What’s In Your Mailbox?

What’s in your mailbox?

Did you get your Target Beauty Bag that was available at the end of August?  I got mine in the mail today and I.LOVE.IT.  It came with a cute cosmetics bag, lots of free samples including Burts, Bees, Garnier, Ponds, L’Oreal Youth Code, John Frieda Full Repair and over $20 worth of beauty coupons.

What was in your mailbox today?  Target Beauty Bags, coupons, free samples?


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  • Elizabeth

    I got this one yesterday! I love the samples and coupons. I also got my Kleenex cool touch tissue sample which I’m eager to try!

  • Peg

    I also got mine yesterday!! Was SO excited when I opened it up & saw all the goodies!!!

  • Michaela

    Today I got 2 coupons for free Pillbury egg scramblers, 1 coupon for a free Twix candy bar and trial size Axe hair product.

    • Jody

      I used my free Pillsbury scramblers coupon today at Target-the cashier took off the full value of $3.64! I was so excited-they were on sale for $2.

  • Betty

    I took your advice Cindy and wrote to alot of the companies.I got coupons today from unilever.

    • Brittany

      I did 2 ..I scored alot coupons …. I never thought of doing that but it was a good idea!!!

  • Nath

    Got mine yesterday too. 🙂

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    Has anyone gotten the chicken or vegetable stock from the “Better than Bullion” company? I have no clue if I was one of the 1st 5K to “like” the company. Just wondering if anyone else got their sample

    • dip

      i am also waiting patiently for this one!!!

      • Cathy

        I received an email from them that I did win but it would take a few weeks to get them all out.

  • Erin

    My mailbox is usually bills, bills, bills – today target cosmetic bags and a singing Halloween card for my son!

  • Haseena

    I got my beauty bag yesterday and I love it!! Its so cute and I cant wait to use some of the coupons 🙂

  • HWMom

    Got mine a few days ago….very cute bag! Got Downy Unstoppables sample and coupons from Vocalpoint today. Love the unstoppables….anyone know of a good price for them I can combine my coupons with???

    • LAUREN

      I got a $3 coupon in the mail, and there was a Target insert in my newspaper a few weeks ago with a $1. I know there’s also a $2 mfr cpn out there too. So I think the best that can be done is $4 off if you stack the mailer $3 with the $1 Target.

    • Maya

      I am a member of vocalpoint- how do you get the samples and coupons they send out?

  • Holly

    For some reason I got to of these target bags. I did not sign up twice so I guess they just knew I had two teen daughters that don’t have to fight over just one now LOL.

    • i always send a 2nd to my mother in laws house 🙂

  • Jen D

    I got this too! I can’t wait to use the Ponds coupon from the beauty bag and a manufacturer’s coupon so it’ll be super cheap!!

  • Kit

    I got mine Tuesday. I love little gifts in the mail.

  • Denise

    I got my bag yesterday and I love it too! I also was selected by House Party to be a Monster Halloween Party Host . . . OMG!!!- it has 1 t-shirt, 1 deck of cards & 1 8×8 shutterfly photo book . . .then for my guests: 14 House Party totes, 18 Halloween tattoos, 14 mini Halloween flashlights, 40 Rice Krsipies treats, 14 20% off bed,bath & beyond coupons AND 50 House Party Sweepstakes decoders!!! Cannot wait for all the little monsters (and their parents!) to get such GREAT goodies at the party! THANKS CINDY!!! I wouldn’t have known about either one without you!

    • Maya

      You are so lucky!

    • Cathy

      That is awesome! I got selected to host the game night with Logo game and Quelf. House party is great. I have hosted several parties (been a member for several years).

  • Erin

    I haven’t gotten my Target beauty bag yet, but yesterday I got a sample of honey nut cheerios, a free Glamour, and a scrubbing bubbles plush toy that I mailed in for after buying the deal at Safeway for the one step toilet cleaner! The scrubbing bubbles also came with $6 in Target coupons for more scrubbing bubbles!

    • Paula

      I haven’t gotten my Target Beauty bag either. How do you apply for the scrubbing bubbles plush toy?

      • Erin

        It was in one of the Smart Source ads back in September I believe… not sure which one… you just had to send in your receipt and info!

  • Amy H-F

    I got mine yesterday. I love this freebie. Got it last year and love it again this year.

  • Miraim W.

    I just got some earrings I ordered for my sister for Christmas from GroopDealz. Now I just need to find a cute little box to wrap it in!

  • Ashley

    I got a Dial Nurtiskin nice sized sample from walmart, a coupon for free bayer and 3 tea samples from Twinings…I haven’t gotten my beauty bag yet!

  • i didnt get mine yet :0( but i got the clothes i ordered from children’s place for our canada trip


    Hope I get mine soon 🙂

  • ashley

    i dont rember if i did this offer or not 🙁

  • Nicole

    Got my Walmart Dial Soap and sample of Axe today. Still haven’t gotten my beauty bag and I am beginning to worry that since I got an error when I signed up it won’t come. I love all the freebies I get in the mail because of this site, thank you so much! It is so nice to go the mailbox now!

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      U may get it soon. It screwed up when I ordered it and never showed a confirmation but I still got mine 2 days ago 😉

      • Same thing with me. It never gave me a confirmation, but I got mine too!

