Walgreen: Pampers Double Dip Deal

Walgreens: Pampers Double Dip Deal

There looks like there is a double dip on Pampers at Walgreens starting tomorrow.  The deal in the circular is, buy Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers, Buy 2 Get a $2.50 Register Reward.  There is also another catalina deal listed at Walgreens.

Here is the info on that catalina:

Pampers Diapers & Wipes
10/2 – 10/16
Buy $10 or more Get a $2 Catalina
Buy $25 or more Get a $5 Catalina

Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers are priced at $10 each and the Pampers Wipes are priced at $2.49 each.  Here are some deals you can do to take advantage of both the Register Reward and the Catalina:

Buy 2 Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers $10 each
-(2)$1.50/1 from the 10/2 PG
– (1)$2/1 Pampers Diapers from the  (Walgreens, New Infant Care) – $4 will deduct!
Pay: $13
Get a $2.50 Register Reward
Get a $2 Catalina
$4.25 each after coupons, RR & Catalina

Buy 2 Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers $10 each
Buy 3 Pamper Wipes $2.49 each
-(2)$0.1.50 from the 10/2 PG
– (1)$2/1 Pampers Diapers from the  (Walgreens, New Infant Care) – $4 will deduct!
-(3)$0.50/1 Pampers Wipes Coupon from the 10/2 PG
Pay: $18.97
Get a $2.50 RR
Get a $5 catalina
$2.29 each after coupons, RR & Catalina

Buy 3 Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers $10 each
-(3)$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers from the 10/2 PG
-(1)$2/1 Pampers Diapers from the Walgreens,New Infant Care Book – $6 will deduct!
Pay: $19.50
Get a $2.50 RR
Get a $5 Catalina
$4 each after coupons & catalina

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  • MC

    What is the New Infant care book? How do i get one? thanks….

    • Priscilla

      I would like to know that also 🙂

    • felicia

      Ask the pharmacy about it, mine was hiding them behind the pharmacy counter. My boyfriend took a second job and works there part-time (love the 15% discount!), he said normally the cashiers won’t know (or care) but he said you can always ask a manager and if they say they don’t have them, ask when/if they are going to get them.

      • enalyn

        I tried toget this deal last monday and went to the pharmacy and ask for the Infant Booklet and they are no where to find. There are other booklets displayed at the pharmmacycounter but not there. I asked one of the pharmacist but she said they don’t have it. Last week,I went there a gain and I found Walgreens Infant Booklet but its only the Triaminic coupon and Pedialyte coupon,No Pampers coupon. I guess, I’ll try just using the UPC codes w/o the coupon if it works….

  • Arcy

    Me too

  • Jim

    the infant care book is a rare animal, a shy and timid one. it spends it’s time hiding in the cosmotologist’s register area, but sightings have been reported near the pharmacy. myself, i think it nothing more than a mythical creature, a legendary beast that has spawned more stories than the greeks, for i’ve never seen so much as a trace of one. some managers of different walgreens have told me such a thing is a shipment at random, select locations — but i think they are part of the hoax.

    • Anonymous

      Conspiracy Theory! Got to love Walgreens tactic to drive people to all their stores.

      • Liz V

        It’s like the chupacabra of coupons!

    • Wendy

      Haha! I really did get one about 6 months ago. It was by the makeup register. And if you ever get one, they just scan the coupon you want to use, don’t ever let them take it, b/c they just throw it away at the end of the day. And you can use it over and over again. The booklet expires in Dec.

  • Anna T

    I don’t know if its true or not but I have heard people say that with Walgreens coupons you don’t need the actual coupon, just the UPC, The UPC for the pampers coupon is 0 0000005521 5. HTH

    • Hey All…

      That is true.. some Angel I call her a while ago posted all the codes in the book for the coupons.. not sure if it was this site or not.. ( I follow a few).. but the few stores I deal with have in fact let me just use the codes.. but the book is being sold or auctioned on Ebay for those of you that want one! Hope this helps someone.

  • cris in NJ

    Ive come to believe my walgreens does not participate in catelinas. Ive trie atleast 5or 6 of these double dip deals at walgreendeas and i always get the RRs but never the catelina, even. When i try to ask the manager there, he has no idea What i am talking about abd has never heard of catelinas.

  • Amy W.

    Anyone tried this yet? Would like to know for sure if it is working before I head out later this afternoon. Thanks!

    • i tried it and got both te $5 cat good for $5 off future pampers purchase and $2.50 register rewards….i did the 2 pampers and 3 wipes deal. hope that helps!

  • Lindsay

    I think that Jumbo Packs are “bags” and the $1.50 coupon is off 2 bags. still a decent deal.

  • can you use the previous cat on the new transaction? or will it not roll..

  • Elizabeth

    I tried the catalina and pampers double dip today at my walgreens and the catalina that prints out for pampers is for $5 off a pack of pampers diapers, not off your next purchase, I was a little disappointed : )

  • Reply

    Its true you only need the upc code I forgot my book, they were out so they paged manager for the code

  • wendy

    Hey, I posted earlier saying that I had a Walgreens coupon booklet. I really do, but I have a confession to make, I have more. I took a whole bunch that first day I saw them. I didn’t know that they just scan the coupon and you get to keep it to use again. I have four that are complete with none ripped out and six with some ripped out. I would be glad to send these to whoever if they would send a self-addressed stamped envelope to me because I now know I just need the one, but can I even do that? Is that ok, legal ? I guess so. So anybody want to do this? Let me know!

    • arcy

      Wendy, i would love one and can send a SASE. Can you email me your info and I’ll send it first thing in the morning? arcyyoung1@gmail.com

      • wendy

        Sure thing Arcy! I’ll send you an email 🙂

        • Samantha

          I would love to have one of those booklets. Please send me a message at samanthabogan@aol.com and I will send you a SASE ASAP! Thank you so much!

    • karina

      hi wendy, have any left over?? email me kcabeza@gmail.com 🙂

  • karina

    wild for wags website lists all infant coupon codes, dont need book just tell them the code and they should be using them, I do!!! good luck

  • vai

    Hi I just brought 3 diapers ….I only got $2 rr only that’s it …can some send me the cataline customerservice # please I m really upset


  • Lyndsey

    I did the deal with 2 diapers and 3 wipes and got the $2.50 RR and only a $2 Pampers coupon back. I’m not sure why it didn’t trigger it with the $25 purchase. Oh well.

  • Same thing here.. spent about 27$ or so brought 2 diapers and 3 wipes and I got the 2.50 rr but only 2$ cat and not the five..guess the 5$ cat is only if u spend $25$ after coupons.. I returned the wipes..wasn’t a good deal

  • Same thing here.. spent about 27$ or so brought 2 diapers and 3 wipes and I got the 2.50 rr but only 2$ cat and not the five..guess the 5$ cat is only if u spend $25$ after coupons.. I returned the wipes..wasn’t a good deal to me