Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 10/28 – 11/03

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 10/28 – 11/03

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Laura

    what is the dollar doubler? as far as I know S&S only doubles to 99 cents.

    • Michael

      sometimes they have in their ads a coupon that will double coupons at $1.00 essentially making those worth $2.00. In mine whenever they have them in the ad there are only 3 of them.

    • Debbie

      A dollar doubler is a special cut-out coupon that is included in mailed circulars that are sent to some people. Depending on where you live, you may or may not get a circular that contains one. If you are so lucky, you can use it to boost the value of a manufact. coupon by combining them for a given item for even better savings!

  • brittany

    I am new to Stop and Shop..what are these “double dollar coupons” where can I find them?

    • Nataliya

      Brittany they are in weekly stop and shop ad, which comes to your house.

  • kerri

    the sale circular that comes in the mail has 3 dollar doubler coupons in the front page…a $1 coupon can be doubled to $2 but you need the doubler coupon to make it work

  • Dessa

    The $1/1 Jones Dairy Farm (sausage) Is printing $1/2 now….

    • i actually used a $1/2 (from smartsource page) at the store yesterday and it took off $2? not sure why but they were only $1.66 each then (3/$5)

      • kerri

        my sale paper said they were 2/$6 but scanned at $2/4 so i bout 4/$8 used 2 $1 coupon with the dollar doubler they were $1 each!

  • Vanessa

    If I got the $10 Olay Rebate last month for buying $30 of Olay products, can I do it again this month? (Too good to be true??!!)

  • Karen

    Are you sure you’ll be able to use 2 $10 cats off the holiday dinner? Sometimes there is a limit of using only one per transaction.

    • Sophia

      Today I did the $50 gift card deal to get the $10 holiday dinner Catalina and the Catalina states that you can redeem only one $10 certificate per transaction per day (I had originally gotten two gift cards but the first Catalina printed all screwy so I went to Customer Service who couldn’t figure out how to reprint the Catalina so they just gave me $10 cash. Suh-weet!) I’m still sort of tempted to get one more Catalina to test the validity of the limit but then if it doesn’t work I KNOW that I won’t let the Catalina expire and will order another holiday meal! Either way, $15 for a ready to go meal isn’t bad on a day when I can’t fathom getting out pots and pans to make dinner.

  • Christina


  • Michelle

    Just wanted to share my idea for the buy 10 save $3 deal that I am trying today.
    8 Hunts tomatoes $1ea ($8) use 2-$1/4 coupons with 2 dollar doublers
    2 Rotel $1 ea ($2) use 2-.20 printable coupons
    $3 instant savings
    Total should be $2.20 for all!

    • Michelle

      Confirmed! It worked! (my deal above) Also, Mann’s fresh cut veggies are $2 a bag, use the .55 coupon we printed last week and get great fresh veggies for .90!

  • does anyone know if the P&G going to be before or after coupons?


  • Beth C

    I get two circulars so I have six dollar doublers. Can I use them in the same transaction?

    • Michelle

      @Beth, just to be safe, I did 2 transactions. And then you can roll any Cats!

  • kerri

    I bought 2 bertolli sauces at 2/$4 used at $1 coupon and doubler so paid $1 each…also got a $1 catalina at check out

  • brittany

    anyone know how much the lay’s BOGO chips are? I hate how they don’t put a price on their BOGO’s

    • Michelle T.

      @Brittany, the Lay’s chips are $4.29 BOGO. Yikes! And I bought them anyway, since my son needs to bring chips for a Halloween party and there are no better chip deals I could find 🙁

  • Christina

    I got 5, $5 cats from the gift card promo on Wednesday. Can I use all $25 to pay in one transaction like in cvs?

    • brittany

      it says one per day per visit. I went to to two different SS and both did not scan, manager had to be called over and everything but they finally took it off

  • Allison

    Every time I go to Stop and Shop the cashier has a huge attitude. I stopped going there for awhile because of it and because I was saving a lot more at Shoprite where I’ve never had a problem. Well, I tried Stop and Shop again today and I came home so annoyed by the attitude of the cashier. I needed to break my order into 2 in order to use both sets of doublers, which I did without complaining but I can’t say the same for the cashier. I just think the rude comments and attitude are a little extra, just do your job and keep it to yourself. Sorry, I just needed to vent and I won’t be going back there for awhile again.

    • Linda Hughes

      I can totally understand your not wanting to do there for a while, I don’t appreciate it when I get attitude, its like the money is coming out of their pocket or they just don’t want to do the extra work! I love when I get a cashier who tells me, “Great job!” or , “Now that’s the way to shop smart!” I am starting to know the cashiers that appreciate a good couponer and I look for them in my store.

  • Lori

    My S&S had Kraft booklets w/ over $10 in coupons…now the coupons says “retailer coupon” and not “manu coupon” so can you stack these? I asked at CS and one girl said yes but then another said no.

    • sounds like store coupons, i don’t see why not. Just make sure you point out that they are store coupons and not manufacturer coupons 🙂

    • Meli

      where did you find these?

