Which Newspapers have the Best Coupon Inserts?

Which Newspapers have the Best Coupon Inserts?

This has always been a very popular question, but has always been very hard for me to answer! Because of the last giveaway I got a huge list of the best newspapers in certain areas and they are now compiled into one list! I hope this helps you all find the best newspapers for inserts in your area! They ranked from the most popular to the least popular:

North Jersey/New York Metro

  1. Star Ledger
  2. Newsday
  3. New York Post
  4. Bergen Record
  5. Daily News
  6. Daily Record
  7. New Jersey Herald (NW Jersey)
  8. The Jersey Journal
  9. The Market Place
  10. The Express Times

Central Jersey

  1. Asbury Park Press
  2. Jersey Journal
  3. The Courier News
  4. Trenton Times
  5. Home News Tribune
  6. Home News Journal
  7. Vineland Daily Journal

South Jersey/Philadelphia

  1. Philadelphia Inquirer
  2. Courier Post
  3. Atlantic City Press
  4. The Intelligencer
  5. Burlington County Times
  6. Gloucester County Times
  7. Atlantic City Press
  8. Sunday DelcoTimes

Upstate New York

  1. Poughkeepsie Journal
  2. Journal News
  3. Buffalo News
  4. Times Herald Record


  1. Pocono Record
  2. Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  3. Erie Times
  4. Reading Eagle
  5. Sunday News
  6. Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  7. The Daily Local
  8. The Daily Times

Boston/Connecticut/Rhode Island

  1. Hartford Courant
  2. Boston Globe
  3. CT Post
  4. New Haven Register
  5. Providence Journal
  6. Boston Herald
  7. Pawtucket Times


  1. Big Baltimore Sun
  2. Delaware News Journal
  3. Washington Post
  4. Charlotte Observer
  5. Richmond Times Dispatch
  6. South Carolina State Newspaper
  7. Gazette (MD)
  8. Greenville News (NC)
  9. The News Journal (DE)


  1. Chicago Tribute
  2. Indianapolis Star
  3. Springfield Post Dispatch (OH)
  4. Daily Herald (IL)
  5. Denver Post
  6. Rocky Mountain News
  7. Detroit Free Press
  8. Star Tribune


  1. KC Star
  2. Clarion Ledger
  3. St. Louis Dispatch
  4. Louisville KY Courier News


  1. LA Times
  2. Palm Beach Post
  3. Sacramento Bee
  4. Houston Chronicle
  5. Huntsville Times (AL)
  6. Arizona Republic
  7. The Dallas Morning News
  8. San Francisco Chronicle
  9. Florida Times Union
If you have a favorite Newspaper for inserts that is not listed above, let us know so we can add it to the list.
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  • Lauren

    Along side of the Boston Globe in MA, the Boston Herald also has a lot of the same coupons in its’ inserts each week. 🙂

    • Micheal

      and it’s cheaper!

  • Becky

    Times Herald Record from New York.
    Sometimes….on Wednesdays, there will be additional Super Coupons for Shoprite that you can use during the Wed-Sat price break.

    • Marcia

      Do you know what paper the Wednesday shop rite coupons are in? I live in dutchess putnam area. Thanks

  • Misally

    The Jersey Journal in Hudson County……..the trick is to make sure you always look inside because someplaces are too lazy to put the inserts in

    • I agree. Jersey Journal Hudson County, comes out on SATURDAYS and it’s only $0.60 the only downside is alot of times our coupons are $1/2 instead of a cents off 1 coupon, and some of the coupons posted we don’t always get, like some of those really good ones LOL… but it contains both RP, and SS, also get the GM, and the P&G when they come out. So buying 4 papers a week only costs me $2.20 🙂

  • Grandma Bird

    I am in Colorado and the DenverPost/Rocky Mountain News are the best. The local papers, Longmont Times Call and The Boulder Daily Camera both have different ones, less coupons.

  • Becky

    In Rhode Island, I would definitely include the Pawtucket Times. It has the Sunday inserts in it’s Saturday paper, which is only .50!

    • Micheal

      super great to get cheap P&G, and Smartsource, I’ll typically get a few of these but get 2 Boston Heralds as well because there’ve been a few too many times when the Pawtucket Times doesn’t have a certain coupon that I’ve wanted.

