ShopRite: Additional Deals

ShopRite: Additional Deals

Could there be any more great deals this week at ShopRite?  Well, yes there can be and here are just a few more deals I was able to find.  These will be added  to the main ShopRite Coupon Deals for this week.

Note that some of these prices are not advertised sale prices and may vary from store to store.  Please check the shelf price at your store.

Gold Peak Tea 18.5 oz $1.25
use $1/1 Gold Peak Tea Coupon
$0.25 each after coupon

Ro-Tel Zesty Tomato & Green Chili Sauce $1.19
use $0.20/1 Ro-Tel coupon
$0.79 each after coupon

Bridgford Monkey Bread $3.99
use $0.55/1 Bridgford Coupon
$2.89 each after coupon

Bridgford Easy to Bake Dough $3.29
use $0.55/1 Bridgford Coupon
$2.19 each after coupon

Progresso Broth $2.00
use $0.40/1 Progresso Coupon
$1.20 each after coupon

Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust 3 strip $1.50
use $0.40/1 Fleischmanns Coupon
$0.70 each after coupon

Refresh Contact Lens Drops .40 oz $5.49
use $3/1 Refresh Coupon
$2.49 each after coupon

Wholesome Sweeteners Sucanat Cane Juice $3.99
use $2/1 Wholesome Sweeteners Coupon
$1.99 each after coupon

Sunsweet Prune Juice 48 oz $2.89
use $0.75/1 Sunsweet Coupon
$1.39 each after coupon

Rice Dream Beverage 32 oz $2.49
use $1/2 from the Shoprite LiveRight Book
and use $1/2 Dream Non-Dairy Beverage or Frozen Dessert printable
$1.49 each after stacked coupons

Imagine Soups 32 oz $2.99
use $1/2 from the ShopRite LiveRight Book
and use (2) $1/1 Arrowhead, DeBoles Pasta, Tropical Source, Cafe, Imagine Soup printable
$1.49 each after stacked coupons

Staybrite Baking cups $1.29
$0.50/1 Reynolds Baked For You Staybrite Baking Cups, exp. 1/31/12 (SS 10/02/11)
$0.29 each after coupon

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Cloths $1.99
use $0.75/1 Summer’s Eve Coupon
$0.49 each after coupon

Ricola Drops $1.69
$0.60/1 Ricola Coupon
$0.49 each after coupon

Carolina Brown Rice 1 lb $0.99
use $0.50/1 Carolina White or Brown Rice, exp. 12/31/11 (RP 09/11/11)
free after coupon

Let us know if you have found any other great deals.


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  • chris

    staybrite cups were 1.99 at my store(which triples up to .50)
    still super cute for .49

  • Lyn

    What zip is the Ricola under?

  • Anonymous

    Crest was on sale for .88 used .35 coupon which doubled and got $3.00 catalina when you buy three so it was a money maker :).

    • Cindy

      Which Crest are you referring to. The one in the circular is $1.99 which is the one that is for the catalina.

  • chris m

    chris…which shop rite do you go to that triples? Please let me know.

    • chris

      James beat me to it. It’s Lincoln Park NJ.
      I love you can order cold cuts at the beginning of the store & just pick up your order at the end of the store. Saves tons of time when you’re just looking for a few deli items.
      They will not double DND coupons and they check every one.
      I have found that they double internet and triple internet that are .50 or under
      Love that store!!

  • James

    Lincoln Park, NJ triples up to $.50. My parents live near that one so we always plan a triple-coupon trip when heading up there. They do limit you to 20 coupons per transaction (usually, as some casheirs stand by it and others do not)

    • chris

      that’s my favorite store. I do find most of the time it’s 20 coupons no exceptions. Even if you break up your order, they usually wont let you go over 20 or use more than 4 same per time in line. You could get out and go back in line again, but usually I dont’ have the time.

  • Anonymous

    D-Con mouse Prudes 99cent.

    There is a coupon on there site for 75 off any D-Con product.

  • Mary

    Wow, SR is totally killing it this week with all these deals! Thanks!

  • Lesley

    I cannot find those small bottles of Gold Peak ice tea! Any idea where they are? I am in Bergen County.

    • Anonymous

      I got my Gold Peak teas at Target, they were a 1.02, with my 1.00 coupon, only .02!!!

    • Kabby

      My shoprite has them at an end of an aisle…leading to the fruit department…it is one of those aisles that does not change because it has variety of bottled drinks. Also check with customer service they can tell you which aisle on which side….Good luck.

      • Lesley

        I finally found them at Stop and Shop in Paramus in the cereal aisle! They were $1 and they had diet ice tea ones, too! So I got 7 bottles for 49cents(tax).

