Giveaway: Coupons, Coupons and MORE COUPONS!!

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10/23 Smart Source,  10/30 Smart Source & November P&G BrandSaver circulars Giveaway

Woohoo!!!  We are all lucky again today because I received a BIG box of circulars!!!  You know what that means!!  We are having another great coupon giveaway!

Thanks to one of our readers, Sandra, we have 10/23 Smart Source, 10/30 Smart Source & November P&G BrandSaver circulars.  We are going to give away FOUR (4) of each of the circulars to EIGHT (8) lucky readers!!!  Each winner will get a total of TWELVE (12) inserts!!!

Here are some of the great coupons that are included:

  • Tide $2/1
  • BestLife Buttery Spread $1/1
  • WhoNu? $1/1
  • Land O Lakes Butter $0.50/2
  • Melitta Coffee $1/1
  • Scrubbling Bubbles $2/2
  • Finish $1/1
  • Duracell Batteries $1/1

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know which store saves you the most money.

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Sunday, November 6th at 10pm 11pm EST (do to site issues making it difficult to enter from around 9:30 – 10:30).  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway ending via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A HUGE thank you to Sandra for providing these circulars.

2,003 thoughts on “Giveaway: Coupons, Coupons and MORE COUPONS!!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Shoprite has been saving me the most money these days.

  2. debbie b says:

    ive never shopped at rite aid until i found “living rich with coupons” site. now rite aid is my absolute favorite store to get freebies with up rewards and save lots of money!

  3. Maria says:

    Shoprite is my favorite store… 🙂

  4. Michaela says:

    I know that only a few of you guys get to shop at the Commissary, but it is the store that saves me the most money even that they don’t double coupons.

  5. Lori says:

    Shoprite for sure!

  6. nichole says:

    Shoprite has had excellent deals lately!

  7. Michele says:

    I typically save the most at Shoprite. And I must say it’s all because of this website. Thanks for all you do.

  8. melissa says:

    all of the shoprite stores on long island are the best. except the hauppauge and new patchogue. the jansen family owns and doesnt except internet coupons. 🙁

  9. kim says:

    I love using coupons at Giant Eagle because you can use as many coupons as you like in one transaction ! I find great deals and save at least 50% on my shopping trip each time I shop at Giant Eagle.

  10. Rory D says:

    Shoprite seems to save me the most!

  11. jennifer says:

    shoprite saves me the most!

  12. Wendy says:

    I shop at Giant.

  13. Anu says:

    A&P helps me save a lot of money these days

  14. Colleen says:

    Shoprite Shopper all the way!

  15. Iman says:

    Stop and Shop

  16. Maurin says:

    I save the most money at CVS, plus I always have ECB at the end of transactions for the following week!

  17. Jen says:

    Lately it seems that I get my best deals at Walgreens!

  18. Terriann says:

    I am a big Rite Aid fan lately….I have gotten so many things free and the extra 20% off helps too:-)

  19. Shauntelle says:

    Kroger has been the best for me

  20. QponCutie says:

    I save the most money at ShopRite and Bottom Dollar Food. Their base prices are the best around, so the coupons just make it even sweeter!!!

  21. AKINO says:

    shoprite has definitely been saving me the most money these days.

  22. Kierstin says:

    ShopRite is the BEST!! RiteAid is a close 2nd though. 🙂

  23. Nadine says:

    For me it is Target by stacking coupons.

  24. Tracey says:

    Rite Aid is the store for me…

  25. Dee says:

    So far Harris Teeter has been saving me money the past 2 days especially since this week they are doubling coupons up to $1.98!

  26. meredith says:

    I think I save the most at cvs

  27. Kimberly Ebling says:

    Target is the one who saves me the most money.

  28. Danielle says:

    shoprite for sure!

  29. MARY says:

    Shoprite saves me the most on groceries. I hardly ever shopped there before finding this website!

  30. Karolina says:

    I save the most shopping at Commissary on our base, they always have extra cupon books in the store plus military exclusive cupons around the store.

  31. Rose says:

    Shoprite and RiteAid give me the best deals!!!

  32. Kristy says:

    Thanks to you, Walgreens has scored me the most free or near free items!

  33. Stacey says:

    I generally save the most at Shoprite though I do pretty well at Stop & Shop also. 🙂

  34. Laura says:

    CVS. My favorite. Thank you.

  35. renata says:

    Publix! 🙂

  36. kim says:

    For the most part Shop Rite saves me the most and that is because it is where I shop the most. My year to date savings so far is 2,286.81. Although I have to say CVS ECB’s is a close second with use of the extra buck rewards.

  37. Rabecka says:

    Shoprite seems to be the best store around me, but I keep an eye on deals at Stop & Shop as well!

  38. jessica dendinger says:

    With coupons I have saved so much at Rite Aid… far this is where I get the best deals! Thanks for all of your help!

  39. Beth says:

    I have been doing great saving money at CVS the last few weeks. And Price Chopper!

  40. Stephanie says:

    Shoprite and Stop & Shop are the best for me!!!

  41. Mike says:

    Mostly Shoprite but any store that saves me the most.

  42. Hannah says:

    I love shopping at Fred Meyer’s. I never fail to save a ton of money and get everything I need!

  43. Beth says:

    I’ve been shopping and saving money at Safeway lately.

  44. NICOLE says:

    My favorite store for saving money has to be Rite Aid.

  45. sue says:

    Love Love shop-rite……..I get the best deals there 🙂

  46. Sonya says:

    Shop Rite and CVS are hand down the best stores for me!

  47. carbmem says:

    Since I discovered your site and couponing….definitely Shoprite is my money saving miracle!

  48. Madeline Stekowicz says:

    I have been getting A LOT of deals at Pathmark lately!!

  49. rachel dumbauld says:

    wish I had a shoprite, but I do think Walgreens does me the best around here.

  50. Joni says:

    Giant is where I get most of my coupon deals.

  51. Heather Leah says:

    Shoprite definitely saves me the most money. Especially since Cindy is kind enough to always give us deal ideas on the catalina deals there!! THANK YOU

  52. Erin says:

    I shop for free at CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart. I love ’em all!

  53. Suzie says:

    Meijer is my favorite money saving store.

  54. Megan Taylor says:

    Shoprite has always saved my family and I money – but I just recently started couponing, and WOW, now I save even MORE at Shoprite! I could especially use the inserts because I just started couponing and they would help a lot!

  55. Jamie Jewell says:

    Wal-mart by far… They match all competitors sale prices plus low prices to begin with…

  56. Josie Esquivel says:

    Commissary on post.

  57. Nicole says:

    Because of this website, I save money almost anywhere I shop! My store of choice is Stop & Shop however, since there is no Shop Rite around me!

  58. Gizman says:

    Walgreens! You’re not limited to the number of purchases that earn you RR like CVS where stuff that earns ECBs are limited.

  59. Brittanie says:

    Walmart I have done had the best with.

  60. Kim says:

    I get my best deals at CVS and Target lately.

  61. Rene Costa says:

    Hi! Shoprite and Rite Aid are my go to stores for the most savings and deals!

  62. kevin says:

    Shoprite is the best store for me.

  63. Lorie says:

    I save the most at Target.

  64. Debbie says:

    Target has been the best for me!

  65. Heather says:

    I am loving Walgreens and shoprite!!

  66. Julie B. says:

    Definitely Shoprite has saved me so much money!

  67. Stephanie S. says:

    I save the most at CVS!!

  68. Kizzy says:

    walgreens and cvs give me the most money savings

  69. Mary says:

    Albertsons has saved me alot lately, then Rite Aid, then Walgreens

  70. Lauran says:

    Shop rite by far definitely saves me the most money. I also like how the store is set up-very easy for me to find exactly all of the products i am looking for.

  71. Donna says:

    Stop & Shop always gives us the best coupon service….but if you don’t hit the Union store before Sunday…the shelves will be empty!

  72. vicky says:

    Shoprite is my favorite store to save money!

  73. L.S. says:

    SHOPRITE <3 !!

  74. Barbie Slack says:


  75. Lindsay says:

    I think ShopRite saves me the most money by far…. thanks to your website!

  76. Margaret B. Higgins says:

    I’d have to say it is a toss up between CVS and Shop Rite! My grocery and H&B costs are easily half what they used to be!

  77. jenn m says:

    New to couponing but thanks to this site cvs & giant save me the most!!!

  78. Tammy says:

    Price Chopper has saved me the most money. It is also the only store in my area that doubles coupons. I LOVE Price Chopper & how they also save me BIG discounts on Gas

  79. Todd says:

    No doubt about it…SHOPRITE!

  80. Nadine K. says:

    Shoprite has definitely saved me the most money…

  81. Taylor says:

    I normally save the most at ShopRite. And your weekly matchups help me save even more on the things i missed looking at myself!

  82. jodie says:

    Definitely walgreens I can get tons of stuff for really cheap or FREE!! 🙂

  83. Lisa L. says:

    I love Shoprite and Target!! I am hooked shopping there. I must be there three times a week.

  84. U'nek says:

    Since I’ve moved Meijers has the best deals. I miss Shoprite soooo much!!

  85. Lindsay Stetson says:

    For groceries I save the most at ShopRite. CVS and Rite Aid ard the best for HBA.

  86. Julie says:

    I prefer to shop at Giant Food Store. I save so much money there combining sales & coupons! I would love to win b/c all the inserts were stolen out of my papers this past week 🙁

  87. janell says:

    giant and rite aid has been saving me the most

  88. Donna says:

    Wow, what a wonderful give away. I live in South Texas and we have very limited options for shopping — most of my bargains come from Walgreens or CVS. I’m pretty new to couponing, but love what I have been able to save, or better yet score for “free”! Thanks for all your info!

  89. Su J says:

    Shoprite is the best place to save

  90. mommyzeh says:

    SHOPRITE!!!! SHOPRITE!!! SHOPRITE!!!! I love shoprite and with three kids all of the savings really help…

  91. April says:

    I have had awesome luck at Walgreens and Kroger! I am fortunate to have coupon friendly employees and managers in my area! No trouble here! I have found awesome deals left and right! Thanks to this site and those stores, I am able to work, be a full-time college student and feed a family of 6 on a budget!

  92. MichelleK says:

    ShopRite for groceries and CVS for everything else!

  93. bernadette says:

    Target is where I save the most. Being able to use two coupons is awesome! I do wish there was a Walgreens near me : (

  94. Donna says:

    I heart Shoprite. Its where I save the most money!

  95. Heather Virojana says:

    Walgreens and Wal-Mart for me!

  96. Pamela says:

    I find that I really have (2) stores ** ShopRite (despite their refusal to double internet coups) & PathMark. They are my “Go to Stores”.

  97. Heidi Kolb says:

    Living Rich with Coupons is the best website ever!! I have been able to save so much money at both ShopRite and Pathmark that I have more money to plan my July wedding!! I am stocking up on products now that get put into the guests hotel room baskets so need all the coupons I can get!!

  98. regina rutigliano says:

    Shop Rite is my favorite store, i get the best values there!

  99. DonnaM says:

    CVS does it for me !!

  100. Kristi C. says:

    Our area is smaller so Schnucks is our go to store for savings and best stock on the shelves 😉

  101. Deborah Bullick says:

    My local ShopRite in Fairless Hills, PA, is my favorite store-but not just because I SAVE TONS OF $$$$. We are lucky to have a ery interactive store manager. Mike always puts customers first and is very available if an issue arises. The combination of GREAT SAVINGS and nice employees makes each trip a pleasure.

  102. Yessenia Ortega says:

    SHOP RITE, is the only supermarket I faithfully shop at every Sunday. Compared to other supermarkets like Stop & Shop, I strongly believe that noone beats their deals. From Cereal, water, and snacks, I can always count on SHOP RITE to have them on sale. ^_^ Waterbury-CT

  103. Deana says:

    Shop Rite Cherry Hill NJ is the best

  104. Christina Medina says:

    Shoprite has been saving me and my family tons of money for years. I am in shoprite like everyday.

  105. Elaine says:

    Well I will give you a hint:

    If you still have Heinz Gravy rolling around in the back of your car because you are to afraid your husband is going to flip if he sees one more jar!

    If you still have Orieda Quick Fries and DiGiorno in your freezer…. (for those of us lucky enough to not lose our stockpile while the power was out)

    If you still have 100+ rolls of Marcel TP from this summer deal….

    And my answer is SHOPRITE!

  106. Ashley says:

    CVS saves me the most money. I have a brand new one literally across the street from me. I have found myself going in there almost everyday after work, to pick up something new i saw on this site during the day. Thanks 🙂

  107. Kassandra e says:

    cvs & walgreens. we dont have any of the good stores around here (shop rite, harris teeter) i have also saved quite a bit at walmart.

  108. Val says:


  109. ashlie says:

    Shoprite has the best deals for my family ..

  110. marie says:

    At shoprite I save the most

  111. Matthew F. says:

    Shop Rite is my number 1 go-to store; thanks to!!

  112. frink says:


  113. Naomi says:

    I think CVS for sure! I almost always make money or hardly spend any when I shop using coupons and ECB.

  114. ShopRite & CVS are the most for my coupons!

  115. Rose says:

    ooh but where to start- Shoprite by far has really filled up my stockpile area, but walmart is giving me overage. but none of this would be possible if my daughter hadnt hadnt told me about LRWC. thank you so much Cindy

  116. Alison says:


  117. Jennifer says:

    I wish we had a shop rite around here but since we don’t I shop at Walgreens for a lot of money saving deals!!

  118. Leslie Stokes says:

    I have to say i get a lot of my GREAt deals at walmart cause they allow for the overage so then i get more food that i don’t normally have coupons for! My second choice would be Shop Rite! Good luck everyone

  119. Michael Curran says:

    I have been saving a ton of money at Harris Teeter. I love the triple coupon weeks and this week they are doubling coupons up to a $1.98. I love this store!!

