ShopRite: Labels for Education Deals & Coupons

ShopRite: Labels for Education Deals & Coupons

There is another Swanson Chicken Broth Coupon available on the Campbell’s Kitchen website.  The coupon is for $1 off any 2 Swanson Broth cartons.   The coupon is a little better then the other coupon I posted and makes for a slightly better deal.

Plus, here is another deal idea you can do for the Label’s for Education Buy $20 Get $5 Catalina Deals this week at ShopRite.

Buy 4 Swanson Chicken Broth Cartons ($2.79) $2.00 each
Buy 3 V8 Fusion Smoothies ($3.49) $1.74
Total: ($21.63 Pre-Price Plus) $13.22
-(2)$1/2 Swanson
-(3)$1/1 V8 Smoothies Coupon
Pay: $8.22
Get a $5 Catalina
Get a $2 Catalina (Swanson)
$0.17 each after coupons & catalinas

And here is yet another deal you can do:

Buy 4 V8 Fusion Smoothies ($3.49) $1.74
Buy 2 V8 Fusion Beverage ($3.49) $1.74
Total: ($20.94 Pre-Price Plus) $10.44
-(4)$1/1 V8 Fusion Smoothies Coupon
-(1)$1/2 V8 Fusion Beverage Coupon
Pay: $5.44
Get a $5 Catalina
$0.07 each after coupons & catalina

Make sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite deals for this week.

Thanks Melissa!

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  • Emily

    OHHH! Cindy , you keep making me want to go to shoprite, but I still love you. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

  • luzy

    will this deal work for vegetable broth …?

  • heather

    Cool! I already used my V8 coupons but I can swap with the emerald peanuts ($2.99 shelf price) & end up with the exact same OPP as the first scenario 🙂

    • Emily

      Emerald peanut maybe count sale price, not shelf price.

  • kara

    I lucked out on this one! I found a pad of .75 cent off V8 Fusion drinks a few weeks ago at Walgreens. I grabbed 8 of them…. They say DND, but are coded with a 5. I used them at the self check out lane at my Shoprite and had no problems using them and them doubling. Sweet deal making them almost free!

    • Anita

      Kara, which shoprite is this?

      • kara

        Jackson, NJ They also had the Smoothie ones on sale.

  • lisa francoforte

    limot 4 v8 fusians at my shoprite

    • it’s usually 4 per variety (flavor) not 4 total double check with your store

  • Deanna

    Buy 2 Swanson Chicken Broth Cartons ($2.79) $2.00 each
    Buy 4 V8 Fusion Smoothies ($3.49) $1.74
    can of Campbells soup $.65
    Total: ($20.19 Pre-Price Plus) $11.61
    -(1)$1/2 Swanson
    -(4)$1/1 V8 Smoothies Coupon
    Pay: $6.61
    Get a $5 Catalina
    Get a $2 Catalina
    $0.09 each after coupons & catalinas

    Buy 2 Swanson Chicken Broth Cartons ($2.79) $2.00 each
    Buy 4 Prego ($2.50) $1.50
    Buy 1 V8 Fusion Smoothies ($3.49) $1.74
    Buy 1 Emerald 1.74
    Total: ($20.81 Pre-Price Plus) $13.48
    -(1)$1/2 Swanson
    -(1)$1/1 V8 Smoothies Coupon
    -(1) $1 emerald
    -(2) $.50/2 Prego
    Pay: $8.48
    Get a $5 Catalina
    Get a $1 Catalina (Swanson)
    $0.31 each after coupons & catalinas (even better is you have $.75/2)

    • love couponing

      On your first transaction i get $0.39 mm. I don’t understand ,if you paid $6.61 and got back $5.00 and $2.00. You did so great that you thought you paid. ha ha You did fantastic!

      • Deanna

        oops $1 swanson catalina, not $2. I paid $6.61 before catalinas

  • Lori

    Does anyone know if you can get this cat multiple times on the same price plus card?

  • Anita M

    I want to know which shop rites people are getting the smoothies for 1.74. They have yet to ring up for that price at three shoprites I visited! 🙁

    • Karen

      Hillsborough, NJ

    • Jennifer

      Lodi, NJ

    • WJ

      West Long Branch, NJ

    • Ann

      Bay Shore, NY

      • Erin

        Toms River, NJ

      • Lauren

        Ann, where were they? I was there and couldn’t find them. Are they refridgerated?

    • Elaine

      Succasunna, NJ (Morris County)

    • Michelle

      North Brunswick NJ

    • Lori

      Canton, CT

    • Ronni

      east brunswick nj – there is a sign for the smoothies $174

  • So just to be clear….cause I’m very new to this, to get the “catalina” coupon for any of these products….. the spend $20 price is retail, not the sale price?

  • Lody

    @ Lori, yes, I just did 3 transactions today with V8 Smoothies and Juice, no hassle at all.
    @ Livingston and West Orange, NJ

    • Cindy

      Ah are you the one who took the Fantastik from the ShopRite store 😀

      • Michelle

        North Brunswick had lots of Fantastik, they had a Scrubbing Bubbles display at the back of the store behind the cleaning aisle. 🙂 They also had loads of the 1 lb Carolina rice! The only thing that they were out of that I was looking for was the Easy Fries, and they seem to be gone everywhere!

