Reader Shopping Trip: Stop & Shop

Danielle got a great deal at Stop & Shop using the Fill Your Freezer Catalina! Here is what she had to say:

Thanks for the match-ups on Stop & Shop Fill Your Freezer Catalina. I don’t normally shop there, so seeing your post prompted me to check it out. I was able to cash in big time today!! I did 2 transactions, mainly b/c I wanted to use the cat before I forgot about it in a coupon file somewhere, so I just bought items I needed anyway, basically making the ravioli free! I was planning to get the Aunt Jemima waffles, too, but the ravioli were a perfect match with the shelf price being $2.50 at my store!

Stop & Shop Transaction 1:

(10) Mama Rosies Ravioli (mixed varieties) – $1.25 ($2.50)


– (4) $1/2 Mama Rosies printables
Paid: $8.50
Got $10 catalina

Transaction 2:

(3) Doz. Land O Lakes Eggs – $2.89 (eek!! needed them, though, and these were the cheapest…ugh!)
Smart Balance cooking spray – $2.79
(2) Yellow peppers – $2.38 (mgrs special! $1.59/lb!)


– (3) .50/1 LOL eggs (blinkies)
– (1) .75/1 Smart Balance Grocery (doubled)
– $10 cat from trans. #1
Paid: $0.84!!

I also swung by CVS on my way, and picked up a box of Special K for free:

1 Special K – $2.49
-.50 CVS coupon for Kelloggs cereals
-$2 ECB from promo this week
Paid: $0.00

Be sure to check out the Stop & Shop deal for this week.  And be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find any of the coupons listed here.

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  • Jennifer

    wish I had a stop n shop near me!

  • ethel

    I did the same thing..bought 10 Mama Rosies and paid 8.50. Got back 10 🙂

  • Valerie

    Great shopping trip! One tip I use so as not to misplace valuable catalinas: If its a cat for a product , it goes into my coupon file, but if its for $$off a shopping trip, it goes into my wallet where i keep my “folding money”, also keep ECB’s, UPs from rite aid and rr’s from wags there. Then when I shop, I check wallet before I go in to store to see if I have any “bucks” for that store. That way I don’t lose or forget about any of the money Cindy has helped me to earn!

  • merle

    where are the mama rosie’s printables? My kids devour these things and I haven’t seen a deal on them since June!

  • D

    the coupon is on the Mama Rosies website. Try this link:

  • Dee2

    Good job, Danielle! I got my 10 Mama Rosie’s ravioli for $8.50 and got $10 back. Yay! I’ll be heading back to buy Gala apples and Cabot cheese with it.

    I had a good run today –
    free Transformers toy & Olay regenerist
    Merino t-shirt $8
    -$3 Target coupon
    -$3 Target mobile coupon
    Final $2
    2 Pretzel M&Ms 2/$5
    – $2/2 Target Mobile coupon
    – $1.50/2 M&Ms
    Final $1.50 or $.75 each

    Preference hair color 2/$15
    – $3.50 ECBs (Green bag tag & $2.50 for this quarter)
    – 2 $1/Preference coupons
    Got $2 ECB back
    Dawn dish detergent $.79
    – $.20 Dawn coupon

    My Shoprite trip is too long to post. Lots of great match-ups. Thanks, Cindy! I spent $104 and saved $109 (including a whole tenderloin at $4.99/lb)
    I’m restocking my stockpile after letting it go thinking we might be moving. Watch! Our house will sell now that I have a full pantry and half-full freezer. 😉

  • Shannon

    Question on the stoppies cat: did you run into any problems with the coupons? What was the order you used for this? Did you scan all the ravioli, then your card, then do the coupons? Does it matter?


    • D

      no probs with coupons at all. I did the ScanIt for the ravioli, so my shoppers card was in there already, then scanned coupons at checkout. The $10 cat did not scan at self checkout, but the cashier said they were having issues with them, and she put it thru. HTH!

      • Shannon

        I did this deal twice! Thank you so much for the heads-up about Stoppies; I really appreciate it!

  • val

    Does anyone knoe if you can buy the Gnnoci or is it just the rav?

