Rite Aid: CoverGirl Money Maker Deal

Rite Aid: CoverGirl Money Maker Deal

Did you get this awesome $8/2 CoverGirl Coupon in your P&G insert today?  If you did, you might want to use it at Rite Aid this week to score an awesome deal.

There is a $10.00 UPR when you buy $30 worth of Covergirl items. Plus, they are Buy One, Get One 50% off.   There are many ways you can work this deal.  Plus, your prices may vary at your store so be sure to check your calculations before you head to the register.

Here is an idea if you LOVE blush:

Buy 4 CoverGirl Blush $5.69 each
Buy 4 CoverGirl Blush $2.84 each (50% off)
Total: $34.12
-(4)$8/2 CoverGirl Coupon from the 10/2 PG
Pay: $2.12
Get a $10 UPR
Free + $7 Money Maker

For those that want to add in some Foundation:

Buy 1 Covergirl Foundation $6.59
Buy 1 Covergirl Foundation $3.29 (50% off)
Buy 1 Covergirl Foundation $7.99
Buy 1 Covergirl Foundation $3.99 (50% off
Buy 1 Covergirl Blush $5.69
Buy 1 Covergirl Blush $2.84 (50% off)
Total: $30.39
-(3)$8/2 CoverGirl Coupon from the 10/2 PG
Pay: $6.39
Get a $10 UPR
Free + $3 Money Maker after coupons, BOGO 50% & UPR

Note: The 50% off is coming off per product not off the cheaper product.  So if you bought like products, as in the example above, it will take off the 50% as I have it shown above.

As I mentioned, there will be many ways to do this deal with all the different CoverGirl products available.  Just note that the coupon is for Face Products, so stick with blush, bronzer, concealers and foundations and you should have no problem using the coupons.

Thanks For The Mommas!

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  • Sandi

    First! No, really I just wanted to mention that there is also a rebate that would go great with this deal. Buy $50 worth of P&G products, get $10 by mail. http://www.pgpinkrebate.com/pink_rebate.pdf

    • Alice

      Thanks for rebate info — do you think the $50 amount is after coupons or before????

      • Laura

        Nice!!! The rebate form has a phonenumber for questions 1-855-673-4180.
        We can do the Rite Aid $10 UPR twice. The rebate allows multiple receipts. If it allows price before coupons, it is a potential $24.00 Money Maker :).
        Number has operators 8:00am – 12:00am Mon – Fri Eastern Standard time.

        • Anneliese

          My Rite Aid ad (in So. Cal) states that there is a limit to 1 +UP per household on the P&G offer. Is this a regional difference, or am I reading this wrong?

          • Laura

            OOOPS!!! Just re-checked my Rite Aid Ad……was in a rush this morning and looked at the wrong limit. You are correct ONLY 1 $10.oo UPR ALLOWED. I was wrong, sorry…..I was looking at the bottom left of the page by the batteries. The Mail in Rebate is good on purchases until 10/31/11 from any stores. It also includes products from Secret, Olay, Venus, Clairol, Pantene, Safeguard, Ivory, Aussie and Herbal Essences products. Plus P&G will donate $10.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
            Anyhow, I just picked up 2 foundations, 2 blush and 4 eyeshadows plus a half gallon of milk, used a $2.69 UPR and paid TOOP $1.35 + $2.34Tx and received a $10.00 UPR plus 8 codes to enter into some “Rite Aid chance to win Taylor Swift concert tickets and or redeem for merchandise” promotion. Have to go on website to see exactly what that is. So the purchase was a total Money Maker of $8.65 if you don’t include the tax. Still good! Thanks Cindy :)!

            • Anneliese

              Darn, I was hoping I’d gotten it wrong. Thanks for checking. Sounds like you did really well with the deal, Laura.

            • Denise

              So you were able to use it on eye shadow & still use the $8/2 and get the 10 UPC? I really need eye shadow more than blush. thanks!!

              • carrie walls

                i did the same..

              • Were you able to use it towards eyeshadow?

    • Heather

      This is awesome! The rebate says that you can submit receipt(s) – does not have to be in one transaction. Between this deal & the Shoprite bakeware deal I will hit the $50! Thanks so much 🙂

  • Jenny

    I am really missing the entire matchuups.. It has me scrambling.

    • Laura

      Don’t give up, you’ll get it.

      1. Look for sale prices on items you buy.
      “Match it “with a coupon for that item.
      You now pay much less and have made a “match up”.

      2. You can really score if the sale item will give you some type of money back
      (a register cash coupon for a future order, or a mail in rebate….see the
      beginners section at the top right of this page and read everything…every
      store is different). You also use your coupons in this case. Then you get
      items for free or better….they pay you!!!

