ShopRite Preview Deals Week of 10/16

ShopRite Preview Deals for Week of 10/16/11

Here is your ShopRite Circular Preview Ad for the week of 10/16

Here is a short list of some of the great deals available starting on Sunday.  Feel free to add anything you find in the comments below.  And, be sure to check back on Saturday for the complete match ups.

Note: This is only a guide of some of the upcoming deals.  Since it’s early in the week, deals may be tweaked here and there as we find out more information on coupons, restrictions etc.

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  • Christina


  • I saw some awesome prices on colgate tooth paste and tooth brushes too!!


    Cindy, when you click the link for the land o lakes you have to sign up to receive offers so I did so and the coupons available were for half and half and butter. The cinnamon butter coup may not be available any longer.

    • anan

      It wasn’t there for me when I signed up.

      • Rachel

        Was not there for me either.


    The Arrid coupon is also no longer available.

  • karin

    The aarid coupons are no longer there. Signed up on site, so we’ll see what happens.

  • janet

    Re: Cambell’s Slow Kettle Style Soup – I saw it at Walmart a few weeks ago and recall that it was over $3. But Walmart can be funny with their prices. They are not always the lowest regular price in town on every item. YMMV

    • Lady J

      It’s perception. People perceive walmart to be the cheapest – so they assume that the prices there are the best. It’s like car repairs. People perceive the dealership to be expensive – so they don’t check the prices there. But sometimes prices on major repairs are actually cheaper at the dealership than at places like PepBoys. I know for oil changes, my car dealership is $10 cheaper than all the other places I’ve seen – and thery’re using factory parts which the other places aren’t using.

      You really have to know your prices and not assume something is cheap or expensive based on name or location.

      • Lisa

        I was just at shoprite yesterday and priced the soup which is around $3.50.
        The coupons that I have are for $1.25 off and one. Which would make them free if the add/price is correct. May be regional – I live in CT.

      • janet

        Exactly! Constant vigilance!

  • MD

    Does ShopRite have to honor the price in the circular even if it’s a typo?

    • Lisa

      They won’t in CT.

    • LK

      Mine doesn’t. They put up a sign saying it was a printing error and sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Ryan

        You Can Always Ad Match It To Wal-Mart If Its Typo Because The Don’t know It Is. They Just Ask To See Flyer

        • N Marc

          I agree Ryan. Its a bit sneaky buy hey- not my fault they misprinted. Walmart it is.

          • jill b

            omg, that would make the sale a money maker

            • MD

              I can’t find this soup in my SR circular. What page is it advertised as $1 on?

    • Bree

      I have never heard of a ShopRite honoring an ad misprint and they’ll have a sign up at Customer Service stating the misprint and what the actual price is.

      • Heather

        What page in the flyer is the soup on I can’t find it at any price.

  • Cindy, my Shoprite flyer (CT) says Land O’Lakes butter (8 oz light with canola or spreadable) for $1.99. Does your flyer specifically state the cinnamon sugar kind? I really hope that one is included since I have a ton of coupons for it. 🙂

    • Cindy

      No it doesn’t actually say that but it says spreadable so I’m hoping it’s included.

    • Melissa

      It will be included… inside sources – lol.

  • Kaitlyn

    Do we know if the carolina rice will be 99 cents again i finally ordered coupons but with the holiday they got here late. So I am hoping I can use more next week but i know its been on sale for a while…hmmm

    • Bree

      I think it will be – has been for a few weeks 🙂

      • Susan

        I was in my store on Wed, however tonight it was’nt.

    • Stacy

      I saw the same rice in Pathmark tonight for .99 also!

  • teresa pike

    the link to open the preview ad says that i can not open it. says that there has been an error and/or the page has been removed. how can i see it?

    • teresa pike

      never mind. after like 6 tries, it just openened for me. I would like to just say, i appreciate all of the info you give others on this site. I am a single young mother who takes care of my mother. And you have helped to make it possible.

  • kathy

    The Campbell’s Slow Kettle soup price should be 2.00. I work for shoprite. We have already received a disclaimer to hang.

    • Cindy

      Thanks Kathy. I appreciate the update on that. I’ll make a note on the post

    • boo i was so excited for free soup!

      • Yes me too. I ordered the coupons online for them:( I don’t really eat canned soup it was for emergencies so 75 cents is not worth it for me. My mom may buy the coupons from me

        • 0246

          see above about price-matching — you can get the advertised price at target or walmart.