    • Michelle

      The flyer lists gnocchi, but I did not see it in the store. I did get a couple of spinach ravioli, though.

  • Love Coupons

    Question: I did the fill your freezer catalina yesterday, and my total before coupons was $32 & change, and with sales prices was $25 and I received a $5 catalina, because after my coupons and the “sale” prices my OOP was $25. How did everyone else get $10 cats? 🙁

    • Love Coupons

      That’s what the customer service lady told me, but she didn’t even know about the deal… Eh

  • Melissa

    I’m located in PA and We have Giant but it’s the exact same sale and I went there yesterday morning about bought 8 of the Waffles at 2.50 each and 8 of the ravioli at 1.25 each which was 30.00 and it didn’t print the $10 cat and customer service tried to fight me on it because I used coupons…. it was very frustrating. I would like to go back and get more of the Mama Rosies (I love making Gnocchi soup in the winter !!) I wonder if I try and buy 10 if it will trigger the cat to print? It will be a lot harder to fight if my total wasn’t close to $25. Any try this at Giant in Pa?

  • Beth

    Does anyone know if the cat for Giant PA (same sale) is triggered by the sale price or the shelf price. It looks like Stop and Shop is off of shelf price, but I don’t want to do it at Giant and not have it work. This deal looks so great!

  • Jen

    I bought 10 Mama Rosies ravioli, used (2) $1/2 coupons and paid $10.50. I got the $10 cat. I noticed that the shelf price of the gnocchi was .50 less than the ravioli. That may be why some people are getting the $5 cat instead of the $10.

  • I’m going to do this deal tonight [[fingers crossed]]. Anyone know if the catalina rolls? My mom and boyfriend both need to stock up their freezers, so I was thinking about splitting it up in two trips. Anyone know?

    • D

      I am going to *guess* and say yes. I went back again today and got 10 more, and the $10 cat printed, but I didn’t use the cat to pay. I am thinking you may have a better chance if they have to manually put the $10 cat on the second order anyhow…let us know! 🙂 (I would have tried, but there wasn’t a lot of stock the first time. Plenty there today!)

  • D

    For those who didn’t get their cats, you might want to try contacting Catalina Marketing directly. They can look up your order with info from your receipt and it is my understanding they mail you the cat if you should have rec’d it. From one of Cindy’s posts: “call or email Catalina Marketing. There contact info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email”

  • Anonymous

    I went to Giant in PA last Monday night and bought 10 raviolis but my $10 catalina did not print either. The checkout lady said it was because I used coupons and went below the $25 threshold. I am emailing catalina and hope they come through for me and everyone else.

  • valentina

    i got 10 bags mixed some gnocci some ravioli and paid 7.50 got a 5 dollar cat. however the price before coupon was not over 25 therefore thats why i received the 5 dollar cat instead of the 10. that is what the lady explained to me. i dont understand how people are able to get the 10 dollar cat. i want it too =/

    • D

      What was the SHELF price in your store? the total pre-sale/shelf price needed to be $25. My store happened to be $2.50 (more than Cindy’s store when she posted) so it worked out better for me. It all works on shelf price.

  • Christine D.

    This deal didn’t work for me, and my Stop N Shop has these at a regular price of $2.79. The ad actually states, the catalina only prints if you buy $25 worth AFTER ALL DISCOUNTS, which mean, if you buy 10 and use coupons, and your discount card, you will only get a $5 cat.

    I was so disappointed. I talked to customer service, and there was no arguing the note in the flyer about having to have spent $25 AFTER all discounts are applied.

    Can someone tell me if all the flyers stated this? I can’t imagine this is only the S&S near me, but perhaps it is.

    • D

      All catalina deals always have something to that effect in the fine print. But the reality is that it works on shelf price, usually, so it’s a risk, if it doesn’t work, you probably won’t win the battle with cust. service. But 9 times out of 10, it DOES work. Did you try the deal? It had to be $25 (based on shelf price)

      • Christine D.

        I did try it. I only got a $5 cat b/c according to customer service (and the print in the ad) the $25 is after all discounts.

        I spent well over $25 if you are going off the shelf price before the sale and the coupons.