Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups 10/9 – 10/15

Rite Aid Deals for the week of 10/9/11

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  • jennifer

    I have never shopped at Rite Aid, tomorrow may be my first day….looks like a good week!!!!!!

    • Marina

      Good luck! I started to shop there like 3 weeks ago and now I’m addicted…haha. The up rewards are so easy to use!!!

      • Lady J

        yes, but i wish they had a longer expiration – like CVS. My Rite Aid is kind of far.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! love to see so many FREE items on your list Cindy!! thanks a bunch.

  • Kate

    Holy smokes! Is Rite Aid charging for anything this week? I’ve never seen so many green check marks!

  • c

    i’ve never shopped at rite aid either, but this makes me want to start!

  • meli


  • felicia

    I stopped my walgreens/cvs/riteaid trips every Sunday morning since after 2-3 months we had a huge stockpile, but this looks like a good week to get back into it!

  • jodiann

    What’s the rule with the UPR’s. Can you do several deals, or only one UPR per customer?

    • Jennifer

      You can do as many different UPR deals that you want to, but they always have a limit to them. So, you can buy the Blistex, Burt’s Bees, and Cepacol all in one transaction and you will get all of the UPR, but they are all Limit 1. HTH

  • nahney

    im so excited i just received $10 in RR from rite aid there was a scott tissue deal about 2 weeks ago that was suppose to generate a $10RR and it didn’t i called them and told them what happened and they sent it to me so now i have $25 in RR to spend this week (i have a $10RR from the pampers deal last week and $5 from Dove)which is much needed our medicine cabinate ate is in need of a refill and this is a good medicine week with lots of RR’s so ill be getting back basically what i spend! WHOO HOO

  • Jennifer


    fyi, the 2 Alka-Seltzer printables are printing out as $3 off the combined purchase of any Alka-Seltzer Antacid AND Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product.

  • Eileen

    Colgate Optic White toothpaste….will Rite Aid accept the Target coupon for this product?

  • Anonymous

    can i use 3 UPR to buy 1 item? than or do i need fillers thank you.

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      i think you’ll need 2 small fillers. I believe they treat them as manufacture q’s like Walgreens… I could be wrong but I believe that’s how they work

      • Faith

        nope, no need for fillers in Rite Aid. It’s different from Walgreens. This is why I love RA! Not confusing at all 🙂

    • Diane

      Rite Aid works the same as CVS, you do not need fillers. You just can’t use the ups to pay the tax.

      • Marina

        And the Ups are not linked to your card…I love Rite Aid.

  • So, unless noted (like teh 4 sanitizers) is it safe to assume limit 1 per Up deal?

    • Julianna

      Check in your sales flyer, under the deal. It will tell you the limit for each one, even it’s “limit 1”.


    I have a question please where can I find the John Frieda $2/1 coupon in 10/9 insert What insert are you talking about SS RP ? I look in my coupons and can not find it. Thanks

    • Natalie

      Thais-10/9 means sunday paper which comes out on 10/9/11. SS means Smart Source coupon insert in Sunday paper, RP means Red Plum-also an insert in sunday’s paper.

  • Sherry Z

    Cindy, I do not know how you see these deals. I have every degree that’s supposed to be impressive and I do not have your skill. I don’t know whether you use some genius program or whether you are the program.

    I have some confusion about some of the calculations but I love them all, regardless!

    On the Colgate Optic…. Are you assuming the use of TWO All You coupons?

    I am assuming that the Blistex costs $0.09 and is not free? That’s a great deal, of course, but I am just confirming that I am not missing something?

    • Nicole Weimer

      Sherry- I’m with you sister…I have a Master’s degree and still find it difficult to spot these great deals on my own. I cannot find a “match up” site for my local store, Weis, and I dont’ feel that I get as much for my money as I do when I follow Cindy’s match-ups. Every week when I go to the grocery store, I can’t seem to get higher than a 42% savings.

  • Natalie

    Sherry Z, Colgate Optic is buy 2 deal so yes, it’s 2 Optic coupons. Blistex is a missprint- it’s pay 1.49 get 1.49 UPR.

