Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

Denise had a great shopping trip doing a bunch of catalina deals including, Pampers, Heinz/oreida, and Crest!

My cashier couldn’t believe all the catalinas I received from this trip. She wanted to know what to buy to get the deal, too! Thanks for all the work you do to save us money!


Pampers cruisers – 9.79 (regularly $12.39 – do people seriously buy diapers for this price?)
3 pampers wipes – 2.49 each ( regularly 2.79)
3 Crest toothpaste – 1.99 each (regularly 2.49 – the cavity protection paste has coupons in the box!)
4 oreida easy fries – 1.25 each (regularly 1.49)
1 heinz squeeze ketchup – 1.99 ( regularly 2.89)

Coupons used:

– $1 off pampers cruisers (from a mailer? not from an insert)
– (3)- $0.50 off wipes – multiplied to $1 off (from 10/2 P&G)
– (3)- $1 off crest toothpaste (from10/2 P&G)
– $8 in catalinas from last week

Total before sales – 37.08
Total after sales – 30.22
OOP after coupons: 15.22
Received $ 13 in catalinas (oreida/heinz, pampers, crest)

Be sure to check out the ShopRite deals for this week.  And be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find any of the coupons listed here.

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  • yazmin

    Hi! the pamper catalina you got was for your next shoping order or was for the next pamper order?? Thanks!!

    • Denise

      It is off of your next order!

  • Kelly M.

    I didn’t think the $1 off crest coupons would work because it says excludes tartar control, anti cavity and baking soda on the coupon. Did they have to force it through?

    • Alexandra

      I have the same question; I went to Shoprite all ready to run this deal but left the toothpaste on the shelf because I thought the coupons would be denied…

      • heather

        I think you have different coupons. I have $1 crest from p&g 10/2 that are for any 4 oz or larger.

    • Cindy

      I don’t know which coupons she had but I know there were different coupons in different inserts. I ordered my coupons from Coupons Dede and they were good for any Crest 4 oz or larger.

      • Denise

        They were in the 10/2 P&G and it said good on any 4 oz crest toothpaste.

        • Heather

          My store took the $1 off coupons even though they said they excluded the cavity ones.

      • Pamela

        There were 2 1/1 crest coupons in there weren’t there? The one with the excludes line and one without? That’s what’s in mine anyway. I got one out of the star ledger here (bless my father in law) and 4 i ordered online because none of the papers at my quick check had them (they came from florida but are identical).

        • Anonymous

          the 2/1 crest coupon i think you are talking about is for crest complete, however the sale is for 6.4 oz toothpaste, and teh crest complete is 6.2 oz! i was thinking same thing, oh well, still a good deal!

  • Erin

    Awesome trip- think I may go out tonight and do the same one!

  • heather

    Nice work! FYI – the circular for East Orange, NJ has a $1.99 pampers wipes SR coupon.

    • Denise

      That would have made for a VERY sweet deal!

  • Jim

    TO answer the question, do people really buy diapers at this price – the answer would be YES. Just go to Babys R Us and see how much people spend on diapers and food. We have a BRU right next to Target – they both sell the same products and as we all know, Target is less. But does that stop people from overpaying at BRU – nope!

  • Joe

    I tend to buy Pampers from Shoprite only when it’s a sale where I have a decent coupon and there is a catalina attached. It lets me speed my way towards the baby bucks reward. I usually end up going to BJ’s and using their store coupon which is usually $4 or $5 off a box and adding a higher end $1.50 or more coupon since they allow stacking.

    • Alicia

      that’s what i do too! ♥ bj’s for diapers!

  • Maria

    I looked up the catalina deals on this site for SR but did not find the crest one. How does it work and until when? Thanks for your response. (where did you find out about it?)

    • Kabby

      This Crest deal is in the weekly circular….
      Buy 3 Get $3 catalina for your next shopping trip
      6.4 oz tube, any variety,gel or paste
      Crest $1.99 each

      • Maria


    • Denise

      Kabby explains the catalina, but in my ShopRite, only what I would call the regular Crest toothpastes or gels were the 1.99 ones. (for instance, the Crest complete was not 1.99).

  • Jessica

    anyone know if for the pampers / wipes deal – if I bought 1 diaper and some pampers kandoo wipes would this trigger the cat?

    My thoughts are
    1 diaper
    4 kandoo wipes
    1 or 2 regular pampers wipes. I have only 20 cent Qs for the regular baby wipes (BOO!)