ShopRite: Free Heinz Gravy

ShopRite: Free Heinz Gravy

Well, I told you it was looking like a great week at ShopRite starting  on Sunday.  Here is another great deal and this one doesn’t even require coupons.  You can score 5 Free jars of Heinz Gravy.

There is a catalina deal starting on Sunday for Buy 5 Select Heinz Products and get a $5 Catalina.  The Heinz Gravy is priced at $0.99.  So, buy 5 for free after catalina.  Now, we all need to keep our eyes peeled for a coupon!

Here is the deal:

Buy 5 Heinz Gravy $0.99
Pay: $4.95
Get a $5 Catalina
Free after Catalina

Don’t forget to check out the Free Fantastik Deal that starts on Sunday as well.  And, check out the ShopRite Preview Ad.

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  • D

    this is a great donation item. Not something I use, but will certainly pick some up for donation boxes! Heck, I can spend $5 in no time at all! LOL!!

    • susan k

      i was just going to say the same thing!! not something we use, but we can use a $5 cat and help others!! woo hoo!

  • Kristine

    Do you think this will roll…I will donate a bunch to my food pantry then

  • Jen

    Woo-hoo! I have coupons for these from the inside wrapper on jars I bought awhile ago!

    • Rebecca

      yeah me too! I have some $1/2 I got from the wrapper of jars I think I got for last thanksgiving!!! haaa luckily they don’t expire till 10/31

  • Cynthia

    Nice!!!! I saw this on the preview ad and we actually use these for quick meals so I am super excited…I will be adding these to my stockpile 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Do we know how many times you can do this deal? Thanks:)

  • martine

    Like many of you, I will be donating these to my church’s food drive. If we can roll, I will definitely be getting about 20. (We are trying to feed over 500 families next month).

    • Kristine

      That is about how many I get too…I volunteer at my Local food pantry through my Church and we help out so many families! Even a few homeless in the area.

  • Jessica DJ

    I found coupons inside the label of gravy jars a few months back they are for $100/2 jars exp 12/31/12. Hooray for recycling day! If you have any in your stock pile check the labels, be sure to mark the jar ir tape label back on so you dion’t forget whats inside jar

  • kathy

    Donation!! These will be welcome for Thanksgiving at all the food banks.

  • Larissa H.

    This is a great donation item….especially with Thanksgiving coming up!!

  • felicia

    I’m excited! I picked up a ton during pathmarks triple coupon sale for free, and my stock pile is low. The nights I have school I will cook meat in the crock pot so when the husband and 4 kids get home at 6pm, he can use instant mashed potatoes, gravy from a jar and canned veggies for a quick dinner. I try to cook fairly healthy, but I can’t complain about a dinner that uses my free stock pile items!

  • Jody

    Great idea about the donations. Our local food pantry is doing a “stuff the bus” event on October 22 so this would be a perfect donation!

  • apryl

    are you able to roll the cat for this? I have none in my stockpile and would love to donate

  • Kristen

    Just in time for the holidays!:)

  • Betty

    yes sounds good! hopefully we can get more than 1!

  • Mina

    Do they have Vegiterian Gravy?

    • msrossdaboss

      No! but it is brown gravy. My family is all vegetarians.

    • aimee

      I think the brown gravy is. I bought one before but it was just alright. it’s hard to find good vegetarian gravy so I just use cream of mushroom as gravy from trader Joe’s.

    • asra

      i think they carry mushroom gravy.

  • Laura

    Does anyone know….does this roll??? Would love to donate a bunch to the local food pantry.

  • Nicole

    I want a shoprite near me! So jealous….

  • Bridget

    Funny everyone mentioning Holidays, Ill use this gravy all year long, but on the holidays its gotta be home made 🙂 OH boy , I hope I didn’t throw out coupons with my last jars of this 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Our Shoprite (CT) has this for $1.99 and no catalina printed. Is this advertized anywhere?

    • Patty M.

      Oh, is this next week–Sunday??

      • Melissa

        Yes, 10/9 to 10/15.

    • Kathy

      Wish I had seen the start day is Sunday, went today and the gravy didn’t kick out any catalina so I had to go back to courtesy to return them. Just wait till Sunday though. . .

  • Alison P

    I hope this rolls! There are 2 kinds of VEGETARIAN gravey and free/cheap veg deals have been few and far between lately!! 😀

  • LindsayG

    I hope everyone doesn’t donate these jars of gravy before I get a chance to buy some for me! lol They are great on my meatloaf and we even use it on hot open face turkey sandwiches with cold cut turkey… very yummy! With Cindy’s encouragement, I wrote to Heinz a while back about how much I enjoy their gravy and received a couple $.50 of coupons that double… Money Maker for me! =)

  • Anonymous

    **Sigh**..Another item that will be out out stock when I get to the store. Please, I know you have it right in your hearts to donate, and I applaud you all for it, but you should have seen the Birdseye case tonight<<<>>

    • Linda Hughes

      Wouldn’t the store restock? I went to Shoprite yesterday and every single item on my list was in stock, no problem, the Birdseye case was loaded!

  • christine

    does anyone know if this rolls?
    Some of the jars have coupons inside $1 off 2.
    Look for notation on outside of jar.
    Worked like a charm.
    Food pantry said they will take even with label off jar, just mark what kind of gravy is inside with a marker.
    My husband and I did two orders today, total would have been $162 without sale/coupons/cats. OOP was $26
    We did split our order and used cats from prego. popsecret, heinz to pay for rest of order

  • Alison P

    Any word if this is rolling yet?? Thnx!

  • felicia

    I was totally physched to find under some of the gravy were coupons for $1 off 2 chicken gravy. The one with the coupon is marked special coupons. The cashier let me peel the coupons and use 2 in my first transaction (paid $3 got $5 cat), and again in my second transaction (used different card, didn’t know if it rolled) so I paid 6$ for 10 jars and for 10$ in catalinas.The expiration date was way far out so I may go get some more once I find out if it’s rolling.

  • vanessa

    I purchased the Ore-Ida easy fries and was able to roll the cat to purchase the gravy and another Heinz cat did print. Does anyone know if there is a limit to this promotion or tried rolling the Heinz cat more then onece?