Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite and Walmart

Maria had a great trip to Walmart and ShopRite! Her trip was a money maker of $3.26! Way to go!

Walmart Transaction:

10 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit (only 8 shown in pic since I gave 2 away) – $3.97 each
10 Schick Disposable Razor Packages – $1.97 each

Coupons Used:

-(10) $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles
-(5) $6/2 Schick printed coupons NLA
Subtotal: (10.60) + $4.16 tax = $6.44 OVERAGE

ShopRite Transaction:

(4) Gatorades – $1
(4) Hatfield Hams – $2
(1) Go Go Squeeze – $2.49
(4) Steamfresh Veggies – .99
(3) Energizer Batteries – $2.99
(2) Poland Springs – $1
(4) Emmi Swiss Yogurt – $1
(2) Chex Mix – $2
(2) Yoplait Greek Yogurt – $1
(6) Farmland 12 oz. milks – .50

Coupons used:

-(4) Gatorade $1/1 (not sure where this is from)
-(4) Hatfield $2/1
-(1) Go Go Squeeze – .75/1 doubled
-(4) Steam Fresh – .50/1 doubled (9/25 SS)
-(3) Batteries – $3/1 NLA
-(2) Poland Spring – $1/1 NLA
-(4) Emmi Swiss – $1/1 (8/28 RP)
-(2) Chex Mix – .60/1 plus .50 cellfire
-(2) Yoplait – .50/2 (8/14 SS) and .50/2 cellfire
-(3) Farmland Milk – $1/1

$0.20 for bag refund
$0.86 tax
Total: $3.18

Net between the two trips: MADE $3.26

Be sure to check out the ShopRite and Walmart deals for this week.  And be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find any of the coupons listed here.

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  • bobbi jo

    Incredible! Very nicely done 🙂

  • Annie

    Awesome!! Love it.

  • tiffany

    My walmart was out of the scrubbing bubbles at 10am sunday when I went! Since it says one time offer, they wouldn’t give me a raincheck. Any truth to that?

    • Bonnie

      I was told the same thing. Because it is a rollback one time offer, they cannot offer rain checks…once its gone..its gone…slightly bummed 🙁

    • Sandy

      I took the ad to Target today and they price matched it. Got 7 for free.
      This is the route I will take in the future !

  • Jen

    Yeah my wal mart is out too which is frustrating. I wish stores would limit the amount people can buy to like 4. It’s nice this person was able to buy 10 of them but if everyone did that it leaves none for anyone else. This always happens at CVS too.

    • Jen

      And this is also why half the stores are changing their coupon policies and why I keep hearing in the news that “couponers” may be in jeopardy.

      • shannon

        So true..Not sure how she was able to use 10 coupons for that either.My shoprite only lets you use 4 of the same coupons.

    • bonnie

      I agree Jen……it should be LIMITED, so someone else can get to try these products…. I shop for the community food bank, AND my mother-in-law, and i still DON”T do what some of these people are doing ( like clearing the shelves)……besides, why do you NEED 8?

      C’mon couponers, give the rest of us a shot at these great deals…..anybody agree with me?

  • Alicia

    nice job!

  • Jacqueline

    That $4.00 coupon is no longer available! 🙁 Pooh!

  • Mir

    Yeah, not a fan of the several Scrubbing Bubbles she got. I was unable to get any either because the few people before me grabbed several each.

    • Marina

      A lady posted early this week that she got 32 Scrubbing Bubbles…OMG…how about that!? She said she didn’t empty the shelves…haha.

    • Diane R.

      I have to agree here. I went to Walmart and they were totally sold out of the Scrubbing Bubbles and the Schick disposable razors. Seeing someone getting 10 of each makes me a little peeved. Wouldn’t buying 4 of each have been enough? But I guess everyone has to decide what they think is proper for themselves.

  • janie

    I went to Shoprite of Old Bridge and tried to use the $3 Energizer coupon, but they said S/R is no longer accepting computer generated coupons over $1…is this a corporate policy?

    • Lashetta

      In the coupon policy they do take internet coupons. I used my $3.00 coupon for my energizer batteries. He had to type type it in because it was over 2.99.

    • Anita M

      Janie, I was just there this morning and used 4 of them with no problems. hmmm…makes you wonder who decides what…

      • shannon

        careful I tried to use a chaboni greek yogurt coupon that I actually got from the company, unfortunatly I couldnt use it cause shoprite claims it was in a PDF format

  • Selena

    I can’t find the $4 off coupon on the Scrubbing bubbles.. Is that just available in certain areas? Thanks..

  • Christine

    will walmart actually give you the money you make in overage?

    • Heather Leah

      I am pretty sure most Walmarts will give you the overage.

      • Fern

        Not here they don’t (ND), if you have a coupon that is for more than the value of the product they adjust the coupon amount to match the price so the item is still free but no overages.

        • Eileen

          that goes against their corporate coupon policy, print it and bring it with you, if you have a problem call corporate from the store, in thier policy it states that they WILL give you overage!

      • Wow! I didn’t know this…I may have to start going there again.

  • brandy segura

    So, u can use a cellfire coupon stacked with a manufacturer coupons?????

    • shannon

      You sure can!

      • brandy segura

        Thank u. Was hoping someone would address my question. So they will double the manufacturers and then do the cellfire at face value? My shoprite only doubles to a total of one dollar so adding in the cellfire would be awesome.