  • Rich

    “South Jersey/Philadelphia

    1 Philadelphia Inquirer
    2 Courier Post
    3 Atlantic City Press
    4 The Intelligencer
    5 Burlington County Times”

    There is also the Gloucester County Times which usually has the same inserts as the Courier Post (once in a blue moon it will have a lesser SS then them) and costs less then all others at $1.00ea

    The Atlantic City Press will also have better SS’s then the GCT & the Courier but sometimes does not have a RP. HTH

    • mike

      i can never get any red plum inserts in my philly inquirer.

      • Amy

        I never get RP in the AC Press, they come directly to my mail box..

        • Qpon QT

          I don’t get RP in my Inquirer OR in the mail. I have to buy the DelcoTimes if I want RP coupons. But the Inquirer home-delivered paper always seems to have the better SS coupons.

          • Lori

            How much is the Delco TImes? Do you buy the Sat paper? TIA

            • Qpon QT

              Sunday DelcoTimes is $1.75 but it includes both RP and SS plus P&G when it’s available. We get the daily Inquirer delivered but I run out every Sunday to buy the DelcoTimes.

              • Lori

                Thank you for the info! I also get the Inquirer delivered, but I wanted to find a paper with the Redplum in it that I could buy each week.

      • Meghan

        Yes, it was so disappointing when the Inquirer stopped including red plum. However, the Sunday Tribune has red plum and PG, just no SS. It’s pretty cheap and they do deliver, though I often get my Sunday paper delivered by them on Monday.

      • Janelle

        The Courier carries RP. So I buy 2 inquirers and 2 Couriers each week.

    • Whitney S

      I definitely agree with you. The Gloucester County Times is my fav SJ newspaper!

    • Andy Gradel

      Philly Inq at the top of the list? No way! Gloucester County Times is only $1 on Sunday and it has all of the inserts. I pay $1.50 for my Inquirer subscription and get half the coupons that I get when I pick up GCT.

  • James

    For Central, NJ I pay $2.38/mo for the Sunday edition of the Home News Tribune and it never misses on the circulars. The Target circular is still ever elusive, but this is by far the best deal in town!

    • Angela D.

      Wow may need to check it out!!! I get Asbury Press delivered but it’s expensive.

  • Megan B

    The Home News Journal in central NJ. Gets SS, RP and PG inserts, and only costs $1.25 an issue at QuickChek, which is cheaper than the StarLedger. (Subscribers get it for even cheaper!)

  • Jennifer

    I believe The Home News Tribune was left off in Central Jersey. The Sunday paper always has more inserts than the Start Ledger because the Ledger puts one in its Thursday paper- plus it’s cheaper!!

    • Anonymous

      i’ll have to start buying the star ledger on thrusday now….i didn’t know that…

  • Jo Lowe

    I work 4 The Dallas Morning News & they ALWAYS have really great coupon inserts! 🙂

    • April

      are you ever able to get extra inserts? LOL

  • brandy

    Regarding South Jersey I think the Burlington County Times has better RP q’s than the Courier Post (always missing coupons or lower value). The Philly Inquirer has better SS than both CP and BCT. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the others in my stores. I live in the Cherry Hill/Marlton/Haddonfield area and I drive to get to the stores that sell the BCT. Does anyone know of where I can get the other papers near me. I ‘d be interested in comparing them.

    • corinne

      i have to agree with you i do not waste my money on the courier there red plum is all adds no coupons i get the Burlington county times and the Philly inquirer has the better ss i buy 2 of each every week

    • jenny

      check for the vineland daily journal. sunday ed comes out sat morning. rp, ss and pg all for a dollar!

      • Benee

        I go to WaWa sometimes to buy the paper and they have a lot to choose from including most of the SJ papers and a few of the North Jersey papers. I also live in the Marlton/Cherry hill area.

  • Julie

    The Philadelphia Inquire does not contain Red Plum Inserts although they sometimes have a better SS than the Courier Post.

    • Melanie

      Julie I agree, the Inquirer not the best in the Philly area. I am in Chester county and find The News Journal (De) always has Red Plum. Also Red Plum is always in The Daily Times (Delco) and The Daily Local (West Chester).

      • Arizia

        I live in DE and now they have raised the price to $3, so I don’t know what to do for additional papers

  • chris

    I get the poughkeepsie journal. Question to those who buy at the dollar tree though, do they get less inserts? One day the one I got delivered had 3, the one at the dollar store all had only the smartsource. Didnt know if it was because it was $1 instead of $1.75 or if someone came and took the others.

