ShopRite: P&G Catalina Deals That Work

ShopRite: P&G Catalina Deals That Work

Okay you guys, I know that the P&G Catalina Deals at ShopRite did not start off being very nice to us.  Well, I’ve been digging around and have found some success stories.  Here are some deals that have worked based on Pre-Price Plus Prices:

“Marjied73” Trip


(3) Bounce ($25.47 Pre-price plus) $23.97


(8) Pringles Super Stack Cans ($15.12) $12.72
(3) Dawn Plus Liquid Detergent ($10.17) $8.97
Total: ($25.29 Pre-Price Plus) $21.69


(1) Swiffer Starter Kit ($9.99) $8.99
(1) Swiffer Refill ($8.59) $7.99
(1) 3 pack Puffs ($6.49) $4.99
Total: ($25.07 Pre Price Plus) $21.97

Total for all 3 rooms: ($75.83 Pre-Price Plus) $67.63 + $3.47 Tax

Coupons Used:

$25.00 in catalinas from prior purchases
(2) $1/4 Pringles (P&G 10/2/11)
(1) $1/1 Dawn (ShopRite)
(2) $0.20/1 Dawn (P&G 10/2/11)
(1) B1G1 Free (Swiffer refill up to $7.00) (P&G 10/2/11)
(1) $1/1 Bounce (P&G 10/2/11 R)
(1) $1/2 Bounce (P&G 10/2/11)
$0.15 bag discount
Total coupons:  $37.95
Total Paid Out of Pocket: $33.15
Received $25 in Catalinas ($5 Laundry, $5 Kitchen, $5 Living, $10 for $75)

Jen’s Trip


2 Tide ($43.98) $29.98


1 Bounty ($17.38) $10.88
1 Cascade Action Pac ($5.99) $5.69
1 Dawn ($3.39) $2.99
Total: ($26.76 Pre-Price Plus) $19.56


1 Charmin ($17.38) $10.88
2 Swiffer Wet Jet Solution ($9.58) $8.76
Total: ($26.96 Pre-Price Plus) $19.64

Total for 3 rooms: ($97.70 Pre-Price Plus) $69.18

Coupons Used:

$24.50 in Previous Catalinas
(1)$1/2 Tide
(1)$0.50/1 Bounty
(1)$0.50/1 Cascade
(1)$0.25/1 Dawn
(1)$1/1 Charmin
(2)$1/1 Swiffer
Total Paid: $38.18
Received $25 in Catalinas ($5 Laundry, $5 Kitchen, $5 Living, $10 for $75)

Danielle’s Trip


9 Mr. Clean Products ($26.91) $25.11


2 Bounty 15 pack ($34.76) $21.76


1 Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit ($9.99) $8.99
1 Swiffer Refill Pads ($8.59) $7.99
2 Swiffer Dust & Shine ($7.98) $7.38
Total: ($26.56 Pre-Price Plus) $24.36

Total for 3 rooms: ($88.23 Pre-Price Plus) $71.23

Coupons Used:

(3) Buy 2 Get One Free Mr. Clean
(2) $1/1 Bounty
(1) FREE Swiffer Sweeper Refill wyb Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit
(1) B1G1 Swiffer Dust & Shine
Total Paid: $40.81
Received $25 in Catalinas ($5 Laundry, $5 Kitchen, $5 Living, $10 for $75)

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  • Ronni

    thank you so much for these amazing P&G Deals. I happen to be trying to figure out my deal just as it was posted. Without knowing what was really working kept me from making my trip. Now I can go with confidence that my hard work will yield the savings and those CATALINA’s that i love so much!! Thank you Cindy you are my HERO! Many thanks to all those readers who post w/ideas as well as the readers who confirmed the P&G scenarios – hats off to all of you!!!

  • lori

    I was also successful with shoprite. i planned most of my purchases on after price plus, but was surprised when I actually received the Living $5 catalina, especially after there were so many others that did not!

    Here is what I purchased in the Living section:
    1 Charmin $10.88 (19.38)
    1 swiffer dry cloth refill $7.99 (8.59)
    1 3pk Puffs tissues $4.99(6.49)

    After Price plus I paid $23.86, I also had $2/1 Charmin, $2/1 swiffer and $1/1 Puffs

    And received $5 catalina

  • Haseena

    I am trying to figure out my deal for the P&G Kitchen and my total for what I need comes out to be $24.94 before price plus or any coupons, does anyone know if that will trigger the $5 catalina…I would hate to not get the catalina because I was short just $.06.

  • Haseena

    In Jen’s trip I see that she uses (2)$1/1 Swiffer…anyone know where I can find that coupon?

