Rite Aid Preview Ad Week of 10/16/11

Rite Aid Preview Ad for the Week of 10/16/11

Here is the Rite Aid Preview Ad for the week of 10/16/11.  These are just some of the highlights for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.


Be sure to check out the Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups for this week.

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  • heather

    I love Rite Aid!

    • aimee

      Me too. I only started shopping at CVS when I started couponing few months ago but I’ve always shopped at Rite Aid.

  • maura

    If we already got the Blistex deal this week, can we get it next week? Is the limit one per household on an identical Up Reward per year or can you get it the next week if they are running the same deal?

    • 0246

      should be able to get it next week too.

    • Julianna

      I wrote to Blistex a few weeks back and requested coupons. They sent a few $0.25/1 any Blistex product coupons. I didn’t think that they were all that great, but with the full price +UPR this week and next week, they’re actually mini money makers.

  • Mary

    I don’t understand how the Theraflu is free after coupons? If it’s $10 for two, minus $4 for the two $2/1 coupons, minus the $2 UP rewards, isn’t that still $4 for two? I’m confused. 🙂

    • Dawna

      I assume that they expect that you can stack 2 of the $2 manufacturer’s coupons with two of the $2 coupons from the Rite-Aid book, which would make it free, after UP reward. However, I have not personally seen the coupons in the Rite-Aid book to ascertain if they are stackable. If they are store coupons, they should be stackable, but if manufacturer coupons, then probably not.

      • Mary

        Oooh, ok. My fault – I missed the part about stacking. Thanks!

      • H

        Where can I get the book?

    • Vanessa

      Maybe you can stack it with the $2/1 coupon fron the flu book??

  • Anonymous

    using 2 coupons out of the rite aid book also

  • Dawna

    Unless I’m missing something, the math is wrong on the Carefree Deal. It should go as follows:
    Buy 2 @ $3 = $6
    MQs save $1 = $5
    UP Reward returns $3 = $2
    $2 for 2 = $1 each, not 75 cents

    • Dawna

      Actually, I was missing something – one of the coupons listed is a VV Coupon, which can be stacked with Manufacturer’s Coupons, but the math is still wrong:
      Carefree Product – $3.00

      Buy 2 @ $3 = $6
      Rite Aid Video Values Coupon saves $1 = $5
      2 MQs saves $1 = $4
      UP Reward returns $3 = $1
      $1 for 2 = 50 cents each, not 75 cents

  • Heather

    where do u get the rite aid flu book?

    • valerie

      I was thinking the same thing…I haven’t seen them

      • Angiey

        I asked at the store and they said that they only give you the book if you get the flu shot there….

  • Anonymous

    I was a BIG cvs shopper but the last year or so i stopped – as the deals dryed out!

    I am going to start with Riteaid and see how that works out!

    Any tips on how to start with this store……seems alot of things are free but not moneymakers!

    thanks for any tips, lisa

    • valerie

      what I love about rite aid is if you use multi reward card (ie husband,mom,yours) the up reward can be rolled to the next transaction on a different card. The rewards are not card specific.

      • Vanessa

        Really? So it’s not like CVS where the ECB has the card number on it? That’s great!

  • Nadyme

    Found a great deal on kids bodywash last week at rite aid. is not on sale but if you have any of the suave kids BOGO coupon that will expire 10/22 you can do this deal.
    Buy (2) Suave Kids body wash $4.78
    use (1) $BOGO coupon
    use (1) $2/2 Video Value rewards
    Pay $0.39 for both.

  • Martha

    Moneymaker….I found a $2 peelie on the sinus buster box 🙂 better than free.