    • frank

      I dont get my papers from dollar store, but ive noticed the journal is always flaky about having all the inserts, same with dailyfreeman, the times herald record seems to have everything and it seems a lot of times the ss in theirs has a few more coupons the others dont… im also not sure if its just a regional thing or what… I usually work until really late on sundays and by the time I get to pick up the papers its really slim pickings and can rarely get a record and thats checking most stores that are still open between red hook and kingston… and regardless of the paper or if I get it from ulster or dutchess county, I rarely ever seem to get the 50 cents off one coupons… always the 1 dollar off two… *sigh*

    • Sandra

      I get mine papers at the dollar store and I get all the inserts.

  • Janice Ginsberg

    the best place in brooklyn and staten island, ny is in the Market Place which is a free pennysaver distributed to over 170,000 homes in si and over 300,000 in brooklyn.

    • Virginia

      HI Janice,

      Do you have a link or a place to find this paper? I’m in brooklyn (bushwick) and the inserts in my neighborhood are garbage. I have to go to maspeth or travel to get better inserts. I did a google search but am flooded with pennysaver websites. Thanks.

      • kema

        I’m in bushwick. I’m that person who takes all the coupons out of those flyer bags on my front step because everyone throws them away. LOL

      • kema

        Manhattan gets better coupons too which is weird. Plus nobody coupons as much in Manhattan so I can get everything after class during the week. Love going to school near rich people who don’t care about sales.

  • Stacy

    Great post, in my area I get Newsday, I only get one because it so expensive 2.50 but luckily I have five other people who give me inserts, the hubby is going to PA this weekend, will be sure to tell him to pick up the top ones!

  • Kathy

    I get 1 Newsday also again because of the price. Unfortunately no one gives me any. Then I compare it to the inserts for sale online and see who has better inserts and if ours are better I know a card shop that gets tons of papers and I can buy as many as I want no matter what time of day or else I order extra’s online.

  • Courtney

    The San Francisco Chronicle has great coupons. The papers are expensive however they are worth it.

    • Lynette

      Agreed, I get it in Napa, CA and would get the Sacto B if they delivered but they don’t in Napa! Weird since it’s closer then SF!?

  • Kelly A.

    For Michigan, the Detroit Free Press has been the best for me. I’ve gotten other local papers like the Ann Arbor and the Oakland County papers compared side by side the same Sunday to the Detroit Free Press, and the Ann Arbor and Oakland County papers are both missing some coupons that the DFP has.

  • Lady J

    Can someone advise me (in central nj) which paper I should set up home delivery for. I am not interested in reading the paper and rarely look at it – I would only be getting the paper for the q’s (and ads).

    I’m thinking of getting 4 subscriptions.

    I’d appreciate any advise, tips, or tricks

    • Sandy

      I get the Sunday Courier News. Cost $1.25 for Sunday paper and has all inserts. They are always runnung promotions for .75 or $1 delivered Sundays only and I get 4 delivered.

      Star Ledger in West Jersey does not contain the Red Plum on Thursdays or Sundays but has the best Smart Source insert around. You have to call them to inquire about what you WOULD receive on a Sunday and if the Thurs. paper does contain coupons. They initially told me yes but my area is excluded.

      Whichever u decide – don’t forget to cancel paper on holiday weekend where there will be NO inserts. I will call Home News Tribune as well to check out what they deliver as noted above.

  • Neolla

    i don’t know if it is just me but i’m in North Jersey and I noticed that sometimes, there is no Smart Source in ‘ The Record’ or there is no RedPlum in the ‘Star Ledger’

    • maria

      Neolla me too I have the same experience in N Jersey – the Star Ledger rarely has a Red Plum I dont even look anymore and the Record is always missing one. I like the NJ Herald and Daily news

    • Nancy

      I have the same problem i live in Bergen County Nj. Out of the 3 times i bought the Record i only got the Smart Source & Redplum ONCE. I need a good paper around here

  • Rochelle

    I have read, in other threads on this site that the Star Ledger only includes RedPlum inserts in their subscribers’ versions and not in the newstand copies. This sounds true, because, on occasions when I check the coupons in my delivered copy and they seem good, I’ll go out to pick up a couple of extra papers and the RedPlum inserts are never in those copies – bummer….

    • Rachel

      I never got RedPlum even my delivered paper, so I canceled my subscription

      • Sandy

        Same here so I cancelled as well. Now I get the Courier News.

