ShopRite: Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk Money Maker

ShopRite: Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk Money Maker

Seriously, I think I might just camp out in front of ShopRite this week.  The deal are just awesome!  And, here is yet another deal you’ll want to drop what you’re doing and take advantage of.

There is a new Catalina deal for Blue Diamond Products.  Plus the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is actually cheaper then what I had originally posted (at least it was in my store).  It was listed at $1.99, however it took off $0.30 each when you buy 2.

Here are the details on the Catalina:

Blue Diamond Almonds 6 oz or larger, Nut Thins or Almond Breeze
10/10 – 11/6 (however the milk is working as of today)
Buy 2 Get a $0.75 catalina
Buy 3 Get a $1.50 Catalina
Buy 4 or more Get a $4 Catalina

Here is a deal you can take advantage of to score free Blue Diamond Almond Milk

Buy 4 Blue Diamond Almond Milk 32 oz cartons $1.69 each
-(4)$0.55/1 Blue Diamond Carton of Almondmilk, exp. 11/30/11 (SS 08/07/11)
Pay: $2.36
Get a $4 Catalina
free + $1.36 Money Maker after coupons & catalina

If your store doesn’t have the additional Price Plus discount, you can still score a money maker:

Buy 4 Blue Diamond Almond Milk 32 oz cartons $1.99 each
-(4)$0.55/1 Blue Diamond Carton of Almondmilk, exp. 11/30/11 (SS 08/07/11)
Pay: $3.56
Get a $4 Catalina
Free + small money maker after coupons & catalina

You can also get additional coupons:

Also, if you received the $0.75/1 Blue Diamond Nut Thins Coupon in your 8/28 SS insert, you can do this deal:

Buy 4 Blue Diamond Nut Thins $2.49 each
-(4)$0.75/1 Blue Diamond Coupon from the 8/28 SS
Pay: $3.96
Get a $4 Catalina
Free after coupons & catalina

Thanks Michelle!

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  • Ueen

    Seriously!!!!!!… .I just said that I will ask Shoprite to put an LRWC kiosk (computer and printer) so we can stay there and wait for these crazy deals popping up. 🙂

    • Vanessa

      OMG!! Too funny!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Ueen


  • Kaitlyn

    MY god!!! I cant keep up today ! I bought these at 0.89 cents thinking that was a score last week guess not now!!

  • Nic

    I am new at this, how many Catalina deals can you do in one transaction for example can I do the smart ones and Heinz in the same order? Thanks for any help v

  • Rachel

    Everytime I think my list is done….another great deal pops up!

  • felicia

    WOW! This week has me wishing I would have stooped procrastinating and organized all my coupons over the last 2-3 months. Looks like I’m going to be busy tonight!!

    • sarah

      lol…….I have a box of coupons that i have to clip and organized….you have company.:-)

    • Lady J

      Wow! It is physically not possible for me to not do this every week. I scan my binder for soon-to-expire q’s and remove them. Clip and add new inserts (minus any soon to expire q’s or q’s I just know I’ll use). I empty my expanding pocketbook portfolio of any expired q’s and add the new ones. It takes – maybe a 1/2 hr including clipping. It’s a compulssion. Skipping this process would drive me insane until I did it.

  • Vanessa

    AMAZING day for Shoprite! Thank God my husband likes to go couponing… I organize everything, he does about half of the shopping. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      i’m so jealous – i soooo wish my husband would coupon with me!!!

    • Lady J

      I actually hate grocery shopping, well, I did before I started serious couponing. But with little ones, it’s hard. I would love to come up with lists and coupon packs and send someone else. That would be the best. Just after I had my baby, my husband did that for me for a little while. But not so much now. Plus, because my time in the store is so limited, I’ve become super-efficient at the grocery store. I can go to 2 grocery stores and 2 drug stores in a 1 and 1/2 to 2 hour frame. (Could easily spend the whole 1 and 1/2 in Walmart)

  • Lisa

    Can someone please tell me how these catalinas work… Is the catalina good only for the next time I buy the same product, or can I use it for $4 off my next purchase of anything?

    • jmontalvo213

      It depends on the catalina, some will say on your next purchase, which means you can use it on your next transaction or shopping trip of others product or same product if you like. Other catalina will say on your next purchase of
      ” x “product only.

      hope this helps

    • Michelle

      They are to use “on your next order” of anything!!!! Unless the deal specifically states it will be for a certain product, like the Kraft/Nabisco deal from 2 weeks ago. This is why we get so excited about earning Catalinas! They are like cash 🙂

  • my shoprite from home site is showing the milk priced at 2.29 🙁

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Where can I find the cartons?