      This is the best and easiest website to learn from….hang in there, and keep your calculator handy! 🙂

  • susan c

    i’m hoping mascara will work with this deal….goes on your face right? lol

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      lol i think that’s considered “eye”. makeup (i think) is broken down into face, lip, eye categories. HTH 😉

      • Anonymous

        In the ad mascara is shown!!

        • Heather

          I think the coupon is face specific – not the Rite Aid sale.

    • Jenifer

      You can do it on mascara. My friend and I just went and she used it and it worked. Mascara is considered a face product. =D

    • carrie walls

      we went to a ride aid in washington state and i got lip stick and cover up and the lady put in the 8 dollar coupon and it worked.

  • sue

    Can the Cover girl deal be done only once or can u do it multiple times? thank you

    • Laura

      Sorry, I was wrong earlier this morning, only once.

  • Sandi

    Limit one +up reward per household.

  • Alecia

    In the ad
    Mascara is shown!!

  • tinap

    yes but the coupon itself is only for face products…. I wouldn’t use it on mascara

  • Jenifer

    I just got back.. Here is my deal.
    2- Cover Girl Classic Blush – $5.69 each
    2 – Cover Girl Classic Blush @ 50% off – $2.84
    2 – Cover Girl Cheekers Blush – $4.39
    2 – Cover Girl Cheekers Blush @ 50% off – $2.19

    Total: $30.24 before tax
    Used: 4 – $8/2 Cover Girl coupons ($32.00)
    OOP: $0.34
    PLUS I Received $10 UP Reward
    YAY!!!! I love Money Makers

    • paty


    • Jeanne

      I tried to do this deal tonight and because the coupon was for more then the product, the coupon wouldn’t scan. I don’t know what Rite Aids policy is about adjusting down the coupon.

      • Marina

        You can try this:
        3 for $5.69
        3 for $2.84 (50%)
        1 for $4.39
        1 for $2.19 (50%)
        Total $32.17 minus 32=$0.17
        After my PA taxes about $2.64 and get $10Up

    • Colleen

      everyone seems to be getting to over 30 dollars with the sale prices before coupons. What if I dont have four coupons and get 30 of product (non sale price) then get the sale price and use the one 8.00 coupon I have along with some other lesser coupons I would still get the 10 UPR just wouldnt be a money maker for me ???

    • H

      Me too Jen!!! I could not believe it and I still have more coupons left!! Already picked 16 items for my mom and I… I may just hold on to the coupons.. but I don’t think anything can beat this deal!!!! WOOO HOOOOO

  • Jenifer

    In NJ…. About 45 minutes SE of Philly

  • Ting

    I only had 2 coupons so I ended up using them at Walmart for eyeshadows @ $3.14 each and got $1.72 overage for each coupon used.

  • Rebecca

    hey all. Be sure to check your Rite Aid ad if you have a store near you that recently renovated. My Rite Aid (Stratford NJ) had their Cover Girl “Clean” makeup line B1G1Free (that store only in my area). I got 4 of the Cover Girl Clean pressed powders and 4 of the Cover Girl Clean liquid foundations (all items priced at $7.99). Used 4 of the $8/2 coupons.Total was -$.04 plus $2.24 for tax and I got the $10 +up so it turned into an even better money maker!!!

  • Denise

    can we use the $8/2 on eye shadow and still get the $10 UP Rewards? I need eyeshadow more than blush. thanks for your help

    • Laura


  • Alison

    I also have the 10% off Rite Aid shopping pass. It says not good on sale items, but will take %10 off the full price items in the cover girl deal?

    • Nikki

      The 10% off coupon does not apply towards b1g1 50%off because the full pried tems are considered a sale. However if you were to only buy 1, the sale would not kick in & your 10% off would.

  • Meli

    Cant wait to go thanksvfor the ideas!

  • ueen

    check your receipts for the taylor swift concern tickets and or redeem for merchandise codes and enter them via riteaid.com/covergirl. I just redeemed t-shirt for 30 points. 1 code = 10 points.

  • ueen


  • Chonetha

    I did this deal with 4 mascaras and 4 eyeliners….paid $.82 opp and got 10 rr!! I had a guy cashier that did not scrutinize the coupons to see if it was face or eye products and the register did not beep…could be why I had no problems using the coupon of eye products instead of face products.

    • kesha

      where are u located round abouts and how much was the mascara and eyeliner?? I only use eye makeup so will be looking for those and eyeshadow and I am dying to know so I can do some calculations before I go. I’m in NJ.

