Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups 10/2 – 10/8

Rite Aid Deals for the week of 10/2/11

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  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    Whoa Baby Bubba!!! I’m about to have one amazing trip!!! Thank u so much Cindy 😉

    By the way, there are coupons in the Rite Aid circular. They say manufactures coupon but they they also start with RC49…. and say only redeemable at Rite Aid. Does that make them store coupons? There is a $2/1 TheraFlu coupon in there that would stack nicely with the $2/1 manufacture coupon from last week.

    • Jennifer

      yes, you can use both the coupons that start with RC49 (considered a store q even though it says manufacture) and a manufacture coupon on an item.

  • tinap

    I did the aveeno deal this am, but only 1 up reward printed… I’ll call tomorrow to find out why!

    • Colleen

      in my ad it says only one UPR offer per household.

    • Megan

      Could you please keep us posted? I did the exact deal and only got the one $10 UPR as well. Do we call Rite Aid corporate, or is there a special number? Thank you!

  • Michele

    If you don’t see a 50% tag and don’t really need the Aveeno item skip it for now. Anything without a tag isn’t ringing up 50% for the 2nd or tracking for the deal. The $20/$10 up hasn’t printed since last night.

  • Jennifer

    Yes the secomd $10 did not print for me as well.

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    Some of the Scope Original come with a sample Scope Dual Blast and a coupon book attached

  • Lauren

    Is the dove deal tracking?

  • Maria

    Thanks for everything ms.cindy!
    Did the aveeno deal and the second $10 upr didnt print too.:((

  • Kathleen Jones

    Maria, where did you buy your Aveeno? I’m in Philly and want to know if I should try this, but I heard it isn’t working here.


    • Maria

      Hi kathleen i’m in Germantown,MD. My cousin from NJ tried it too and the 2nd $10 upr didnt print too.

      • Erica

        Hi Maria! I’m in Derwood, MD. It’s nice to see another couponer from this area. I was about to go and try the Aveeno deal but I guess it’s not working in our region…? =(

        • Maria

          Hi Erica!(“,) nice to meet u here. Just started couponing last June, so far so good. Im thankful the i found ms. Cindy’s blog.

        • Maria

          Hi Erica!(“,) nice to meet u here. Just started couponing last June, so far so good. Im thankful the i found ms. Cindy’s blog.
          Re aveeno deal, yes i think its not working in our region.

  • Annie

    Hi , can I use a dollar off /1 coupon along with a bogo coupon for the dove? Thank you.

  • Chana

    I did the aveeno deal this morning in Toms River NJ and the second $10 up did not print as well. I guess I will return some things next week.

  • Jen

    The 2nd up reward didn’t print for me either. Looks like I will be returning tomorrow if they don’t honor it.

  • kat

    only one $10 print out…who should we call to see about the second?

  • Colleen

    Hi ! If I get the dove shampoo 2/7.00 then the bogo coupon 3.50 off /2 = 3.50 for two shampoos they have a UPR 5.00when you buy 15.00 thats on the price before coupons and sale correct ??I was banking on getting 2 sets or maybe 4 depending. 2 sets would net me one UPR of 5 and 4 sets would net me 10.00 UPR . That would be 14.00 and I have 8 UPR from last week so it would be 6.00 OOP and 10 UPR = .75 cents each OOP . Thats pretty good.

    • Colleen

      oh wait minus 2.00 octover video values it would be 4.00 OOP making them .50 cents each

  • Colleen

    Also, Im a little confused it says scope has a UPR of 2.50 but on the other side of the ad it says it has a rebate ???? isnt it one or the other ???

    • Quiana

      The rebate on the other side of the ad is for the 250ml. The UPR prints for the 750ml.

    • Laura

      Hmmm…..have never seen that before! You are correct, the Rite Aid Ad states $2.50 UPR and the October 2011 Rebate Directory has $1.60 SCR during the same purchase dates ( 10/2/11-10/8/11). That’s free Scope plus a $1.60MM!!
      The UPR prints out with the receipt and you can submit the rebate online!
      Go for it!

      • Laura

        Quaina is correct. Upon further inspection last night, I noticed the two size differences and deals on the back of the ad. Sorry 🙁

      • heather D

        Can you do multiple trans for this? I have never couponed Rite Aid before and I really need to stock up on some mouthwash. I have $2/1 coupons so either deal would work well for me!

        • Eileen

          scr rebates are ONE per household, UP+ reward limits are posted in the ads and are per wellness card

  • allison

    I got 2 boxes of Thera Flu today for $5.58 (regular $6.79 each) – there’s a $2 off in the Rite Aid circular and I stacked them with $2 off coupons from the paper (it was recently, I apologize I don’t have the exact date). So they came to $2.79 each.

  • Meli

    Has the Aveno deal worked for any one/

    • Elena

      It worked for me. I paid $18 and got back 2 $10 ups (I used some ECB from last week).

      • Elena

        I meant I used UPS from last week.

        • Marina

          In which area did u do this deal? Thanks!

  • ueen

    check your receipts for the cover girl purchase for a “taylor swift concert tickets and or redeem for merchandise codes” and enter them via riteaid.com/covergirl. I just redeemed t-shirt for 30 points. 1 code = 10 points.

    • Jenny

      I got a tee shirt and 5 key chains for the 8 free makeups I got. WOO!

  • Jenny

    My store in Somedale NJ, has a special for the Cover Girl clean cosmetice BOGO free!! I got 8 boxes of makeup for FREE with the 8.00 Covergirl coupons. Then I got the 10.00 +up reward. Can’t beat that!

    • Jenny

      OOPS That is Stratford NJ.

      • Colleen

        Great Deal !! DId you use (8) 1.00 coupons so that you had a coupon for even the free ones to keep the price lower then the ones out of pocket ?? and I am confused how did you get 8 free ??? DId you have UPR from last week ? Im looking to roll alot today and would like to donate the make up if i do as well as you ;0

        • Jenny

          They were buy one get one free! They were 7.99-9.99 each so I bought one for 7.99 got one free and used the 8.00/2 coupon to score them both free. I didn’t need any UPR from last week. Then I bought 8 which was about 35.00 used 4 8.00/2 coupons and paid about 3.00 in tax and got the 10.00UPR.

  • Keri

    Thanks Cindy for the post on the Cover Girls products! I went and got 8 face products, prices ranging got some more expensive face products, and got the scope mouthwash. My total bill was $77.50 and with my four $8/2 coupons and the coupon for the Scope (which came with a smaller sample and a coupon book) and previous register rewards I paid $16 oop plus got and additional $12.50 back in RR. Loving it!!

  • amber

    i had a great run at rite aide today i got the cover girl deal plus the scope and bought a bunch of other stuff.my total came to $82 before coupons.after it was $22.29 and i had $22 upr from last week.so i spent .29 cents oop! and i have $18.50 upr for next week.i def scored this week! thank Cindy!

    • amber

      oh yeah i forgot about the $1.60 scr for the crest!

  • Beth

    I did the covergirl deal & got the $10UP. Does anyone know if I can do it again? I don’t see limit of 1 printed anywhere but I’m not familiar with Rite Aid…usually do CVS.

    • Beth

      the answer is no. I tried it.

  • meli

    was anyone succesfull with the aveno deal…getting the 2 /10 ups?