  • Tanisha

    YAY…I got mine yesterday !!!!

  • denise szostek

    I haven’t gotten anything I apply for except a coupon for pantene shampoo. I have been filling these things out since May. and that is all I have gotten.

  • Leigh Ann

    Barista Prima samples for the Keurig. Yay!!!

  • Mary

    Today I got a $5 Whole Foods gift card and a coupon for a free natural chicken product (up to $7.99 value) for a survey I took. Two days ago, I got my first free issue of Popular Mechanics, which my son will really love.

  • dip

    i got my beauty bag and was super happy!! i love my gifts in the mail! but i was beyond happiest when i recieved my 4 mealsaver machines that only cost 40bucks total. i was a little worried that they would be not so awesome leftover clearance…but i am beyond happy with the product! the thing is so cool! thank you cindy for everything!! i started couponing last april and im so excited for christmas deals this year!

  • karen kehrer

    got the target bag today, really nice. I love Target

  • Lauren

    How do you get the Target gift set?

  • Spatel

    I got mine yesterday too! Absolutely cute 🙂

  • lisa b.

    got mine yesterday! love it! it’s cuter than i expected. 🙂

  • Sandi

    None yet, but hopefully tomorrow since so many have already received theirs. Tired of just bills and junk mail.

  • Pamela

    no beauty bag yet 🙁 I did get my dial nutriskin sample from walmart today though

  • Nadyme

    I got a timeout message whenever I tried. #frustrated. But I guess it compensated with 2 target coupon books this month…

  • AO

    I hope I get this. My apartment only has a typical sized mail slot, no mailbox. Hopefully the can cram it through

  • Janelle S

    I got mine yesterday…..And it is beyond cute……I never got the confirmation page and wasn’t sure that it would come I was very excited to get it…..I also got a free sample of Dove Go Fresh deodorant plus my Cottonelle Respect the Roll toilet paper cover (I’m using it to store change in when I fill it I’m gonna cash it in and use the money to buy myself a deep freezer)

  • Anita P.

    The Target beauty bag came in my mail on Tues. Nice !

  • nancy

    got the target bag yesterday – love it

  • Valerie

    Got my Target bag yesterday- its even cuter than the last one with lots of great samples. I love the ponds face cleansing wipes!

  • Karen

    Ever since we got a new mailman, I haven’t gotten one single freebie……….. I also never get my sale flyers on time. I am not happy with the US postal service!!

  • Jennifer K

    I got a coupon for a FREE Schick razor….addressed to the previous owner of my home who sold to us 6 years ago!! I was so excited I didn’t even realize it had his name on it at first, and I couldn’t remember signing up for anything that would’ve yielded the coupon 🙂

  • Julianna

    No Beauty Bag yet, but I got my collapsible water bottle and I got a set of Halloween nail decals, both free from Savemore.com! I love that we each get a $10 credit when you sign up using my referral link 😉 (http://svmr.co/XTt). I don’t think that I’ve ever paid for anything from them!

  • Beth

    Target Beauty bag! Love it!

  • Maria D.

    Hi Cindy:

    I also got my Target beauty bag this week. Plus, a $15.00 Target Giftcard from Denizen and a $5.00 Whole Foods gift card with a coupon for a a free FreeBird product from Mambo Sprouts. A really good week for me.

    Thanks for posting all these great offers.

  • Deanna

    Nutriskin sample from Walmart, Target beauty bag, collapsible water bottles from Savemore. All of it is coming to Disney with us in 8 weeks!

  • mally

    I got this yesterday and it is so beautiful.. thanks. i love it.


    I got this a few days ago too. And I also got some target coupons including a $2 target john frieda full repair to match up with the $1 manufacturer coupon.

  • Stephanie

    i got mine today too 🙂 thanks again for the link 🙂

  • Lisa

    Got mine yesterday too along with some Wendy’s coupons and the kleenex sample/coupon!

  • Elizabeth S.

    Hi, I recently discovered your blog and wow, it is great! I haven’t received my Target sample beauty bag yet, but I hope I do. I didn’t get the confirmation either, so I hope it went through. I did receive the Axe styling gel sample, Halloween card from tinyprints yesterday though. I’ve gotten Clorox ($1.00 off any cleaning product) and Mt. Olive coupons by emailng the company and Dentek flossers for free too! If you haven’t contacted Clorox, I would! I got bleach for .75 cents.

  • Nadyme

    Update UPDATE UPDATE… super exited I got mine right now!!! The hubbie just brought the mail in and it was there!!! I was so excited I started to dance in the kitchen,this is the best week ever. I got my Lrwc Canvas bags yesterday and now this YiPpy #still dancing.

    • Cindy

      Yay! I was dancing in my chair reading it 😀

  • Janelle S

    Go here to get your FREE HOME MADE SIMPLE COUPON BOOK……..It has over $35 in savings from P&G brandSAMPLER……I was able to get two using my home and work address and two seperate accounts…..after you order one to your house logout and register for an acount using your work address/alternate address and email….this way you can get two seeing as most of the deals you sometimes need two (or more) coupons to get them


  • Brittany

    In my mailbox today there were two coupons for .55 cent off Bush baked beans …yumm:)..i requested the coupons on oct 13 and they came today…that was fast service …:) im patiently waiting for the other companies I requested to send theirs out to me.