Walgreens: Cottonelle Bath Tissue Deal Now Working With Ultra

Walgreens: Cottonelle Bath Tissue Working

Thanks to a bunch of you, we have determined that it the Cottonelle Bath Tissue Packs that are working for the deal are the Ultra Packs in the purple packaging.  So, be sure to get the Ultra.  I did the deal this morning and it worked no problem.

If you already did the deal and purchased the blue packs, you can probably exchange them and your register reward should print.

Here is all the info on the deal in case you missed it:

Register Reward Deal:

Cottonelle Toilet Paper Ultra Purple 12 pack
10/7 – 10/30
Buy 2 Get a $3.00 Register Reward (Catalina)



Buy 2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper Ultra (purple pack) 12 pack $5.00 each
-(2)$0.75/1 Cottonelle Coupon from the 9/11 SS insert
-$1/1 Cottonelle Walgreens Coupon ($2 will automatically deduct)
Pay: $6.50
Get a $3.00 Register Reward (catalina)
$1.75 each after coupons & RR

Buy 2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper Ultra (purple pack) 12 pack $5.00 each
-(2)$0.50/1 Cottonelle Coupon from the 10/2 SS insert
-$1/1 Cottonelle Walgreens Coupon ($2 will automatically deduct)
Pay: $7.00
Get a $3.00 Register Reward (catalina)
$2.00 each after coupons & RR

Also, if you printed a $3/1 Coupon from another website, please do not use it.  That coupon is for Canadian Residence and not meant for US residences.

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  • Jessica

    Oh great, hahahah. I looked at the purple one & I said Nahhhh, I’ll get the blue, it has ridges hahahaha.. oooops. So they arent going to do anything for those of us who bought the blue packages?

    • Cindy

      You can probably do an even exchange and when they scan the purple packs, you should get the RR.

      • Jessica

        I stopped on my way to work this morning @ my 24 hour Walgreens, they’ll probably be out by the time I get there later. No biggie. $13.20 isnt too bad for 4-12packs anyways. I just recently hit my last few packs of free Marcal TP that i’ve been good on for the last year and a half… had to stock back up! haha

      • Ellen

        Yes, that worked for me. The first store I went to had lots of blue & no purple, so I went to another store which ended up being the opposite LOL

        • Ellen

          PS. What I meant to say was that I made the exchange at the 2nd store & was able to get the RRs.

  • Mary

    I’m curious–I rarely shop at Walgreen’s because I always seem to get confused and mess up–but did you need to buy extra filler items, given that you used two manufacturer coupons and the store booklet coupon? I have a small RR that I was hoping to use up also, but I hate having to figure out what unnecessary thing(s) to add to my order. If I use two Cottonelle coupons, one Walgreen’s booklet coupon, and 1 RR, would I need to add 2 items to my purchase?

    • Cindy

      No just 1 filler. The Walgreens coupons do not count in the coupon to product ratio. Only the manufacturer coupons and register rewards.

      • lucy

        At my walgreens I did need two fillers. Book Qs are consideted man Qs (says it on the coupon) and the register beeps. It’s dumb since I can still stack them.

        • Gina

          I needed a filler item and I bought a Halloween treat bag for $0.25. This way I was able to use my register rewards from last week making the 2 packs of toilet paper cost -$1 after RR 🙂

    • Kristine

      You would need to add one item since RR are considered Manufacturer coupons.

    • Evelyn

      Mary- you don’t need a filler for the walgreens q but have them scan the 2 manuf. qs first, then the booklet coupon. If you are using a RR, you will need a filler for that. I used a pencil. They are $.17 with the ad q. (which doesn’t count in your item count of qs vs. items).

  • can you use manf coupons that have family dollor on them exp 10/23/11 it says reedemable at family dollor does that mean we have to use it there

    • Lisa

      the coupon you are talking about says clean care toliet paper…if this RR deal only works on the ultra, I would say we cannot use the clean care coupon. not sure, but thats my thinking.

    • lucy

      I used them this morning without a problem.

      • Lisa

        just wanted to update this, I tried it and those coupons worked fine for me also. I didn’t think they would because they said clean care on it, but they took them without a problem.