  120. AmyLynn says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money for essential items!

  121. Danielle C says:

    Shoprite! Best place to save money at! Absolutely love it =)

  122. Liz says:

    I usually get the best deals at Acme.

  123. rosanne says:

    shoprite saves me the most money and is the only supermarket i faithfully shop at 🙂

  124. Kimberly says:

    Shoprite and CVS have saved me the most so far.

  125. Danielle says:

    Shoprite and CVS for sure!!!! 🙂

  126. Donna Miller says:

    my favorite all around place for great deals would have to be CVS. i lov e their sales and those extra care bucks are GREAT! i am able to use my EB to “buy” things which i have been donating to a mission home in our community, plus getting their halloween candy this week at 50% off, and using my EB allowed me to get nearly enough candy to help fill 200 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

  127. Allison says:

    It’s been said many times already and I’m sure it’ll be said many times more, but it’s true, Shoprite is the best grocery store in the area for one looking for a great deal.

  128. Kristen says:

    Shop Rite saves me and my boyfriend lots of money to save 🙂

    I am a newbie couponer and I love it! Its like a game to me and I finally hit the point where i save more than i spend on all my shopping trips 🙂

  129. Gwen says:

    I save the most at Giant and Shop Rite. I also love my CVS!!!

  130. Kristen says:

    I save the most using coupons at Walmart!

  131. Christina says:

    Shoprite definitely!

  132. Larisha Campbell says:

    Shoprite is by far the best…I love my drugstores, but most of my food comes from Shoprite and that’s how I survive! Thanks to this site, I am able to compare and save the most on my groceries…(now if only we could get ALL Shoprite’s to fully double–the world would be a happier place) 🙂 Thanks LRWC

  133. Jodie Cotrell says:

    CVS. It’s my addiction!!!!

  134. Jennifer says:

    Shop Rite! I’d be lost without it.

  135. Laura says:

    I save the most money when Frys has their promotions. But any other time, Walmart saves me a ton!

  136. merl says:

    shoprite no doubt!!

  137. Bonnie Merkerison says:

    Homeland and CVS were the most helpfull price matches at our WM but now they have changed the policy on us yet again to only local stores so were WAY limited now. Walgreens and United are what helps us the most but an OKC trip is in the works soon.

  138. Monica says:

    CVS!! Couponing has become a family tradition for us lately!! Thanks for all your help!!

  139. Ashley says:

    ShopRite by far has been saving me the most money. With all of the free or super cheap stuff we just saved over $400 on our children’s birthday party. We have a huge family so it usually costs us so much to do the party. This year I super couponed and saved so much money. It really made the party that much better that I wasn’t so stressed about money this year. 🙂 Thank you for always putting in so much time and energy on the match-ups every week.

  140. Natalie K. says:

    I most enjoy saving money at my local ShopRite. It always consistently has the best sales every week. They all know me there because I go there so much!

  141. MEG TANJUTCO says:


  142. Renée says:

    Shop Rite has some really great deals and you always help me find the best match ups!!
    PS…the date above says the deadline is October 6, is that November 6?

  143. Kristina S says:

    Cvs and acme save me the most $$$!!! But I shop at all stores!

  144. Chris says:

    Shoprite is where I save all my money… Over $4000 already this year…

  145. tanya rodrigues says:

    shoprite helps me save money ,especially with ur matchups annd catlinas luv luv shoprite

  146. Kristi says:

    Shoprite by far has the best deals up in my neck of the woods!! I get almost all my groceries there!! Woot Woot! Way to go Shoprite! Thanks Cindy!

  147. ken lake says:

    cvs and shoprite!!

  148. jus1323 says:

    Shoprite and CVS!!!!

  149. Jen Hearn says:

    Giant and Target in Temple, PA

  150. Michelle says:

    When I first started couponing I loved Rite Aid, but then I figured I would give CVS a try, and boy am I hooked. I always walk out of there with more ECB then I spend oop. Thank you, Cindy for all you do!!!

  151. Mel says:

    Shoprite has always been the best for my family! Lowest prices and the best deals 🙂

  152. Holly says:


  153. Amy G says:

    I save the most at Kroger during their promotions and using coupons! Otherwise I save a lot at Walmart using coupons and price matching!!

  154. Laura says:

    ShopRite but I am a recent college grad who left NJ to move to MA, so no ShopRite. Now I get the best deals at Stop and Shop (which is heartbreaking, because in NJ it is one of the worst options IMO).

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hope I win. Its so hard for me to get inserts here. The boston globe is 5 dollars a week to get coupons. I have been having my wonderful mom mail me her extra.

  155. Carolyn says:

    SHOP RITE is the BEST! I save more there than anywhere!

  156. Nicole says:

    I have to say that Giant saves me the most money. Unfortunately, I am not in an area with a Shop Rite, and I am VERY jealous of everyone who gets those great deals there! So, Giant gets my vote, their bonus buys w/ coupons usually work out pretty well!

  157. Jennifer Black says:

    My local Shoprite is the best. It doubles everything under a dollar ( unless otherwise noted) and the Customer Service is the best. I once forgot to hand in a coupon. I went to CS and they deducted it right there!

  158. Kristina S says:

    Cvs and Acme! But I shop at all! Sorry forgot to leave my email in first comment

  159. Sue says:

    CVS saves me the most money. Thank you LRWC and Sandra for being so generous and giving us this chance to win!!

  160. Susan Hallwachs says:

    Wal Mart is where I shop. I live in a rural area and they have the best prices.

  161. Erica says:

    Usually I save the most at the Commissary (military groc. store) OR at drug stores (usually Rite Aid and Walgreens).

  162. Sarah says:

    Shop Rite for food, and CVS for just about everything else!!! It’s a toss up!

  163. Becky says:

    I WISH we had a ShopRite near me (how far is too drive for it to be worth it??) I save the most money at Walmart.

  164. Jayme says:

    Without a doubt I save the most at Shoprite. However, I do love my local Rite Aid as well.:)

    1. Jayme says:

      I love the Walgeen photo coupons as well!!!

  165. Jess says:

    Harris Teeter is my favorite! Their special coupon events (super doubles, triples) along with their regular double coupons allow me to feed my family of 5 on a strict budget. Not to mention it is less than 3 minutes from my house.

    Although, in my area we also have other really awesome double coupon stores like Bloom and Farm Fresh.

    So, I guess I am grateful for all three of those stores, along with Livingrichwithcoupons (for the matchups and inspiration). ^.^

  166. Erin says:

    Hand’s Down it’s Shop Rite – I might as well set up a tent in parking lot as I’m there that much chasing down deals.

  167. Lili says:

    Shop Rite Monroe,NY. Personal is great and very helpful. My favorite store by far. I recommend it to anyone.

  168. Pam Collins says:

    I save the most for my family at Walgreens and Price Chopper. BJ’s Wholesale too.

  169. Eimi M. says:

    ShopRite in Millville, NJ. Shopped there twice and I wanted to move in. I can live there!

  170. arlene says:

    I have to say Walgreens. Wish they sold groceries, too

  171. Emily says:

    Shoprite is where I save to most money! I looooove Shoprite!

  172. Michelle H. says:

    Wish we had a Shoprite around here. I find myself in Walgreens, CVS and Tops and save quite a bit.

  173. Rachel says:

    Walgreens for non food items
    Shoprite for food.

    Cindy you really help save me lots of money. I am grateful for you:)

  174. laura r. says:

    Publix is the best and has the best coupon policy! Whoo hoo!

  175. Gina says:


  176. Anna says:

    Shop Rite saves me the most money!

  177. Danielle says:

    CVS and shop rite for sure. Just learned on extreme couponing that a new baby goes through 5000 diapers a year. CVS deal where you buy 6 and get the 7th free has really helps me add diapers to my stockpile.

  178. Kelly says:

    Rite Aid! I just got to figure out how to calculate deals with my 20% off earned last month! Screwed up my UPR on $ last time…

  179. Adam says:

    I would have to say Target. I love that place.

  180. Sandra says:

    Walgreens save me the most money !

  181. jennb says:

    I shop at CVS faithfully and feel that they give me the biggest savings on paper products and health & beauty items. Shoprite is the next best!

  182. Julie Cerneka says:

    In my area, Giant Eagle has the best deals as they double coupons up to 99 cents. Just got hot dogs for 25 cents a pack using my coupons + the sale.

  183. Ellen Ganssle says:

    ShopRite always!!!!

  184. Nicky Jo Herner says:

    It’s been WalMart for me. That’s where I’ve gotten the best savings. Like when there was the $8.00 Cover Girl coupon, I had a bill of over $115.00. And I ended up paying less than $18.00! Go WalMart!!!!

  185. Kris says:


  186. Mark says:

    Stop and Shop saves me the most money.

  187. Christina says:

    CVS saves my family the most money!!! Thanks for all your matchups to help us Cindy!

  188. Jess says:

    Shop Rite is totally my favorite store!! It saves me tons and tons of money every week!

  189. Luz says:

    Shoprite is the only place that I shop for my family. I have only been couponing for about 7 months and I have saved about $5000 at shoprite by combining my coupons with their amazing sales. So much so that I must admit, I have also had to hide stuff from my husband, LOL I love you shoprite!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. fiona says:

    CVS is closest so it is convenient and over time i tend to get a lot for free (with the help of LRWC), but shoprite is another favorite as the items are so much cheaper than anywhere else to start with …e.g. .99cent for Philadepphia cream cheese!!

  191. Jen Ocasio says:

    SHOPRITE & TARGET always save me the most =)

  192. lisa says:

    shoprite cinnaminson nj!!!!!!

  193. Cortney Caflin says:

    CVS saves me the most money! But if you are asking, who saves me the most money – it is your blog! <3

  194. Donna says:

    ZALLI’S SHOP RITE West Deptford

  195. Chrissy says:

    Shoprite all the way!

  196. Rita says:

    Shop Rite! Out of all the supermarkets in my area this is the one I have the best luck at.

  197. Brandi says:

    Im new to Shoprite and I have saved alot of money! Drug stores- CVS/Rite Aid have been great on personal care items!

  198. Diana says:

    I just moved to NJ and am new to double couponing…it’s definitely Shop Rite!

  199. Laina says:

    CVS saves me the most money!!

  200. Suzette says:

    Market Basket saves me the most money . Even though they don’t double coupons their prices are lower than the others stores I have shopped at . I still use my coupons though. I can save at least $25. per week shopping there compared to my other stores . With a family of 6, shopping there (with coupons) is a wonderful thing !

  201. Allie W says:

    Shop Rite of course

  202. Nicole says:

    Shoprite in Garwood, NJ saves me so much money every week!

  203. Brenda Brantley says:

    I love Harris Teeter because they double coupons up to $0.99 daily, have triple coupon promotions and are currently doing super double promotions, which means they double coupons up to $1.98. When you combine that with their sales, you can really save money! Walmart would come in 2nd for me and I love that they price match, although some of their employees aren’t very savvy regarding their policy.

  204. K. Clark says:

    Right now it has been Sunflower Market..

  205. Adrienne says:


  206. jill says:

    Add me to the shoprite savers! We are on day 7 of no power and will need to do a big restocking if we ever get it back

  207. Mary T. says:

    The store that saves me the most money is SHOPRITE in Jersey City, NJ. It is better than Walmart (surprisedly) because ShopRite offers double coupons and the local Walmart does not. Since I became a faithful follower to your website, I have been able to save approximately 30% on my weekly grocery shopping AND the great sale offers at ShopRite.

  208. Kris says:

    SHOPRITE – they do double coupons, they have great store benads AND I love that they have manager specials. Lastly, I love their “today’s special” meats that are on the edge their expiration date. I have a huge freezer s0 when ever I see these packages I get meat for a super great price and I pop it in my freezer.

  209. Cindy Nichols says:

    Our biggest and best grocery store in this very small area is Price Chopper. I am happy they take internet coupons too. 🙂 Every bit helps.

  210. Paula says:

    Since I live n Calif our deals are scarce. Safeway is the best with the club card and coupons combined.

  211. Chrissy2 says:

    I love Shoprite, especially with my match-ups in hand!

  212. wendy sandine says:

    Cvs or Walgreens! use to be Hilander, but they were bought out by Schnucks:(

  213. Heather D. says:

    At the moment, Giant Horsham, PA saves me a bundle.

  214. Elizabeth S. says:

    My favorite store is acme in elkton, md. and martins in rising sun, md. But I am sad there are no matchups for martins on here. I drive a half hour every week just to shop at martins : )

  215. Jen says:


  216. CANDI says:


  217. Debbie says:

    I love Harris Teeter! It has saved me tons during their triple coupons days!

  218. Stacey says:

    Between Stop and Shop and Waldbams!

  219. Graciela Bisceglie says:

    I’m fairly new to couponing. I get most of my free stuff at King Kullen but Pathmark has the best sales. I hope I’m one of the lucky winners.
    Good luck to all!

  220. Betsy says:

    Shoprite…For sure 🙂

  221. Skye Friend Moore says:

    The store I usually get my biggest saves at is Wal-Mart. CVS and Walgreens got me some awesome scores at Halloween though 🙂

  222. Niecey says:

    Shoprite!!!! Shoprite!!!! Shoprite!!!!

  223. Rem says:

    Shoprite is the one saves me the most. Very close and always plenty of stock.

  224. Kelly J. says:

    Big Y in Manchester CT, even without coupons, I can save about $20-$30 just by buying items that are on sale! and they Double coupons up to $0.99

  225. Melissa says:

    Shoprite is my go-to for big savings. I feel like it is so much cheaper to shop there compared to other stores in my area.