  • how do you get eight scrubbing bubbles when the print limit is two? not that I want eight scrubbing bubbles, because the two that i got for free are going in the trash as soon as the stuff runs out…lol

    • tiffany

      There was also the same coupon in the paper a couple weeks back

      • Eileen

        yes there was a insert coupon as well

        BUT as long as you have more than one computer you can print more coupons, it is 2 per computer, and for facebook coupons it is per facebook account, and you can always have a friend or family memeber print them for you…

        when I went yesterday to walmart someone left their printable at the shelf because it was tagged at the $9+ price, and they obviously didnt know that the refill+gadget box was on sale for $3.97

        So I got one more than I had planned on…

        PS for those in South Jersey the MANAHAWKIN NJ store on rt 72 had plenty as of closing last night, they are at the bottom of the display below the larger full price ones!

  • LJ

    I’m not too thrilled to see the 10 Scrubbing Bubbles either. I went to our Toledo, OH Walmart at 9 am Sunday looking for 2 of them and the shelves were cleaned out. We unfortunetly have a “Coupon Lady” in our area that is known to empty the shelves out. I understand she donates 80%, but she is not leaving anything for the average coupon dad/mom that only wants 1 or 2 for their own house. Frustrating!

  • Betty

    I checked my SR yesterday and today and they have been out of the skim plus. 🙁 I just checked and the frozen veggies coupons i dont have from 9/25 do some areas get diff coupons and some dont?

  • Michelle R

    What Walmart’s did you go too that had that price i went to woobridge one and it was for $9 please let me know. i will make the special trip these are xmas gifts thanks.

  • Sally

    I heard you could only use the $4.00 coupon on the box that had the yellow stripe on it, getting WM to lower the 9.97 price to the special buy price of 3.97 is wrong if that is what happened. @ least that is what I read on several websites.

    • Eileen

      there are two boxes one is the regular starter kit that every store will get

      then there is a “REFILL + GADGET” box it is a smaller box, and it is on SALE for $3.97 but contains the SAME thing

      I am not sure but I believe this is a walmart exclusive product and they did the same thing with Airwick Freshmatics during the “white peach” promotion, they had a “refill+ gadget” significantly less expensive and smaller box but same contents as the “starter kits”

      IN the WORDING on the box it does say “complete system included in the box” and further down it says “kit includes: 1 device 1 refill”

      Technically it is the same as the “starter kit” and the coupon works
      I believe it is subjective and could be argued either way.

      and the box I am talking about HAS the yellow stripe on it

      ps there are 2 coupons for $3/1 starter kit and 1 for bogo free refill inside the box!!!

  • Sally

    oh it had something to do with different UPC’s

  • dawn mcdonald

    not able to find the 4/1 scrubbing bubbles coupon. tried clickigng on it and the link it sent me to does not appear to have the coupon. where is everyone getting it

    • Annabelle

      There is a coupon in the 9/11 SS for it.

  • EG Gal

    My Wal-mart was also out of them first thing Sunday morning so I went next door to Target with my Wal-mart ad and they matched the price and took the coupon. Also, if you live in the Northeast, Price Chopper has them on sale this week for $3.99.

    • Anonymous

      That’s quick thinking! I know Lowes will match Home Depot and Wal-mart will match others but does anyone have a comprehensive lists of who matches who? I plan to go out on Thursday to shop and it sounds like I’m not going to find the Scrubbing Bubbles at WM.
      Lowes and HD may carry it but not sure who they match(?)

  • I struck out at my walmart. They didnt even have a spot for the scrubbing bubbles sale items and they do not carry the razors in the bags that everyone is getting. I only walked out with only a free bag of cat treats:(

  • Eileen
  • Candice

    Every single time I shop at walmart in south Philly it is always a hassle!!! I never shop there but maybe once a year. I should not have to educate the manager on their coupon policy!!! PeoPle that work there have no clue!!!! And they were all out of the scrubbing bubbles. I wish I could have gotten at least 1—

    • Lashetta

      I don’t like going there either. They never have anything. Well, at least I know they’re out of scrubbing bubbles. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    yes walmart gives overage and there is no raincheck on this ” special offer” that being said, one woman cleaned out our local store so alot of people who didn’t even receive the coupon were not able to take advantage of this pricebreak.unfortunate and a bit rude. Everyone is hurting financially these days, let’s not make it worse…

    • Anonymous2

      Well said!

  • CJ

    My Walmart would never even have room on the shelves to stock 10 of any item, and doesnt carry the Schick razors. I was able to get 4 free Cover Girl blush ($1.04 overage), free Idahoan potatoes and free travel size Old Spice body wash and got the only Bissell Stomp N Go on the shelf for the rebate.

  • Arianna

    went to newburgh Walmart, was told they dont carry it, even though it’s advertised. I was annoyed!

  • Stefanie

    Went to Neptune, NJ Walmart today and they have sufficient stock on Scrubbing Bubbles- they had an endcap in the back filled, no problems using the coupons either. No go on the Shick razors though.


    Ok so I went to the Walmart in MaysLanding NJ, and they woudnt give the Scrubbing Bubbles to me for 3.97 so i went to Target and they gave me a price match-up, so I got 12….. Now im happy!!!!!!


    Plus I got my CG Blush for free at Target…

  • Michelle R

    I found them at the Edison WM after i walked the store and could not find them they where at the front check out. fOR $3.97 the cashier said we can not use them it more then the item i said look last time they just adjusted the price. I did not want to argue the overage since i was on lunch time. She called the manager and she was going to say no when the cashier just scanned it and it came up 4.25 she said oh its ok. I will be back tomorrow to get more i had few coupons. Inside the box pretty good coupons. X-mas is around the courner getting my gift baksets ready …lol