  • Deena

    Was at my Walgreen’s in Western Mass. this a.m. and coupon did not print!! Manager had no idea what I was talking about. Other coupons (Fashion Bug) did print, so it was not the machine!! ARGHHHH!!!!

    • Deena

      Dopey me — I bought the regular ones. Going back to try the others!!!!

  • tiffany

    Is the wags coupon in the booklet in the front of the store?

    • Michelle

      The Wagreens coupon is in the tall skinny monthly coupon books that are next to the weekly ads in the front of the store.

  • Christina Mathers

    where do I find the wags coupon booklet?

  • Laura

    At my local walgreens store, the store coupon counts as against the coupon to product ratio. You have to have the same amount of products as you do coupons.

    • lucy

      My Wags too. Only the monthly book coupons though. Not the weekly ad.

  • Laura

    The coupon booklets are usually in the front of the store by the current ads.

  • simon

    I bought the regular. no reward printed out.. aghhh

  • Holly

    Went to WAGS this morning to do the deal. Bought 2 of the purple packages, and my $3 cat didn’t print out. Asked the mgr, and all he said was their sales start Sunday, and I tried telling him the Cat deal should’ve started today. I was in a hurry to get to work so I just had him void it out and refund my money (didn’t realize it didn’t print until I was doing my 2nd trans for more TP). Any reason why this wouldn’t have worked? I used 2 $0.75 q’s and the in-store $1 q. Thanks. Will try again if someone lets me know why 🙂

    • Stephanie D

      I have problems with a couple specific Walgreens in my area, I RARELY get the RR rewards I’m supposed to, but thankfully the one closest to me I’ve never had a problem. Give a different Walgreens a try and see if it works.

      • Holly

        I would definitely try another if there were some close by. I seem to always have at least 1 problem when I try to do my deals!! So frustrating. All my other cats printed that were supposed to, just not the Cottonelle one.


    Cottonelle has a new coupon on their ultra products, save $3 on 12 pack on Cottonelle ultra. May be that will be an awesome deal, I will try that now.

    • Cindy

      If you are referring to the $3/1 printable coupon, that is for Canadian Residence Only!

      • jiggi

        Thank you Cindy, the barcode looked different, it did not start with 5 or 9. i was just about to make fool of myself.

  • Anonymous

    A good morning to all, can anyone tell if this is working in PA ? thanks in advance.

    • Maria

      Reg & ultra worked for me in Easton, PA

      • paula c

        reg didnt work in Warrington for me wish i would have read before i went.

        • Anonymous

          thanks ladies .

  • Natalie

    I have a $1.oo off coupons for cottonelle 12 pack. One set expires on 10/23/11 the other 10/30/11. It was either from PA sunday paper or NY sunday paper few weeks ago.

  • Allison

    coupon also didn’t print in Norwich CT for the blue package. my wags doesn’t have any purple. bummer.

  • hanna

    Thanks for the update, I was just about thinking to get more toilet rolls!
    It worked in NY. Since coupon is good till 10/23 and deal is good till 30th, we should be able to do this next week if they are sold out.

  • Kim

    Shoot! I wish I would have checked this before I went this morning. I got the blue packs OF COURSE, and the register reward didn’t print, OF COURSE! Welp…I’ll just have to try this one again tonight with the purple packs if I can find them. Thanks for the tip!

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Someone already had cleared my shelf at 9:30 am! It is probably the same person that went to the Dollar Tree when they opened at 10 am sunday and bought ALL the newspapers. I got there at 10:15, 15 mins after they opened and they said they were sold out!

    • Lauraline

      I think some of the $ tree stores r getting aggravated about newspapers – some people r going through & just taking Qs – I have to go thru & check they r all there, manager complained I was doing this. I explained I was just checking that I got what I was paying for, nothing more. He explained that people were leaving rack a mess – just a heads up – keep it neat folks…

  • amy

    I had 4 $1 off 1 12 pack that expired 10/23…i don’t know when it came out though…..plus the Walgreens coupon so I paid $6.38 for 2 and then got the $3 catalina….so a little better!!!! I did the deal twice!

  • June

    I just tried the purple ultra at my store and it did not print. I guess I will have to return them since my store would not give me the 3 dollars for the un-printed Catalina!