        • Lisette

          Where do you buy your coupons?

  • meli


  • Vanessa

    4 day sale has the Entenmann’s little bites on sale for 1.88 – .50 entenmann’s printable = .88 per box. I have used this coupon in the past for these muffins with no problems. Great price for a quick snack for the kids 🙂

    • Stu

      Vanessa, If the coupon you are referring to is the facebook printable then this clearly states “on any Entenmann’s (6 count) Mini Cakes” so should not be redeemed for the Little Bites.

      • Vanessa

        I dont remember where I printed the cp from, but it worked on the little bites. It may have been a fluke, one time thing but worth the effort.

    • did you use the mini cake coupn?

      • Vanessa

        yes, it worked for me last week.

        • Stu

          the point is it shouldn’t be used on the incorrect item.

          This is not the intention of the manufacturer and by doing this you are risking the manufacturer not issuing more coupons or the stores tightening their policies.

          • Vanessa

            I can agree to an extent but dont believe that is completley accurate. The value of the cp are already worked into companies large marketing/advertising budget before they are even distributed. The manufacturer and store alike are not loosing out if the cp works, it is still the same value being deducted from that budget reguardless of the item. I agree if the coupon happen to be working on a completley different item, but not a slight variation of the same thing. Marketing is still achieving their very intentional objective of consumers purchasing their products and shopping at their stores.

            • Stu

              It is of course true that the value of the coupon is already worked in but the company wants you to try the new product which is why the specified a specific product the coupon can be redeemed on. Granted they do not lose any money but they lose you tasting the new product which is their intention. If they wanted it to be redeemed on another item they would have stated this.

              I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.

              • Vanessa

                Thousands of cp are for itmes that have been on shelves for years, incuding entenmann cakes 5 count and 6 count. Yes, there are alot of high value cp to entice consumers to try new products, but companies also distribute coupons for things that have been selling so you see their item as a good purchase over competiors. Either way, new item or old item the company still profits and I believe that is their intention.

                I agree that we’ll have to agree to disagree 🙂

                • Angela D.

                  So to start a fire here… but the company is as you say “losing money”. They are losing part of the profit margin that would make on little bites. They are willing to give up that extra profit on the new product to build the product sales, which would provide a payback later. Sorry to sound like such a stickler but it does in fact cause companies to tighten their policies and stores to more heavily scrutinize couponers when coupons are misued. This is coming from a Finance person who does work in the budgeting of sales and marketing dollars.

                  • Vanessa

                    No fire. I am genuinely interested in the finance perspective. I understand that is the case when companies are marketing a new product, but cant see how the same applies when marketing campaigns are trying to keep an item competive.

            • Lisa

              I agree to disagree…

              It is simply not right to use a coupon for the item that has not been purchased – (this includes sizes, strengths, ultra, etc.). The point is to purchase the correct item, doing anything else is fraud.

              • vanessa

                Point taken, it was not intentional when I used the cp and am sure that people have had instances of a cp doubling when it should not have or a cp work on the mega roll when you should have picked up the mega soft roll. I am just trying to understand how it affects million dollar compaines that have already budgeted the cost so greatly that they limit their number of coupons.

                • mary

                  u got a point there..

  • Annie

    For the Summer’s Eve if the cost is $2.55 with the .75coupon doubling and the $1.50 catalina isn’t that a money maker? Not sure if I’m doing my math wrong. Thanks for everything.

    • Ruby

      .75×2=1.50. 2.55-1.50(coup. dbled) = 1.55-1.50(cat)=.05

      • Be

        Sorry, ladies, that’s incorrect. Here’s the calculation: $2.55 – $1.50 (cpn dbled) = $1.05 – $1.50 (Cat) = $.45 MONEY MAKER!

        • Annie

          Just making sure I wasn’t crazy! Have been a little lately with all these sales

          • Be

            I know what you mean. My freezer is so packed and I yet hardly spent any money the last couple of weeks with all these mega CAT deals. The idea of saving more by buying more is finally true with these CAT deals. Want so Heinz crispy fries? Or some Yoplait smoothies? Or pizza? It’s nuts. Anyway, have a great day tomorrow at Shoprite.

  • Stu

    Cindy, for the Emmi printable from (77477), the coupon states in the bottom right hand corner “redeem at HEB stores only”.

  • does anyon know if you can pay with catalina?I need to get a few more things before sales are over! gravy possibly fries if they ever get them in and smartones and since im down to 10 bucks was wondering if you can pay with catalinas.thanks!