  226. Julie High says:

    I wish i had a shop-rite! I shop at wallgreens they usually have great deals. Problem is i have to go to the one a little further away because the stock is never up to par. Wallmart comes in a close second since i never have a problem there.

  227. Ana says:

    Shoprite for sure, my year to date savings at this store are $2,843.45 and I only began shopping there in March.

  228. Leslie says:

    It has been all said before me SHOPRITE! Shoprite is my main store, however, with that said because of this great site I have got some excellent buys at Stop and Shop from the last page in their flyer such as buy 4 items and get $3 off. Cindy always posts great printable coupons and puts together killer deals from Stop and Shop. If it was not for her I would not think of shopping for deals there.

  229. pinkcupcake says:

    Dominicks has a Just 4 U program that saves me the most money. I live in Illinois.

  230. Patty Doyle says:

    CVS saves me the most. I also save alot at Giant.

  231. bobbi jo says:

    shoprite, shoprite, shoprite!! Couponing has transformed my way of shopping and thinking…LRWC helps in so many ways!

  232. Jackie says:

    CVS Hands down…between the Red Machine, CVS website coupons, email discounts, manufacture coupons, and gift card deals…can’t beat it any where!!

  233. Kabby says:

    I have been trying Rite Aid for some items…..but my number one is SHOPRITE.

  234. Cristin says:

    I save hundreds of dollars every month at Shoprite~

  235. Brittany says:

    Rite Aid is my favorite place for savings. I live in the country area and the nearest town doesnt have the stores like the bigger cities do but i’m thinkful for the ones we do have 🙂

  236. Janine says:

    Walmart saves me the most!

  237. Cherie says:

    Target for Sure! They make clearence almost all the way down to giving it away!!! Love target!

  238. Jade says:

    CVS is the BEST place for me to find deals! I love rolling the ECBs!

  239. Jamie says:

    I double that comment about Shoprite in Millville. The best, for sure. Though if you go there early in the morning with coupons that will give you something free…like the X14 Toilet Bowl Cleaner, they (manager chick named Jodi) will give you a hard time and not let you use them….even though it clearly states ANY X14 CLEANING product.

  240. Mary E Orsini says:

    I shop at two stores, Shop Rite and Stop N Shop. I buy everything on sale and with a coupon. I just love this site.

  241. Alice says:

    Shop Rite is the best (plus it’s my only choice unless I want to travel 30 miles!)

  242. Kristine says:

    SHoprite without a doubt!

  243. christina says:

    cvs and rite aid (love that extra 10% off)
    just starting out a newbie couponer if only there were more coupons for pampers and for our dog

  244. rj says:

    ShopRite has my <3 !

  245. Megan says:

    Shoprite always!

  246. Cherie says:

    Target! They mark it all down to almost giving away their clearence!

  247. bracha says:

    shoprite for sure!!!

  248. Nicole Pellegrino says:

    I just started couponing and so far I have been saving at Walgreens the most. Thanks so much. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  249. shoprite glen burnie Md. Has been here a year woohoo love the anniversary sales

  250. Hope Stacy says:

    Publix in Spartanburg SC saves me the most money!!

  251. kimberly says:

    I think Rite-Aid has been the best for me! Especially because where I live that’s about the only store around with good deal! Plus, I love the up rewards!!!

  252. Laurie says:

    I love all the great deals and savings I get at Walgreens!

  253. Annette says:

    Target is my place to shop. They have everyday low prices, gift cards on products you’re already buying and you can combine coupons, i.e., 1 Target coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon, plus you get 5¢ off every reusable bag used in that transaction.

  254. Steph S. says:

    Walmart! Price matching is the s**t there! And now with their new policy to beat any competitor prices thru Nov./Dec. or get a WM gift card back, there’s no way not to get great deals 🙂

  255. Amy says:

    Here in Middleburg, Florida, I save the most at Publix. The BOGO deals and they take Target coupons stacked with manufacture….it is a sure money saver for me.

  256. Valerie says:

    Shoprite all the way!

  257. Jenn says:

    ShopRite and Acme seem to save me the most money. Also very convenient since they are located right across the street from each other where I live which helps me get the best deals possible (with the great help of LRWC) without having to travel all around. Love it!

  258. Baila says:


  259. Nicole says:

    Shoprite in Hamilton, NJ. Also CVS with coupons and extra care bucks.

  260. tonya hicks says:

    Walgreens has saved me alot of money..Thank you 2 Livingrichoncoupon for saving me money too, Sandra for the inserts!

  261. Stephanie Brown says:

    Hands down, shoprite is my store of choice to save $$$!!

  262. Ericka says:

    Here in Southern Calif. Walgreens saves me the most money! 🙂

  263. Jessica Novosel says:

    I love shopping at Rite Aid!! I seem to get all of the best deals there between manufactures coupons stacked with Rite Aid coupons & the RR, I get tons of things for FREE, every week! It’s so addicting!

  264. Debbie Rhodes says:

    Believe it or not I have been saving so much when I shop at my local Acme!!!

  265. Jane says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money!

  266. Amy H-F says:

    Target and Publix in Florida. Love Publix BOGO and they accept certain competitor coupons. This week got free Eggos and Little Debbie snack cakes. Target has great clearance with coupon stacking you can’t beat it.

  267. Alison perst says:

    I love one of the local shop rites…besides sales, I save money by being able to generate an aisle by aisle item specific list on line ahead of time

  268. Niki Zimmerman says:

    I would have to say right now it is Cub foods and Walmart for me!

  269. Lauraline says:

    ShopRite in Lakewood or Brick – awesome! RiteAid of Jackson wonderful, too!

  270. Kathleen Davies says:

    Cvs Saves me tons of money with sales, coupons, and ECB.

  271. Ruth says:

    Shoprite has saved me the most money with double coupons, saving star, cellfire, shoprite ecoupons, and Catalinas. I referred them all the time!

  272. Stacey says:

    I save the most at Shoprite in Lanoka Harbor, NJ. Between fully doubled coupons, Baby Bucks, Live Right and Cats, I maximize my savings and allows me to stretch a dollar without going over our budget.

  273. Cheryl says:

    Shoprite is my favorite for food but Walgreens and CVS for all their great feebies!

  274. Mafalda says:

    Shoprite , love shopping there!

  275. Stefanie says:

    Shoprite for sure! CVS and RiteAid run a close second though!

  276. Peggy says:

    Shoprite is where I do nearly all of my couponing!!

  277. kerryann says:

    The store that saves me the most money is SHOPRITE in Nutley, NJ. This ShopRite fully double and they are coupons friendly.

  278. kekee says:

    Walmart in Lumberton helps me save especially with the price matching. I LOVE WALMART!!

  279. Sheri G says:

    I enjoy my local Publix, learning the ropes at CVS. Anywhere I can use my coupons is terrific!

  280. donna says:

    Shop Rite of Sayreville saves me the most money!!!

  281. Mayra says:

    Shoprite saves my family the most!

  282. cassandra collins says:

    cvs has had great deals for free to money makers and i love free !! way to go cvs

  283. Mayra says:

    Shoprite saves my family the most! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  284. Judy says:

    Its a toss up between CVS and Pathmark. I always get great buys/deals at CVS with their ECBs..but Pathmark doubles coupons and I can get great buys there too.

  285. JC says:

    I love shopping at ShopRite. Walmar for my travel size and walgreens.

  286. Mrs. V Powell says:

    Shop-Rite is #1!!

  287. Megan says:

    Shoprite! I have cut my grocery budget in half since a shoprite opened near me 6 months ago thanks to all of the amazing deals you post!

  288. Karen B. says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I save at the Shoprite here in Staten Island, New York

  289. Stacey says:

    I love Publix! they are the best grocery in town!

  290. Oni424 says:

    I have saved over $2,000 this year at Shoprite. I have earned $90 at Walmart!

  291. Jeanne says:

    ShopRite in Woodbridge, NJ is awesome with so much savings in a beautiful store.

  292. Tara Leinen says:

    I seem to find the best deals at Frys especially since they brought back the doubling of coupons. Tucson, AZ

  293. Elissa says:

    $hoprite $aves me the mo$t money!

  294. Heather J. says:

    ShopRite in West Orange, NJ saves me the most money! I’ve never had a problem finding an item on sale, and they’ve never questioned any of my coupons. Management is the best, and the people who work there are so kind!

  295. Rebecca S. says:

    Shoprite seems to save me the most right now. I do love the ECB @ CVS, lots of great deals their too.

  296. Deanna Petersen says:

    Meijer in Findlay Ohio, and my small town local store whom does triple coupons once a month 🙂
    Deanna Petersen

  297. LeelalandC says:

    Shoprite have been very good to me and so has Pathmark, A&P, CVS and Riteaid too. Well, I guess they all been good to me really :). It’s how you go about with their deals. You can make it work at any store.

  298. Kim says:

    Kroger in Martinsville, VA is where I do most of my shopping.

  299. Jennifer C. says:

    Shoprite. Definitely.

  300. Fran says:

    Shop Rite saves me the most! It has become the only grocery store I shop at.

  301. Jessica says:

    I save the most money at Walmart! They carry the biggest selection of travel sized items which will help me make money from some coupons to help pay for higher priced items! Also, after yesterdays expeirence with the Tide coupon I love the store! The manager made sure my $2 coupons came off because how is anyone supposed to know PG is not packaging the samples? He said the coupon matches the product and appreciated me asking before approaching the register =)

  302. Sonia says:

    publix. I live in Alabama. We don’t have stores that double coupons up to a dollar, Catalinas rarely work and I have to drive 30 min to get to the store. Our inserts missing the best high-value coupons. But still we try to save with coupons as much as we can. Thank so much for your web-site. It’s really helpful!

  303. Tonya says:

    Publix so far has saved me the most!!

  304. Kristen L says:

    I love shoprite and CVS. Just started doing the whole coupon thing so don’t have a lot of savings yet, but have got a few from these two stores already!!!


    Kroger is where it is at in my area!

  306. Alice Starr-Dillard says:

    Shopping at BJ in bulk with coupons adds for extra savings

  307. Sam says:

    RITE AID & CVS are my go-to places each week. The +Rewards and ECB make a huge difference!

  308. Tara V says:

    Walmart is our best option is this area.

  309. Rhonda says:

    I have a great store United that I shop at, even though we have no double coupons here where we live I still can save a lot of money with every trip I make with my coupon caddy in hand..

  310. lindsay says:

    giant eagle in greensburg pa saves me so much money!!!

  311. Konnie says:

    My two favorite stores are Shoprite and Walgreens! Shoprite because their prices are so low and their coupon and doubling policy for my store is awesome! Walgreens because I feel like I can get lots of food items really cheap along with personal care items too!

  312. Heidi says:

    ShopRite is the winner in our house, hands down!

  313. Kris says:

    ShopRite has saved me the most due to the sheer volume of items I purchase there. As for the percentage of most money saved though, I would say CVS, I receive more free products there than I pay for, even though it’s only a few items per week! 🙂

  314. beth says:

    rite aid! Just had a total for $110 and only paid $50 – and that was my first “couponing” experience!

  315. Beth says:

    I save lots of $$$ @ Giant, CVS & Walgreens in Aston, PA 🙂

  316. maria says:

    shoprite is the best in my books!

  317. Marlene B says:

    Shoprite & CVS save me the most!! But second runner up is the clearance aisles at Target.

  318. Susan says:

    I find the Giant gives me the best deals between their bonus card savings, gas points and coupon doubling (up to $1.00).

  319. Caitlin says:

    Shoprite has saved me the most with coupons under $1 and Walgreens has saved me the most with $1 and above coupons and register rewards =)

  320. CK says:

    I don’t tink there is one store that saves me the most money, they all seem to alternate weeks as to which one has the best deals, but I love CVS and Shoprite! (Would love our local Shoprites even more if they fully doubled! 🙂

  321. Erica says:

    So far Target has been a saving grace. Between coupons and my 5% off for using my target card it saves me the most!

  322. Lori says:

    i just started couponing a few weeks ago. i’ve had the best luck at rite aid!

  323. Stephanie says:

    CVS has saved me and my family a ton of money.

  324. rachelle says:

    I love shoprite, it saves me the most money!

  325. Kristy says:

    Shop-Rite currently saves me the most money. I’ve just started taking advantage of CVS, but don’t have many of the older coupons needed for deals yet. Thank you so much for this!

  326. Mary Lichtenwalner says:

    I really think that lately I have been saving the most money at BJ’s! They allow the stacking of coupons with their coupons and the manufacturers. I still spend around $150 but I save just about the same or a bit less every 3 weeks or so. That price includes toys (for xmas!) to diapers and Halloween candy!

  327. Jessica says:

    I’m really new to couponing, but so far I’d say I’ve saved the most at Rite Aid with CVS and Shoprite coming right in behind.

  328. karen kehrer says:

    We recently got a Shoprite in our area and I have been really happy with the deals I have been getting with the match ups you share, Thanks for that. I have done really well this month at CVS with the Gift cards (three so far) I also love Rite Aid. Not a very good answer, Kind of like my kids I can’t pick a favorite. I love them all for different reasons

  329. hanna says:

    Shop Right and CVS . I like both stores.

  330. Rachel F. says:

    I know it sounds strange,but Petsmart saves me the most. I combine $/$ purchase with competitors and manufacturers coupons. I just bought 40 cans of cat food for .34cent and that was tax…LOL.

  331. chris says:

    SHOPRITE!! 🙂

  332. Andrea T says:

    Tops is the place to shop. Great deals and they double coupons so you can’t go wrong there!!

  333. Amy says:

    I “LOVE” CVS! Rolling those ECBs makes purchases for pennies!