    • didn’t print for me either

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  • Malinda

    Just a HU- This deal rolls………….tried it this morning.

  • Michaela

    Did it this morning in Dover, De. They ended up costing me a $1 with military discount. Thanks so much for letting us know the change in the packaging.

  • Carla

    Im in Brooklyn NY, went to two different Walgreens and tried both Ultra and non Ultra and No rewards printed….

    • Malinda

      I did it in Queens and worked flawlessly on the Ultra. Maybe your CAT machine was down?

  • desiree

    You are not going to beleive this, my wags wouldn’t take the manufactures coupons because they said, the “wow” on the package meant it was made for walgreens only, so they couldn’t except mani coupons because they wouldn’t get reimburesed for them!! Anyone ever heard this before??

    • jen

      I’ve never heard of this before. If it were me, I’d find out who the District Manager is and give him/her a call. Sorry but that is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard…even for Wags!

      • desiree

        lol…you read my mind. I just got off the phone with them, and they apologized and told me to come back and get it, their cashiers were “misinformed”, However, he did tell me he didn’t think i could use a mani coupon and the coupon from the oct. wags book, because they both say mani on them. Here we go again….

  • Amber M

    does anyone know if this is working in VA? Tried today with the blue, it didnt print…when i got home i called & asked about the purple, the manager said there were no RRs for cottonelle tp.

  • kat

    It is working only for the purple package in cherry hill, nj. Just make sure the scan manu. Coupons first then the Walgreens one. I didn’t know that until we couldn’t get it work : ) . Thanks for all you do here to help us save.

    • June

      Why should they scan the mfg coupon before the walgreens coupon? Will it make a difference? I tried the deal this morning and they scan the walgreens coupon first before I handed them the mfg coupon…..

    • Anonymous

      Kat is there still any Walgreen coupon books available in cherry hill? Also was there any cottonelle left? lol

  • Tanya S.

    I tried with the purple packs and sweet and salty granolas. No RR for either deal. (OH)

  • Dawn

    FYI – The windex outdoor cleaning system is on clearance at my walgreens for $3.99 and i had a $3.00 off coupon not sure what paper i got it from tho.

  • Julianna

    I haven’t tried this deal yet, but I wanted to let you know that as I was just clipping my coupons from this Sunday’s paper (I know, it’s already Friday and I’m just getting around to it – I’m a bad couponer), I saw that my SS had a $1/1 any Cottonelle Toilet Paper TWO (2) 4-packs or ONE (1) 12-pack or larger. It’s a regular Kimberly-Clark Manufacturer’s Coupon and it has pics of the purple, blue and green packages. I’m going to jet out to Wags after the husband gets home and keep my fingers crossed that they have a couple left.

    • Julianna

      I tried the blue ones in Orchard Park, NY and no RR. They were out of the purple and the cashier really didn’t give me an answer about having anyone check in the back. On a happy note, the Nature Valley Trail Mix RR printed fine, even with all of my coupons.

  • The blue packages worked for me and I got $3 back in RR. What my issue was that I used my $3 RR from my first trasaction and used it on my second trasaction which I also bought 2 more packages of toilet paper. I did not get the additonal $3 in RR because I used the $3 in RR from my first trasaction, I should have not used the $3 from the first transaction on the second so I could I have gotten an additional $3 on the second transaction.

    • rodney

      what i did was got the cherry sore throat drops and switched them back and forth for the cottenell they both gave 3 dollar RR and got cold drops for free

  • Marty

    I went to 2 local Walgreens, and both had absolutely no idea of the promotion. But, in their defense, both store managers rang a test run of the items to see if the RR would print. At the first store, the blue did not, and they looked on the walgreens website – nothing for them to know, other than the coupons in the monthly booklet, so I did not buy them there. The 2nd Walgreens had tons of the purple ultra, but still, no associates knew of the promotion. The manager was very friendly as well, and asked where I heard about this promotion (LRWC, I told her), and she ran a test run. She was happily surprised when the $3.00 RR came out. She voided that transaction and did another transaction allowing me to use my 2 $1.00 coupons from SS 9/11, and the Walgreens October booklet. The transaction came to $6.00, with $3.00 RR back, so $1.50 per 12 pack. In the past, I have found Walgreens associates to be a little rude and nonchalant, but lately, I have found them to go out of their way for every request I have made (multiple stores), and sincerely looking for the products in back when the shelves are cleared (and finding them for me!). Whereas I used to avoid Walgreens, I don’t avoid them anymore. Hope you all have the same experience. Thanks for such a great website!

