ShopRite: Ore-Ida Money Maker

ShopRite: Ore-Ida Money Maker

Okay you crazy ShopRite shoppers, I’m so excited that my prediction was right.  Ore-Ida Products are also working on the Heinz Deal this week at ShopRite.  The Heinz Deal is Buy 5 Get a $5 Catalina.  Plus, the Ore-Ida Easy Fries are included in the deal.  AND, there is a double dip with the Ore-Ida Catalina.

Here is the catalina information:

Ore-Ida Products
10/3 – 10/17
Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina
Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 4 or more Get $3 Catalina

Here is your deal:

Buy 5 Ore-Ida Easy Fries $1.25 each
Pay: $6.25
Get a $5 Catalina (Heinz)
Get $3 Catalina (Ore-Ida)
Free + $1.75 Money Maker after catalinas

You can also do this deal:

Buy 4 Ore-Ida Easy Frieds $1.25 each
Buy 1 Heinz Gravy $0.99
Pay: $5.99
Get a $5 Catalina (Heinz)
Get a $3 Catalina (ore-ida)
free + $2.01 Money maker

Make sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for this week as well as the Smart Ones Deal.

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  • erin


  • stephanie

    guess im making a second trip to shoprite today!

    • Laura

      LOL, me too! I just got back from my trip.

  • Bretany

    AWESOME!!! Just hope I can get in on this deal because there seems to be a lot of shelf cleaners in my town recently.

  • Kyle Eckert

    Hope there are still some left on Tuesday when i go!

  • Erin

    Does anyone know if you buy the gravy and the easy fries do they have to be in separate trans to get the catalinas? Is it one per trans? Anyone tried it?

  • tara

    does this only work for the easy fries? wonder if any of their products are kosher. TIA

  • Larissa H.

    I have a feeling these will all be gone in about 1 hr!! Probably not even worth running out to buy lol

    • Larissa h.

      My prediction was right and they were ALL gone by the time I got there. Two different SR shelves cleared. Everyone needs to share. At least I have an insider so I can get more!

  • Lori

    How many times can u get the catalina? If you buy the gravy then the fries do you only get the $5 once? Anyone know? Thank you!:)

    • felicia

      I was thinking the same thing! Can you roll the catalina? So if I get th e5$ from the gravy, will it work if I turn around and get the fries in my next transaction, use the $5 cat. and get a $5 cat. back? I hope so, because I am cheap!

      • Lianne

        the gravy cat is rolling, don’t know about the ore-ida one

        • stephanie

          any 5 from the hienz deal is rolling idk if the 3cat from ore ida will but the 5 prints right after all 5 are scanned not at the end of the transaction.

          • Laura

            The gravy only rolled once for me this morning. I don’t know how many times the other people are trying to do it. I tried 3 transactions, the third catalina didn’t print. I think if you do seperate transactions with different registers it may work. I was buying 5 of each variety, turkey, pork, beef, etc. Haven’t tried the ore ida yet.

            • Heather Leah

              YAY! Im going to go back and try to roll it once, but they were almost out at 10 this morning!!!! Also look for coupons on the gravy bottles!! In the labels, there is a $1/2 beef or turkey gravy!!! Out of the 5 jars I got, it was only on the turkey one and I didn’t realize unitl it was too late

  • Rachel

    Oh, this is great! Thanks for posting!

  • susan c

    i can’t wait to get back to jersey tomorrow….i may stop at shop rite before i even go home…lolol

  • Corinne

    I have a coupon for “Save $1.50 when you purchase any three (3) Ore-Ida frozen potato products (19 oz. or larger) in a single transaction. Anyone know if it’s useful for this deal?

    • Marques

      This won’t work with Easy Fries since they are only about 4.7 oz

      • Corinne

        Thanks…do we know if there are any good deals involving the larger items, or are they a lot more, making them not worth it?

  • laura

    I just did the heinz deal using the gravy. I want to go back and do it with the fries, anyone know if we can do this deal multiple times and get multiple catalinas?

    • Vanessa

      It works multiple times. At least on the gravy for me. Now I need to figure out ways to use it… croc pot, casserole… I’ve never tried it. But at FREE– I can learn to to eat it!! 🙂

      • Eileen

        yeah thats my issue too, aside from the usual thanksgiving turkey what the heck does one do with all this gravy?

        • brenda

          donate it 🙂

  • Lisa L.

    Just went this morning after seeing the post. My husband and I just finished a box. It’s yummy!! Thanks Cindy!

  • jenny

    what are the easy fries?

    • Janelle S

      They are in individual boxes and are made in the microwave… younger sister loves these…

  • Michelle

    So just ran to Shoprite to do this!!! Thanks!!