  • amanda

    Why is New York Post on the list. I can’t find any smartsource inserts in it since 9/11/11. Is anyone still getting smartsource inserts in New York Post? And their redplum is pitiful, not worth buying it for just redplum.

  • Wendy

    Its really a stretch to call Poughkeepsie and Westchester Co. “Upstate NY”. Us folks that actually live in Upstate NY (Syracuse, Utica) need more info on the best papers to get. I normally get the Utica OD, Syracuse Post Standard and the NY Daily News because I don’t ever get enough coupons in the NY Post to justify buying it. I feel like the Daily News is a better Sunday paper. I tried to buy the Albany Times Union once because it advertised a ton of coupons, but there were none inside. Maybe they didn’t make it onto the truck. We don’t get the Buffalo paper here, so I guess I’m stuck with my 3 papers. Of the 3, the OD gets the most, but the Daily News is the cheapest and isn’t too shabby on coupons.

    • Jasper

      Haha. The problem is, for a lot of us in North Jersey, all of New York State aside from NYC is referred to as “Upstate New York,” because when we just say “New York,” we mean the city. I have a second home in Ulster County, and as a kid I always said “upstate” because it was what I was used to, but once I became aware of New York State geography, I started feeling ridiculous using that term. (I’m not sure, but I think probably Westchester, Rockland, and maybe Orange counties are usually exempted from being called “Upstate New York,” because they are so close so we’re familiar with them. But otherwise, “Upstate New York” and “New York State” are basically interchangeable terms here.)

      • Rachel

        I used to live in Rockland and was always called upstate, even though I thought it was hilarious

      • Kristie

        I lived outside of Plattsburgh growing up, now i live in CT and laugh when people call Albany as upstate.

      • Wendy

        When you grow up in Central NY, you get a complex about NYC. Whenever you tell people you are from NY, they automatically think the city. When I would say Upstate NY, they assumed Poughkeepsie. It’s ridiculous. So I started saying I was from Central NY. No confusion there. 🙂

    • Marietta

      Actually, Upstate NY is considered Albany north to Canada… Syracuse/Utica/Rochester/Buffalo is Central NY. I moved from Albany to the Finger Lake region. I ordered the Post Standard for 6 months but they had terrible coupons so I cancelled. (Plus, the grocery stores are awful here…. I really miss Price Chopper!) Looking for major newspapers that will ,ail me their sunday paper but not having to much luck….

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    The Hartford Courant just raised their prices from .75 to 1.50 for saturday edition and 2.00 for sunday paper. all the coups are save x on 2, never one one item. Im beside myself. def not the number one paper, but not sure if any are better.

  • Shannon

    I am in Warren County, NJ and the Courier News has the best RedPlum coupons. The Star Ledger usually has the better SmartSource insert, but their Sunday paper has no RedPlum. The Express Times usually has good coupons, but are usually lower value ones compared to the Courier News.

  • Mariam

    Hi! In Jacksonville FL – I get the Florida Times Union and always has every insert mentioned in the Sunday Coupon Preview. Costs $2 at Walgreens or the newspaper box by the mailbox ~ I get it for $1 each on Sunday by subscribing ~ so if I really want more inserts I just go to Walgreens for more ~ ….

  • Heather

    In Minnesota and West Central and North West Wisconsin the Star Tribune is the best. Pioneer Press is okay. S.T. gives you the regional coupons rather than just “local” coupons. S.T. is $2, but you do tend to get double and triple sets of coupons in it. P.P. I have never gotten more than one of each.

  • Rosalie

    The CT Post just upped their Saturday edition to $2. And I’m having major issues finding inserts in their Saturday editions ever — no matter what it says on the cover.

    I look through the New Haven Register AND the Post every Saturday and make sure the one I want has at least one insert before buying it. If the inserts are good, I’ll go to the Dollar Tree early on Sunday, before the papers are sold out, and get another one for $1. They only carry the Register. 🙁

    Lately I’ve been looking through the other papers to see if they have the inserts. Lots of the stores around here don’t seem to have inserts in all the papers. I buy mine at a local convenience store and the owner says I can come back on Mondays to look through the leftovers before he throws them out.

    I called him on it the other day. Two weeks in a row I have looked through 20-40 newspapers and all the store inserts are in them but no coupon inserts. So I asked him why he bothers to let me go through them if someone already has. He insists that no one does. Right. Sometimes I hit paydirt and get 10 or more inserts. But most Mondays there aren’t any.

