ShopRite: FREE Fantastik – 10/9

ShopRite: FREE Starting 10/9

UPDATE:  Check the update below.  Reader Jenn had a better deal!  Woohoo!

Okay you crazy ShopRite Shoppers…looks like some nice deals for next week.  I was going to do a whole post but I think I might pull out a few great deals and post them individually until I get to the preview deals post done.

The first one I spotted was a great deal on Fantastik for only $0.19 each after Catalina.  The deal is buy 5 of participing Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Pledge products and Get a $3 Catalina.  Fantastik Cleaner is $1.99 each with a limit of 4 per variety.  You will need to buy 5 for the deal, buying at least 2 different varieties.  You will also be using only 4 coupons to stick with the ShopRite 4 “like” coupon rule.

Here is how to work the deal that starts Sunday, 10/9:

Buy 5 Fantastik Cleaner (2 different varities) $1.99 each
-(4)$0.75/1 Fantastik Cleaner from the 9/25 SS insert
and use (1)$0.50/1 Fantastik Cleaner Coupon
Pay as low as: $2.95
Get a $3 Catalina
as low as $0.19 each after coupons & catalina  FREE after coupons & catalina

If your store does not fully double, you can try this deal:

Buy 5 Fantastik Cleaner (2 different varities) $1.99 each
-(4)$0.75/1 Fantastik Cleaner from the 9/25 SS insert – doubled to $1
and use (1)$0.50/1 Fantastik Cleaner Coupon
Pay as low as: $4.95
Get a $3 Catalina
$0.39 each after coupons & catalina

Make sure to check the ShopRite Preview Ad for 10/9

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  • Jenn

    This is awesome .. this could be a money maker if your store fully doubles…

    Buy 5 Fantastik Cleaner (2 different varities) $1.99 each ($9.95 For All )
    USE -(4)$0.75/1 Fantastik Cleaner from the 9/25 SS insert (DOUBLED TO $1.50)
    And Use: (1)$0.50/1 Fantastik Cleaner Coupon (DOUBLED TO $1.00)
    Pay : $2.95
    Get a $3 Catalina

    You can only use 4 like coupons .. so that means you can use 4 of the .75 and one of the .50

    • Michele

      Check the barcode. Some have had the same codes even though they have different values. The system WON’T double it.

    • Cindy

      Woohoo! Yes, that will work. Sweet. I will update that post. Happy dance!

  • Elaine

    I dont see the coupon for .50? Anyone else find it? There was no zip code at first, and i didnt locate it, so i changed it to 07039 and still nada. TIA!

    • WJ

      Use zip 07724. I found it right away under household.

      • Michele

        The bold wording is SCRUBBING BUBBLES and I missed it the first time. hth

    • Elaine

      Got it, Thank you Ladies!

  • Cristina

    doing the happy dance here!!! i love fantastik!!! and with a catalina to boot! 🙂 thx Cindy for all you do, you rock!

  • Lauren

    Will the catalina be for fantastik products or a general “on your next shopping purchase” ? TIA 🙂

  • Jo Ann R

    Sadly my SR says that even if the amount is different on the 5th coupon they will not accept it. Big Meanies!

    PS – I have $1/1 coupons from 9/25SS so I had to order the others

    • Mary

      Mine too, Jo Ann.

      In fact, last week when I was using the different milkbones Q’s (some were healthy naturals, some milkbone minis) they tried to tell me I could only use 4 on all milkbones. They gave in after I told them that they were completely different products.

  • Lianne

    Can’t wait to see if this cat rolls!

  • Heather Leah

    YAY!! I love Fantastik :))

  • Lashetta

    Free Kozy Shack pudding? 10/9 week. Gotta double check coupon

    • Lori

      Let us know on the Kozy Shack when you find out!:)

  • Kristi

    I didnt find the coupon in the 9/25 SS but did see one in the 9/25 RP.

    • Janelle S

      Some of the 9/25 SS inserts didn’t have the fantastik coupon…..some of the ones I have have the fantastik coupons and some don’t……I guess if your lucky you got it and if your unlucky you didn’t

  • love couponing

    If you have the ss insert that came from the 9/25 Inquirer FSI 50-1. You have the 75/1 coupon. The ss insert from the ac press 9/25 had no fantastic coupon. The red plum 9/25 mailed to absecon-no fantastic coupon.

  • Betty

    my fantastic coupon from 9/25 are 1.00 off no difference to me my sr doubles to .99!

  • Kyle Eckert

    Good luck finding 5 of anything on sale at my SR. I swear every week I’m walking out with 1-2 rainchecks! I’m still trying to get the $0.99 Kikkoman soy sauce. It’s been OOS for a few weeks and my coupon’s about to expire.