  334. Paula Brown says:

    Hi my est 2 stores are Shoprite and Walmart….. However I would never of been able to save what I save without the help of Cindy and Bogo!!! You are the best!!! ty for all your hard work and continued dedication to saving money for all of us!!!!

  335. Dawn says:

    I mostly go to Shoprite but I will venture to other stores to get free items!

  336. madeline says:

    I would have to say I save the most at Rite Aid, CVS, and Shop Rite. This week CVS is my favorite!

  337. joni says:

    I always travel to Shop rite because i save at least 60 to 100 everytime i go.

  338. kat says:

    I find that Shoprite and CVS saves me the most money. Love that CVS ECB are so easy to handle (just like cash) and the dates for expirations tend to be 2-3 weeks later giving me a few circulars to use them! Loved their summer gas cards! Hope they have them again.

    Shoprite has amazing P&G sales when they have them. It’s almost hard to say no.

  339. Thanya says:

    My favorite store is Walmart with matchups ads and coupons!!!!!

  340. Rosa says:

    Shoprite and Rite Aid are the best 🙂

  341. Stephanie says:

    I love CVS by far the best deals!!!!!

  342. beth says:

    rite aid! Just saved $60 on my first “couponing” experience!

  343. cindy says:

    is this it

  344. Jenn says:

    Shoprite is my favorite grocery store when it comes to couponing. I’ve also had luck with CVS. These two stores have saved my husband and I lots of money, yay!

  345. jill b says:

    Really Really Love shop rite for the most savings on my daily groceries! I really could use more Sunday coupons because every gas station around had no power on Sunday due to the storm. It was awful out there, it still is awful out there and tomorrow it will be 1 week since the storm hit CT.

  346. Gretchen says:

    I love Kroger and Meijer!

  347. Ronald D'Arpe says:

    I’d have to say CVS and Walgreens saves us the most!
    And of course that wouldn’t be p0ssible without LIVING RICH WITH COUPONS!!!

  348. Courtney J says:

    CVS has been very good to me. I love going in there and using my coupons and receiving my registar rewards 🙂

  349. kat says:

    riteaid is my favorite

  350. Brian says:

    No question – the best store for me is Rite Aid!

  351. Courtney J says:

    Sorry wrong store! I mean ECBs!!!

  352. Meeko says:

    SHOPRITE is the best for me! Especially with your matchups, it helps alot! Thanks Cindy!

  353. Andrew says:

    Shoprite definitely saves me the most money. It’s usually around 65% on average.

  354. Debbie W says:

    Shoprite for me! They double coupons and when you combo a coupon and a sale they can’t be beat!

  355. Nancy says:

    I have to say Target!!

  356. Esther says:

    shoprite and walgreens!

  357. Christine says:

    CVS is my favorite!

  358. Lady J says:

    Shop Rite – w/o a doubt.

  359. kristin mcg says:

    RiteAid saves me the most!!

  360. Jenn says:

    I would have to say that a combo of pathmark stop and shop and shoprite are the way to go… 🙂

  361. Emily says:

    I think it’s a tie between Dillons (Kroger) and Walgreens!

  362. Nina says:

    Shoprite for sure

  363. stefanie says:


  364. Bonnie says:

    Shop-Rite has been the best deals and match-ups lately, but Target is second with sale price+store coup+mnfc coup+5% red card, and i’m getting good at combining store amd mnfc at BJ’s on my bulk buys!!

  365. tracey says:

    shoprite! I never shopped there until I found your site, and I would love the inserts, so much storm damage, no power resulted in no circulars last sunday 🙁

  366. Amy says:

    I love to save money at Walgreens and CVS!!!!

  367. Terri Dyess says:

    I save the most at ShopRite, but I also do well playing the drug store game!

  368. Stu says:

    Shoprite definately.

  369. Jessica Black says:

    I love shopping at Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh!!!

  370. Amanda says:

    Shoprite is the best!

  371. Angela says:

    ShopRite & CVS for sure! Can’t beat ShopRite’s prices and the EB’s at CVS are great!

  372. Jo Ann says:

    I save the most at Kroger and CVS. Love the Extra Bucks and double coupons!!

  373. Shita says:

    Shoprite for sure.

  374. Brenda says:

    I’ve been doing this for about a month now. 2 weeks after I started, my mom and sister went with me to see how I was saving money. Now every Sunday morning we get together and go shopping. So far we have saved the most from shopping at Walgreens. ( of course thats the only store we really know how the coupons work. haha) but …I think this week we are going to try CVS. We are having so much fun!! Good luck to everyone!

  375. Valerie says:

    I am a new convert to Rite Aid- saves me tons of money!

  376. Trish says:

    ShopRite saves me the most and CVS with the ECB. Only with your help Cindy, of course. After attending your workshop in October I have become a couponer! Thank you.

  377. Shoprite in Wharton, NJ Always has the best deals. I also enjoy shopping at walmart!

  378. Maya says:

    Rite Aid saves me the most… but we just got a shoprite in our area! 🙂

  379. Margaret W says:

    I shop at the ShopRite in Middletown, NJ. The cashiers never give me a hard time, and the customer service workers are really nice.

  380. Laurene says:

    I love shopping at ShopRite, CVS, Rite Aid and Whole Foods!!!

  381. Angela Niles says:

    Shoprite in Montauge NJ saves me the most but Walmart is a close second 🙂

  382. Heather says:

    It depends on the week! I hit 7 to ten stores each week to save the most money!

  383. Ileana says:


  384. Melissa says:

    I would say CVS and Shoprite. CVS you can’t go wrong with the ECB and Shoprite always has such great deals and Catalinas!

  385. Michelle says:

    it’s a toss up between shoprite and target! i love stacking coupons at target!

  386. Carla Rivera says:

    Shoprite is my favorite store, save a lot of money in just a couple of months, LOVE SHOPRITE

  387. Michelle T. says:

    Gotta go with ShopRite, but I also really love CVS!

  388. Rams says:

    shoprite n Riteaid

  389. angela says:

    I save the most money at Waldbaums and Stop n Shop

  390. Kelly says:

    King Kullen has saved me a ton of money, Since they double $1 coupons.

  391. TERRI HAMNER says:

    publix and winn dixie has worked well for me!

  392. Lisa says:

    I save the most at Rite Aid. I usually get all of my toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries and household stuff from here, which saves me a lot of money because i usually get them for free or very cheap!

  393. Lauren says:

    Shoprite has been great in helping me reduce my food bill!!

  394. Tom says:

    I love ShopRite – absolute best.

  395. Scott says:

    I like Shoprite for food and any of the big 3 drug store chains.

  396. kelly P says:

    I save at Shoprite. I would be shopping there anyway so it is great to use coupons and save money!

  397. Nicole Altemos says:

    I save the most with coupons at Walmart. I just love that they give overage to help cut the cost of things there are no coupons for.

  398. Natalie says:

    I’m a newbie but Shop Rite and CVS are the two I’ve done very well at so far!

  399. Katie Coupon says:

    I’m a faithful Shop Rite shopper 🙂

  400. Jen says:

    Shoprite, CVS and RiteAid are my faves! Don’t know if I could choose just one!

  401. Lynn Damboise says:

    I have found that CVS and Rite Aid are the places to go for anything H&B. Between their sales, and the stacking ability with theirs and manufacturers coupons, along with the cashback rewards they do. I always pay next to nothing!!!!

  402. Tracey says:

    ShopRite has become my Favorite store for super savings!!

  403. Mel says:

    ShopRite in Parsippany, NJ!!!! You can “Shop Right” at ShopRight!!

  404. Sarah says:

    ShopRite! I’m loving all the great deals lately =)

  405. Dawn Younger says:

    E.W James and Sons in West Tennessee saves me the most money!! 🙂

    1. Linda says:

      Wegmans in NewYork saves me themost money for my family.

  406. Sin says:

    Shop rite at Neptune nj!!

  407. tara says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money!!!

  408. Sukhvir says:

    Shoprite … the best store !!!!!

  409. Tracey says:

    CVS! hassle free coupon friendly store.

  410. Katie M. says:

    Shop Rite, CVS and Rite Aid!

  411. Kahlilah says:

    I love love love Shoprite! Even if you can only use 4 like coupons at a time.

  412. Gretchen says:

    ShopRite in Rochelle Park, NJ! I $hop there weekly and $ave lot$!

  413. Tracy W says:

    SHOP RITE!!!

  414. Jenn says:

    My best grocery store is Giant Foods for overall savings. I do “special” runs to ACME and CVS for the “hot” items of the week though!
    The local ShopRite has a tough coupon policy, so I can never rack in the savings like Cindy!
    Thanks to Cindy and to Sandra for sharing the savings! 🙂

  415. Janine says:

    Shop Rite saves me the most money!!

  416. Ames D. says:

    For groceries/food it is Shoprite (hands down).. especially the one in Paramus. When it comes to drug store it is CVS (very coupon friendly.. )

  417. Vicky Lott says:

    CVS is the best store in my area. Over the last 3 weeks got about $113 worht of merchandise for less then $15.00. I love this site could not of done it without the info here.

  418. Leah says:

    I shop a lot of different stores, depending on where the best sales and coupon match-ups are each week. (Thanks to your site.) The only store on my list each and every week is CVS. Their extrabucks deals are great!

  419. Enalyn says:

    I save the most at Walgreens.

  420. Tammi says:

    wise market!!!

  421. Crao says:

    CVS for household. The extra bucks, beauty club combined with LRWC deal ideas has been my key to low cost household supply. Stop & shop for groceries. I love the gas points, coupon doubling and surprise 5off 50 program! Thank you

  422. Beth says:

    Shop Rite and CVS

  423. Robin S says:

    ShopRite saves me the most money. I love ShopRite!

  424. Janine says:

    Shop Rite of Waretown, NJ

  425. Jenny says:

    Thanks to your site I go to all the stores and get the best deals on whatever I want. But by far, I have saved most money at everyone’s favorite store — SHOPRITE 🙂

  426. Robin says:

    Shopite saves me the most

  427. Jay says:

    It used to be RiteAid, but recently CVS has taken the lead…

  428. SeeBee says:

    CVS – hands down! love it!

  429. Christina says:

    ShopRite without a doubt is where I save the most!!! I drive out of my area just to go there. I’m still “new-ish” to couponing and I’ve saved well over $2500 in the last couple months mainly at ShopRite alone. Thank you for having this website and helping me realize how much unnecessary spending I was doing on food and grocery items.

  430. LindsayG says:

    I heart shop rite!

  431. Anne McCabe says:

    I always shop at Shop Rite, but occasionally go to Pathmark when there is a good sale.

  432. Aprille says:

    Tops Friendly Markets has the best savings 🙂

  433. Jennifer says:

    Kroger’s is the store for me !!!!!!

  434. kellie says:

    its a toss up between cvs and shop and save for me!!

  435. Stephanie says:

    CVS saves me so much money. Also, Target has great deals.

  436. Charmane Woomer says:

    I shop anywhere it saves me the most money and coupons are the icing on the cake!

  437. Elaine Gardner says:

    Shop Rite is my favorite store for good savings.

  438. Leigh Ann says:

    SHOP RITE!!!

  439. Tammi says:

    wise market!!! IT’S THE BEST EARN GAS POINTS ALSO!!

  440. Sukhvir Kaur says:

    Shorite, cvs, costco !!!!!

  441. Gwen says:

    I save at shoprite the most overall. But I usually strictly hop around from store to store for the best value.

  442. cathy says:

    I save the most at Shop Rite in Manchester CT. The sad thing is I only get to go there when I go visit my mom because I live in NH. I’ve done ok lately at Stop and Shop, but Shop Rite is where I save the most.

  443. Jessica says:

    I save the most at Shoprite!

  444. JoAnnA says:

    Target for me!

  445. Heather says:

    ShopRite…def ShopRite! 🙂

  446. Melissa Frazer says:

    Shoprite is my favorite grocery store but I do enjoy ther perks in walgreens and cvs

  447. Robin says:

    Giant and Shoprite in West Chester, PA save me the most.

  448. Jessica DJ says:

    Shoprite is bar far the best for savings. I use two stores regularly Monticello and Liberty NY.

  449. Jenise Sarraga says:

    Shoprite in Scarsdale is the BEST

  450. Cindy says:

    I love ShopRite — and LRWC!!

  451. Christine says:


  452. Danielle Garcia says:

    Hi, I usually save the most money by shopping at Rite Aid, CVS, Vons, Albertson’s, Walmart and Target!

  453. Christine says:

    ShopRite has opened my eyes to the potential savings out there. I go almost twenty miles to get to one.

  454. Claire H. says:

    Is there any other store than Shoprite of course?

  455. Timoya Lindsay says:

    I save the most at CVS, Elmwood Park, New Jersey

  456. Heather says:

    Prior to learning of this site, I didn’t really pay much attention to which store saved me the most amount of money and went more on which store was more convenient for me. However, since learning of this site and paying attention to the weekly match ups, I have learned that Shop rite by far saves me much more money then any other store in my area.

    I Love Shoprite!!!!!!!!!

  457. olga says:

    Definitely RiteAid! They have great deals and, best of all, their employees are incredibly coupon-friendly. In fact, it’s the only place where I don’t feel like a criminal when using internet coupons!

  458. Paloma says:

    Shoprite! Their Baby Bucks program saves us a lot 🙂

  459. Louise says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money. They double coupons up to .75 and the the sales each week.

  460. Kathy Bargiacchi says:

    I love saving at shoprite. As my kids say lets coupon rite at shop rite. If we don’t have a coupon we don’t shoprite.

  461. Ashley W. says:

    I find the most savings at Pathmark, Shoprite, Walmart, and Target. I love these stores!!!!!

