ShopRite: Possible Heinz Gravy Money Maker

ShopRite: Possible Heinz Gravy Money Maker

If you are doing the Heinz Gravy deal this week at ShopRite, be sure to look for labels that have coupons underneath them.  There are a couple of different coupons available including a $1/2 Heinz Gravy Coupon.  If you find them, you can use them to make your deal a money maker.

Buy 6 Heinz Gravy $0.99 each
use (3)$1/2 Heinz Gravy Coupons
Pay: $2.94
Get a $5 Catalina
free + $2 Money Maker after coupons & catalina

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Thanks Chia!


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  • Janet

    I can never get these coupons to print?

  • corinne

    the coupons are only on the turkey gravy the label say’s say a 1.00 on your next purchaser of beef of chicken gray .all off the one’s that say coupon under label are for frozen potatoes

  • Anne

    Aggg Chia do you have to do this to us 😉 now I’m gonna have to go back to Shoprite for the 4th time hehe

    • Lovingmynewhobby

      me too 🙂

      • Dana

        me threee!!

  • Carrie

    Does anyone know if this deal rolls yet? Thanks! Also, I had the same Q’s: Beef had a potatoe Q and Turkey has a $1/2 gravy Q.

    • Kristen

      I went to 2 different shoprites…there is on by my work. I did 10 cans at a time, two seperate transactions. The first transaction at my work one then the rest at my other shoprite. But I did two different days at my on by my house. I have a total of 30free cans…and the catalina printed each time.

      • Dee

        so if i get 10 gravies at one time 2 $5 catalinas will print ??

        • Jenelle

          Dee- you would have to do them in two separate transactions to get the 2 $5 cats to print

          • Dee

            tu !

            • Kristen

              I did seperate transactions each time with 5 cans.

    • Michelle

      Yes it is rolling. Did this deal twice so far….. 🙂

  • meli

    i went to SR Sun and there were none left with the Q. i hope they restock with those!

  • vanessa

    Is ther a limit to the number of times this cat is rolling?

    • Kristen

      I did it 6 times, 2 different stores. Only did 2 transactions on each register though and I didn’t have any problems.

      • vanessa

        ok, thanks 🙂

  • Phil

    Has anyone tasted this gravy? Wondering if its any good before I stock up?

    • Michelle

      Yes, this gravy is pretty good. Last night I made cheese fries with gravy, yum! Used the easy fries, turkey gravy, and Kraft singles (used my $5 cat). The kids were in heaven! Mom & Dad too 🙂

      • Anita M

        cheese and gravy on fries = disco fries. not sure how it got that name, but yum 🙂

      • Ronni

        I usually make my own gravy but this is decent. I just add the drippings of the meats I am making to it and some mushrooms and garlic. Sometimes i put in a little light cream into the dark gravies and it makes them very good!!! If don’t like or use something but a coupon makes it free and gives me a catalina, I just donate the item to the church and they give it to the needy who come every Monday to get things.

    • Christine

      It’s not really that good by itself as a meat gravy but if you throw it in the crock pot with a beef or pork roast it’s ok.

    • here’s what I plan:
      bought the au jus, next week will use my Kraft cat to buy Oscar Mayer carving board roast beef. french dip sandwiches! yum. (we may have to have a side of easy fries with it).

    • vanessa

      I will keep some for mashed potatoes and meatloaf or hot open turkey or roast beef sandwiches the rest is for donation for the holidays.

  • Mary

    They only had ‘savory beef’ and ‘au jus’ left at mine. I really wanted the chicken or turkey, not much of a beef person!

  • chia

    $1/2 Chicken and beef gravy q is under the turkey gravy label. I’ll try rolling this deal because everyone says it rolls.

  • MARY

    I pulled 3 turkey labels off in the store (left the UPC portion on for scanning) and made 2 transactions:

    1 Turkey + 4 Beef or Chicken Use 2 coupons. Pay 2.95, get $5 cat
    2 Turkey + 3 Beef or Chicken Use 1 coupon. Pay 3.95, get $5 cat

    Have done several times on repeat trips. Using the gravy and fries profits to buy my meat this week!