    • Jen

      Hi, I don’t remember exactly when I got the coupons….summer sometime. There were a bunch of P&G coupons on the back of either a Parade Insert or TV lisiting insert in the Newspaper with a big Walmart ad. Spotted them by accident and now I make sure to check the whole paper because occasionally I come across some great coupons. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. 🙂

      • Haseena

        Thanks Jen! I just recently started couponing….I don’t have coupons dated that far 🙁

  • robin

    I just got back and one of the deals I tried, 4 3-packs of puffs – 6.49*4 = 25.96, did not produce the catalina. I went to the service desk and the girl printed it out with no problem, but be aware. All other categories worked pre-price club prices.

  • Erin

    I just got back, spent hours yesterday working on it, trying to decide if it was worth it, but decided it was – as I needed several of the items I was buying… but not one catalina printed out. Went to CS and they printed them for me, they just looked over my receipt quickly and gave up trying to figure it out….! Here’s what I did: (all prices are post price plus)
    2 bounce $7.99
    3 Magic Erasers $3.49
    total $26.45
    6 Bounty Towels $2.09
    4 Dawn Ultra $2.99
    1 Pringles $1.59
    Total: $26.09
    Swiffer Starter Kit $8.99
    Dry Refills $7.99
    2 Puffs $4.99
    Total $26.96
    2 $1/1 Bounce
    1 B2G1 Mr. Clean (3.49)
    3 $1/2 Bounty
    4 $.25 Dawn
    1 Free Refill ($7 max)
    1 $1/2 puffs
    Total $61.01 plus tax, less $25 in Catalina’s is $36.01 for lots of items I needed to stock up on. Works out to $1.80 or so an item, so overall not bad.

  • 0246

    would buy (9) mr clean products and use (3) buy 2 get 1 free and (4) 75c/1 Qs work? would be over $25 for pre price plus and should produce a $5 cat, right?

  • Lisette

    I did great today,

    Transaction 1
    2 Liquid tides @14.99 each
    2 Bounty paper towels @ 10.88 each
    4 Puff 3pack tissues @ 4.99 each
    Total b4 coupons = $77.53

    2 – $1 off Tides
    2 – $1 off Bounty
    2- $1 off 2 (3)packs of Puffs
    1 – $5 CAT from last week

    Paid $ 66.53
    Received $25.00 in Catalinas !!!

    Transaction 2
    2- Digiornos Pizzaz 4.47
    1- Eggos muffins 2.79
    1- emerald breakfast smores 2.99
    2- smart balance milk 2.99
    4- BC fruit roll ups
    1- boardens sliced cheese 1.99
    2- lg dz eggs .99

    total $40.71

    2-DiGiornos $2 off
    2- BC fruit roll up .50 off doubled
    2- Smart Balance Milk $1.50 off
    1- emerald Breakfast smores $1.00 off
    2- $5 Cat
    1-$10 cat

    Total OOP- $2.91

    transaction 3
    2- Summers Eve Powder $2.55
    2- Hydro Razors $2.99
    1-Biotrue eye solution $3.99
    1- Mens dove Deoderant $3.99
    1- Arrid deoderant $.99
    1- 6pack dove soap $7.99

    Total $29.99
    1- $1.00 off dove mens deodorant
    1- $1.00 off Arrid
    2- $2.00 off Schk Hydro
    1-$1.00 off Biotrue
    2- $.75 off summers eve (doubled)
    1-$.75 off dove soap bars (doubled)
    1-$1.00 off CAT
    1- $5.00 off CAT

    Total OOP $12.31
    1- $3 off CAT on DOVE
    2-$1.50 off CAT on Summers Eve

    Transaction 4
    1- 4C pink lemon aid mix $3.99
    1- Cinn Toast Crunch
    3- Cherrios (buy 4 for $8.00 General Mills)
    7- XXX Glaceau Vit waters (buy 7 for $5)

    total $17.72

    1- $.75 GM Cinn T Crunch (doubled)
    3-$.75 Cherrios (doubled)
    1-$1.00 4C Tea Mix
    1 $3.00 off CAT
    2-$1.50 off CAT

    Total OOP $ 6.72

    Its my first time posting my deals, so sorry if I missed anything
    I will go back to the Vailsgate Shoprite tomorrow to try and find the Finnese products. Sold out on N. Plank Rd Nbgh…. 🙁