  462. Stephanie says:

    I love Acme Deals! 🙂

  463. angela says:

    shoprite has always been my favorite store to save.

  464. Suzanne says:

    ShopRite by far!!! (Rite Aid is a close 2nd!)

  465. Andrea says:

    I love shoprite, they have amazing deals, even if the cashiers tend to be on the rude side, still the best value for my $!

  466. Cynthia says:

    I save the most money at ShopRite because they double coupons and have great sales!

  467. Tanya says:

    Shoprite, definitely Shoprite!!!! Thank you!!

  468. Regina says:

    Shop Rite and Rite Aid!

  469. Shannon says:

    Shoprite in Toms River, NJ!!!! Love, Love their catalinas

  470. Tina P. says:

    It’s hard to pick just one store! Overall, I’ve saved the most (according to their receipt) at ShopRite because of deals and (some) double coupons, especially a few weeks ago. However, Walmart has much cheaper prices and allows overages, so they are close in the running. Rite Aid & Walgreens allow me to sometimes get $100+ of products for free per week when they have great sales. CVS is great as well.

  471. Jenneen says:

    Shoprite in Whiteplains.

  472. Kelsey says:


  473. elaine says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money! 🙂

  474. Donna says:

    i <3 Rite Aid

  475. Kelsey says:

    Shoprite of course!! They always save us the most!

  476. Ting says:

    I want to say Shoprite, but my store does not fully double! That being said, CVS is my favorite store. My son poops like a machine and they usually have great diaper deals 🙂

  477. Debbie Scism says:

    Shoprite has been my favorite money saving store for many years. Love the Flanders,NJ store in particular!!!

  478. JEN C says:

    Amazon, CVS, & Wal-Mart save me the most money. Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one 😉

  479. Erin says:

    Target and CVS are where I find the best deals!

  480. Jayme says:

    I love Target!!! And it helps save me money!!!

  481. liz says:

    ShopRite, by far, has saved us the most money.

  482. Michelle says:

    Shoprite! Even though the DE Shoprite’s can be difficult concering coupons I still get the best deals there.

  483. Elizabeth says:

    ShopRite in Woodbridge, NJ! They have great deals and never give me a hard time when I use my stack of coupons.

  484. Joseph Larnaitis says:

    ShopRite is my favorite store!

  485. Maria E. says:

    I love Walgreens & CVS!!!!!

  486. kristi malloy says:

    Shop Rite and Price Choppers!!!!!

  487. Janine says:

    I enjoy going to Pathmark!!!

  488. susan c says:

    i love.. love.. loveeeee my shoprite in sayreville nj….and although everytime i go to walmart the cashier’s go into a panic with the coupons i have…lol…i love the savings there too!!!

  489. andrea bussing says:

    I save the most money at walgreens , i roll my register rewards over and over and over and over and over and over again 🙂 I get better quality products and spend less than i would shopping at the dollor store.

  490. Diana says:

    It’s hard to pick just one – different stores have great deals on different items! ShopRite is where I find the best grocery deals thanks to Cindy!! CVS is reserved for my diaper deals!

  491. LindaB says:

    Publix in Gainesville, FL is my favorite store. Great prices, lots of BOGO deals and friendly employees make shopping at Publix a pleasure!

  492. Crystal Hampton says:

    Publix is my favorite store!

  493. msrossdaboss says:

    RITE AID FORSURE!!!!!!!!!!

  494. P. Jain says:

    I am pretty new to this site (just a week old) and I already love it! It was only yesterday that I went to Shoprite with my Husband and almost saved $10.xx… Thanks to LRWC and ShopRite!

  495. Nancy says:

    Shoprite is where i spend the most money with coupons!!

  496. Jennifer R. says:

    I ♥ Shoprite. Shoprite of Passaic, NJ

  497. Bobbi Formica says:

    SHOPRITE in Franklin NJ!! I’ve been told by the manager that I “abuse their coupon policy” I tell them to show me where in the coupon policy that Bobbi Formica can’t use coupons!!!

  498. Jacqui says:

    Shoprite is the best for savings!

  499. Dawn D says:

    Pathmark, but I save all over the place thanks to LRWC!

  500. Jacqueline says:

    While Shop-Rite gives me some great deals (thanks to Cindy), I really get the best deals in cvs and ra where I can keep rolling those ebs and+ups over and over and over again!

  501. ali says:

    woo hoo!!!! I save the most at cvs on long island!

  502. Pat says:

    Publix 40 East Ocala Florida and Target in Ocala are my favorites stores it is a toss up on which I save more I think they run pretty close. I saved $175.00 oop $121.00 yesterday at Target, Publix saved 125.00 oop $81.00 so pretty close in my book Love them Both.

  503. Lieda says:

    Since I live in the Chicago area I do not have a ShopRight, although I sure wish I did. My biggest savings stop has been Target.

  504. Becky Utter says:

    My big savings comes from Walmart in Hastings Nebraska!

  505. melissa says:

    ShopRite in Glassboro NJ is where I save the most money 🙂

  506. Rachel H says:

    I usually get all health and beauty type items at Target. Love stacking coupons 🙂

  507. Shirley says:

    I love Shoprite and CVS. Along with your weekly matchups I can save a bundle. I need tofollow your match ups more in the coming weeks, because I haven’t had power since Saturday night and my freg and freezer food is gone. So I will be watching all the stores in my local norther NJ area to help me stock up but not going over budget.

  508. WJ says:

    I save the most at Shoprite.

    Thanks for all you do to help us all

  509. Gemma says:

    Stop & shop queens, new york!!!!

  510. Jude says:

    Hi Cindy. Lately Shoprite has been saving me the most money. I never really shopped there until I began visiting LRWC and now its my #1 store. A little out of the way but worth it. Thanks …. Jude

  511. Tiffany says:

    I save the most at my military commissary, but since they sometimes dont carry the things I want (have coupons for) I also save a lot at Walmart.

  512. jill says:

    I love shoprite with your weekly matchups I save so much!

  513. Rachel says:

    Shoprite in Paramus, NJ!

  514. Jen says:

    Love shopping at the drugstores (CVS has been my favorite recently). The ECB, sales, and coupons are the only way to go! Followed by ShopRite and Target. Cant believe over a year ago, I would pay full price for things! I am so happy I found you Cindy!!!

  515. msrossdaboss says:


  516. Anita says:

    I used to shop almost exclusively at Stop and Shop since it was the closest store, but ever since I have been following this blog, I have been shopping at Shoprite so much more often and I have saved so much! Thanks Cindy!!

  517. Amanda says:

    Allens in Hastings NE is where you need to shop for the biggest savings!

  518. Cristina says:

    My biggest savings definitely comes from CVS! I am a CVS couponing addict!

  519. Vanessa says:

    I save the most at Shoprite…although, they are the store that gives me the most trouble with coupons.

  520. Jennifer says:

    I save the most at Target! I love when you can stack coupons!!

  521. Nicole says:

    I save the most on everyday groceries at Shoprite, but I do love the occasional ECB deals at CVS!!

  522. Arianna says:

    Shoprite by far! They have the best sales, and give me no problem when i come in with a stack of coupons 2 inches thick!

  523. Erin says:

    I recently started shopping at Harris Teeter and WOW! I have never saved so much with coupons!

  524. Megan M says:

    ShopRite helps me save the most! And I have to say mine really knows their coupon policy!!!

  525. Shandon-dy diehl says:

    There are two stores that save me the most money in my neck of the woods of muncy,pa… Lowe’s great valu and rite aid.

  526. JoAnna says:

    ShopRite saves me the most money. 🙂 I also shop WalMart and Target as my 2nd and 3rd choices to save money.

  527. Lori says:

    Shoprite gets my vote!

  528. Marie says:

    Shop Rite in Cherry Hill is where I save the most money, plus I have CVS right across the street!

  529. Christina says:

    Lately I have been getting most of my money saving items at CVS and Rite Aid in Batavia, NY.

  530. Mags says:

    Definitely Shoprite in Aberdeen!

  531. Nicole says:

    I live in a very small town so I do most of my shopping at walmart, but I like to safeway in the next town over when they are having a great sale.

  532. Jen Lee says:

    i love love love shopping at my local shoprite!

  533. Julie says:

    ShopRite!! Just got back!! 🙂

  534. Liz v says:

    Shop rite in new Rochelle ny!

  535. Melissa D says:

    Of course Shoprite! I can’t believe I used to shop at acme & genuardis!

  536. Tina says:

    I save the most at ShopRite 🙂

  537. Dee W. says:

    I’ve always saved the most at Walgreen’s. That’s where I’ve always used coupons the most, but I’m starting to branch out.

  538. Ali says:

    I definitely think that my local Stop and Shop saves me quite a bit! I also love my ECB from CVS!

  539. lisa says:

    Shoprite is my favorite store for savings!

  540. Lorrie says:

    I save the most at CVS for H&B products, but food/groceries is Fry’s Food.

  541. susan k says:

    lately it’s Shoprite in Toms River thanks to you and all the matchups! We have a new one opening down the street from me and it’s HUGE! I just hope they are as good with coupons as the other one! Thank you!

  542. Diana P. says:

    CVS definitely saves me the most money! I love CVS!

  543. KT says:

    I save the most at CVS in NY!

  544. jessica says:

    Shoprite, is the place to shop

  545. Barbara A says:

    I save the most at Shoprite, I mean CVS, no, I mean Walgreens….wait maybe its RiteAid…no, I guess its really Shoprite. (oh, it could be Target or Stop and Shop)

  546. Aileen C says:

    I save lots of money at Shoprite!

  547. Amber says:

    I’ve only been couponing for 7 months and I’ve noticed the most savings from ShopRite in Delran,NJ. Thanks so much for your weekly match ups, they have helped me to save tremendously.

  548. brittany says:

    Great giveaway!! I’m feeling lucky 🙂 I save the most at ShopRite, they accept all my coupons and they double!

  549. rachellinarose says:

    i save the most at ShopRite in MD 🙂

  550. Joanna says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money, thanks to Cindy!!

  551. Ashley says:

    My local shoprite def. saves me tons of money.

  552. KAYE L says:

    My favorite store to save money with good deals and coupons is CVS!!!

  553. LR says:

    I save the most at CVS thanks to LWRC! I used to think shopping at CVS was expensive, but not anymore!!!

  554. Linda says:

    Since I started couponing in April 2011, I notice I save the most at CVS, Shoprite, and Walgreens.

  555. Naomi says:

    Thankfully with the help from this site, I am able get GREAT savings at Pathmark, Stop and Shop, etc.. But I must say, I definitely save the most at Shoprite!

  556. Allie M. says:


  557. Bianca says:

    We shope at walmart!! We’ve saved a good amount with price match and coupons!!!! And we are shopping for our family of 6 (2 toddlers and 1 on the way) so savings is very important to use!!!!

  558. Cheryl says:

    Hands down Shoprite!!!

  559. Karen says:

    I save the most at CVS! The CVS on 8th Street in Tifton, GA has the nicest employees. Our family knows them by name (even our baby waves at them!).

  560. B says:

    I save the most at Stop & Shop and ShopRite!

  561. Betty says:

    I save a lot from shopping at Target especially with the 5% red card discount.

  562. Grandma Bird says:

    Any store that doubles coupons is a plus! I love shopping at my neighborhood King Soopers! But I also price compare to see if the double coupons make up the difference of price from Walmart, in most cases it does and I dont have to deal with the drive to SuperWalmart.

  563. Tara C. says:

    The only grocery store that doubles fully where I live is Acme. I LOVE my Acme! Even though their prices run high on some things, they have awesome sales! I frequently purchase over $100.00 worth of groceries for $25.00 or less. They definitely save me the most! I sometimes shop at ShopRite and Food Lion and they are ok, but with the limitations I don’t do as well.

  564. Tina Kirby says:

    I’m new to couponing but so far Kroger in Sevierville, TN has saved me the most money. I love Walgreen’s because I haven’t had any trouble saving there either. I have to ask why I haven’t seen a Food City listed in the “My store” section? Before I started couponing I shopped there most of the time.

  565. Eva says:

    I save the most money at Shop Rite because I use this site for coupon matchups!

  566. mona cottrell says:


  567. Louise says:

    Shop Rite South Philly

  568. Nora says:

    I save the most at CVS!

    I have completely cut Walgreens out for poor customer service and for never having sale items in stock. And I have been weaning myself off of Rite Aid because I find the best deals at CVS.

    I LOVE their beauty club and 2% incentive they give back every quarter. Their ECB deals are always good on the things I need and I’m always finding those money makers!!

  569. Michele S says:

    I would have to say Shoprite, I go every week and have saved tons. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  570. Beth says:

    I find I do really well at RiteAid with sales, coupons and the Up Rewards. And because I am doing a smaller transaction that at a grocery store, I find it easier to manage as well.

  571. Claudia says:

    loveing CVS its the store that has saved me the most money lately

  572. Chrissy Surprenant says:

    Giant Eagle saves me the most because of double coupons!!!

  573. Michelle B. says:

    Between the Manufacturer and Store Coupons, my match-ups have been great lately.

  574. lori Robinson rr 1 box 1791 kunkletown, pa 18058 says:

    I save the most at Shoprite in Brodheadsville, PA. They have good sales and super coupons you can stack with manufacturer coupons.

  575. Michele H. says:

    Most of the stores within a 30 minute drive from me are Shoprites (about six). The only other ones to go to is Stop and Shop (the one closest sucks. It is a small store and doesn’thave much to choose from), Wegmans and McCaffreys, and I don’t feel like travelling to them. It sucks that the Pathmark (which I LOVED) and A& P losed ths year! Although Shoprite does have good sales, just wish there were more stores to choose from and that one chain didn’t dominate the area.