  • Allentown, PA newspaper-The Morning Call

  • Tammy

    I live in NE philly and have trouble finding some of the higher value coupons. I usually get the RP Q’s/Unilever Q’s on Thurs/Fri. morning when they “deliver” just the food ads, i also get an additional SS Q’s that are in the Northeast times that gets delivered on Thurs. as well, both of which is free, and will usually buy the Inq. to get the PG and SS but alot of times don’t get the higher value Q’s, for example the $.55/1 Barilla Pasta, $.55/1 off the Almond Milk, i didn’t get, i got $1/2 for both, so anyone have any good ideas that live in NE Philly???

    Also I was driving back to philly from Orlando last week and decided that on that drive i would pick up at least one paper from every state on the way home..I started off by picked up a copy of the Orlando Sentinel and they had the best Q’s, had 6 inserts, after i left i realized i should have picked up more…then GA, SC, NC, VA, and MD (skipped DE b/c at that point we just wanted to get home after driving straight through)

    If anyone lives in NE Philly i would love to meet up and maybe start a coup0n swap or something..Let me know if anyone would be intersted

  • mindy g

    the press enterprise in southern cali has good ones also. i have noticed if you get it delivered, you will get multiple inserts of coupons on sundays! there are times i get 2-3 ss or rp instead of just 1. and at some of the metal paper machines, they will be available till wednsday.

  • Helen

    In South Florida, I would definitely include the Sun Sentinel. It has the Sunday inserts in it’s Saturday paper. !

  • Apple

    Hello! I am just beginning and I would like to know what are the best newspapers in MD for coupons. Also, which ones should I get delivered and which should I just pick up?


    • ashley

      I get the sun paper becasue the gazette that comes out on sat never has all the inserts. also try dollar tree, their papers are only a dollar and has all the inserts!

  • Where can I buy whole inserts from your Jersey papers.There way better than Ct. And then I can follow Cindy and the rest of you to a tee.Thanks.

  • Jessica

    Times Herald Record for Sullivan/Orange County Upstate New York!!

  • Tammy

    Jamestown, New York has good inserts. There is usually more in it than in the Erie Times News. Usually Erie has one less than Jamestown

  • Jackie

    What about in S. FL?

  • Melissa

    Does the Sunday Couries News deliver in Morris County because I am getting the Daily News and the Star Ledger. The Star Ledger also has the Smart Source but not the Red Plum. The Daily News has the Red Plum and the Smart Source. So I am always short one Red Plus. I would like to get two papers delivered that have both the Smart Source and the Red Plum every sunday, so I have two of both. Any ideas?

  • Mel

    I’m surprised that the Star Ledger made the top for Northern NJ…everytime I go to get them, they never, not once, had all the inserts for that week in them! I’ve found the Bergen Record and Daily Record to carry all of them almost everytime.

  • For the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana it’s Chicago “Tribune”. Not tribute. This is a great post though. Thanks for taking the time and doing the legwork to get this information out. I get asked all of the time where to get coupons and which paper to buy. Thanks again!

  • tuesday

    what about Wisconsin?

  • MJ

    I come from Canada and go to Ogdensburg. Is there any way I can get my hands on a subscription and have it delivered at UPS store? I do not know anyone there but would love to get my hands on more great deals from the Sunday news paper. Any ideas!

    Love this site,

    Thank you

  • Gaby

    Hi!!! Oky so you guys talked a lot about NYC, NJ and actual upstate NY but what newspapers should I get if I live in Westchester county?? I just moved to White Plains and don’t know what papers I should get delivered and which I should buy and if someone can tell me where is the best place to buy them I would be forever greatful!!!

  • Stacie

    I live about an hour South of Harrisburg Pennsylvania over the mountain from Shippensburg in Franklyn County….What are the good newspapers in this area to be delivered or for cheaper to pick up at a store? I have never had a paper delivered to my house and I am in need of additional coupons for supporting a family of 6! Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Alicia

    I live in Ann Arbor, MI does anyone know the best way that I can just buy my paper on Sunday at the store? Which papers should I try to buy?

  • Sandy

    The Des Moines (Iowa) Register

  • Meme Thao

    If im from central us can i use coupons from the east or west

    • Laura D.

      Yes, you can. Any coupons from the United States.