    • Lianne

      You shop at manchester/east hartford right? I’ve had the SAME problem with Kikkoman there.

      • Annabelle

        I am in CT too. I shop at the SR in West Hartford on Kane St. I dont usually have a problem unless Im not able to get to the store until later in the week. I can check for the Kikkomans when I go and let you know if they have it. Or I could pick some up for you. Of course I wouldnt have your raincheck, but I could let you know if they have it.

    • Lori

      Hi CT shoppers! I’ve been having an out of stock issue at SR in Canton as well. Sometimes the rainchecks work to my advantage, though because sometimes I’m able to pick the item up while it’s still on sale later in the week & then still have the raincheck for buying a little later. It’s not always that way, but sometimes!:) Our Kikkoman in Canton was out for a long time, too but they seem to be getting it in more regularly now. It is still selling out as people redeem rainchecks, but keep checking and remember, it is good on the terriyaki as well as the soy! Oh, 1 more interesting bonus tidbit….when I used my raincheck the cashier manually adjusted coupon down to .99 to match the raincheck price. Then, the computer automatically doubled th .99 coupon x the 4 coupons I used. Their system saw it as a less than $1 coupon & doubled. Cashier called manager over only because I ended up with a negative balance on my order & had to buy more items to eat up my overage. If I had had a bigger order, I’m not sure she even would have noticed (nor would I, frankly). So, the 4 soy sauce ended up being a money maker for me since the manager couldn’t override what the computer had already done!:) (Not sure if they fixed this, but it was a nice surpise the other day!)

      • Jessica

        I too have noticed I have had to get a lot more rainchecks recently at the Canton Shoprite. I too bought some soy sauce on sale after getting a raincheck earlier in the week. I had no problems using the coupons while the sale was going on. But when I used the raincheck this week, they almost didn’t take my coupons because she had to manually but in the .99 for the raincheck and then the coupon beeped as being too much. They debated on what to do and if they could accept it before adjusting it down to .99

        Kyle, are you married to Hans?

        • Kyle Eckert

          Jess – Yes!

          And I’m sorry to hear other CT Shoprite’s are having issues with stock. I wish I had another one near me to try, but I’m already driving 15 extra minutes just to get to the East Hartford one. I saw there’s a new one in Wallingford but that’s quite a haul for me too (i’m in the Middletown area).

          • adriene

            I am in Bristol, They usually have plenty of the sale items.

          • Jessica

            Hey Kyle- I’ve seen your name on fb when you’ve uploaded pictures of Hans, I’m friends with him, he student taught at my high school. Its definitely a random fb connection! Oddly enough my husband now teaches in the same district as Hans but at a middle school, he wants to move up to the high school eventually.

            Adriene-I’ll have to try the Bristol one, its just a pain when I can literally walk to the Canton store.

  • Anonymous

    Will the scrubbing bubble fantatic work?

  • G

    I can’t read the fine print…does anyone know if there’s a limit on the # of Cats from the Fantastik deal?

  • amyjk

    is the printable gone? i don’t see it at 07724

  • Jenn

    I don’t see it either.

  • My shoprite had SC Johnson coupon books and there is 2 dollar off any 2 Fantastic so free plus money maker!!!

    • Leigh Ann

      Oh mine did too! I forgot about these. MUST DIG COUPONS OUT TONIGHT!!! :):)

  • couponcort

    Unfortunately I only have 3 of the 75 cents/1 Qs, 1 of the 50 cent Qs (i can’t find under multiple zips I’ve tried..)…but I did find a 75 cent DND off any Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, or Shout product at Home depot, so I’ll do this deal:

    5 Fantastik (at least 2 varieties): $9.95
    (3) 75/1 from 9/25 SS
    (1) 50/1 from
    (1) 75/1 DND tearpad Q from Home Depot
    = $3.70, receive $3 catalina – like paying 0.14 each 😀

    • couponcort

      Pretty sure I couldn’t print another 50/1 Q anyway, think I traded one away 🙁

  • aimee

    woops! Just type scrubbing bubbles in the coupon database and it will direct you right away to right at home.

  • raheela

    need help cant find the coupon

  • Ruby L

    I cant find any of the fantastic printable coups either, congrats to you lucky ladies that did! 🙂

  • cindy said its fantastic windex and pledge.couldnt the 5th coupon be windex or pledge?

    • Kabby

      betty….pledge is $3.49
      windex is $2.49
      You can use these products for the deal but the price will differ compared to ALL Fantastic deal. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    inside the scrubbing bubbles box is a $.55 coupon. hopefully that can work towards the fantastik deal this week.