What We Love Wednesday

What We Love Wednesday

Have you ever wondered what people love to eat, what store they shop at or even what their favorite mobile app is? Now is your chance!

Every Wednesday I will post “ What We Love Wednesday” where all of you will have the opportunity to send me what you love! This could be anything from your favorite nail color to your favorite website! It is up to you to share what your favorite things are with the Living Rich with Coupons Community.

So, send your favorite things to WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com.

We got some great responses for this week’s What We Love Wednesday! All of the readers below are receiving a reusable Living Rich with Coupons shopping bag!

::Favorite Food/Drink

Claire Loves –

Free/close to free Coffee Creamer – Claire writes, “I love free or close to free coffee creamer, but since we haven’t had a great deal on it for a while I tried something new and its delicious!

1 packet of Nescafe Tasters Choice House Blend Single Serve
2 teaspoons of Aldi’s Beaumont Orginal Coffee Creamer (powder)- 20 calories
2 teaspoons of Aldi’s Beaumont Cappuciino Double Mocha Powder -30 calories
I don’t add sugar, but some of you might want it to adjust the sweetness. It’s just the perfect mix of coffee, cream, mocha, and sweetness for me totaling at just 50 calories. I’ve made over 3 boxes (7 servings each) of the Nescafe over the last two weeks and I still have over 2/3 of the mocha mix and creamer left. Now that beats Dunkin Donuts..and trust me they try to tempt me since they are less than a half a block away!”

::Favorite Beauty Product

Kerry Loves – 

Chakra 2 Balancing Body Mist by AvedaKerry writes “I love Chakra 2 Balancing Body Mist by Aveda. It’s supposed to balance your pleasure chakra. Someone recommended it to me after I was diagnosed with fibroids (it is said that this chakra is also related to fibroids). I figured I would give it a try. I can’t say with any certainty that  it works for either, but when I spray it on, it immediately lifts my mood. Most of my friends love the fragrance, but I even spray it on when I am home alone doing things around the house. As a matter of fact I think I will go spray some more on now!”


::Favorite Grocery Item

April Loves –

Hefty Fresh Extend – April writes “I love Hefty Fresh Extend! I purchased them a few months back because they were out of the regular one gallon bags. We love taco night at my house, but we never use a whole head of lettuce before it goes bad. Last month rather than spend $1.99 on the Shreds like I normally do, I got a head of lettuce for $.99 and put the remainder in one of the Fresh Extend bags. That head of lettuce lasted three weeks, green and crisp! We got three taco nights for $.99 where we would normally have to spend $6! I had no idea those bags worked so well!”

::Favorite Restuarant

Dana Loves –

Bon Jovi’s New Restaurant – Dana writes “While I haven’t eat there yet, I love the idea of this.  As a huge fan of Jon Bon Jovi’s, it makes me proud that he gives so much back.  Do plan to try this restaurant soon as it’s not far from where I live!”

::What Cindy Loves


Emmi Swiss YogurtMy new favorite yogurt is Emmi Swiss Yogurt. Besides the fact that it’s been free, which always makes everything taste that much better, it has a nice consistency.  Sometimes the Greek Yogurts are a little much for me but this ones is somewhere in between a regular yogurt and a Greek yogurt.   And, like I said, free makes it taste delicious 😉

So, now it’s your turn.  What do you love?…

send it to: WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com

If your “What We Love” gets posted, we’ll send you a Free Living Rich With Coupons ReUsable Shopping Bag.

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  • Jackie

    I love posting pics on facebook !

  • Robin Batterson

    I love how much $ I saved since I found his site! Thank you to my sister for telling me about it.

    Barely paid anything for all the halloween candy I bought today…

    Thank you again 🙂

  • april

    I tried the Emmi Swiss today for the first time, And I fell in love with it!! Its my new favorite yogurt 🙂

  • Patti

    I have to say, this website is the best. I have referred so many people to this site. Also, I have my own way of “paying it forward”. I take any coupons that I don’t use to the grocery store and if I see someone say buying diapers or with little ones of diaper age I stop them and give them a coupon.

    Thanks again for all you do with this site.

    • mary

      I do this too! Sometimes I just leave a coupon by the products; like a coupon angel..heehee

  • H

    Wish I found it!!! lol my coupons link have not reset and I’m out of yogurt!!!!

  • Deena

    I love shopping at Big Y markets! Big Y has great sales week after week (as the ads tell you). Very coupon friendly store, and this week they are DOLLAR COUPONS! What’s not to love about that!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    @ Kerry that is so funny I work at an Aveda salon and I LOVE the #2 but it is one of the least popular sents if you can believe that! but i love it and am wearing it right now!

    • Traci

      I love Aveda products also. Has anyone come across any sales/coupons on Aveda items?
      I purchase my stuff at the Aveda store in the mall near me, but they never run any sales. I have gotten a coupon for my birthday for a free bath salts, but have never received anything with a % off.
      I have looked in many stores Rite Aid, Shoprite, etc, that carry salon brands but I have never seen Aveda. Do any stores carry Aveda?