Walgreens: Nature Valley Granola Bars Only $0.40 each

Nature Valley Catalina Deal

UDPATE:  The catalina does not seem to be printing right now at Walgreens.  I’m really not sure why but you can either try to show them this photo or simply call Catalina Marketing.  The contact info is listed in the FAQ section above.

Here is the catalina announcement thanks to reader Ueen!

Yesterday I posted about a Nature Valley Catalina Deal at Acme.  Well, I now have confirmation that it is available at other stores as well including ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Walgreens & Tops.

Here is the Catalina deal:

Nature Valley Granola Bars 6 count or Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters (excluded nature Valley Granola Thins)
10/3 – 10/30
Buy 3 Get a $1 Catalina
Buy 4 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 5 or more Get $3 Catalina

Available at: Acme, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Walgreens & Tops

You can also score a great deal at Walgreens starting tomorrow, 10/3.  Here is the deal:

Buy 4 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars $2.00 each
-(4)$0.60/1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Coupons
-(1)$1/2 Nature Valley Walgreens October Coupon Book ($2 will deduct automatically)
Pay: $3.60
Get a $2 Register Reward (catalina)
$0.40 each after coupons & catalina

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Thanks Tracey!

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  • sarah

    So it doesn’t start till tomor??

  • erin

    I got a printout that a&p is doing it too thru 10/30

  • Ueen

    Lol. Was too excited and did the deal today. I was waiting for the rr but nothing came out. Then i realized today is october 2. 

  • tara

    shoprite has them on sale this week for 2/$5!

  • Ueen

    Warning!!!!! I just tried this deal today with sweet and salty. No rr printed. Im glad i had the catalina advertisement with me and it helps me prove my claim.

    • Ueen

      Manager tried oats and honey and didnt work either. Got $3 gc in lieu of rr.

    • Cindy

      Ueen do you have a copy of the cat announcement you could email me so I could put it on the post.

      • Ueen

        You should have it in your inbox soon Cindy.

    • Ueen

      Another warning!!!!

      Even if it says 2 for 4. The wags machine are ringing them up as 3.99 and .01. I learned it the hard way. I bought 5 and I was charged 3.99 for 1 instead of 2. So I ended of stopping at another Walgreens to grab the other 1 for .01.

  • Liz V

    My walgreens has these for 2/5. I have the $1 off WG coupon, plus another two $1/2 from a cheerios box. That only brings me down to $6 for the 4 boxes, and $2 rr. I’m still paying $1 box! I don’t know if it’s just the Walgreens in NY that is 2/5 instead of 2/4???? I didn’t pick them up!

  • Gina

    I just went and got the 4 boxes and no RR 🙁
    I am in Fl so maybe they aren’t doing the RR here for them??

  • Judy

    I bought 4 nature valley today at Walgreens — no $2 RR printed for this (got others so the machine was actually printing).

  • Gina

    Is there anyone that DID get the RR with these?

  • Liz V

    Why are these granola bars causing this much trouble :p

  • Sara

    None for me in PA either 🙁

  • Amanda

    I tried this at ACME today and the CAT didn’t print there either 🙁

  • Campanita

    I tried it with the oats & honey flavor but the catalina didn’t print, I was lucky bc I had the catalina advertisement with me ( got it yesterday when I bought 4 boxes ) so I showed it to the manager and he said is bc you used coupons. I said no way, then he scanned them without coupons and still didn’t work. I told him that the same thing happened to me last week with the theraflu with lipton. At the end he gave me a $2 gift card, pretty sure they will fix it during the week. Too bad for the people that are buying and don’t know about the catalina 🙁

  • Frink

    Cindy did this update get the article reposted to the top of the blog? If it didnt it should have, i wouldnt have tried this deal if it wasnt working. Thanks.

    • Ueen

      Oh geez, it sounds like you are blaming Cindy.

      • Frink

        Not at all… just suggesting an improvement.

    • Cindy

      No sorry, it did not get posted to the top of the blog. My guideline for reposting something is if the original post was wrong, will not work at all or has been stopped. Probably about half the things I post each day need to be updated constantly which would make for a lot of repeated stuff clogging up the front page. Since the deal is actually a good deal with a glitch, I have updated the post. Meaning that you should be able to contact catalina marketing and get your catalinas if they did not print. If this deal was incorrect, then yes, I would post it up at the top. But since it’s a correct deal with just a glitch, I posted the update and how you can go about getting your catalina.

      • Frink

        Ok thanks Cindy that makes sense!

  • sarah

    I had the same thing happen as Campanita. (Walgreens) Manager tried to tell me it was because I used coupons and he rang it in as a transaction w/o coupons and it still didn’t print. Told me there was no record of the promotion in the system. gave me all sorts of excuses why he didn’t think it was working, then 20 mins later, gave me a gift card.

  • Karen Ramsey

    I am in Texas and did the deal in the morning and the evening with no catalina printing. Called corporate which had store mgr. call me. He said not in system, but I told him about the catalina advertisment that printed Sunday rgarding the deal. Don’t know what will happen…
    I bought 5 boxes in the morning for 3.99 and .01 with the 5th box being 3.99 can I relaly get another box for .01 if I go back with my reciept?

    What a mess…but couponing isn’t always easy, but worth it YES!

    • ueen

      Yes you will get the other box for .01. I did that yesterday. Take your receipt with you as they will scan the bar code before they scan the additional box nature valley box.

  • ueen

    I did this deal at Short Hills, NJ at 12:38 pm and RR printed. Yay… 🙂

    Cindy I sent you the pics of the RR.

  • Leslie

    Could someone send me the Catalina email so I can prove to wags manager? I think he would do the deal if I had some proof.