Walgreens Coupon Match Ups 10/9 10/15

Walgreens Deals for the Week of 10/9/11

Thanks to Coupon STL for this weeks match ups.

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  • Sarah

    is the neosporin deal working this week?

  • Steph S.

    I was able to score 4 packages of Cottonelle Ultra’s, 4 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars and 4 candy bars for about $8-9 dollars. My boyfriend was shopping with me and was lucky enough to find $2 worth of WAG bucks in the parking lot that I put towards the 2nd order! I bought 2 cottonelles first, got a $3 RR, bought the bars 2nd and got a $2 RR then bought some more cottonelle’s and between all the coupons and RR, I only paid $1 for the last purchase. It was awesome 🙂

  • Anita M

    what page is the cottonelle ad on? this is for the upcoming week, right?

  • Liz v

    They just opened a walgreens two blocks from our house and there is a special $3/$10 purchase coupon just for use at this particular store in my circular!
    Also, is there a bengay and Theraflu deal this week too??

  • Grandma Bird

    The Cottonell is regular priced at $5.00 per package so the deal is the rr when you buy 2.

    • Lidia

      Is the cottonelle RR still working?

  • Leslie

    Just in case you’ve printed out your limit on the Listerine, there is one posted on CVS.com for the $2/1 for zip 32958.

  • Anonymous

    you can do the cottonelle deal now

  • Liz v

    My bad-the Theraflu is NEXT week. They also have a curel/biore deal. 5.99 each, buy two and get $5rr. I have 2 $2 q for each brand, making my total $8. 5 rr brings them to $1.50 each. I’m hoping to use my $3/$10 coupon first to make these free.

    • Amy W.

      Is the biore deal for the pore strips?

      • Liz v

        It says scrub or 6/8 strips

  • Kara

    Here is what may be a very dumb question … Is there a difference between the the regular register rewards and the register rewards that say “(catalina)” next to them? I just wonder why in the list they appear differently.

  • EK

    i just saw that you can order on walgreens.com for free shipping for $25 spent. can you use coupons and receive RR when ordering online? maybe ordering online is not mentioned on this site because no one here would spend $25 oop.

  • Pat

    Has anyone who bought the regular Cottonelle instead of the Ultra tried exchanging and gotten the $3 RR ? I was so mad at myself for getting the wrong one. : (

  • kim

    Is the granola bar catalina still working today???

    • Campanita

      The promotion runs between 10/3/11 and 10/30/11 so yes, it still working, the good thing about last week was the price, they were 2 for $4, not sure about the price this week.
      Don’t forget to use coupons from the newspaper ( if you have some ) and the one from walgreens october book.

      • kim

        Thanks I will and I have 6.00 rr from the cottonelle!

  • Pamela

    I went and got listerine today, and the cough drops and the neosporin. When I bought the listerine a 2.00 coupon for any total care zero listerine printed out. so I went back and got another bottle because we go through this stuff like crazy, and I still have more coupons left. there was also a 1.00 of any listerine I think it was 1 liter or larger.

  • Arizia


  • Liz

    I dont know if this was posted yet, but at my Walgreens in NC,

    COVER GIRL blush is BOGO 50% off so with the $8/2 coupon you get both for free, plus overage!