Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 10/16

Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 10/16/11

Here is the Walgreens Ad Preview for the week of 10/16/11.  These are just some of the highlighted deals for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.


Make sure to check out all the Walgreens Coupon Match Ups for this week.

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  • Adreanne

    Im excited about holding onto the shick hydro coupon from a few week ago!! I think instead of free it will be a MM!! Right?

  • Liz V

    I have a $3/2 and aWalgreens $2/2 Therflu I’d like to combine

    • Michelle

      The Wags Q in the October book is for the double pack (2 bottles or 12 packets), the one on sale is the single (one bottle or 6 packets). 🙁 But still a great deal 🙂

      • Cortney

        Boo! But yes, still a great deal!

        • Liz V

          aw shucks! that’s ok….

  • Dawn

    Does the Dove deal include the men’s deodorant? Its the only kind my husband will use he loves it..

  • Arizia

    So we should start stocking up on meds, right? 50 cent Theraflu sounds good!

  • Joe

    I remember a deal like this before. You have to spend $10 AFTER any coupons otherwise you won’t get the Rapid Reward.

    So the deal becomes by 4 for $20
    use (4) $2/1 coupon
    spend $12
    get $5 RR

    1.75 each after coupons and RR

  • Bud

    If the “filler” items require an in-ad scanned coupon, they wouldn’t count as filler items, since the scan counts as 1 coupon… or is there another purpose for filler items? What we call filler are low-priced items with NO related coupons/scans, so that they can count as one item, offering up their simple presence to free up the use of another coupon or register reward… what does everyone else mean by “filler”? Thanks!

    • Vanessa

      I needed several fillers to use 5a bunch of $1 & $2 register rewards, so I bought the 8 halloween tumblers for $1 WITH one in-ad coupon. It was one coupon for eight items, giving me enough fillers.

    • Cindy

      If you are using a walgreens coupon, they don’t count as a coupon

      • Bud

        Thank you thank you thank you! A friend also showed me, just this week. This should make Walgreens just a tad easier to navigate… we have many severely coupon-UNfriendly cashiers at the Walgreens in our area, so every little bit of help goes a long way.
        BTW, check the clearance area for travel-sized men’s Speedstick deodorants, one of our local Walgreens has them for 28¢~