  • Rachael

    Can the Cats be used for anything or do they have to be used for Heinz and Ore Ida on your next shopping trip?

    • Jenelle

      The cat’s just say off your next purchase so i believe its just off your next shopping trip

  • jessiebella

    The gravey deal is a MM. buy 5 turkey marked SAVE A $1.00, pay $5 and get a $5 catalina. the turkey lables have $1/2 coupon off of either chicken or beef. Use 2 labels, pay $3 receive $5 catalina!!!! I was late to work because I went back in lol

  • Janelle S

    I’m heading out tonight to do this deal and the Fantastik deal…….me and my mother are each going to do these deals……This is a terrific week for shoprite

  • Gosia

    it worked for me as well asweight watchers!!!

  • Lisa

    Just so everyone knows, I purchased 5 Gravy’s and 5 Fries in one transaction and only received 1 $5 Catalina, I did receive the $3 Ore Ida Cat. I wasnt sure if it was going to work or not, but I figured I would give it a shot.

    • jmontalvo213

      Which shopRite did you go to??

      • Lisa


  • Oh, how I wish that a ShopRite was in Texas!!!!

    • joan

      yeah, but you have waaaaay cheaper prices in texas!!!!!!! it’s expensive to live up here!

  • caroline

    I don’t go to shoprite until saturday, what happens if they are out of stock. Can you get a rain check and still do the catalina?

    • Aileen C

      A raincheck will be useless on this. The Heinz catalina is for this week only, so if you buy the same items next week, the cat won’t print.

  • Marques

    Cindy, Cindy! You seriously have me acting like a pyscho-shopper!!! I made a THIRD trip to Shoprite today! They only had 3 Easy Fries left, so I picked up 2 Heinz Gravy jars. It still worked out though and I am much happier for it!!!

  • Ericka

    I buy these all the time so when the catalina started last week, I got about $9.00 in cats for the easy fries. This morning I wondered if I would get both and I did. So now I have $8.00 in catalinas for the 5-easy fries. My freezer can’t fit anymore so I have to wait until the end of the week to get more for cheap. Even the $3.00 back for 4 is great deal.

  • K.W.

    I just want to make sure I understand before I finish my list…LOL…if I do this 2 times, I will still get the catalina’s each time? I usually have to hit up 2 different stores because of items being sold out at one or the other, so I figure if the cat’s print each time, I may as well pick them up at both stores if they have them!

    • joan

      yeah, if you do this in 2 sep transactions, you’ll get 2 rounds. in fact, when i do more than one transaction, i go to the self-serve registers.

  • Thanks so much for this. I was planning on doing SR today, but I ended up there. The Newark, DE shop is getting low on the fries, but I scored some!

  • fer

    so…just to make sure… we can do this deal more than once (in separate transactions) and still get the cataline?


    • fer

      catalina, oops

  • MARY

    West Deptford had plenty of gravy and fries tonight. I did 2 deals of each. Rolling cats along the way and used the extra to buy some necessities for home. When I gave him 2 Kraft, 2 Heinz, and 2 Ore-Ideas that covered all but $3 of my order he said “Dude, this is SO impressive”. Nice.

    He also told me that someone found a coupon binder under a cart in the past few days. I feel so bad for that person, I hope they turned in the binder!

  • Alice

    Thank you Cindy & everyone – didn’t even know about this product but love them already – ran out tonight & rolled catalinas from this am —- OOP .61tonight for 4 fries, 1 gravy, 4 emerald nuts & 4 V-8 Fusion AND have $13 total in more Cats – best trip ever 🙂 Happy Coupon Dance 🙂

  • Katie

    Thank You for this. I ran to shop rite tonight even though I went this morning and bought 10 easy fries for $12.50 and got $16 back (two seperate transactions) $3.50 made, woohoo! I’m giving them away but I’ll try to get more later this week. Free fries dipped in free gravy sounds pretty tasty!

  • Candice

    Went to both shoprites in philadelphia and they were out of the fries. Everyone snatched them all up! Bah!

    • Marina

      Planning on going tomorrow to the SR in So. Philly and hope there’s some left/stock for me. If you do shop there, please, save me some…lol…

      • Candice

        Just went again they were out. They probably ran out of stock! Bah again!

        • Cam

          Yeah someone cleared the S. Philly one early. They didn’t order a big stock to begin with.

          • Nicole

            Which one in So. Philly did you go to?

