ShopRite: Additional Deals

ShopRite: Additional Deals

Here are some additional deals available at ShopRite.  These will be added  to the main ShopRite Coupon Deals for this week.

Note that some of these prices are not advertised sale prices and may vary from store to store.  Please check the shelf price at your store.

Staybrite Baking cups $1.99
$0.50/1 Reynolds Baked For You Staybrite Baking Cups, exp. 1/31/12 (SS 10/02/11)
$0.99 each after coupon

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Cloths $1.99
use $0.75/1 Summer’s Eve Coupon
$0.49 each after coupon

Ricola Drops $1.89
$0.60/1 Ricola Coupon
$0.69 each after coupon

Raisinets 11 oz $1.87
$1/2 Raisinets Coupon
$1.37 each after coupon

Let us know if you have found any other great deals.

(Thanks Marsha, Ruby!)


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  • deniel

    Celestial seasonings tea, sale $1.99, with $1 off coupon only $0.99

    • Ruby

      Deniel you can also print a .75 off one that if your shoprite fully doubles will be only .49. I got 6 boxes of them! Cindy has the link up on the 10/2 matchups!

      • Kristine

        I got a few boxes myself for .49 cents each!

  • deniel

    Also, dole crisp mango & peach clearance for $0.75 i believe this can be included with cat for dole!

    • Melissa

      Was this in the normal canned fruit aisle or a different area of the store?

      • Kristine

        My store has it with the canned fruit

  • melissa

    20 pack of pepsi is on sale 2/10.00. In pepsico there is 2.00/2.

    • Jennifer Roberto

      Unless I was looking at the wrong coupon, I think the $2.00 off 2 is on teh 24 packs 🙁

      • Jess

        I believe the coupon says 20, 24, or 30 pack.

        • Kristine

          20 pks are included. I bought these today

  • david kaye

    Free Wacky Mac, $3/2 fixed price at my Plainview, NY Shoprite with .40 off every week it is free. Even Emmi Swiss yogurt fixed price of $1.33 & with $1 off=.33. You do an incredible job.

    • Ruth

      What is the wacky mac deal?

  • Asra

    Which week is this for?

  • David, just got back from plainview shoprite….emmi swiss on sale for 1.00 FREE…..I scored 8! I also scored 7 free bird eye chef specials YEAH!!!!!

  • lisa b.

    i just noticed new TOTAL cereal coupons for 75 cents off any TOTAL cereal on now you don’t just get the raisin bran for 49 cents- it’s any of them! 😉

    • cassie

      HI when i shopped at my local shoprite ( SE CT), it was only the total raisin bran that was onsale, you can also make an account with and get 2 more coupons for .85 each. this makes them makes them .29 each 🙂

      • C

        watch this Q, it rings up at only 50cents!!! not 85c!!!!!!!!!!!

      • N MArc

        I dont know if anyone got suckered into paying for the exclusive coupons on But if you did there is a 1.25 coupon off of flipz which is on sale at shoprite this week for 1.62. SO .37 cents.

  • N MArc

    Sorry thats 1.00 off one Flipz.

  • Julie

    Check out the balance protein bars. There was a .55/1 Q in the 9/11 SS, so if they are $1.10 or lower, free!

    • Mommy Tool Belt

      tried it, they are DND.

      • Lori

        My Balance Bar coupon doubled at Shoprite last night & I was NOT at a self checkout, so the cashier must have put it through or it was a bar code that just scanned and then auto doubled.

  • Jen

    FYI for anyone with little ones (or anyone who bought the Lion King Movie). From what I remember the baking cups qualify for the Reynolds $4 mir. I already did it with the Parchment paper on sale this week for 2.69 and had a $1 off. So 1.69 and submit for $4 rebate. This deal is slightly better. I already mailed out the form so I do not have it in front of me.
    Also since the movie has 2 upc symbols on the movie you can also send out for the wholly guacamole rebate. $9 back in rebates, not bad for a movie I was already buying for my little one!

    • Alicia

      i was thinking of getting lion king for xmas…can you point me to the rebates you’re talking about???

  • Lianne

    My cupon for the Reynolds Stay Brite cups was for $1 off 2, man I am in the WRONG region! lol (I’m in Central CT)

    • Alicia

      most of my coups are $1 off 2…it is ANNOYING!!!! i wind up printing a ton because you can usually print a better deal

      • Lori

        Lianne & Alicia~ I feel the same way! I definitely think are coupons here in Hartford County are not as good as others in other areas! However, I do really well with printables-it’s just hard to know which ones to print to get the best deals that might come down the pike without wasting ink & paper on every last coupon whether you’ll use it or not! (Not to mention the organizational nightmare it becomes!;))

        • Jake

          It gets me mad too! I hate it that The Hartford Courant coupons are always worse! I hardly ever use any coupons from the paper, only the printed ones!

        • Susie

          It really does stink! I’m from the same area and I’m like it’s really expensive in CT throw us a bone!

  • Kimberly

    I was just at my local shoprite and they had men’s Schick Quattro Titanium razor with 4 bonus refill blades on sale for $4.49….I used the high value $5.00 off 1 Quattro razor printables Cindy posted last week making them free plus I got the overage!

    • Alicia

      I got that last week but they are still on sale this week????? hmmm

  • Christie

    My shoprite doubled the balance bar coupons .55/1 too!! Free! Also on mambo sprouts they have $1/1 Clif bar Kids Zbar and they have been 3 for $2 so I got 3 for free last week :o)

    • Samantha

      But $1/1 coupon is for 6-pk boxes and what’s on sale are single bars !!!

  • david kaye

    Update on Wacky Mac: They are a fixed price .66 each, I meant to write 3 boxes for $2. So .40 doubles to free and this is coupon from 5/8 SS. Finding Kosher mac & cheese can be pricey, so this is a steal, plus it really tastes great. I ordered 15 on ebay for $2.

    At my shoprite, Terri the s.oyster bay shoprite I have gained positive and nice reputation as the ”Coupon Man” and as I am in school in DC I do not come home often so when I do I go full out equipped with my list from the incredible work Cindy does. I have been stopped especially since show asking me how to do things, where I find deals & I give the source. Makes me very happy especially as a college student helping others save a substantial amount. On a part time, usually once every 6 wks for the entire year on my main card(come easter/passover time we as a family use more cards to get free Turkey & of course use coupons) I have saved $3200. This is just for a family of 4 or maybe 3.25 since I’m rarely home.

  • Anna

    Question about Kraft/Nabisco catalinas. My store in Monroe, NY usually let’s me use them even when I don’t buy products of these brands. Yesterday I went to SR in Bayonne, NJ and they didn’t accept them since I wasn’t buying anything from these brands. How is it at your stores?.