  • Colleen

    ug no coupons for this in my insert 🙁

    • Colleen

      wait I found it !! Now i need to beg my neighbors for some more///LOL

  • H

    Yeahhh… sooo hapyy

  • khyati

    Hi I am new here.
    I went to use the covergirl coupon yesterday and had some issue there….

    so I got
    4 CG cheekers blush for 4.39
    4 CG cheekers blush for 2.19
    and i could not use 4 coupons as it was less amount.
    anyways i got something else for $10 and it came to $12.95 and then i still didnt get the +up 10.
    after that i hd to buy a blush at regular price for $4.39 to get the $10 up in the next transaction.

    I dont understand what should i have done differently. or i can still do something about it?


    • Mike

      Because your total is only 26.32 with the first 8 items purchased

    • kesha

      Also, if the coupon is valid, they should take it. Sometimes the cashiers will tell you they can’t take it to avoid the hassel or b/c they just dont know how to do it. Ask them to get the manager and ask the manager to adjust the coupon downward so that the total comes up $0 + tax. The only thing the coupon is not allowed to cover is tax, but as long as the coupon is valid and you are purcahsing the required items, you should be able to use it. This will happen to you a lot at many stores.

      • khyati

        Now i already got the 8 blushes.
        she wouldnt use the 4 coupons she used only 3 coupons. and she kept on saying I cant use the 4th one as the amount is less then the coupon. after using 3 coupons i had to pay 2.98 but the coupon was work $8 so she said tht she cant use the coupon. plus i would have to get something more. so tht she can use the 3rd coupon even. my baby was crying so i just finished the transaction.
        at this point my total was $26.32. so to get $10up i had to buy 4.39 blush at regular price.
        i dont know wht i did wrong?

        Thanks again for helping out here!

        • Sarah

          I also bought 8 blush, but I had to buy a candy bar so the last coupon would go through. My oop was .38 but my total towards the UP was $29.57 so I have to go back and get 2 more oh well

    • H

      Hope you got it? the Items have to total $32.00 for you to get the $10.00. If you pick the items that are listed on the sale like the blush, powders, concealer, that are $5.plus you would be ok. Next time good luck

  • Hoping someone can answer this…..I went to rite aid on the way to work this morning so i was a bit rushed and grabbed 3 of the covergirl natureluxe foundations (13.99), the loose powder (6.99) and two contour blush sets (5.69)…all were B1G1 half off…..anyway…..I did get my $10 up reward….my question is…..I want to take back two of the foundations because I am going to buy 2 more at shoprite to qualify for the bakeware set, so how will this work??? will they give me back $13.99 for each foundation, or will they refund $13.99 for one and $6.99 for the second (I did buy 3 and two of them wrang at 13.99) and will they revoke my up reward?? so confusing! AND….i used manufacturer coupons so will they deduct the value of those as well?? I just have no need for 5 tubes of foundation since the shelf life should only be 6 months and 3 will be more than enough to get me through 6 months. thanks for your help!!

    • Laura

      The shelf life on the foundation is 6 months “after you open it”. As it should be for all face make up. Three months for mascara after you start using it.
      Have no idea how they will do the refund, each store is different.

  • Stephanie

    You should not buy things just to get a reward and then return them. I’m sorry, but that is really not appropriate. They will not revoke your reward but that doesn’t make it right.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you, is not right to buy and get UPs and then return the items. I know a manager that will ask to give back the UPs in case you want to return a product, but I think it depends on each store.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t buy them just to get the up reward….i wanted them, but after looking at the shoprite matchups I saw that I needed to purchase two more foundations to qualify for the pink bakeware set. So for your information, I returned the two foundations, got back full price on one (13.99) and half price in the other (6.99) and bought 4 more blushed since I had enough coupons anyway and I wasn’t sure if I would lose my up rewards. (THEREFORE STILL BUYING THE $30 I WOULDVE NEEDED TO QUALIFY) I spoke to the manager who actually rung my purchase up that morning and also rung my return and she was as nice as could be. If I were not happy with the foundation color I wouldve returned it just the same. I asked the manager how the return would be worked out due to the UP rewards and B1G1 sale and that’s what she came up with. Thanks for assuming the worst from my last post, hope you’re never on a jury of mine! Sheesh! I posted my last post because I am an honest person and had never returned anything with an up reward before and didn’t know how it would work out and I hope this post helped anyone else that had to do the same, considering that it IS makeup and you just might not like what it looks like on you!!!!!

      • Don’t know why that says anonymous, that post was from me, marshajean77, who posted the original question

      • Stephanie

        Still just the same, you made $8 out of it did you not? because you got back the full prices instead of what you paid with a coupon. I have no issue with returning items, specially if you don’t like that way it looks on you, but you exchange it for a color or product that you think would look better. You returned them because you wanted another reward of the bake ware. Its not assuming the worst, its what you actually said. So for things that were already a money maker, then free, you made $8 on top of it and its not right.