            • Candice

              Usually the one on Oregon ave. Not my favorite, but its closer. I love the store on 2nd and Snyder. I think its just a nicer store and the employees are more friendly 🙂

              • Nicole

                I go to the one on Snyder….it’s my favorite! Just a heads up….They had the Ore-Ida fries when I went yesterday. There were probably at least 15 boxes after I got my 4….so go pick them up!!!

  • Angiey

    As soon as I saw this post, my daughter and I ran back to SR for our 3rd trip of the day. When we got back home my daughter(14) rushed in the kitchen and made fries, covered in gravy and cheese……YUMMY!!! We may have to do this deal a few more times this week.

  • Eileen

    and the $1/2 beef or chicken gravy coupon is only on the jars of turkey gravy (yes there are coupons on the beef and chicken but thats for potatoes)
    so buy 4 turkeys and one other, and either in the car or at home peel the labels and go back and get 4 chicken and one turkey and 4 beef and one turkey …roll, peel, repeat lol
    with the coupons it is a MM total after coupons $2.95 get $5 cat!

  • Lady J

    Has anyone opened any of these yet to see if there are coupons printed on the inside of the box? I haven’t heard of any such rumor, and I don’t want to start one, but we won’t know until someone looks (haven’t been to SR yet).

  • Jennifer

    Did the deal this morning and received both Cats. Thanks, Cindy!

  • Holly

    The ore-ida deal is not working in my Norwich, CT store. Went to customer service to ask and they said it’s only the items shown. Can I contact Cat mkting for this? I did get the $3 cat not the $5 Heinz


    • Holly

      Just realized that the Heinz DID print…I didn’t get the Campbells either time! ARGH!

  • love couponing

    This deal is not stacking. I bought 5 gravy and 5 oreida fries, got the $ 5.00 cat and the $3.00 cat from fries. Thought i would get 2 $5.oo cats and a $3.oo. Then i went back in and bought just the 5 fries and i got the $3.oo and the $5.oo.

  • Dee

    Hi, I went to a Shoprite in NJ and tried the Buy 5 Ore-Ida Easy Fries + 1 Heniz gravy deal and paid: $6.25, but the Catalinas did not print.

    I asked at customer service, and they said that the catalina would only work on items listed in the store paper . Not too happy about that explanation, seeing that it did work for others. Can I contact the Catalina company?

    • Lady J

      Yes, buit I’ve had no luck using their email (didn’t get Nabisco cats). I’m going to call tomorrow.

    • Cindy

      Yep contact Catalina Marketing. There info is at the bottom of the main ShopRite match ups or go to the FAQ section above

    • Amy

      Which NJ location did you try?

      • Dee

        I went to Kearny Shoprite in NJ. I sent an email and called, but no luck.
        No savings for me then…

    • dsavings

      not so true because i did it and it worked

  • Lady J

    There’s a $1.50/3 Ore-Ida 19 oz or larger in Sunday past’s paper. No one has mentioned this q. Is this box smaller than 19 oz?

  • Annonymous

    The fries were out-of-stock at Wayne SR 🙁

  • Melissa

    As I was snatching up the last of the Easy Fries, I spied the frozen dept. manager… told him he’d better keep ordering these all week ‘cuz they’re gonna disappear fast. He thanked me and proceeded to hit them with the gun to order more for tomorrow!

    • Angiey

      LOL….the SR in Lodi must have gotten the same memo b/c I went there yesterday and the freezer was full.

  • Is shoprite and Shoppers the same company

    • fury

      NO, shoprite is owned by wakefern (shoprite, pricerite)

      Shoppers is owned by supervalu (acme, albertsons, farmfresh, tons of others too)

  • April S

    I went to East Windsor, NJ ShopRite yesterday and this worked perfectly.
    Today I went back and grabbed 5 more as part of my household shopping trip and I didn’t get the $3 Ore Ida Cat, only the $5 Heinz one. Is it possible that the $3 doesn’t roll, or maybe they caught on to the deal? Anyone else get both cats today?

    • Jasper

      Did you use the Ore-Ida Cat to pay?

      • April S

        Yes, I used both my $3 Ore Ida and $5 Heinz to pay for my second order. That’s why I wasn’t sure if maybe just the OreIda wasn’t rolling. I haven’t heard either way from anyone else though.

  • sarah

    So is this right..the Heinz cat is rolling but the Ore-Ida is not?

  • Phil

    Well if anyone is interested, we had the fries with dinner last night – they take 4 mins in the microwave, and are delish! I thought they wouldnt taste great coz theyre done in the micro, but they’re really tasty and crispy – def worth stocking up on!

    • April S

      I agree Phil, we had them on Monday and they were surprisingly crispy and tasty for microwave fries! I’m going to stock up on more tomorrow.

  • sarah

    Hi….is the catalina double dip, still working???