    • tara

      where they have the soy and rice milk (non refrigerator). my store has it in the same aisle as the powerade.

    • palak

      at my SR, they were in the cereal aisle.

      • Katie Coupon

        It’s next to the coffee in my Shop Rite.

        • anon

          apparently it’s where ever the stock person decides to put it! lol!

    • Jessica

      at my store they’re in the natural foods aisle

    • Tina

      coffee/tea aisle in my store

      • Lady J

        I am not familiar with this sort of milk. Since some stores, apparently, don’t even refrigerate it – does that mean it has a long shelf life? Definitely no one in my house will use this. But I have no problem being paid to take some items to donate out of Shop Rite. If it is a refrigerated item – I don’t think any donation places will take it.

        • Michelle

          It’s on the shelf and once you open it then it needs to be in the fridge. So, this is a great donation food.

          • Kristine Twardy-Todd

            I found them with the Organic food products at my store…thanks guys 🙂

  • tara

    Unfortunately, I had no coupons for this product. However, for 1.99 each, I bought 4 and got the $4 catalina. Although we usually use soy milk, for .99 each they’re worth a shot!

    • Michelle

      I actually like this milk better than soy milk, and very low in calories!

    • Lori

      Did you see Cindy’s links to some printable .50/2? They will double to $1/2, which is better than none!:)

      • tara

        the link had none available – at least none showed up for me 🙁
        Also, my shoprite doesn’t double (NYC)

  • Sarah

    Awesome deal!! Thank you!!

  • Donna

    Come on ShopRite, come to Western New York. You’re killing me.

    • Michelle

      I so understand…we live in NEPA and are close to a NJ ShopRite, but my husband got a promotion which will move us to Central NY where there is not one ShopRite anywhere. My first thought after he told me was “What grocery store is up there?”…I am very sad!

      • Deena

        WEGMANS!!!!!!!! And you will LOVE it!!

  • Samantha Miles

    I just did this deal about 1 hour ago.. 1st transaction 4 almond breeze
    oop 3.56 got 4.00 cat. 2nd transaction got Shadybrook Farms (24) turkey meat balls retail 5.99 – 4.00 cat oop 1.99 total OOP for 4 milks and 1 package of meatballs $5.55 🙂 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Did you have the coupons? I’m confused … if they are $1.99 each, that would be $7.96. Without coupons you would have to pay that oop right? Cindy’s post says:
      Buy 4 Blue Diamond Almond Milk 32 oz cartons $1.99 each
      Pay: $3.56
      Get a $4 Catalina
      Free + small money maker after coupons & catalina

      I feel like I am missing something (probably didn’t read something somewhere 🙂

      • heather

        There is a $0.55/1 (SS 8/07) coupon that doubles

      • Michelle

        The coupons is where Cindy posts the weekly match ups for Shop Rite scroll down and you will find it.

  • Lara

    I’m not seeing the Blue Diamond coupon at the link above. I’m hoping I can find a Mambo Sprouts booklet at my store!

  • K

    Does anyone know if this needs to be in the refrigerator or not? If not might be a good donation item? What is the usual expiration date if purchase now? Any info would be great, this is not a product that I am familiar with.

    • anon

      It’s like soy milk, so it doesn’t need to be in the fridge when unopened. I would imagine you could donate it to any charity seeking non perishable food items. Not sure on ex date, would have to check in stores.

    • Lynda

      They are shelf stable and usually last for 6 months or more. I like it when it’s cold. Once open needs to be in the frig.

  • Evonne

    Can u cook with this? Like Mac and cheese, mash potatoes, cakes?

    • heather

      Yes! There is also a vanilla flavor that is wonderful on cereal & in smoothies. I prefer almond milk to dairy milk for everything except in coffee.

    • look for the unsweetened original for your mac & cheese and potatoes.

      (i use unsweetened original for everything! it’s great!)

  • Katherine

    Cindy, Do you know if this deal is working at Acme?

  • john

    If I have a $2.50 catilina from mccormick spices that I received from ACME could I use it at another store? It states manufactor coupon on the top and I know catilinas are from a third party company. I was told no at my SR but they don’t even know their own policy half the time.

    • Jasper

      Nah, all Catalina coupons are only good at the store from which you got them.

  • Alicia

    I’m not seeing the coupon from the links above…are they gone?? Help! I love this stuff!! 🙂

    • 0246

      i didn’t find it either. i think i have some mambo sprouts books somewhere, must locate!

  • Lisa

    I love almond milk in my breakfast cereal (dairy gives me joint pain), and it makes me a little sad that the shelves in the store will most likely be empty because people who don’t even drink it just want to score a great deal… I guess I’m being selfish… : (

  • jms

    my shoprite had these “on sale” for $3.69. anyone else have this issue? are they supposed to be on sale at all shoprites? (couldn’t find it in my circular!) thanks!