  • Anonymous

    Haribo gummie bears were .88!! if you still have your .30 coupons, only .28!!!

    • 0246

      and gummy bears are delicious when soaked in vodka! 🙂

      • Lesley

        I think there is a cellfire coupon for Haribo gummie bears, too.

      • Susan

        I like how you think 0246

  • Janis

    Gold peak Tea is 10 for $10 at Foodtown. So if you have one by you it will work out better to head over and pick some up free.

  • anonymous

    entenmanns mini cakes are 1.99
    50 cent coupon here

    2 printed for me

    • Lori

      Which store do you go to that carries the mini cakes….each week I have searched to use my coupons on these, but my store doesn’t seem to carry that variety.:(

      • Mary

        Has anyone used this Q at Shoprite? Mine sometimes won’t take the SS online coupons.

      • anonymous

        the cinniminson store i go to had them sunday
        try the shop rite at home website to find a store near you that has it

    • Jenn

      Thanks! I was looking for that one.

  • Lisa

    where is everyone finding the pizza yeast? They didnt have it in the refrigerator section with the others

  • Mary

    The pizza yeast was in one of the refridgerated sections at my store, by the milk. I really didn’t like it, the consistency of the pizza dough was … weird. I much prefer the active dry or quick rise yeast.

  • Jeremy

    I did do this for a deal. Maybe this will help someone with a few things.

    I need air fresher this week and glade happens to be on sale for 2.49 and if you get 4 you get 3 dollars back. What i did is got four of their .55 off of each glade air fresher. so the price of everything would be 9.96 and all the coupons will double making the discount with coupons 4.40 so the total then is 5.56. Now if you took advantage of the kraft/nabisco deal last week, you should have a 5 dollar off kraft products. I bought a bottle of bbq sauce that was 1.69 at my store. So i added that and the total came out to 7.25. Used the kraft coupon for 5 dollars off and that knocked the price down to 2.25. Once that is purchased i get a voucher for 3.00 off my next purchase. So i could actually add something worth .75 and still just break even.

    • Jeremy

      sorry not last week a few weeks ago.

  • Misty

    I also found Mission tortillas 10 ct on sale for 1.99 and it had a coupon on it for 1.00 off that package…good price for tortillas .99!

  • At my Southbury, CT store they had the Grande Tortilla chips for $1.49-as advertised-but there were $1 off peelies on them. 🙂

  • April S

    Dominoes sugar was on sale for $3.39 and there us a $.50/1 that doubles In the 8/28 SS. $2.39 isn’t a stock-up price but it was cheaper than a bag of ShopRite sugar.

  • Cortney

    Kandoo 42 count wipes are .99, there are 50 cent coupons that doubled make for free kid wipes. Sorry I can’t remember where the coupons came from…

  • Jennifer

    I am doing a little different deal on the Rice Dream Drinks:

    Rice Dream Beverage 32 oz $2.49
    use $1/2 from the Shoprite LiveRight Book
    and use (2) $1/1 Dream Non-Dairy Beverage or Frozen Dessert printable
    $.99 each after stacked coupons

  • Cathy K.

    Keep your eyes wide open when shopping for the Heinz gravy! I was able to pick up the turkey gravy which contained a coupon (on each can) good for $1.00 off two Heinz chicken or beef gravies.

    • Lori

      Did it say on the outside that there was a coupon inside the label or did you have to peel them down to check? My store (Canton, CT) had to restock while I was there with another LRWC reader & I didn’t see any jars with coupons. BTW-I asked a manager if they had any more gravy (shelves were wiped clean of all varieties. It took a while, but they found some on the truck & brought out everything they had! (It will be gone again by tomorrow, I’m sure, but they were sure nice to go find it!)

      Ore Ida fries are all gone until at least tomorrow in Canton and the Grande Tortilla Chips were just about out, but they still had good stock on other items.

  • Shawn

    My Shoprite doesn’t have the ‘Sunsweet Prune Juice’ on sale. It is regular price for $3.89. Do all the Shoprite run different sales?

    • Kabby

      checked mine…no discount.

    • Cindy

      Some of the prices I list in the additional deals are not necessarily sale prices and regular price may vary from store to store

  • Kathy

    My Carolina rice coupons say do not double. Does Shop Rite double them anyway?

    • Sakin Amber

      Yes they do. I used 8 of them and all doubled.

  • Mary

    My rice coupons did double, but I think if the cashier sees that they sometimes disable it. Depends on the cashier you get 🙂

  • April S

    I was just in SR and picked up 4 Seneca Oatmeal & Fruit 2pks. They were on sale for $2.99 and there was a $.55/1 in the 9/18 SS. I got them for $1.89 each.

  • No mini cakes at my S/R either, just went today.