Update on Peanut Butter Stock Up Deals

Update on Peanut Butter Stock Up Deals

The other day I mentioned that Peanut Butter Prices will be rising in the next couple of weeks so it’s time to stock up.  Here is an update some some of the Peanut Butter Deals going on right now.


Another option is a decent deal on Amazon:

6 Jars of Skippy Naturals Peanut Butter for $11.99 when you choose Subscribe & Save.

If you have a great deal on Peanut Butter, please let us know.

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  • Betty

    I was very fortunate somebody just gave us 6 jars of pb.Dont think with 5 kids it will hold us to long.

  • KB

    I was able to grab a bunch from Weiss for $1 and it came with a free loaf of bread for each jar purchased.

  • Kelly

    Wegman’s has their store brand PB locked in at $1.29 through then end of the year.

    • Lady J

      I’ve never stepped foot in Wegman’s. I know people like it, but when I ask enough questions – people will usually tell me that it is very expensive. I will have to keep it in mind if these peanut butter prices get bad. I currently own 12 jars of peanut butter with 2 people in the house that will eat it. We’ll see.

      • Lisa Cox

        @ Lady J, like any other grocery store, Wegman’s has some expensive items, but it also has 30-some items with prices locked-in until 12/31/11, plus, if you get their card, they send both snail-mail coupons and at least twice a month, an internet coupon for $1.00 off seafood, salad, etc. Not sure if it’s next week or the week after, but I have their coupon for a free jar of Wegman’s peanut butter. Wegman’s is just another option for shopping when items are on special.

        • April S

          I have a friend of mine that won’t step foot in ShopRite, he says near him it’s way more expensive than Wegmans. Crazy, right? There’s a Wegman’s right up the road from where I work, but I’ve only shopped there maybe 2 or 3 times. I’ll have to keep my eye on the matchups, maybe I’ve been missing out.

  • Shannon

    My Shoprite had Peter Pan on manager’s special for $1.99 ($0.99 after coupon). Keep your eyes out!

    • Cassie

      So did my Shop Rite! I was able to get 4 jars for $0.99 after coupons. Great deal!

  • Karen Little

    If we only really like Jif, what brand would you all recommend instead. I know Skippy is much sweeter and we don’t like it as much.

  • chris

    Any deals on smuckers natural? (or any other that’s ingredients ONLY consist of ‘peanuts and salt’?)

  • Jackie Bushong

    Thank you for this info. I’ll be going on a “peanut butter” run this afternoon! :o)

  • Laurie A

    Just a note, for the ShopRite Skippy Catalina, it must be the Naturals only that is producing the cat. I bought two of the regular creamy and it did not spit out a cat.

    We’re strictly a Jif family, too, but for baking I can suffer with the Skippy if it’s cheap enough.

    Keep an eye on CVS for cheap PB. Right before school started they had Jif on sale 3/$5 – no ECBs and no limit. I bought 12 which we’ve used half of already and we’re not even through October.

  • jaclyn

    I bought Skippy Natural today at ShopRite and a $1.00 catalina printed up making this an even better deal.

  • cami

    Thanks to Cindy I already stocked up back in September (?). I have extra coupons (for P. B. and jelly) if anybody wants them.

  • Tink

    The skippy PB is 2 for 4.00 at SR and as long as you buy the Naturals it will print out a 1.00 cat

  • Laura

    I just pulled the Peter Pan Q from All You. It says DND.

  • Alison

    I just bought at Shop Rite Skippy regular PB it was 2 for $4 and used the 60 cent coupon that doubled, so it cost $1.40 each which is pretty good. There wasn’t a catalina, but my kids really like the regular crunchy kind of PB. I plan on going back for more this week.

  • Dawn

    Just wanted you to know, I bought 1 Smart Balance Rich Roast today to take advantage of the 1/1 coupon stacked with the .75/1 savingstar and…surprise surprise, I got a $1 cat for buying one!! My SR is selling these Smart Balance Rich Roast peanut butter for 2.49. Subtract the 1/1 coupon, .75/1 Savingstar and $1 cat and this turned into a small MM!!!! Whohoooo

    • Cindy

      I am having such a hard time figuring these Smart Balance Catalinas out. They keep popping up randomly and I don’t now what’s causing them. Did the catalina have any details on it?