  576. Mary Killion says:

    Drugstore : I save the most money at RiteAid – the UP bucks are easy to use.

    FoodStore: I save the most money at Pathmark. They fully double up to four like coupons………

  577. Larry says:

    I’ve saved thousands at Shoprite.

    1. Mary Killion says:

      I love shoprite……..but they dont fully double by me. So my .75 only is $1 instead of $1.50 🙁

  578. Mayra Villalobos says:

    I save the most at Shoprite and CVS of West Orange, NJ!!!

  579. Lisa says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money, hands down! thanks for the chance to win!!

  580. RoseP says:

    I have to say my ever friendly RiteAid store in Bayonne, NJ.

  581. Judy says:

    Rite Aid is a godsent to me and my husband. We both lost our jobs when our call center was moved overseas and we both are back in school working on degrees. Rite Aid has allowed us to restock our medicine cabinet for literally pennies on the dollar. Thanks for all that you do on your website. I started couponing using your site and we are saving over $300 a month in expences.

  582. Nora says:

    I save the most at shoprite

  583. liz says:

    My shoprite store in Plainview, NY saves me the most money, never miss a week of shopping there.

  584. john says:

    ive saved a boat load at the Bayville N.J. shoprite thanks to LRWC

  585. Shoprite is my favorite place for savings. Woohoo!!!!

  586. Adrienne says:

    Hi Cindy, lately cvs has been saving me lots but usually it’s path mark! Thanks for making this site possible!!

  587. Alex says:

    Shoprite and target are my best stores for savings!

  588. Michelle says:

    I save the most at CVS!

  589. Heather says:

    I save the most at Walgreens!

  590. arkie says:

    Shoprite always saves me the most money with their awesome weekly deals and great attitudes.

  591. mike b says:

    cvs does the best for me!!!!

  592. Gerri says:

    ShopRite in Parsippany NJ is my go-to for the best savings. Sales are very good and they never have any problems with my internet coupons!

  593. Keena says:

    I have to say I now save the most money at ShopRight thanks to this site!!

  594. Jill says:

    I live in a very small town. I shopped at the Acme (the only supermarket) for 10 years. Since finding your website I now drive the 27 minutes to Shoprite. The sales and coupon match-ups totally make up for the drive. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

  595. Alanha C. says:

    The stores that save me the most are CVS and Rite Aid, love their ECB and UPS and the fact that you can stack store coupons, manufacturer coupons and ECB/UPS to get items free or almost free. =)

  596. Allie says:

    Shoprite!!!! They are by far the best place to shop for food and offer the most incestives and discounts !!!

  597. Ara says:

    Definitely CVS here in Austin, TX

  598. Cynthia says:

    Stop n Shop / Shaws saves me a ton as a new couponer its amazing how much you learn its been only 3 months and im loving this. Thank you so much for all your guidence

  599. Maritza says:

    Shoprite and CVS save me the most money and lately Rite Aid too! Btw LUV this site 🙂

  600. Peggy L says:

    I love Shoprite for its savings!!

  601. karin moore says:

    I save the most at hsoprite in West Milford…and I need it more than ever with the loss of ALL food with the storm.

  602. Carol says:

    Hello everyone!! Favorite stores that saves me a LOT of money are CVS and SHOPRITE ( cherry hill, nj and mt.laurel, nj) and its not just the stores that made them my favorite, but the people that are working there as well! They are all nice and accommodating to all! Ü

  603. Kathy H says:

    I save the most at Walgreens. I love rolling the RR’s! no ShopRite here 🙁

  604. sue says:


  605. Renee says:

    Shoprite always has great prices but I actually think I save the most at Rite Aid! They make it easy to use their UP rewards and I save the most using them

  606. chris says:

    SR, although here coupons don’t fully double. I must say my PA Martins/ Giant is quickly catching up. They have had great coupon deals for gas points.

  607. sharon says:

    Genuardis and Shoprite are my favorites for saving!

  608. damian colon says:

    i save the most at cvs its within walking distance to my house so i save on gas also thank you hope i win i was out on vacation and wasnt able to get those inserts

  609. Jaime says:

    I do pretty good at A&P in Patterson, NY. So glad they double coupons! And they often use peelie store coupon stickers for 50% off products that I can stack with manufacturers’ coupons!

  610. CT Eric says:

    ShopRite. Between their sales and the family points deal, and my upcoming free turkey(ies!).

  611. Chrissy says:

    The Shop Rites in Cherry Hill and Berlin New Jersey save me tons of money! Most recently, I shopped for over $250.00 worth of groceries and only spent $78.00 AND received $15 in cellfires & store rebates!

  612. Tara says:

    [email protected] Love this place it saves me so much money with the stacking of coupons!!!

  613. Jennifer says:

    I save the most at ShopRite. Love it!

  614. Katya says:

    Shoprite and Target

  615. bracha komarov says:


  616. Lori H. says:

    Shoprite saves me the most.

  617. Suzanne says:

    Reading about the great deals at ShopRite makes me WISH I had a ShopRite in my area! I have to make do with Walmart.

  618. Amy says:

    Jewel for food & CVS for the other things.

  619. ij says:

    Shoprite is the best

  620. Tink says:

    I save the most at Acme because they fully double and our local shop rite doesn;t 🙁

  621. Shannon Carisdeo says:

    Target saves me the most money. I love that they let you stack coupons. I also price match so I can even save more money!!!

  622. Brenda says:

    Shop-rite!!! Love this supermarket…..

  623. Maria says:

    The store on average that saves me the most is pathmark. wish they would bring back triple coupons.

    [email protected]

  624. Marisa says:

    I save the most at shoprite & Rite Aid!!

  625. Margie says:

    I save the most at Shoprite and Walgreens .Thank you for all that you do for us with savings us money. Kudos to Cindy

  626. Karen says:

    I shop at Shoprite for the best deals.

  627. Mike D. says:

    I love saving money at CVS! Freebies and MM are great there!

  628. Russ says:

    I like CVS the best. A close second is Rite Aid, then Shop Rite. Don’t like Walgreen’s coupon policy and their coupon machines always have issues.

  629. Amanda H says:

    I never thought I would say this, but I seem to do the best at Kroger. I live in a smaller city and they are one of the only stores that double coupons. I get great deals on Huggies wipes, lunchmeat, etc. I’ve even gotten Tide StainPacs for free on clearance and with a high value coupon!

  630. sara says:

    rite aid!!! saves me the most money

  631. Nancy C. says:

    i LIKE cvs and shoprite. i saved the most in those stores.

  632. Laurie A says:

    ShopRite by far! Stop and Shop is too hit or miss, and Rite Aid, which seems like a lot of work, is the only other game in my town.

  633. Sallie says:

    Since reading your website, I have saved the most money at CVS! It has been amazing to see what I can “stockpile” in small amounts every week! Thank you so very much!!

  634. Brandon says:

    I’m at ShopRite almost every Friday morning.

  635. Kait says:

    I always find the best deals at shop rite.

  636. Kris says:

    Definitely Shop Rite

  637. Tracey Rankus says:

    I really love couponing…..The store that I save the most money at is Shoprite hands down!!

  638. Maria says:

    I save a lot at shoprite. Next is CVS and RiteAid. 🙂

  639. Terry says:

    I save the most money at Rite Aid!

  640. Al says:

    Shop Rite

  641. Marjie says:

    I save the most at ShopRite and I shop there almost 3 times a week.

  642. Linda says:

    Shoprite for me!! They have the best prices, the best match-ups with coupons and they are family oriented which means a lot to me.

  643. Em says:

    CVS has the best deals but Shop Rite (in coastal CT) has great bargains on more of the things I buy.

  644. Susann says:


  645. James says:

    Oh how I long for coupons, with a 4 month old baby depending on me for his every need and an economy not seen since the days of the collapse of Taggert Transcontinental any chance to save is a way for me to help feed him and allow him to grow.

    Who is John Galt?

  646. Kiauna Maha says:

    I save the most with CVS. I love the extrabucks! Even with the update to the coupon policy, I’m still able to score really great deals!

  647. Helen says:

    I save the most money at rite aid, in combination with their up rewards.

  648. Jarupan says:

    I have to say Shoprite and CVS save me the most money here in Greenwich, CT.

  649. Vicki says:

    ShopRite saves me the most money(with Cindy’s help)!!!!

  650. Crystal says:

    Shoprite for sure!!! Thanks for all your hard work Cindy!

  651. Brenda collo says:

    Since beginning my couponing in July walgreens has saved me the most! I even got my husband going with me and getting excited about the deals!

  652. michele says:

    I save the most at shoprite thanks to Cindy and this fabulous website…instead of going to the food store once a week i go 4 times a week..esp for those free bees…free is for me ..thats my moto : )

  653. vincenza says:

    Love Shoprite and CVS. Best money savers around.

  654. Dana says:


  655. Ashley H. says:

    I save the most at Harris Teeter.

  656. renee a says:

    Shoprite and Cvs are my favorites!!!

  657. annette says:


  658. Laurie says:

    I have only been doing the couponing for about a month.
    I would have to say Rite Aide by far has saved me the most
    money. I was able to use manufacturers, store coupons, and along
    with that their discount card. Plus the items were on sale.
    It was a fabulous experience for my first time trying the coupons,
    and it totally hooked me.

  659. Trina says:

    I save the most at Shoprite, but lately I have been loving CVS!

  660. David says:

    CVS for sure! I look forward to shopping there every week!

  661. Tara says:

    Shoprite and walgreen’s are always great for saving me money!

  662. Irishsaver says:

    I have to say lately it has been shoprite these past few weeks even thought I live in the land of no fully doubling Shoprite ha ha. It has been good. ACME was usually my go to for fully doubling but since there no off shelf and no good deals lately it been SHOPRITErite all the way… No babies here so the CVS & Riteaid have not been appealing to me lately. My stores lately have been cleared when I get there so the thrill has been gone going there… But Rainchecks are good if they can even replenish the shelves.

    SHOPRITE… GETS MY VOTE.. I hope I get yours… ha ha…!!

    Great Job Cindy and team. Dont get REDPLUM here so thanks for the chance.

  663. Kelsey says:

    Love Ralphs / Kroger. I always end up saving. I also appreciate the fact that they double a lot of coupons!

  664. Mike says:

    Always go to ShopRite and Giant!

  665. sarah says:

    ShopRite!! I ♥ ShopRite!!

  666. Bobbi Levine says:

    Shop Rite is #1 with CVS running a close second!

  667. Leslie says:


  668. Rhonda says:

    I save the most at Shop Rite, because that is where I do the most of my shopping. However, CVS is my FAVORITE stop because most of my purchases there are free or super close to free!

  669. Kelly says:

    I save the most at Shoprite and CVS!

  670. Jen W says:

    Shoprite for sure. They have the best prices, and the best sales.

  671. Jenn says:

    CVS is the best!!! Just got my Aveeno lotion deal at lunch today!!

  672. Beckie says:

    A&P is my store, Target is my second favorite. i can’t wait to hit my 50percent off coupon from ap. i already have 2, 5 percents and should hit 3 soon!

  673. stacey verespie says:

    I save the most at cvs 🙂 Extra Bucks are Great !

  674. Sarah K. says:

    While I think that Walgreens probably saves me the most money, the local Rite Aid is my favorite place to shop! (Dallas, Pennsylvania) The store is bright, clean, and well-stocked; the employees are SUPER FRIENDLY and ALWAYS HELPFUL!!! Love those gals! =)

  675. Melissa lubold says:

    I saved the most this week at Harris Teeter!!!

  676. Jennifer L says:

    CVS, Target and A&P for me!!!!!

  677. Kelly says:


  678. Lisa says:


  679. Dana says:

    This year i have save the most in CVS

  680. Kirk says:

    SHOPRITE is the place for us!
    CVS Rocks too!
    Go NJ!

  681. AA says:

    I save the most at ShopRite, especially with all the recent catalina deals.

  682. Nicole says:

    Walgreens. . . There are two stores on my way to and from work. I love that you can roll the RR, stack manufacturer coupons and store coupons. No card required here!

  683. Kristen says:

    Walmart lol, basically the only place to shop around here!

  684. nicole says:

    Shoprite by far!

  685. Cortney says:

    Shoprite saves me the most, but King Kullen is where I get my freebie extras that I would not always buy. And some free necessities 😀

  686. yesmarie says:

    I love shopping at Shop Rite. I score great deals thanks to LRWC! I’m always redeeming my Shop Rite Family points for $ off my order. Makes for a sweeter deal.

  687. Michele says:

    CVS!!! wish we had a shoprite

  688. Em says:

    Shoprite hands down

  689. Amy says:

    I save the most money at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid in that order. And thank you Cindy and everyone else on this site with your hard work providing great deals for all of us. Have a great day everyone!

  690. Kristy Bryant says:

    Shoprite and Pathmark save me the most 🙂

  691. Shannon says:

    Shoprite and Rite Aid save me the most. Walgreens is a close second:)

  692. kristie holmes says:

    I love Giant they save me so much! I can get around $150.00 of stuff for about $65.00 or less..(well my coupons help too).. (ok love them both).

  693. Charlene says:

    Definately getting all the little freebies, and shoprite for my weekly shopping trips!!

  694. Heather Brower says:

    Shoprite, by far!

    Thanks Cindy and Sandra!

  695. Sandy Butler says:

    In Arizona…………Frys and CVS are great.

  696. Debbie Wible says:

    I save the most at Acme as mine does a true double. But I always check all my circulars to see where I can get the best deals. I am not above going to more then one store for a good deal.

  697. Nicole says:

    Shoprite has been saving me a bundle thanks to you, Cindy!

  698. Kristina says:

    Shop Rite!!! It’s only a 3 minute drive, so I save on gas too.

