Walmart Coupon Match Ups 10/5

Walmart Deals for the week of 10/5

Make sure to print a copy of the Walmart Coupon Policy to bring with you to the store.  And remember, prices do vary so please check your prices at your store before purchasing.

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  • Dawn

    do these matchups include 10/2 and end 10/8 or are they starting 10/5 and ending……__/___? thanks

  • kristin

    How are the fruitables only $.98 after the $.55 coupon, did I miss something?

    • desiree

      I think it’s a typo, but just so you know, these aren’t the fruitables. The ones that are 1.98 are the small apples and eve juice boxes so I don’t think the fruitable coupon will work on them (it hasn’t for me every time i’ve tried).

  • Leigh Ann

    I was told Walmart wont double coupons…this was told to me by a Walmart cashier.

    • Dawn

      correct, the final price on the Fruitables was a mistake. HOWEVER, there are specific stores across the country ‘testing’ double coupons. But as a norm, Walmart does not double any.

  • I just found a bunch of those $4.00 scrubbing bubbles coupons..Does anyone know if the sale runs through 10/8 or if they are on sale the week of 10/5? thanks!!!

    • Alison

      Yes through 10/8!

    • Cynthia

      $4 dollars? Are they the ones for the starter kit? Wat would you use them for?

      • Yes, the ones for the bathroom starter kits. Hopefully they are $3.97 at the Walmart near me.

  • Pam

    I have 2 $5.00 coupons for Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill…exp.11/20/2011….I’m not sure where to find them, but i printed them at the same time ( about two weeks ago, maybe) that Walmart had the men’s Schick Quattro Hydro razor for $4.67 with a $5 coupon.

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    Scope Dual Blast was at my Walmart for $2.96 today

  • Stephanie D

    The tide detergent for $0.97, is that the travel size or what?

    • I was wondering the same thing, Stephanie!

      • Ashley Domes

        It’s travel size…1 load.

  • Laura

    the 2$ off for 1 or more scope , crest with scope etc works on the travel size crest. since its .97 you get 1.00 overage or you can buy 2 toothpaste with 6 cents overage. I did this several times and was able to pay for some medicine that was not on sale!

  • Ashley Domes

    I have a ? about the bogo tampax pearl compak. Can I use the bogo coupon with the $2 off tampax pearl coupon. The bogo coupon 10th and 11th numbers are 01. Just wondering if I can get a great deal???

    • Ashley Domes

      The reason I ask is the 12th number is a 4. So the whole thing is 5 73010 11501 4.

  • Joanna

    I used my $8/2 Cover Girl products and made $31 at Wal-Mart by buying the blush and eye shadows that were 3.14 each…

    • stephanie

      Joanna, so does that mean they gave you 31 dollars on a gift card or something? Just curious how many coupons you had and how many things of shadow and blush that you bought! I am new to this!

  • Laura

    I used the $8/2 Cover Girl products (used 2 coupons) on 4 powder puffers and the woman refused to give me the overage. In fact, she even went to customer service and left me waiting at the register, came back, and said she would adjust them down. This was before even trying to scan the coupon. When she scanned the coupon, it took off the full $8 on both, but she overwrote it. I don’t understand and have never heard of this happening before. I had other things in my cart I wanted to use the overage on.

    • Laura

      By the way, this was the Walmart on Route 9 in Old Bridge.

      • Rhonda

        I live near Kokomo,IN… has anybody ever shopped at the Walmart there?

      • Josie T.

        I had the same thing happen to me there. That Walmart is just awful. The cashiers and even customer service crew are incredibly rude and unhelpful 🙁 I wrote to corporate to tell them I would not be going back.

      • nicole

        Pull the walmart policy. They are supose to give the money back or towards ur other items.. I bought the eye shadows and blushes as well and got the cash back!!

    • Cynthia

      I hope you didn’t buy the products. I have had that problem before and insisted they look up their own corporate coupon policy (I usually carry a copy with me BUT left it home that day) and although it took some time they put it through. There is only 1 manager there that know the policy and she is very nice(I can’t remember her name). Unfortunalty I don’t see her there that often. Joy is a manager there that doesn’t have a clue and gives you attitude instead of educating herself. I suggest you print out a copy of their policy and take it with you. I stand my ground and tell them to print up a copy of the policy or look it up. It is time consuming but worth it.

    • Cynthia

      Don’t forget wtih those Covergirl products you can only use 4 in 1 transaction (it states it on the coupon)! I have been using 4 a ta time and getting about 6$ in overage each time! It’s not $31 in 1 shot but, it does add up! HTH!

  • Christina

    Wow, that’s awful. At my Walmart, I was buying the shick razors for 1.97 each with the 6.00 off 2. The cashier had me OPEN the packages because there are coupons in there! She gave me $3 off each pack and then when she saw my $6 off 2 coupons she started singing to me, “You go girl, you get your deals!!” It was hysterical and at the same time I was scoring all the awesome Hasbro board games. Too funny! This is the Walmart in Commack NY.