ShopRite: Smart Ones Entrees Only $0.47 each

ShopRite: Smart Ones Entrees Only $0.47 each

So, it looks like this Heinz Catalina deal at ShopRite this week is turning out to be even better then just some Free Heinz Gravy.  It seems that the Smart Ones is also working on the Heinz Deal even though it’s not listed.

Here is a deal you can do:

Buy 5 Smart Ones Entrees $1.67 each
use $1/5 Smart Ones Coupon or here
Pay: $7.35
Get a $5 Catalina
$0.47 each after coupon & catalina

So, here is the thing, since the Smart Ones are working, I’m guessing that the Ore-Ida may work as well.  Plus there is an Ore-Ida Catatlina that may be a double dip.  My husband is heading to ShopRite right now to test it.  If it works, I’ll update!  {Fingers Crossed}

Thanks Kathleen!

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  • Dawn K

    You know, I thought this might be the case since the picture on the flyer showed all these products. This week is going to be awesome! 🙂

  • Gosia

    lol now i am really excited:)

  • Jen G

    I have a coupon for $3 off 10 smart ones. If I buy 10, will I get two catalinas, does anybody know?

    • Kathleen

      Nope. I had a $4/10 coupon, so I got ten. Only got one $5 catalina. It was still a good deal, though!

    • No, I did the 10 and only got $5. Actually, nothing printed and I had to go to CS and they said it was just $5. (Shop Rite, West Deptford)

  • Kara

    Good question Jen I have the same one and would love to know the answer too.

    • Michelle

      I have the same $3.00 coupon. Can someone let us now. Thanks!

  • sidra

    Happy dance!!!! iam flying in the sky lol.

  • sidra

    we all love u ciny. God bless u and your family.

  • Joe

    TheSshoprite in Philly has stickers on the shelf that mention buy 5 get a free satisfying selections entree so it’s actually less than the $0.47 each

  • CC

    I bought 5 gravies and 5 smart ones and only got 1 cat…should I have gotten 2? Would it be worth emailing catalina?

    • Cindy

      They are the same deal so the deal looks to only be working once per transaction

      • Margaret W

        I’d like to try this twice. In order to get 2 Cats, will I need to use 2 different Club cards, or just 2 seperate transactions?

        • Aileen C

          Separate transactions will work.

          • mike

            can you do 2 of the smart ones deals on 2 separate transactions and get 2 cats?

            • Sandra

              yes, I did that with the gravy.

  • Shamara

    Just came back from Shop Rite and i did the Smart Ones deal, Did NOT get the CaT….. ;(

  • Traci

    Thanks so much Cindy! In the process of moving so these “no dish” meals will be great. Worked in Hamden, CT!

  • melissa

    no cat for me either in enfield ct

  • CC

    On ShopRite’s website there is an online coupon for $1/5 Smart Ones (the kind that is just added to your card)!

    • Ann

      I just added the e-coupon on the Shoprite app on my iPhone 5 minutes before checkout and it worked! Thank you!

    • Deanna

      can you use that with a paper coupon?

  • Jenny O

    I got the deal here in Westchester,NY! Man what an awesome week! I went right out and grabbed a bunch of deals and need to go back for some ones I missed!!!

  • Anita M

    got a few of these deals, however there were so many empty shelves….:-( I will try another SR tomorrow…and another the day after that…and another….Hello, my name is Anita and I am addicted to Shop-Rite…

  • Debbie G

    Hello Anita : My name is Debbie and I am also addicted to Shop Rite there at least 4-5 times a week ! This week maybe every day with all these deals !
    <3 them !!!

  • Amanda

    Whaa! It did not work for me in Parsippany . 🙁 At least I got the fries/gravy deal!

  • Jen

    Worked in Lawrenceville, NJ today.

  • Janet

    Does anyone know if this works at any stores besides Shoprite?

  • Annonymous

    Worked in Wayne, NJ, THANKS 🙂

  • Johnna

    Ok Shoprite HERE I COME AGAIN!!! So Ive been there 3 times so far and its only Monday LOL… See you tomorrow 🙂

  • Amy

    Does anyone know where I can get the Ore Ida coupons? or Hienz gravy?
    Thank you

    • Lianne

      Those deals do not require coupons. You get a catalina after buying them.

  • Lianne

    This deal with Smart Ones worked for me today at the Manchester, CT. I was super happy too because I told my Mom and got her all excited about it, we were both really happy when it worked–Thanks Cindy and Kathleen!