  699. jen says:

    In my region, shoprite saves me the most!

  700. Megan says:

    I love shoprite!

  701. Ann says:

    I do well at King Kullen as they double $1 coupons.

  702. Connie Harrold says:

    Recently I have been saving alot at Target, between the MC and TC and the sales my cost has been great. Also the unadvertised sales are pretty super too!

  703. Laura Fazzio says:

    My favorite store is A&P! It’s close by and has good deals on things I like!

  704. Anna says:

    The stores that save me the most out of pocket $$ are CVS with the free green tag $1, to the quarterly reward and with the beauty club savings. These three alone give you free Extra Bucks to use on anything (especially newspapers!!!!)

  705. Yvann Thai says:

    Shoprite seems to save everyone here, but since we don’t have one here, it’s all CVS for me! I love that store!

  706. Jessica says:

    I always save the most at Target.

  707. Heidi says:

    I think I save the most at Target and CVS. I love to stack the Target coupon with the MC. I also do well with their clothing coupons.
    My favorite CVS has a wonderful employee who loves to coupon so I always know there will be plenty of stock.

  708. Ginna Senn says:

    Shoprite is my favorite for big savings.. Thanks Cindy!

  709. sandra morton says:

    Shoprite and walgreens are the stores that saves me the most

  710. Jill says:

    Shoprite! I am new to this coupon-ing. My receipt said I saved $134 on my first order at Shoprite on a $200 order. Couldnt believe it. I never shopped there before a month ago.
    Jill Fuhrer

  711. Betty says:

    I save a lot from Rite aid with the up+ reward

  712. Shari says:

    I love Shoprite!!!

  713. Karlee says:

    Shoprite saves me the most. No matter what deals there are it always seem like Shoprite has the best ones!

  714. Becky says:

    I do best at CVS. I wish I did better at my ShopRite, but they only double to a dollar…bummer!

  715. Jessica says:

    Rite Aid in GLendora nJ

  716. Maritza says:

    Shoprite for me too!!! I’ve been shopping there for years and love to override their registers.

  717. Jen says:

    I have been saving a bundle at Shoprite….thanks to your site and coupons!!! Thank you!!

  718. Jessie says:

    I save the most overall at Shoprite, since I shop there most, but for individual freebie deals and money-makers CVS wins by a mile.

  719. palak says:

    Rite Aid and Shoprite save me so much money for my family!

  720. andrea says:

    cvs helps me save the most!

  721. Val says:

    Shoprite for sure!!!!!!!! It is my new favorite store!!!!!!!!!!

  722. Holly says:

    ShopRite and Target! With ShopRites deals and stacking coupons at Target, always end up with a bargain.

  723. Emily says:

    Shoprite saves me the most! I love that they double coupons!

  724. Jennifer says:

    Shoprite first! Then CVS and Target – I love to combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons…and I love Extra Care Bucks! Target has great clearance items too!

  725. Tina nortz says:

    Price Chopper is the store I shop most and gas rewards….Love it… although i look to see where I will get the best deal…..

  726. pat says:

    I save the most at ShopRite! It is a great place to shop!

  727. Dean says:


  728. Susie says:

    I LOVE ShopRite! Their catalina deals make me a ver happy shopper!!!

  729. Mai says:

    I save the most at Walrgeens! Got to love RRs!

  730. Cari says:

    Shoprite is my favorite place to shop!!

  731. Jes says:

    Shoprite Rocks!!! (Most of the time) 2nd best is Stop and Shop by me !!!! =)

  732. Rebekah says:

    I save a lot at walgreens and target.

  733. Helen says:

    Cvs saves me the most, between ECB, store and manufacture coupons and not to mention the magic coupon machine, lol. I must tell you I am addicted to your site. I love the heads up on all the deals. Thanks so much.

  734. Jennifer Patterson says:

    I have to say definately SHOPRITE!!!!! They are the most affordable to feed my family of 7!!!!! 🙂

  735. Josephine says:

    Publix is saving me a ton of money with their BOGOs and stacked coupons!

  736. Yudelka Shpoly says:

    I save most @ Wal-mart, but when I can’t get there, then Walgreens!!

  737. Monica says:

    Lately, CVS has been working best for me! Thanks, Cindy for giving me such great info on all the latest deals!

  738. Stephanie says:

    I use to think I saved more at Wal-Mart but now I realize with Price Chopper sales and they double my coupons I save alot more by going there. Plus its much closer to home so I save on gas too.

  739. Jennifer B. says:

    I save the most money at Shoprite.

  740. Annie says:

    *******Love my Shoprite I save on average $100 to $200 a week and the cashiers and customers always cheer me on when I save :)!!!!!

  741. Karen says:

    Shoprite saves me the most!

  742. Kathy Reed says:

    Please enter me in your contest! I am on this great site everyday. I want to tell you a big Thank you for all you do to help me learn to save money.We are in a bad situation at my home.My hubby is very sick with a tumor on his lungs *C* and has emphysema very bad.. So saving money on our groceries and household expencis leaves extra money for medicines and doctor bills! Cindy you are personal Angel! Even if i don’t win it is no big deal cause of what you do everyday helps us! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!!!

  743. Ginny M says:

    I have to say that I have had the most savings at CVS. Just love the ECB’s. I sincerely have fun with coupons and ECB’s. It’s like being a kid in a candy store for me :).

  744. Ania says:

    The store that saves me the most money is Walgreens! (:

  745. Stan says:

    We use ShopRite, but are lucky enough to have a Riteaid right next door. One trip, savings at both

  746. Deb S says:

    Shoprite consistently has the lowest prices. Match that with coupons and it can’t be beat!

  747. stephanie says:

    i love to shop at cvs with all the coupons and all the great deals. thank you!! steph

  748. Luanne Gayda says:

    Shoprite offers the best deals in out area. West Haven, CT

  749. Susan says:

    I wish we had a Shop-Rite closer. 🙁
    I like Safeway, Giant (Stop & Shop) and CVS the best!

  750. I save the most at von’s!

  751. Dee says:

    ShopRite all the way!

  752. Robin P says:

    Walgreens is the store for my savings:) Love the register rewards!

  753. Lauren says:

    ShopRite and CVS’s deals are definitely the best!

  754. KarenM says:

    Shopping at Shoprite saves money, but mainly because of your wonderful matchups and updates. Thank you!

  755. Audrey says:

    I Live in New York City in the Bronx area and i usually travel to Yonker to shop at Shop Rite i also have a RiteAid across the street:} and sometimes Pathmark if theres a good deal…..:}

  756. Sandi says:

    Wow, I have never seen so many comments! We are coupon crazy. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I save the most at CVS. Can’t beat rolling Ecbs.

  757. Ryan F says:

    CVS saves me the most money.

  758. Deena says:

    Cannot beat Big Y in Massachusetts for deals !!!!!!!

  759. Lmak19 says:

    Target and shop rite save me the most money. Between this site and totally target I get really great deals there since target does price match.

  760. tanya cooper says:

    I save the most at Walgreens and Publix. I am new to couponing but love it already!

  761. Tracy says:

    I think I save the most money at Shoprite (for food) and Target (for cosmetics and other misc items). I find that these two stores always have the best deals!

  762. Amara says:

    Love love love CVS sales and ECB’s. Their customer service can be questionable but the savings are so worth it. Thanks Cindy! I really couldn’t have done it without you. You have helped my family save over $2500 the last 4 months.

  763. alejandra says:


  764. Erin says:

    Shoprite is the store that saves me money every week! I get the groceries I need to feed my family – and extras!! I save more here using coupons, than I did buying in bulk at the warehouse stores!

  765. sarah says:

    Shoprite!! I have saved nearly $4,000 since MAY! And, that is shopping for items we use and/or need!! 🙂

  766. Amy Nock says:

    Hi Cindy! My favorite store is Shoprite, they always have the most for my money!

  767. Susan says:

    I love to shop at Shoprite. So much so that I drive about 25 miles to my nearest Shoprite.

  768. Kristy T says:

    I’m new to couponing; but so far, Rite Aid has been my biggest saver!

  769. Ana says:

    Cindy, Thanks to you I am almost guaranteed to save anywhere I go!
    In my area, even though it doesn’t fully double, I’ve been saving the most at ShopRite…Can’t wait to get my free turkey!! Thank you Cindy!!

  770. TJ says:


  771. Karen says:

    I get the best coupon deals at Shop Rite, but Walmart is the best place to shop for items when I don’t have the coupons.

  772. Roxy says:

    I love to shop at Shoprite and CVS, both stores have good deals from time to time. Thank you Cindy !!

  773. Joan K. says:

    I get the best deals at CVS especially since I started following your website and emails.

  774. Maggie Fraser says:

    Gosh, looking at the comments, wish we had a shoprite or rightaide near where I live, but small town ya know.. we have a CVS which is great, but most shopping done at Walmart.

  775. marshajean77 says:

    Shoprite is by far the best place to save with the best catalina deals!! Riteaid is my second runner up mostly because of its ease of use when it comes to up rewards. Thank you so much cindy!!

  776. Connie S. says:

    Shop Rite saves me the most by far! My New London CT. store is awesome. They keep on top of their sales and their *HOT* items plus they’re always ordering more….and best of all, it’s only 8 minutes away!

  777. Chung says:

    CVS is my all time favorite.

  778. Michael Phillips says:

    Publix is the store where I save the most! I love the bogo!

  779. Wendy says:

    ShopRite is king…CVS is queen!

  780. Linda Hughes says:

    Totally save a ton at Shoprite!! Thank you to Sandra for the donation and thanks to Cindy for hosting the giveaway!! 🙂 I love couponing!

  781. Michael Phillips says:

    Publix is the store where I save the most! I love the customer service and bogo

  782. J-knee says:

    It’s a toss-up between ShopRite and Rite Aid for me. And a big thank you to Cindy for all that you do!

  783. Alison says:

    I find my best deals at Shoprite, also the Target clearance endcaps!

  784. Lauren says:

    Pathmark usually saves me the most! Not only do they “truly” double, but my Kids Stuff book has $5 off $50 or more purchases for every month… and they take competitors coupons too! Cha-Ching!

  785. Shannon s says:

    Target! Stacking the manufacturer coupons with the store coupons AND the gift card promos really adds up the savings!

  786. Brandi says:

    CVS or ShopRite! I love them both 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  787. Rebecca says:

    I save the most money at ShopRite. I watch for sales and stack coupons with them to save as much money as I can!

  788. Kelly says:

    hmmm, the store that saves me the most money? It really depends on so many factors, but I guess my favorite store to shop is shoprite.

  789. Mandy says:

    Walgreens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  790. Alexis Martinez says:

    ShopRite saves me the most money, woot! 🙂

  791. suzy says:

    Shoprite is my favorite, but it only doubles up to $1.00, so I have to double check against Acme(which fully doubles) before I go shopping!

  792. Kelly says:

    ShopRite! They always have the best deals and I go every single week.

  793. Melissa says:

    CVS for sure. I haven’t paid for toiletries in years.

  794. Jenn says:

    I save at Shoprite but the best savings deals are at CVS for me. Between the two stores, I save a lot for my family.

  795. Jessica says:

    I would have to say shoprite and cvs!

  796. Jessica Y says:

    I am just getting started, & where I live there isn’t much to choose from so I only get good deals @ Walmart & Walgreens if I get there in time!!!THanks for the giveaway!!!!!!

  797. sheryl says:

    Well, toss up it is but I would have to say CVS in first place. Coupons , coupons and more coupons. I save so much there!

  798. Lisa says:

    King Kullen’s double coupons are save me a lot.

  799. Brenda says:

    Shoprite by far saves my family a bundle. But reading this blog has saved me the most time and money

  800. Beverly says:

    I save the most at Shop Rite and CVS. whoo hooo. And your site has made it both easy and enjoyable!!

  801. jillian says:

    i save alot at albertsons 10 for $10 and super 1 12 hour bake sale and there 12 hour meat sale

  802. Marina D says:

    I save a ton at Shoprite *THANKS TO YOU*…. and of course the usual great finds that I get at Target!


  803. Lisa says:

    Shoprite because of all the match-up you do! I dont even get the Sunday paper and I still save a lot! Thanks

  804. Ellizabeth says:

    ShopRite saves me the most money 🙂

  805. Rachael says:

    I always save a lot of money at Publix!! My friends in New Jersey all wish they had a Publix there because I am always getting great deals!!

  806. kim says:

    This year I pick Pathmark. LOVED THE TRIPLE COUPON MANIA!

  807. Lynda says:

    I love ShopRite!!! They save me lots of money on organic food.

  808. terri says:

    Shoprite hands don. We don’t have one so close, but i now travel 15min to the nearest one because of this site. Cindy you do such a great job with the match ups. Shoprite is fantastic with it’s deals and I never have a problem there. Thanks for hooking me up with a great stor. You should get a finders fee from them LOL!

  809. Jennifer Dalton says:

    I save the most at CVS. Between there and Rite Aid, I get lots of freebies!

  810. Gina Lozon says:

    My favorite store for saving money is Walmart..our local grocer is way more expensive!!

  811. Dana says:

    The money that saves me the most is CVS the ECB are the best when you have a lot of things granted you have to do seperate transactions, its well worth it when you dont have to pull out ur cc for $50.

  812. Rocky says:

    ShopRite, due to Cindy and her team’s help!

  813. Julie says:

    I always save when I shop at CVS, I like how I can use coupons without issues.

  814. Diane says:

    I’d say CVS, followed by Tops, and this website it by far the most helpful I’ve found!

  815. Maria C says:

    Walgreens! . . .but Target is a close second. :O)

  816. Carrie says:

    I adore ShopRite and save a ton there!

  817. marie says:

    Thank you so much. What a great giveaway!