        • Well I went to the manager and this was the solution that SHE came up with, not me. I voiced my concern about having used an $8 coup0n on the original purchase. i shop at this rite aid weekly and the last thing i want them to think is that i’m dishonest. it was the manager that told me to purchase additional products to reach the necessary $30 for the up rewards (even though technically they can’t revoke up rewards). as for the $8 coupon,the manager informed me that riteaid will still get reimbursed for that and not to worry. Its unrealistic to think that no one will ever return an item that was bought with a coupon. also, i told the manager exactly why i was returning the item and she had no problem. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with what the manager came up with as a solution. You act as if I thought up this long drawn out plan to make 8 bucks and that’s not the case. I wouldve been happy to have her deduct the $8 from my refund but that’s not the way it works. rite aid will still get reimbursed for that.

  • Melissa

    Covergirl corporate deems “face products” as: FOUNDATION, BLUSH, CONCEALER, BRONZER, POWDER, and FACE TOOLS. Other products, such as mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and eye pencils are considered “Eye Products” as well as lip stick/gloss are “Lip Products”, and these coupons are NOT intended for those.
    This can be found on their corporate website!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the update. I was looking at the face tools when I was there and thought if my q’s would be good for them. I only had 3 q’s so I bought the higher value foundation and blush to get the UPR and I did get it.Super great deal! My mom just sent me 6 coupons in the mail so now I can go back and pick up the face tools.Yay!

    • H

      Should I print this?? because at the register the manager said no for eye shadow which I tough was blush. Hopefully it would be OK with the print out!!! love ya ladies

  • Sarah

    I bought 8 blush total oop .38 and my UP total was $29.57 lol oh well I will have to get 2 more later in the week. Make sure you keep an eye out for the codes on the bottom of your receipt. You can redeem them online for Taylor Swift merch. My niece was so excited!

  • Personally I REJECT the companies reality. & INSERT my own. I think this is rediculous! :). >>>>>>>>Covergirl corporate deems “face products” as: FOUNDATION, BLUSH, CONCEALER, BRONZER, POWDER, and FACE TOOLS. Other products, such as mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and eye pencils are considered “Eye Products” as well as lip stick/gloss are “Lip Products”, and these coupons are NOT intended for those.
    This can be found on their corporate website!
    IMAO I would consider my eyelashes, eyes & lips as part of my face. lol

    • As I am not a big make up user I had not even considered they had this “reality” & ignoratly used my coupons at Rite Aid & Dollar General a couple days ago on tons of eye & lip products. The coupons “bleeped” right thru. My bad Iguess… I was honestly clueless since I have 6 kids & have had no time for make up or myself. Figures I FINALLY take a few bucks out for myself & now I got to feel bad about it. lol
      I always try to ethicly coupon. 🙂

      • Kris

        Totally right there with you on that one, I sometimes use a coupon, it goes right through and later I find out it wasn’t supposed to be used for that item and then I feel guilty even though I didn’t do it intentionally! That old Catholic school guilty never goes away I guess… 🙂

        • I also had already sent in my rebate form. Now they will clearly see I used the coupon on the eye & lip products. Oh well I don’t care. Honestly who would think your eye’s & lips were not included in “face products”????? lol. I have also received 7 more coupons. What on earth would I do with 14 more blush & cover up????? If only I could put the Catholic guilt aside & forget I read this blog….. I’m sure thousands will make the same mistake I did. 🙂 (off to find people who are in need of blush & cover up) 🙂

  • Janie

    I called the # on the form, and they said $50 AFTER coupons. Should I call again? I read on another blog that it is before coupons.

    • I submitted mine for the rebate, it says the amount and item should be circled on the receipt and the price on the receipt is BEFORE coupons, also, the coupons show up on the receipt as “mfr coupon” not a specific coupon so there is no way to tell that the coupons were used on the covergirl items. i’m crossing my fingers and hoping to get the rebate, though i can’t see how they wouldn’t honor it. hope that helped!

  • Also, you need to list the UPC codes of all items purchased for the rebate and if you’re like me you threw the packaging away immediately (at least for the blush i did) you can find the UPC codes online in case you no longer have the package with the UPC code on it. just google the product (ex: covergirl instant cheekbones sable UPC)

    • Shamara

      Thank God, bc i did the same thing..

  • ashley

    How long is the $10 UP Reward for, is it only this week or for a month.

  • Kabby

    I just did this deal this evening…bought four blushes and four undereye concealer sticks…used four $8/2 face makeup…paid $3.23….received $10.00 coupon for future rite aid purchases….received multiple codes for Taylor Swift concert promos…..My mother, sister, daughter and myself….all have no dark circles and rosy cheeks….and $$$for future purchase.
    Thank you for the great tip….this was my first rite aid experience….cashier could not have been friendlier.
    Promotion ends Saturday 10/8.
    Good luck!
    Good luck