  • Jenny

    Great deal also on the Dr. Scholls massaging gels. Buy 20.00 worth get 8.00 +ups, but there is also a SCR of 3.00 wyb massaging gels and there is a coupon 10/2 SS for 3.00 off as well. So if you bought 2 you would get a total of 17.00 off!! with 2 coupons, SCR and +UPS.


    Thanks Natalie. The problem is that I already have the insert and I do not find the john Frieda coupon 2$/1 that’s why I am asking where can I finf it ? I got them from the Jersey Journal on Satuday it is that coupon a Regional maybe?

    • Kabby

      thais…I found mine in SS(smart source)…it is a two page sheet…also on the sheet is Jergens, Ban, The John Freida, another John Freida. Hope this helps.

    • although the jersey is great to get on saturday at a much cheaper rate, often it doesn’t give us the best coupons 🙁 I love it AND hate it

  • LeeAnn

    I was at Rite Aide, and bought the Rite Aid Brand Diapers on sale for 8.99 and rec’d a $4 UP. Thought that was an okay deal for the week for diapers, no coupons needed.

    • Shira

      FYI I believe the circular said there’s also SCR wyb 2 packs of Tugaboo diapers.

  • Tara

    There is also a great Samy Fat Foam deal this week. It’s $8.99 & there is a $3/1 in today’s RP, a $2/1 in-ad coupon today & a $3/1 RA vv, bringing the price down to just $.99!

  • Andrea Key

    Where can I locate the $2/1 John Freida coupon? It is not in the Rite Aid circular.

    • Kabby

      Look in the Smartsource 10/9 from the Sunday paper NOT in the Rite Aid circular.

    • Laura

      There are 3 $2/1.00 coupons in the SS 10/9/11. You can also check out the coupon database on this site.

  • Maria

    My 20% discount made a couple of these deals even better. Happy shopping everyone.

  • Andrea Key

    Thanks everyone. It must have been regional. It is not in my Smart Source. 🙁

  • Candice

    i had a .50 cent of coupon for any colgate toothpaste in my 10/2 smartsource. can be used on the optic white, so 2 for .98 cents after UP+. still an awesome deal!

  • Paty

    Do all riteAids give overage ?


    Thanks kabby I just read your answer but like Andrea my SS does not have it

  • Sandy

    Suave shampoo or cond $2/3.00

    Use BOGOF RP 10/2 & VV $2 off any 2 Suave

    FREE + overage

    • Mike K

      The BOGO doesn’t match the product that is 2/$3

  • Arizia

    FYI – went to RA today and found the comtrex in clearance area for 2.99 and still got the 3UPS – happy dance 🙂

  • 0246

    cindy, i so appreciate all the work you put into matchups. is there a way you could put the UPR limits with the items, when you do the lists? this would make it easier for me to organize for my shopping trips. thank you so much if you’re able to do this — and if not, i still love you 😉

  • Arianna

    so let me get this straight, because i havent yet mastered the CVS ECB and Rite Aid +Up yet….

    The +UP and ECB rewards you get towards your NEXT shopping trip? And can you only get the rewards on 1 of each item? I believe that was mentioned in regards to Rite Aid, but what about CVS?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you can only use them towards your next purchase. However you don’t have wait until the next week. You can go back the next day or, if there isn’t a line and I have a bunch of stuff, my local Rite Aid staff recommends breaking it into 2 sales to use UPS from the 1st sale on the 2nd sale. CVS is the same. As far as only 1 reward, it depends on the item. Check the circular. Under the offer it usually says limit 1, 2, etc.

  • Roxy

    I’m going to try and venture to Rite Aid. I’ve steered away from shopping there because I’ve had unpleasant encounters at the Rite Aid close to my house. I think I’ve found a friendly location…i need to travel a little further for it.

  • Nadyme

    You are correct, you dont need to get filler items when shopping with coupons at Rite aid. I love the fact that you can accumulate points to earn a 10% or 20% (which i now will be able to carry over to next year).
    I dont have a walgreens near me and CVS is a bit expensive for my taste. or maybe is the fact that Rite aid spoiled me with the 20% off any item in the store.
    another great deal you might want to check out if you still have the suave BOGO for kids , you can view the video values and get a $2/2 any suave items. the body wash is priced at $2.39, since i have the 20% discount i was able to get 2 kids body washes for $.30 YIPPY!!.