        • Ronni

          E. Brunswick had the easy fries and no fantastic! LOL

    • Lori

      Thank you, Lody!:)

  • Mary Jane

    I have a question on which totals (pre-Price Plus) or sale that count for your
    20.00 for the Labels for Education catalina? Sorry, I should know this already.

  • MARY

    Thanks Deanna for this MONEY MAKER deal I was able to execute tonight. I only received $1 Sawson however I was also charged $1 less than your total so still a small money maker!

    Buy 2 Swanson Chicken Broth Cartons ($2.79) $2.00 each
    Buy 4 V8 Fusion Smoothies ($3.49) $1.74
    can of Campbells soup $.65
    Total: ($20.19 Pre-Price Plus) $11.61
    -(1)$1/2 Swanson
    -(4)$1/1 V8 Smoothies Coupon
    Pay: $5.61 (not sure how it came up this way)
    Get a $5 Catalina
    Get a $1 Catalina (some are getting $2 – not sure what the diff is here)

  • Valerie

    I did it today at Shoprite in Croton NY. You are limited to 4 of each variety of the Fusion Juices but there are several flavors. I bought 6 Fusion and 5 ore ida fries, spent 13.69 incl tax and got back $13 in catalinas! I am stocking up because my son loves this juice and it used to be too expensive so I almost never bought it. Thanks Cindy and my kid thanks you for his ” fusion stockpile”!

  • Lody

    @ Cindy, unfortunately I didn’t get any at all 🙁
    Although I got a total of 18 V8 V Fusion, that I told my husband that he won’t be drinking water in the next 2 weeks, :-)) A lot of thanks to you!

  • cris in NJ

    Does this work in ANY labels for education box tops products? Or just specific ones, and if so, how do we get that list? I called shoprite and also wrnt to the desk at the store and no one has an answer.

    • Ann-Marie

      I sent an e-mail to Catalina Marketing to ask if the Emerald Breakfast on the Go were included. They responded quickly that they were. I already tried it and it worked. I’m not sure they have an easy list to send because they gave me a screen shot picture of the list of included Emerald on the Go, but if you have something in mind that you want you can try asking them. I got the e-mail address off the bottom of the ShopRite Weekly Matchup post.

  • Lady J

    the link listed has soup coupons – not drink q’s.

    • 0246

      yup, the link says its to swanson coupons 🙂

  • Heather

    Does anyone know if this deal works with V8 splash? They are on sale for $1.99 instead of the $1.79. I did the following this morning and did not get the $5 cat:

    (4) V8 splash ($3.79) $1.99
    (2) Swanson Chicken Stock Carton ($2.79) $2.00
    (1) Swanson Flavor Boost $3.99
    (5) Cambells Chicken Noodle Soup ($0.65) 5/$3.00

    Coupons Used:
    $1.00 off Swanson
    $0.40 off Swanson
    $0.40 off Cambells

    I received the Cat for the Swanson but did not receive the Cat for the $5 for Boxtop. I’m thinking its either based on sale price (which I was $1.05 short) or the V8 splash isn’t included.


  • Arianna

    the V8 link doesnt work, it goes to soup…does anyone know if the V8 coupons are still out there?

  • lynn

    Can someone tell me where the V8 smoothies are located in the store? Are they with all the other V8 bottles? Maybe my store doesn’t carry them or they were sold out, but I couldn’t find them for the life of me.

    • I could’nt find them either. I shop at commack, ny & the manager told me that they don’t carry them.

    • Sandra

      In DE they were right with the regular V8 fusions, there was only one left so it was hard to find but the tags were right with all the other V8’s

      • Katie

        In my store (Derby, CT) they were half way down the juice aisle from all the other V8 fusions. I just saw them by chance as I was walking out….so scan the whole juice aisle!

  • I can print just TWO of the V8 fusion coupons. How do I print another one in order to get the deal?

    • Michelle

      You can print 2 per computer

  • Also, can I purchase…

    4 OreIda easy Fries + 1 Heinz gravy AND 4 Heinz ketchups + 1 Heinz gravy and get TWO $5 off catalinas? Or is it just one $5 offer per t’action? I can see the ad, but I can’t read it…the print is fuzzy.

    • Michelle

      You can do one of each deal per transaction, but you can go back and do it again with the same SR card 🙂

  • amyjk

    i can only print 2 of the smoothie coupons– anything i can substitute to still get a deal? thanks!

    • Lori

      Yes, Amy there are MANY items included in this catalina. It is called the labels for education catalina. It is advertised in the ShopRite flyer & there is another entry here under “Shop Rite Hot Deals” that lists both in the entry & in a bunch of the comments different deal scenarios. It might be titled V8 catalina or Labels for Education, but there is a picture of V8 smoothies at the top. Emerald nuts, Prego pasta sauce and some others are all included.

  • Lori

    Now I’m really confusing myself!;) LOL Is the Heinz Gravy cat and the V8 Fusion cat the same thing? I just did an order for 5 Gravy + 4 V8 smoothies + 2 V8 Fusion juices (plus a number of other things including the crest cat deal and I got the cat for the Crest and the cat for the Heinz but nothing for the V8. I did go to CS and they initially said that I hadn’t spent enough money because the juice is on sale for $1.74 and I only bought 6, but I told them that I believed it was based on the shelf price and not the sale price. They did eventually give it to me, but I’d like to do this deal again & don’t want to keep having problems. Anyone else having any luck getting this to work in Canton or Manchester, CT?