    Total OOP today was $88.47

  • Ronni

    Had a lot of luck with the P&G offer – received $10 extra Catalina and still trying to figure out how.
    I did the following
    9 Mr clean products used
    -3 b1g1 and $1 off for the Mr. Clean/Fabreeze & $1 Mr. Clean Erase Sponge
    Swiffer Starter Kit
    Swiffer Refill 32 count dry cloths
    used buy 1 starter kit get the refill free
    Swiffer Clean and Shine*
    *they did not have the clean and shine nor was there even a spot for it on the shelf despite them telling me they had it when i called to confirm.
    customer service offered to give me the pledge in exchange however, they would not take the coupon for the B1G1 because it was not clean and shine so I purchased the pledge and swiffer duster refills to reach the $25 – she said if I did this she would give me the $5 cat – I also informed her that the Pledge would not allow me to get the additional $10 cat if I spend the $75 – so she offered that as well
    Bounty Paper Towels
    Cascade Complete
    Dawn Dish Soap
    $1 bounty
    $1 Cascade
    .25 Dawn
    the customer service rep brought the $5 and the $10 cat over the to register that I was using. She told the cashier to give them to me after my order was paid for. She did not even confirm that I spent the $75 which was really odd. To my surprise out of the machines came 1 /$10 Cat, and 2/$5 Cats. The cashier gave me the $5 Cat and the $10 Cat. I was only supposed to earn the 3/$5 cat and the 1/$10 cat = $25. I earned an additional $10 Cat (each cat says it is for the P&G offer). I have no idea how this happened. I purchased a lot of items and my total came to $160 – using coupons and previously earned Cats $33 my total was $90.32. I received $35 in P&G Cats and a $3 and $2 cat from shoprite look right feel right reward = $40 in Cats Therefore the entire order was $50.32 OOP when you factor in the Cats.

  • Vanessa

    I think I’ll pass on the P&G deal. I’ve been in tears at the register once before when deals didn’t work, then when mgrs came over, they looked over every coupon and told me it looked like I copied them and that they wouldn’t take them, that they were fraudulent… ummm, internet printable coupons??!!!! So I tried to get most of my coupons back and left empty handed. If it’s not a sure thing, I tend not to try it. I think that’s exactly what the stores want; to scare us out of using coupons.

  • Lisa

    What a nightmare I had tonight at the Freehold SR….I wasnt going to do this deal because of all of the iffy feedback…but I really needed paper towels so I figured I would give it a shot. I spent over $25 in each category (shelf price) and over $75 total, and only the Kitchen $5 cat printed. I went to cust service and the lady called over another, and then she called over the cust service manager, and then they called the store manager. They kept trying to tell me that it is based upon sale price, I kept my cool and told them it was shelf price, then they were saying because I used coupons…I again told them not true. They started to scrutinize my reciept and basket and add everything up. While they were doing this I did the math in my head for the kitchen deal and what I bought was under $25 (sale price) and it generated the cat so I disproved their theory. When I told them this they simply didnt know what to say and told me that they dont know why that happened. The customer service manager was not very nice (she was the only one giving me an attitude), she even went to the cashier and got all of my coupons, when I tried to help her pick mine out she snapped at me, I replied with I was simply just trying to help you pick out mine. She just kept saying that she has never heard of such a thing and she needed to call catalina marketing, I said okay call them. I was there for 20+ minutes and the manager finally said to me, we will take care of this regardless, so I asked if I had to stay there, he said no and gave me the printed cats I was missing.

    I was so frustrated, and normally would have just contacted catalina direct because its easier than dealing with the cust service desk, but $20 worth of cats was a lot that I was banking on receiving.

    This is what I bought…
    Bounty 15 pk – used $1/1
    Bounty 6 pk – used $1/1
    1 can of Pringles
    *this generated the $5 cat, disproving their theory
    Bounce Bar – used $1/2 (bounce and tide)
    Swiffer Starter
    Swiffer Refill – used free refill wyb starter
    Duracell Batteries – used $1/1

  • Liz

    Hey guys, is there anywhere I can view the actual explanation of the deal – maybe on the Shoprite site or Catalina Marketing? I didn’t see it in the circular, and I’ve had luck in the past 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  • Liz

    found it, please disregard 🙂

  • jillian

    Thank you all, and special thanks to Cindy. I scored big! I followed Daniells Trip. However, my Shoprite did not have Swiffer Dust & Shine so the Manager just gave me a $10.00 catalina. So, I added the charmine to my deal at the register and I scored the $25.00 catalinas

  • Haseena

    I have been planning this weeks trip to shoprite for days and finally today I got the chance to stop by the store. I thought I had it all figured out, but I only received the Laundry $5 Catalina….and I don’t know why the others did not print. Here is my trip:

    1- Bounty 15 Pack paper towel @ $17.38
    1-Bunce Dryer Sheets @ $8.49
    Total: $25.87

    2-Swiffer Wet Jet Solution @ $9.58
    3. Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner @ $8.97
    2- Dawn Plus Liquid @ $3.39
    Total: $25.15

    1- Tide Detergent @$21.99
    1-Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pads @ $6.59
    Total: $28.58

    I was palnning to buy 2Bounty Napkins, but my store was out and I was told they cant do anything about it so I decided to buy Dawn instead and I had to switch some things around…I am not sure if that last minuted change messed it all up.
    When I did not see all of the Catalina’s I couldn’t even go to the customer service because my 1 year old was ready to go home and I wasnt sure if I had done the deal wrong and I just couldn’t waste anymore time….if I go back will they give me the catalina’s?? or is there a mistake from my end?