    • Cindy

      I think you may be looking at the ones in the refrigerated section because they are never priced that high. These are the 32 oz cartons usually found in the health food section.

  • Lianne

    Since you don’t need to refridgerate it (until its open anyway) I’m going to stock up on this item.
    I’m going to get some coupons from a clipping company for it–I just confirmed on the website that it is on sale for 1.69 at the manchester, ct shop rite–but if I don’t get the coupons in time, thanks to the catalina it will still be worth while at the regular 1.99 price next week. So thats cool.

    • Lori

      Lianne, What do you pay when you use a coupon clipping service? I’ve never done that & in concept, wonder if it is couterproductive to pay for coupons to then get a discount? Doesn’t that take away the savings? I’m not asking for this deal specifically because I don’t need a ton of this particular product, but more just wondering because I keep hearing people talk about it.

      Also, I checked the Mambo Sprouts website yesterday….found a search box to see what stores in my area carry the booklets & Manchester ShopRite was one of them! (My Canton store, naturally, does not!)LOL Anyway, you might want to search through the store to see if you can find them (or ask CS). If you do find them over there, please let me know….I may be making a trip over there later in the week. Good luck!:)

      • Lianne

        Lori–you’re right–it would definitley be counter-productive to do this for several sets of coupons every week–but I only buy coupons for big deals like this where its very very low or free. I get my coupons on ebay, its usually around $1 to $2 for 20 coupons (which is the most they’re allowed to sell in one transaction). So usually I do it for 1 or 2 items a week–so at most–$4, which then allows me to get 20-40 items for free or almost free.

        For this example, I bought 20 of the .55 off coupons. I paid $1.70 which will get me 20 cartons of almond milk for my stockpile for free/moneymaker–and the moneymaker is 1.36 on one transaction…almost what I paid for the coupons! So even after buying those coupons on ebay, they’re paying me a couple bucks to put this product in my stockpile. Most of my husband’s family is lactose intolerant so I’m fairly certain it won’t last long!

        The only other product I bought coupons for this week was the Fantastik–since it has a catalina. Two good friends are moving into new homes in the next few weeks so I thought it would be nice to give them some as a House-warming present.
        Other than that I get my coupons out of the circulars I have at home. I buy two Sunday papers and get some other ones from family and neighbors.

        I’d also just like to say, I usually spread out my transactions over the course of the week so I don’t clear any shelves.

        I’ll keep an eye out for those booklets at my store and let you know 😉

        • Anonymous

          I’m with you Lianne. I buy coupons on ebay when I want to stock up on something that I can get for so little or free. It saves me a ton of money. Hubby and I love brown rice and bird’s eyes steamfresh so I was so happy to get both products for free last week. I only paid $4 for 40 coupons so it’s like getting 20 lbs of rice and 20 bags of veggies for $4 . This week I ordered q’s for Prego and Almond breeze for only $3.

          • Diana

            Can you please tell me where do you order coupons from? After reading what you wrote, it does sound worth it to pay for the coupons if the cost of the actual product turns out to be really, really low or free like you said!

            • Diana

              Also, if you order coupons (let’s say for this week, the Almond Breeze)…. how quickly do you get them? Do you get them in time by when the sale is over? I think the Almond Breeze is a special case since this sale goes to the end of the month…….

              • Lianne

                I order mine off Ebay…I just type in the name of the coupon in the search (in this case I did “almond breeze .55 coupon) and pick the cheapest one. They usually arrive in 3-4 days. Usually I order the coupons the week before since Cindy so wonderfully provides us with the circular a few days early. In this case I didn’t know until the same week-but I’ll get them in time to still grab a few on Friday and Saturday. And since its a money maker deal (the catalina runs until 11/6) it’ll still be worth it when it goes from 1.69 to 1.99 next week.

  • Question

    If i buy these and get the 4.00 catalina can i then go back and buy another 4 and use the 4.00 catalina. or will it not print another catalina if i use the same 4.00 catlina

    • Diana F

      Yes you can, I have done it multiple time already.

  • sid

    please tell me where is this located? i can’t find it.

    • Diana F

      It’s the 32 oz. in the tea/coffee aisle for me. NOT in the cold/dairy section.

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  • Laura

    Does anyone know if you can buy 8 in one transaction and get 2 $4.00 Catalinas? I had to get a raincheck at our local Shoprite but would like to purchase more than 4. I know the raincheck is limit 4 per vatiety, I plan on purchasing 2 flavors.

  • Amanda

    How long is this catalina good for?