    • Alice

      I’ve been rolling my cats all week for more gravy and last transaction was for items without coupons bread, lunch meat etc no problem – they are good for your next order so enjoy

  • Laura

    Help! Is anyone having trouble printing the $2.00/1 coupon for Nature’s Bounty vitamins? First you like them on Facebook, then they send the coupon to your email. It is only printing one per computer per facebook account here. It is a Brick’s coupon. Is there anyway to get 2 printouts per coupon? The deal needs (3) $2.00/1 coupons in order to be a Money Maker.

    • Vanessa

      I couldn’t get it to print even one. It looked like it went to the printer, but never printed.

      • Laura

        I know, I had the same problem. You can get one to print but you need to click on the link, go and sign in on to Facebook, then come back to LRWC site and click on link again which then takes you to the Nature’s Bounty FB page which you are already signed in on THEN you can print one…….and you wait quite a while before the printer prints it out. I was able to do this on 2 different computers with 2 different FB accounts. Try it again. Good Luck!
        p.s. we really need to stock up for the winter!

    • Janelle S

      If you got the free 1 week supply of fish oil caplets then there was a $2/1 coupon on them….I got like 4 of that sample so I got that coupon….check your samples…..FYI this coupon (on the sample) is only for the fish oil, just so you know

  • mike

    Looks like the cinnamon toast crunch hasn’t reset yet as it says i already printed 2 of them.

    • Lady J

      it’s been a long time. I printed these back when I was making $8 to buy 8 boxes of cereal back in March or April.

  • Dawn

    The finesse shampoo will be .49 cents after the 1.00 off coupon

  • Anonymous

    Is DiGiorno pizza good?

    • LORI B


    • Lady J

      we used to use digiorno – years ago. Now we use freschetta. You can always get a $1 Freschetta q – but these digiorno prices are really good. I need some more pizza. I’m really considering it.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the tips ladies. I will definitely give this pizza a try.

    • Carol

      Define good? Being in the NY/NJ area, I am spoiled. LOL

      • Angela D.

        One of my friends from NYC said it was “good”. I tried and did NOT think it was good. You never know though…. worth a shot. Pizzeria pizza is so accessible here, i don’t really feel the need to buy frozen pizza. Although I do buy Ellio’s for my 2 year old. He LOVES it.

  • Annonymous

    What is the R next to some of the Super Saver dates( SS 10/09/11 “R”)?


    • Marilyn

      Regional – not available in all areas

  • Michelle

    Does the Hefty One Zip bags also include the freezer bags?

    • Melissa

      Yes, 13-18 ct freezer bags or 17-22 ct storage (gallon & quart size).

  • April S

    Woohoo! Time to stock up on Dust & Shine, I love that stuff.

    Also, Johnsonville Chiken Sausage for $1.99 after coupon from the 9/11 RP or $1.89 after the IP! That’s an awesome deal.

    Desperately seeking stuffing and cranberry sauce deals for our food drive, if anyone spots any at SR, or S&S please let me know! Thanks!

  • Daisy

    A silly question:- If I buy 4 summer’s eve products in a same transaction, will I be able to get 4 catalinas?

  • Anna

    I have a question. I know SR allows 4 the same coupons per transaction. If I have 2 or 3 separate purchases can I use 4 coupons again for that item?.

    • Cindy

      Yes as long as it’s in a different transaction

  • jennifer

    Has anyone ever contacted shoprite via e-mail with a complaint? I have 2 times….and never have heard back from them either time. Just wondering if this is normal. I just don’t get the time to make phone calls with my job and such. So e-mail is generally the only way I can correspond. Thanks!

    • Steven

      I tried to contact SR twice via email and never heard back.

      • jennifer

        Great customer service. Ugh. thanks, thought it was just me. When I got home I notice my $5 catalina didn’t come off my order. Not sure what to do, bc I hate to just forget about it!

        • Kaitlyn

          you really have to call they never respond to emails like EVER! on the phone they are usually helpful

          • Steven

            I agree 100% with Kaitlyn on this. Call, do not send an email!

            • jennifer

              Thanks guys….I’ll deff make a call!!!