  • Susan

    Wahoo- I am only buying this item to donate for my food bank- but if I peel off the label to get the coupon- do you think the food bank will still want it???

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      i thought the same thing, heres my idea, only peel the turkey gravy labels because thats the one with the gravy coupon, then use the coupons to buy the beef and chicken gravies and dont peel those labels and donate those, ps what i have been doing is buying 4 beef and 1 turkey with 2 coupons, or 4 chicken and 1 turkey, and then using the coupons from the turkey to buy more…roll, repeat

    • Mickie

      That was my question too, Susan. I am keeping some for my stockpile with the labels off, but will leave the label on the ones I donate (coupon and all). I figured I myself wouldn’t want to take something with no labels even if it is free, so I would treat the food bank the same way.

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        i agree, I have been a recipient of a food bank before, and honestly you dont want to put someone in the situation where they are desperate and have to look at something they recieved and think, should I be feeding this to my family, not knowing that the label was just removed for a coupon

        • Susan

          Thanks guys!!!!!!

        • Angiey

          Most food pantries will take them b/c the exp date is on the lid.

    • chris

      I called my food pantry. They said they would take it with label off. Try to leave on the part that isn’t the coupon. Use a sharpie marker to mark what type of gravy it is.

  • 10461


  • Jenn

    Is this catalina only working at Shop Rite? I didn’t see it in the Catalina list?


  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    ps my chef husband made an incredible dish with the easy fries and beef gravy (which was suprisingly good I didnt expect to like it) and almond milk (go figure) with some ground beef( from another week was $1.99/lb), canned tomatos (hunts last week sale) and a can of sliced potatos (can-can sale)
    he served the “stew” over the easy fries sooooooo yummy…

  • Tara

    I have been to shoprite so many times in the past 4 days, I think the cashiers are starting to talk!!! LOL

    • me too, Tara! The guy stocking shelves definitely gave me a second look when I went in for the second, er, third time on Monday.

  • G

    Every time i go to shoprite the shelves are clear!!!!! The fries and the gravy! I haven’t been able to get one deal yet! 🙁

    • Susan

      I feel your pain G. Don’t worry, there will be other deals I promise.

      • Beth G.

        Had the same thing today… the V-8 juice was the only deal that was fully stocked.

  • all – let’s not forget that you can get your ketchup for all those fries!! 🙂
    4 gravies, 1 ketchup, 2 $1/2 gravy coups, pay $3.99, get $5 back.
    add it in instead of the gravy with your fries transaction (pay $6.99, get $8 back).
    both are still moneymakers (just not as much) and you could really use the ketchup!!

  • Kathie

    For you folks who have been able to do this deal multiple times, are you leaving any on the shelves for others to get in on the deal????

    • jmontalvo213

      Thank you, I just went to Shoprite in Wallkill NY. No fries in frozen section, asked the stock guy, he said some one just called him the other day regarding 30+boxes…..They were suppose to get a shipment of fries today, but it got scratch from list, apparently the warehouse for Hudson Valley is out of stock…

      I wonder why????

  • Alex

    I did the deal 3 times on 3 different days and between 2 diff. stores. As of today both stores had a good stock on hand and both stores also had an extra display area set-up for their gravy in addition to their regular location.

  • jenelle

    I went to shoprite tonight with my dad to get him some gravy. There were about 8 jars of gravy that someone had peeled the labels off and left the jars. We are getting great deals on these already. I was shocked someone wouldn’t just have bought them and took them off and used them the second time around.

  • amy

    I saw five dollar credit says only one per family. .so ill pass on any more..but sweet!

  • Susan

    My Q’s are for the Ore Ida Instant Mash..But I managed to snag some gravy across town on my my lunch hour..Whew..the things we’ll do for deals! Got my Fantastik too…thanks Cindy! I also picked up 3 more Knorr stock and used my $5 Cat from the Prego. 🙂

  • hanna

    Ore Ida is out by Wed morning. Customer service gave me a rain check right away because she didn’t know if they were getting any more this week.
    This is on Long Island SR.
    Also they didn’t sell V8 smoothy there.

    • Lauren

      Hanna, they sell them at the Happauge SR. Picked them up yesterday and there were a lot left.