Rite Aid Preview Ad Week of 10/9/11

Rite Aid Preview Ad for the Week of 10/9/11

Here is the Rite Aid Preview Ad for the week of 10/9/11.  These are just some of the highlights for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.


Be sure to check out the Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups for this week.

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  • Aileen C


  • Julianna

    All of these “Free after UPR”s are going to be a great way to break up the $40 UPR I got from the Nivea deal!

  • Colleen

    Ooh looks like I will have something to spend this weeks uors on next week ! I could us e the burts bees drops now !

    • Colleen

      ps one of each i am assuming ?

      • Julianna

        Last time the Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer was “free” there was a limit of 3 on it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what pops up as the limit for each of them.

  • heather


  • Anonymous

    Will be a great week

  • Love free stuff – and I have $14 in UPS to roll.

  • Beth

    I am new to this and wanted to try couponing at RiteAid first. I have one question….what is UPR and how does it work?

    • Laura

      A UPR is called an +Ups Rewards. You must have membership in the Rite Aid rewards program (you can do it right at the register). You must use your rewards card each time to qualify for rewards.
      When you go to make your purchase you will pay the cashier cash. You will receive your UPR’s attached to your receipt.
      Example: RA Hand Sanitizer is on sale for $1.00
      you pay $1.00 + tax if applicable
      then on the bottom of the receipt you get a +UPR Reward of $1.00 (which has an expiration date) You can use this like cash on your next purchase. So that makes the hand sanitizer free.
      You will get a pamphlet with the rewards program sign up, it will explain it more.

  • Selena

    so I am a TOTAL newbie to couponing, and last night was my 1st trip to RiteAid for the CoverGirl deal.. it went off without a hitch, and I am loving it… Thanks for all these HEADS UP… you make it sooo EASY to follow.. 🙂

  • Jennifer K.

    Looks like there are six “free after up reward” deals next week.
    Preparation H Totables
    Hand Sanitizer
    Blistex lip balm
    Burt’s Bees cough drops
    Cepacol sore throat drops
    Nasa Mist

    They all have a limit of one per household, with the exception of the hand sanitizer, which is a limit of 4.

  • kristie

    Hey couponers!!
    So yesterday i went to rite aid and scored soo much free covergirl products and .25 paper towels…however i tried using the john freida $5ups on the trial sizes (they were even marked i’d receive $5ups) and i didn’t get any on my receipt?? is anyone else having this issue?

  • K

    I have a silly question. I’m at 350+ points. so I think I’ll be silver by the end of the year. I had read previously that if you get gold, you get it for the rest of the current year, plus the whole entire year after that (in this case, 2012). Is that true? Does that apply to silver as well? I’m just thinking I’ll hit silver around mid-December, and only have it for a week or two, lol! Oh well.

    • Julie

      I hit silver last year and they extended it to this year as well!

  • Arizia