Target Coupon Match Ups 10/2 – 10/8

Target Coupons Match Ups 10/2/11

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Remember, you can stack Target Coupon with manufacturer coupons for the most savings..  These prices may vary at your local store so please check your prices before making your purchase.

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  • Kim Johnson

    I just wanted to let you know that the link under the Clorox 2 on your Target coupon match up isn’t working…it doesn’t take you any where…you just sit there…it is the last one on your page.

    • Cindy

      Kim, Should be working now!

  • tj

    I recieved a target mobile coupon for $2 off of two pretzel M&Ms. I believe that this could be stacked with the $1 on 1 to make them .50 each.
    Is this correct?
    Thank you.

    • Nwan

      Yes! I just came home from there and stacked the mobile with the manufacturer.

  • Pat

    Same for me on the Clorox 2

  • Ruby

    Me too on the Clorox!

  • Siobhan

    Pepsi Soda 2 liter – $1.33
    $0.55/1 Pepsi Max 2 liter from the Pepsico Moments 10/22
    and use $0.50/1 Pepsi Max 2 liter Target Coupon Tailgating Booklet
    $28 each after coupons

    Did you mean 28 cents each?

    • Cindy

      Siobhan, should say $0.28. Has been fixed, thank you.

  • My target refuses to accept my coupons from my phone.

    • Charlie

      they have to its from Target…that’s obsurd!

    • Sandj

      Thats silly! Its their own coupons! Did you call corporate?

  • erin

    where do you get the target tailgating booklet?

    • Cindy

      Erin, my local Target was handing them out about two weeks ago.

  • cathy

    I am unable to print the coupons from targets. I can print from any other sight?
    Any suggestions??

    • Cindy

      Cathy, you can try to print them out in the store at guest services. I know they used to allow you to do that not sure if they still allow it.

  • Susie

    Where do you get the Target Coupon Tailgating Booklets from?????

    • Cindy

      Susie, they were given out in the store around Sept. 25th. Some may have received them in the mail as well.

  • melissa

    How do you use the target mobile coupons?

    • Cindy

      Melissa, on the mobile coupons there is a unique bar code the cashier scans at checkout like a regular coupon. They will scan the screen of your cell phone, very cool!

      • How do you start receiving the coupons on your phone? I’ve searched the site and apps?

        • Stephanie

          Send the word coupons to 827438. Then follow the prompts

  • Marty

    My local Target took the $3.00 maufacturers coupon, then FINALLY took the $3.00 Target Olay coupon from my phone after calling over the manager and proceeding to loudly tell me you cannot use two coupons. I calmly told them they did not know their own policy about using a manufacturer and store coupons (they refused to even try to scan my phone). In a very loud voice, the manager said he was going to allow it this time only, and put it through. The long line of people behind me (one of whom lives down the street), were giving me daggers! It will be a while before I step foot into any Target again after being treated so rudely!

    • Dawn

      NO, you cannot let them treat you like that, you need to write aletter to their coprorate offices and explain and describe the entire scenario. the manager will def be reeducated. They are not permitted to put themselves or customers on ‘display’, and cannot make an ‘example’ out of a customer either. You have alot to complain about. And they need to be re-educated. Also, does Target have a written coupon policy? If so, always carry all policies w/ you. When you visit that store, take a moment to review it, so you know where to reference issues quickly to show them. I hiope you get some sort of satisfaction from contacting the Corporate office!

  • Stephanie

    I also can not print the Clorox. It takes me to the take the pledge page but there is no coupon. Any help would be great!!!! Love your site thanks so much!!!

    • Cindy

      Stephanie, after you take the pledge it will take you to an “Activites” page its on the far right it says “Earn coupons for up to $3.00 off your favorite Clorox 2® product when you complete 5 or more activities.” So you complete 5+ activities and you get the coupons. Hope that helps!

  • Alison

    there is a great toy deal at target this week as well:
    My Little Pony Pinkie Pies car is advertised $17.99 and there was a $5 coupon this week in my paper it was a ” take time to play” playskool coupon insert.

    so it would be 12.99 and it looks really cute.

  • Amanda

    I was wondering where the Target Coupon Tailgating Booklet could be found, and if you knew if they were still available?

  • carletta

    I went to target today and i tried to use a coupons for 1.50 off shaving cream and the store cost was 1.47 the manager said i couldn’t use it because it was 3 cents more than the product. is anyone having these proble?

    • Kerri

      I used my skintimate coupons the other day. I brought the trial size for $1.47 and the cashier scanned the coupon no problem. It should be used for overage for the rest of the items in your cart. If not, then they should then reduce the coupon value to $1.47. The coupon for the shaving cream does not give a size restiction, you should be able to use it on the trial size. I would try again. If they still you a hard time, take the manager’s name down and write to corporate.

  • Britt

    Does Target give rain checks if an idem is all sold out by time I get there?

  • Natalie

    i can’t find the archer farms pizza coupon.

  • Marsha

    Wanted to let you guys know that there is an awesome deal at Target right now if you got the regional crest whitestrips Target coupon:
    The Crest Advanced Vivid and 2 hour strips are both on sale
    the Advanced Vivid are on sale for $34.99
    The 2 Hour strips are on sale for $39.99
    AND they are offering a $5 gift card (not advertised as far as i could tell) on all whitestrips

    USE: $7/1 Crest 3D White Whitestrips Item @Target, exp. 10/31/11 (RP 09/25/11 R)and stack with
    $7/1 Crest 3D White Professional Effects, 2 Hour Express, Advanced Vivid, Stain Shield or Gentle Routine Whitestrips, exp. 10/31/11 (P&G 10/02/11)
    so after coupons and giftcard the Advanced Vivid strips are $15.99
    and the 2-Hour strips are $20.99!!

  • Kelsey

    I went to Target today, I found Listerine mouthwash with a free travel Listerine bottle on clearance for $4.24. There was a $1.oo off Target coupon attached to it, and I had a $1.oo off printable coupon. So it came to a total of $2.24. I thought this was a great deal to share!

  • Laura

    I am having so much trouble using coupons at Target. I’ve been to two locations and have had issues at the register with my coupons not scanning correctly and/or not being accepted because the coupons are for $1.00 off and the item is only .97 cents. The first trip I made the manager was rude, mean and messed up my coupons so badly that after a 30 minute check-out she refused to accept some of the coupons and “accidentally” didn’t scan the others (though she took them). My coupons were printed appropriately and correctly, were for the correct items, were not expired and I had no more than the allowed amount. I was made to feel like a criminal when I was just trying to use coupons. Tonight, I went to another location hoping to avoid these problems and the manager refused to take any coupon that was more than the item. So, because of the .03 cent difference in the coupon, I couldn’t get my “free” cat treats or Tide products. I think I’m going to be washing my hands of Target all together. I’m so disappointed. Is anyone else having trouble at Target?

  • Laura

    One time I tried using 2 coupons on a gift card deal for 2 products – one manufacter coupon foreach. However, the cashier refused to scan my second coupon, saying that it would not work because since it is a gift card deal, it counts as one item. I went to customer service to ask about it, and they said the same thing as well. Is this true? Because.i have seen on some of your gift card deal coupon matchups that you have several coupons used for each item. Thank you!

    • Michaela

      I’ve used multiple coupons on gift card deals all the time. There is no restriction in their coupon policy.

  • Becky

    The Aquafresh coupon is gone.

  • pat l

    just to let you all know out there target posted NEW free sample today MiraLAX laxative so go to free sample page and request your sample