Walgreens: Cottonelle Bath Tissue Deal Update

Walgreens: Cottonelle Bath Tissue Deal Update

As of this morning I have reports from several of you that the Cottonelle deal at Walgreens is not printing the register rewards.  I wanted to let you know in case you were planning to run out this morning.

I know that this deal was a deal that was sent from corporate to the stores, which is how I found out about it.  However, I’m not sure why it’s not working this morning.  So, you may want to hold off on the deal until we find out why it’s not printing.

If it works at your store, please let us know.



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  • Jessica

    wah =( well since I already did it, hopefully they can send them to me, haha.

  • Gabbi

    I’m in Florida and I stocked up this morning!!!! They had to scan the ultra packages in order to get the register rewards.

    • Cindy

      So, you are saying that they Ultra Packages are the ones producing the register rewards? How much are they?

  • Ericka

    Coupons.com is only letting one print of this coupons. Sucks.

  • adrienne

    Mine worked as well. I’m going to another store to get more lol. I’m in Alabama and I purchased the Ultra as well. It’s the same price $5 for a 12 pack.

  • Gabbi

    Well I bought the regular packages and the rr didn’t print so they scanned the ultra package. $6.50 total and $3 rr 🙂

  • Karley

    I bought four ultra (purple 12 ct packages) and received my 3 RR for both of my transactions…. btw, I am in the Cleveland, Ohio area

    • Karley

      Oh! I forgot to mention… they were still $5/package ($4 with Wags coupon)

  • Maria

    I did both in Easton, PA & I had no problems. Got 4 total 2 regular & 2 ultra (sorry that’s all that was left- so I cleared the shelf$).

  • Michelle

    I went this morning and I did not get the RR. Still a good deal but with the RR would have been sweeter. Hmm… I wonder if corp will send me something since there is a problem with the system.

  • kesha

    Did it out here in Newark,NJ and it didn’t work. Will have to try again with the ultra if that is confirmed. Will it still work if they just do an even exchange?

  • Heather Kinder

    Wish I saw your update before I went. Didn’t work in my store, but I still got 2 packs for $1 each. $1 off in store coupon and a wonderful $3 coupon I printed last week!

    Can we call Cat to get the printing or is it Walgreen’s only?

    • CreteCouponMama

      I thought that $3 coupons was for Canada only! I printed it when it went out on the blogs but thought it was wrong to try to use it since it clearly said redeemable in Canada only. Just wondering if this is the same q.

    • Cindy

      The $3 Coupon is for Canadian Residence.

      • Heather

        My Walgreen’s accepted it. Didn’t realize it was Canada only. Never even saw that on it.
        Guess that’s my RR then. I can’t be greedy. I was just so exited for tsuch a great deal.

  • dawn

    well i went to walgreens didnt get my rr the cashier gave me a hard time said i couldnt use store coupon and manufactur coupon but the manager came over and said just do it

  • adrienne

    I didn’t realize that coupons was for Canada only! I used two of them this morning. My Walgreens accepted them. I had NO idea.

  • Susie

    Didn’t work here in Cromwell, CT. They didn’t have the ultra. I talked to the manager and he said they didn’t get it in their usual shipment. I will be emailing catalina marketing and they should send me the $3 catalina.

    • B

      I did not get the catalina in CT but it’s because they only had the regular and not the ultra. I didn’t know that you can request these from catalina marketing, can you share their e-mail address?

  • Alimac

    Here in Raleigh-Durham, NC, the Ultra works, the regular rolls don’t. I purchased the regulars one first, saw this posting, and had to return them and then purchase the ultras, which did work. The cashier was a little rude b/c she was convinced that there was no RR promotion and that I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. She wanted me to do a simple exchange and when I requested her to ring me up for the Ultras (vs doing an exchange), she got all snitty. But as soon as those RR began to print, she was immediately contrite and was asking how I did it. Thanks so much for this blog! Without your comments I would’ve never known to purchase the Ultras!

  • Kathie

    I went this morning & bought 2 of the Ultras, worked without a hitch. Went back to get 2 more, but got the regular, and the cat didn’t print. The cashier there was wonderful and let me return the 2 regular and get 2 of the Ultra. 😀

  • Arizia

    didn’t work this am in DE on the regular ones. will try with the ultra this pm! hope it works.

    • Arizia

      Ultra worked

  • Angie

    Thank you all for posting this I will go back to Walgreens in the morning and see if I can get a deal on the Ultra, it makes me so mad though that me, my son and my step mom went today and got 6 packs and no RR’s at all~ I may take them back tomorrow and get my money back and try the Ultra to see if it will work~ What do you all suggest?

  • yolene

    I had also printed the coupon that said canada only so I then threw it away lol am not a normal waggs shopper bc i dont like that u cant use coups with ur rr but might have to try this bc i need tp bad

  • yolene

    how do u stock up on this idem i got two buy only got 1-$3 reward

  • Amanda

    When is this deal over? I am unclear on when this deal will end. Thank you!

  • I purchased the regular rolls about 2 hours ago and just realized I didn’t get my $3 RR. Came to the website and figured out why. I called the store and the asst. mgr said to exchange them for the Ultra. They’re all on sale for $5 minus the $1, so $4. Since I used my coupons tonight, they’ll just trade the packages tomorrow.