              • Laura

                I just had a recent experience where the manager of the Oakland SR in NJ accused me of using counterfeit coupons. It was the Farmland dairies coupon which I had printed out in B&W and draft. He didn’t open up the book, he just assumed. I called 1-800-SHOPRITE to complain about the attitude of the manager and his assumptions. They were very nice on the phone, told me that there was a counterfeit farmland dairies coupon in their records and they needed to investigate and get back to me. I gave her very detailed information about the coupon and also the website. I waited a week, heard nothing and figured it was over… response. Then about a week later she called me back! Very nice and said there was a difference between my coupon and the counterfeit ones. She is sending me a SASE which I will mail her my coupons in (I also told her I will include a copy of the page with the coupon on it from the site). She said they will mail me replacement Shoprite coupons. So, I am waiting for the SASE so I can mail them all in. Hoping for a positive outcome. 🙂
                Good Luck to you!

                • karin moore

                  I had things like this happen at the one in Lincoln Park, but never in Oakland. Except for the store layout, I love Oakland. Lincoln Park acussed me of making coupons up, I told them to cancel the order and take everything out of my cart. Went later to Oakland and they took them all no problem. Hope it was a one time problem!!!

  • janie

    Propel zero….on sale for $.77, use with 10/2 coupon from Pepsico moments for $1.00/5….$.57 each!

  • clipper81

    anyone know whos selling far east cousous $1/1 coupon? None on eBay.

    • Kaitlyn

      I couldnt find any either 🙁

  • Angela

    Have any of you figured out the best way to do the P& G deal? Or if it is even worth the math headache? If the pampers were included in the total it would be a no brainer. I do know that if you do the Pampers wipes part you can use the 50 cents off any wipes coupons. Sunday is the last day of the pampers wipes and diapers catalina. The diapers catalina is $5 off any diapers and mine doesn’t expire until Dec. 2011. The pre price plus total seems to be hitting on the baby back points as well as ShopRite Family rewards.

    • Steven

      I’m wondering if I got 2 Bounty Towels and 2 Charmin Big Rolls if that would get me the 2 $5 Catalinas from kitchen and living section and be $69.52 towards the spend $75 and get $10 Cat?

      • Laura

        The Bounty & Charmin make the deal for the kitchen and living. The Bonus cat states in the ad that ALL purchases must be made in one transaction to qualify. It is located in the blue strip at the very bottom of the page. You’ll need to purchase $5.48 from the Laundry section in order to get the bonus $10.00 cat plus the $5.00 Laundry cat. Two Mr. Cleans would do it, and I think there have been coupons recently for those products as well. If no coupons its still not bad. Its spending $5.58 to get the extra $15.00 in Catalinas. Good Luck!

  • sara

    About the summer’s eve products, is only one catalina per transaction.
    i bought two products last week and surprise! ……….$1.50 Catalina printed! i didnt know Where it came fom since i bought other items too 🙂
    Then i Tried the next day with one product and $1.50 printed again! So i was sure the catalina was printing from the summer’ s eve product 🙂

  • melissah

    the campbell’s slow kettle soup has a digital Q available on for $1 off 2 (loads directly onto shoprite club card). if you buy 2, this Q, stacked with the (2)$1 off q’s should make them a good deal.

    • Kathie

      I haven’t been able to get these to add to my card. I have all my info with the, then when I click add to card, it tells me to add a card.

      • Ev

        I get the same error also when I click to add to card, it tells me to add a card.

      • JT

        The only ones that will add to shoprite card will not have that “globe with exclamation point” symbol next to them — and there are only a few like that. most of the ecoupons are for other grocery stores, much like the digital coups.

  • Alie

    There’s a Kix cereal printable coupon either GM site for .85 or Coupon Network for .75. Ends up .30 or .50 when coup is doubled.
    Betty Crocker super moist cake mix and frosting on sale. Coupon for .75 off when you purchase both from Sunday paper two weeks ago.
    .60 printable for Smart Balance spread.

  • Be


    I noticed this on Shoprite’s site tonight. It expires tomorrow 10-15-11. Get $5 on your next shopping trip when you buy 2 $50 Visa gift cards.

    • Cindy

      The only problem with the Buy 2 $50 Get a $5 catalina is you wind up having to spend the $5 on activation fees so it kind of ruins the deal. But definitely keep your eye on these deals when you can snag a store or gas card. They make awesome deals because there is no activation fees.

  • Susie

    Anyone know when there will be something fun going on at SR anytime soon? Like Dollar Days or Tripple Coupons??? Or was that a one time deal??? That was so fun!

  • Britt

    Does anyone know if I would be able to use the $6/2 expiring 11/23/2011 coupon for the Schick Hydro Razor?