  • Sarah Marshall

    Hey guys I tried this at my Ottawa IL Walgreens with the Ultra and did not get a RR? Anyone else have any problems? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • rodney

    no problems with me i did however went and got the blue ones this morning with no luck then came to see if anyone else posted about it and saw it was the purple and it worked so went back and got quite a few they were all surprised it worked and i think they are saving alot for themselves now just like the granola bars they had no idea about the 2 or 3 dollar RR im like there right hand man there everytime i go in they always ask if there was anything new not advertised so thanks LRWC for all your hard work

  • Grandma Bird

    Got the blue packs in Colorado with the RR no problem. and the granola bars too.

  • RN

    until when is this deal?

  • It didn’t work at the walgreens in los angeles:( !! boohoo !!

  • lisa

    i did great with the walgreens in sharon,pa. each cottonelle ultra was $5 she gave me $1 off at the register for each toilet paper. i also had a 75 and 50 cent coupon off. I then also got a $3 catalena. the cashier was amazed. I was the first to try it.
    total oop is $5.75 with a $3 catalena to use next week.

    total price 1.38 for 12 pack roll

  • Haseena

    Went to the walgreens by my house and they did not have the purple ones, so I decided to drive to another walgreen and my luck they were out too 🙁 I decided to give the blue ones a try and see if the catalena will print…it didn’t, but cashier was very nice and asked the manager if I can get a $3 credit because the store was out of the purple one and manager said yes 🙂

  • Anonymous

    went to wags got the cottonelle blue they gave a hard time no catalena but later went back to wags and told the other manager about what happened they tried it for me again and i got my rewards i did 2 seperate transaction so i got 2 rr told them how rude the cashier was so i will not be going to my local wags i will find a different one but thanks cindy and everybody who left comments it helped alot

  • Anonymous

    If I did not get my RR for the cottonelle what can I do? I went last night can I call Catalina ?

  • Worked here in Belfast, Maine 🙂 luckily I was able to get the last 2 purple packs.


  • hannon

    What is RR? Are these the coupons that print with receipts?

  • sailorman

    my store did not know a thing about the rrs….the manager looked all over the computer, the monthly and weekly deals and couldn’t find a thing….is there any place to show him the deal?

  • Jeri

    I bought the blue packs today and they worked for me!

  • hanna

    Purple one didn’t work, no RR. When I did it last week it worked.
    I am in NY and now working on blue?
    Also Cindy, where can I find the Cat deal written about this?

  • mindy g

    I got 2 purple packs n my rr printed out fine. I got 2 more used the rr but i didnt get a rr for the 2nd set. She said it was because i uswd a rr on it? Is that right? Im not sure of their policies so any feedback is appreciated!

    • hanna

      Yes, that’s the way Walgrenn RR works. If you used RR from other company’s deal, RR will print out but if you use RR to purchase same company, RR will not print out.

  • David

    It did not print the RR here in Bellevue WA. I had the manager try both blue and purple in two separate deals and the RR did not print for either

  • Nancy

    Was this register reward regional? I did 2 transactions today at a local walgreen’s and received no register rewards. First, the manager told me the stores rewards weren’t printing today, then I was told there wasn’t a reward on the cottonelle (purple packs).

  • Shannon

    I am in Auburn Wa and am heading to Wags tomorrow to buy two packs of the purple and see what happens. I used my 1/.50 manf coupon today and only bought one pkg but learned about the ‘booklet coupons’ today thanks to my cashier so I scored the 12 pk for $3.50 instead of $5 …in the meantime, can someone explain a bit more when to add ‘fillers’ as I am a bit confused…is that only when you are using RRs in the transction or ???

    Also I see mention od newspapers at Dollar store types. Do they really sell Sunday papers for $1??? I am soooo excited!! Love this site!!