  • Tiffany

    Allison TAKE ACTION!!!! Go to the Manager and tell them the issues you have with the Cashier. A couponer should never have issues. Cashiers are there to scan and see the big savings hahaha

    • Allison

      Thanks Tiffany, you are right and if it happens again I will do that!

      • shally

        Yes Tiffany is right…..few months back when they had cat printed for Greeting cards, one of the cashier showed me huge attitude by ignoring me & talking to other cashier( who was there to bag)” Oh my God! these card deals, I’m so sick of them” I didn’t said anything & then she almost threw those card towards me rather then giving me in my hand …I couldn’t control, I asked her if she’s unhappy she should talk to her manager for change of the shift…it’s a legal deal I’m doing so can’t show me all this….came back without buying all that stuff…wrote a huge email to the manager & next day manager called me to apologies on her behalf & also send me $25 gift card……so please take action we are not doing anything wrong if we try to use Q’s or take advantage of the deals which they advertise…

        • pk

          shally – good for you!!!!!!!!!!
          i need to get some thick skin and do that next time i encounter a similar problem.

  • shally

    Cindy, Link given for bertolli pasta sauce Q’s is not working for me….none o fthem is taking me anywhere….

  • Annon.

    Am I the only one that sees Tide detergent as being ridiculously overpriced for what it is(100 oz, usually around $15)?

  • kim

    I just loaded to my stop n shop card from there website.. A coupon for $1.00/2 Juicy Juice.. Old el paso $1.00/2…Campbell’s .50 cents off one…Purina Dry Dog food $2.00 off one..And Kraft Mac and cheese .50 cents off one..can I combine theses with manufacturer’s coupons? Thanks

    • Myrah

      You absolutely can. I always use paper manufacturers coupons stacked with the ecoupons that I load onto my card. I’ve never once had a problem.

  • Mer

    I bought five olay cleansers and got the cat. Works on psp

  • Amy

    My husband just bought 4 Bertolli pasta sauces. 1 garlic alfredo, 1 four cheese rosa, and 2 five cheese w/asiago and fontina cheeses and no cat printed. He went to Stop n Shop on Cape Cod. Can anyone tell me is the deal still working and what exactly they bought for the bertolli sauces to produce the cat. Thank you in advance I am new to this site.

    • hanna

      I thought today 30th is the last day of the Cat and I did it today, worked.
      I bought 2 Marinara and 2 Tomato & Basil. Got $3.75 Cat.
      I am in NY, you should write to Cat.

  • Sobeida

    what happened to the 4 like coupons from P&G? you have use 6 Q in the Olay deal

    • Sobeida

      would the Register accept them?

      • Kelly

        I was wondering the same thing… Has anyone tried this deal?

    • The coupon does state only 4 per purchase, I seen someone posted above that it worked for them when they bought 5

    • Cindy

      Sorry about that one. I forgot all about the limit 4 when I was writing up the list.

      • S&S’s coupon policy is to accept up to 16 like coupons in one transaction. They only double the first 4.

  • Staci

    The season’s delight cool whip is on sale at the Freehold store, 2/$3. There was a printable coupon a couple of weeks ago for $.75 off of 1. After doubling, this was free, and it is sooo good! Thank you for the match-ups, Cindy!

    • jen

      Great find! I need to bring cool whip to my son’s party, free is always better!! 🙂

    • Rei

      The french vanilla is yummy especially when it’s FREE!

  • Laura

    Found some extra deals tonight at the S&S in Brooklyn! The Lysol wipes are onsale for $2, there is a $1 off coupon in the October All You magazine (I believe it’s October) – you can use your dollar doubler and this will be free!!! Love these, especially the ones in the purple package, they are amazing! Also, Edy’s ice cream is not being advertised as being onsale, but I purchased a tub of pumpkin ice cream and it rang for only $3 (original price $5.79)! Powerades are also not advertised as onsale, but they are scanning at .88 (marked down from $1).

  • Audrey

    Maybe I missed it on your posting, but here it is anyway. Like Cool Whip on facebook, get a 75 cent coupon( you can print 2), S&Swill double that coupon to 1.50$ and they are on salefor 2/3. Just in timefortheHolidays, stock up now….

  • TINA

    cindy, i didn’t see deal swiss miss and snackwell get $3.00 off. and can i use $3.00 doubler coupons for 1 transaction?

  • alicia

    on my circular it says you have to spend $15 to use the doublers. is that before or after coups? i would assume before, but you never know…

    • Michelle

      Alicia, my order totaled $15 and change, and after coupons, my total was $1.65! Made my day 🙂

  • Clare

    Does anyone else have the $1/2 Totino’s coupons?. I am not sure what inserts they were in, I have several with different expiration dates but cannot see them in any coupon database.

  • There is a Barilla $1.00 Off 1 Jar coupon from their Facebook (not sure if it is still available, I printed earlier this week). If you use the Dollar Doubler it would be free…. Plus the catalina deal on top of that if you buy multiple.

  • Tricia

    TruMoo? Where? I dont see it in the circular…….. I like chocolate milk