card and the cashier needs to “activate” it. I’ve had the cashier ask me before if I wanted to use it in that transaction.

      • xb

        Oh, well – I guess I’ll have to do that! I would never have guessed that if you hadn’t mentioned it!