Reader Shopping Trips: Walmart

Jim took advantage of all of the great deals going on lately at Walmart.

I wanted to share my shopping trip to WalMart today. I’ve never had this happen before, but the cashier said “that was a great job”. She seemed thoroughly impressed. I was pretty happy. Any time I go shopping anymore it seems I’m always telling someone about your website and websites to get coupons from. Thanks for all you do.

Walmart Transaction:

2 Cover Girl Makeup masters sponge puffs $2.94 each
2 Cover Girl Makeup masters powder puffs $2.94 each
2 (12 pack) Schick Razors $1.97 each
2 (100 count) Dixie Paper plates $3.50 each
2 Rayovac Flashlights $1.00 each
2 Listerine Total Care Zero (small size) $1.72 each
1 Reach Floss 0.97

Total: $30.66 (this doesn’t add up with tax in my head but this is the prices & total on my receipt)

Coupons used:

2 – $8/2 Cover Girl Face Coupons (10/2 P&G)
2 – $2/1 Shick Razors (9/25 SS)
2-$1/1 Rayovac Flashlights
2-$2/1 Listerine Coupons
1-$2/1 Reach Coupon (NLA)
Total Coupons: $28

TOTAL OOP: $2.66

Be sure to check out the Walmart deals for this week.  And be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find any of the coupons listed here.

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  • Stephanie

    Great Job!

  • Raquel D

    How were you able to use two coupons for the Listerine and the flashlights? they only let me use one =(. They gave me a hard time, My Walmart always gives me a hard time when I use coupons.

    • Jen


      It depends on your store. At my store, it actually depends on the cashier. It shouldn’t be a problem to use more than one coupon, but unfortunately the cashiers like to make their own rules.

      Btw, great job! I love how you used overage on the cover girl to buy paper plates. I’m going to do the same thing later since I hate washing dishes! Thanks for the idea 🙂

      • Raquel D

        Yea they all like to give me a hard time, thats why i barely shop there
        i just had to the the flashlight and the listerine and got a good deal on the breast cancer awareness Energizer batteries.

    • Suzanne

      Why not? He had two of each item. Why can he not use two coupons… One per item?

  • Jess

    Was there a coupon for the paper plates?

  • Jim & C

    No coupon for the paper plates, used the overage from the other coupons. My walmart has gotten better (finally) with accepting coupons. They didn’t give me any hassle about the flash lights or the listerine.

    • UEEN

      Which Walmart? 🙂 My walmart is awful.

      • Jim & C

        Edison Walmart… but any walmart I go to it depends on the cashiers… some will put it through with no problem. Others are a hassle. I keep the coupon policy with me, because it’s not fair that they make up their own policy when the feel fit.

  • jonnie castellano

    I’m so excited i printed out the coupons for the listerine and the rayvocc flashlight yesterday i went today to walmart this is what i bought in total
    1 rayvaacc flashlight for $1.00
    2 listerines for $1.72 ea
    1 box of scotties tissues for $1.00
    3 bottles os sams diet cola for .84 ea.
    1 child size goldfish for .98 cents
    my total before coupons ($ 7.98)
    with coupons i actually spent
    YAY ME!!!

  • Sarita

    you were lucky! on the listerine coupon says “one per person”!, I actually got 4 flashlights, didn’t have any problems with those coupons, paid only $.07 for 4 flashlights and 1 listerine…the cashier was surprised and asked me to give her the name of this website!

  • Tiff

    I am so glad I printed the Rayovac flashlight cpn this morning bc I believe they are NLA. I was going to try and print out more on different computers for an activity the kids @ my work were going to do.

  • Jayme

    Great job!!! Were the razors on sale this week or is that their normal cost? I wish I checked the coupons before I left:)

    • Jayme

      Answered my own ? I knew I should have double checked my list before I left! Back to Walmart:)

  • CJ

    I hadnt been to Walmart in a while until I went last week. They were surprisingly great with my coupons this time – no beeps, no trouble and I got overage on the $8/2 Cover Girl coupons.
    Had a great small (under $10 before coups) trip to my local grocery store the other day – $0 OOP! First time that has ever happened. The cashier called the manager over to approve the register because “The Coupon Lady has a zero balance!”. I wasnt sure whether to be embrassed or proud of myself! I walked out of the store happy 🙂

    • Lady J

      Was it Pathmark or A&P? There registers always do that witha $0 balance.

      I had an older cashier give me a hard time about a $0 balance once. She said my balance couldn’t be $0, and that I had to actually buy something. I had her call the manager over, and she did. Manager ok’d it. Then, the $8 catalina I was supposed to get didn’t print. I told the cashier and she told me that I didn’t deserve it because I didn’t spend any money. Again, I asked her to get the manager, and she did. The manager knew the exact catalina I was talking about, and saw that I should have gotten it, and forced it to print.

      If the manager doesn’t care, why should she? But she was giving me attitude about how I was taking advantage of the system to get things for free when others worked hard for their money and had to actually use it to buy their groceries.

  • Julie

    I tried to do something similar to this last night but my Walmart is so horrible with coupons, they made me feel like I was doing something wrong when in fact the managers didn’t even know their coupon policy!!!!

    I bought:
    4 Cover Girl Makeup masters sponge puffs $2.94 each
    4 Cover Girl Makeup masters powder puffs $2.94 each
    4 (12 pack) Schick Razors $1.97 each
    4 travel size old spice body wash $0.97 each
    1- 50ct Great Value Plastic Cups $2.49
    1- 100 ct Great Value Paper Plates $1.84
    1- great value trash bags $2.54
    3- sam’s 2 liter soda$0 .84 each

    My Total should have been 44.67 before coupons and .67 after coupons used:

    4- $8/2 covergirl face products
    4- $2/1 shick coupons
    4 – $1/1 Old Spice body wash 1.7 oz or larger (travel size is 1.7 oz!)
    = $44 in coupons

    For some reason my total came to -1.49 and I thought oh great I get 1.49 back or I will just buy something for 1.50 and pay 1 cent!! 🙂 But not so fast 🙁 The lady told me that doesnt work like that and got the manager, he then said that I couldn’t buy the travel size old spice body wash! I showed him the size and he said that the coupon had to be adjusted down to .97, but thats only .12 for all 4.. he was so confused and the cashier was so mad, giving me dirty looks! So I said forget it let me just buy 2 packs of gum and pay under $2 for all this stuff! Has anyone had a bad experience like this and written to corporate abotu it?? I’m just mad that the managers/cashiers don’t even know their own coupon policy!! Ugggghhhh?!?!