    1. marie says:

      Oops….trying to rush, I save the most at Shop Rite!
      Thank you

  818. Beth G. says:

    Shoprite is my #1 savings spot.

  819. Dana C says:

    It’s really a toss up between ShopRite and CVS. I spend more at ShopRite so it doesn’t seem like I save as much as CVS, where I take full advantage of coupons, the magic coupon machine and their ECBs! But for groceries (food), it’s hands down ShopRite!

  820. Mary Jane says:

    ShopRite saves me the most then CVS, but Cindy helps the most with her match ups. I don’t go to the store without checking the match ups first. Thanks Cindy!

  821. Bettsy says:

    I would have to say Shop-Rite due to the variety of items I can get and save money on present/future trips. LRWC has allowed me to have an even better shopping experience with all the money I save thanks to Cindy’s and the readers postings.
    Of course the Shop-Rite experience can be even better if I didn’t get hassled because of my Internet coupons 😉

  822. Rebecca says:

    I think I save the most at ShopRite.

  823. Nathan says:

    I love my CVS .. Always love getting the gift cards for family and friends and always in need of more coupons

  824. JESSICA says:

    I think I save the most at Walgreens, but I do pretty good at Kroger sometimes also. I wish we had a CVS here in Arkansas!

  825. Gay says:

    Walgreen’s by far is the store that I save the most at with regular sales as well as clearance.

  826. Michelle says:

    Although I love CVS, I have to say ShopRite saved me more money hands down. Thanks to you, Cindy I’m close to saving over $3K, and I only started couponing in March.

  827. Anita M says:

    Shop rite thanks to this site!

  828. Wendy says:

    I think it has to be a toss up between Rite Aid and Walgreens for most money savings. I wish I had a ShopRite in my neighborhood. 🙁

  829. Michelle says:

    It has to be Shoprite!

  830. Linda says:

    I save the most money at Walmart.

  831. Cathrin says:

    My favorites are definitely Rite Aid and ShopRite– *because* I save the most and they have the best deals there!

    Thanks for offering the inserts!

  832. Jessica says:

    My best deals are found at Shop Rite!

  833. vercilla says:

    The store that saves me the most money is CVS! In addition to being the most coupon friendly store, they always give out great freebies from the “Magic Machine”! I always walk away from CVS getting things for a really great price, or just pay tax because it was free! I did not frequent CVS really unitl July and I have save almost 500.00 with them so far! My stockpile would not exist without a lot of their freebies…. CVS Rocks!

  834. Rachel says:

    Shoprite is where I save the most for my family of six!

  835. Nicole says:

    My best deals are from Shop Rite! Doubling coupons!! I am new to couponing and LOVING it!! I Have saved HUNDREDS of dollars just in the past couple weeks!! It’s amazing!

  836. Joe says:

    ShopRite always has awesome deals, but I’d have to say CVS; don’t know how they don’t lose money with all their ECB deals!

  837. Amy says:

    Shoprite definitely saves me the most money…using coupons along with their great sales can’t be beat!

  838. Juliana says:


  839. Deidra says:

    Shoprite saves me the most money…along with Cindy, of course!! Thanks for ALL you do Cindy!!

  840. Lauren says:

    ShopRite! I am a huge ShopRite fan because of all the money saving deals!

  841. K. Nicole says:

    CVS and Shoprite save me the most money without a doubt!

    I’ve always been a Giant shopper, but I’ve switched to Shoprite for my food shopping. Your site gives me the extra edge to get the best deals…#winning!! Love it!!

  842. Kristin says:

    CVS and Shoprite both save me so much money. I do most of the shopping for my mom and my sister and they are very grateful to not have to spend a lot of money on food or toiletries!

  843. marie says:

    shoprite saves us the most

  844. Chris O says:

    I rock the Shoprite deals thanks to LRWC!

  845. Kristy says:

    I love Shoprite! They have great deals and great stock up prices!

  846. Sid says:

    I would have to say Shope rite. No grocery store can be compare. and its all thanks to you for the coupon match up!!!

  847. jodiann says:

    SHOPRITE saves me the most money, thanks to LIVING RICH WITH COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t do it without you. THANK YOU ***

  848. Alisa says:

    I have been saving the most money at Shoprite! Especially with the help of this website! Thank you! Today I just contributed a whole bag full of personal care items for our Troops! They were all items that I paid very little or nothing at all for! Thanks to you!

  849. Melissa Sinicki says:

    I get the best deals at Tops.

  850. Stephanie says:

    Stop and Shop saves me the most $$ with the double coupons!!

  851. Melissa says:

    I save the most at Tops.

  852. Shanna says:

    Absolutely ShopRite! 🙂

  853. Mamie says:

    I’m a Shoprite shopper all the way!

  854. Sandra says:

    For me CVS is definitely where I find the best deals. Thanks LRWC, you ROCK!!!!

  855. Heather says:

    I WISH I had a Shoprite or any good grocery store, but I guess I have to be happy I save so much at Walgreens! Every little bit helps! Thanks!!!

  856. ashley b says:

    shoprite saves me the most

  857. Jessica says:

    I definitely save the most at CVS. It’s the circular I look forward to the most.

  858. Jessica A says:

    I have been saving so much at Stop and Shop recently, I love it!

  859. Annie says:

    Shop Rite saves me the most and they are very friendly there too.

  860. Sherry says:

    I’m such a newbie but I’m so hooked!!! Due to some recent unexpected medical issues, I’ve HAD to find ways to save here and there but I did not expect it to be so fun! I am so lucky to have within a 4 miles radius and ON THE SAME STREET a Walgreens, Shop Rite, CVS and 2 Dollar General stores! Lately, I find I have been saving mostly at Dollar General. Their ‘grocery’ items are quite limited, but I can get a great deal of what I need from there so Dollar General is usually my first stop. Next would have to be Walgreens…I never realized that they offered a in-store coupon booklet. Getting a great deal is so rewarding! Thank you for your emails…they are so helpful. 🙂

  861. VIRGENI says:


  862. Aida says:

    Lately, I have been doing great at CVS!!! Love your coupons match ups by the way… Its been a huge help!!!! 🙂

  863. Bretany says:

    All thanks to Cindy I save the most at ShopRite, but since I started reading her blog I have been able to save thousands at every store in my town!

  864. Wanda says:

    Shoprite is the store that saves me the most for groceries. Cvs for personal products. Would love these coupons because i got the paper in florida and no smart source or p& g. I was told the people that stuff the papers keep them and sell them on line.

  865. Lisa H. says:

    Shop Rite saves me a ton of money!!! Thanks Cindy, you are the best!

  866. Glenda Richards says:

    I get the best deals at our local Bi-lo. They double coupons so I save ALOT of money.

  867. Lynn says:

    Shop Rite and CVS but not without this website’s advice!!

  868. Wendy says:

    CVS saves me the most money. They even take their own expired coupons and are always willing to substitute an item for one they do not have in stock.

  869. laurab says:

    I used to be all for Shop Rite until the sales started to slack and so did the deals. Through your site I have found CVS and I love it there. There is not a week that goes by that I dont walk out of that place paying $2.00 for $80.00 worth of stuff. Thanks for the roll overs I dont go anywhere without writing the match ups first…

  870. Maggie Fraser says:

    Walmart is my first choice, followed by Walgreens and CVS

  871. Christina says:

    CVS saves me the most money hands down!! You get more bang for your buck at CVS. No other store in my area has Extra Care Bucks and Gift Cards rewards like CVS.

  872. zuna says:

    shoprite and cvs is best and save me alot .i am so happy when i save alot on these stores

  873. Dipty says:

    Thanks to your website, I am saving a lot at ShopRite and CVS. Thanks a lot for your time and efforts.

  874. Becky says:

    Shop Rite Hands down! LOVE that store 🙂

  875. Beth says:

    I would have to say Shop Rite by far. We are so happy to finally have a Shop Rite in our area. Love the great sales and double coupons.

  876. Selena Jimenez says:

    I’m new to couponing and I’ve been having a lot of luck at Pathmark. But they just opened a new ShopRite near me so I’m excited to start going there!!!

  877. Tina M says:

    The stores that save me the most money are Shop Rite and my Military Commissary! How I LOVE these 2 stores they have allowed me to cut $500 a month from my grocery bill!!!!!

  878. Val says:

    Shoprite and this blog!

  879. Ally says:

    My hubby is Navy, so I only grocery shop either at the commissary or Walmart, depending on what I need. The commissary has the best prices for meat, food staples, fresh produce, etc. But Walmart has the Great Value brand that I get for things like chips, snacks, soups, and other things.

  880. Sonny says:

    I save the most at pathmark!

  881. stacie says:

    CVS by far saves me the most.. Shop Rite is also another one of my favorites.. except on Saturdays.. too many people!

  882. Chris says:

    CVS seems to save me the most money 🙂

  883. Tina says:

    My shoprite does not fully double or let me have anything for free so I would say Acme because they do!!

  884. Joanna says:

    I love couponing & little by little I am training my family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc). My best places are Pathmark and Target. The pathmark near me has a great clearance section that I check regularly. I even get flowers at a discount to surprise a friend on occasion. Target is great because they have absolutely everything. I get to benefit from two…one near home & one on my husbands route to work. So the coupons would come in handy big time.


  885. stacy says:

    Shop rite….groceries are the biggest drain on the budget

  886. Cassie says:

    I love going to Giant… saving money AND earning gas points is the way to go!

    Love your site!

  887. June says:

    I tried to get newspaper on past Sunday but I couldn’t get any. I didn’t get my delivered newspaper either. I would love to have these coupons since I missed all the coupons.

  888. mary deluca says:

    I save the most at Weis supermarket. I really like the store help and promotions.

  889. Bryan says:

    Yes, even men can coupon. My wife is the main ‘couponer’ in the family. But my spot is always at CVS. We have a huge candy bowl as the center piece to our coffee table that needs to be stocked on a regular basis. So I am always at CVS taking advantage of sales, coupons and being smart rolling over my ECBs. My wife would be thrilled if I won her extra coupons.


  890. Nicole M says:

    I am a shoprite girl! They are the best priced with the best sales!!

  891. Dana Glumm says:

    I save the most at Rite Aid…especially lately! 🙂

  892. Lisa says:

    CVS. No contest.

  893. Denise Manco says:

    I would have to say CVS and Shoprite I save the most money at.

  894. Wanda says:

    I am just getting started with couponing so this would be a great contest to win. My daughter got me started and she is still training me. I only have a small white legal envelope to hold the few coupons I have. Soon I hope to have a better collection to pull from. Shoprite is the store I use most. The one by me has a great selection of products, even organic. Between the great sales, super coupons, e-coupons and clipped coupons my family and I make out great.


  895. June says:

    Oh, I miss the answer. My pick would be CVS and Shoprite!

  896. Jennifer Sammut says:

    I love Shoprite because I save the most money there (usually between 60-70%) and can pretty much get everything I need in 1 trip.

  897. melissa says:

    Lately I have been doing good in Stop and shop!!

  898. stacy says:

    Gotta Love Shoprite !!!

  899. Danielle F. says:

    I save the most money shopping at Walmart 🙂

  900. Sandy says:

    Shop Rite absolutely saves me the most money week after week – year after year!

  901. Sandra says:

    I love Walgreens and CVS.

  902. Amy says:

    Tops supermarket is where i get the best and most deals. I also get good deals at price chopper.

  903. Wendy says:

    Usually Shop Rite saves me the most. Though I sometimes get a great deal at Stop & Shop – love those dollar doublers!

  904. Elizabeth M. says:

    I shop and save so much money at Shop Rite. Everything I need is in that store and the Shop Rite I shop at actually has the store’s couon policy laminated and posted at EACH register. So, no fighting with anyone over coupon usage.

  905. Emie says:

    Shop Rite all the way for me 🙂

  906. Ryan says:

    Shoprite By Far I Can Save 70 to 80 Percent A Week!!!

  907. stephanie says:

    CVS is the BEST!!!!!!

  908. Kristin says:

    Walgreens is my favorite drugstore, I’ve saved so much money shopping there.

    My daughter at College and her roommates love that I shop there too?

  909. N. HALL says:

    RITE AID …

  910. Rania says:

    I love CVS and Shoprite! My favorite!

  911. swetha says:

    I love CVS. IT is the best.

  912. Maureen Schmidt says:

    Shoprite by far has saved me the most weekly!

  913. Michelle Acosta says:

    My favorite is CVS… I usually always walk out of there with a 90% savings..seeing the total before coupons $70 then pay $2 or less… With your help of course!! Thank you! I love your site! With 4 kids my family can survive with little income!!

  914. Shoprite is the best!!!! MY FAVORITE STORE!!!!

  915. Stephanie says:

    Wal-mart is my favorite. Mainly because they price match & then I use my coupons on top of that! 🙂

  916. Karin says:

    I absolutely love Shoprite!!! (Especially can can sales) My Shoprite always has everything I need in stock. Rite Aid would come in a close second!!!

  917. Mary W says:

    shoprite saves me so much money!

  918. Donna says:

    I have been doing pretty well at Wal Mart for price matching and overage.

  919. carolyn says:

    Stop and shop for very specific items is awesome. can get most stuff almost free. shop rite for everything else

  920. minal says:

    CVS!! Best drugstore for great deals!

  921. Katrina says:

    CVS and Target are my favs!

  922. Deb says:

    Harris Teeter is the best store for me – they double on a daily basis, now they have SUPER doubling this week, and occasionally they triple coupons!!!! Would LOVE a Shop Rite here – used to live in NJ and miss those great sales!!

  923. Suzanne says:

    Oh my. Where to start. Utilizing this wonderful group, there is no 1 specific store where I can save the most money. It all depends on the sales and the coupons. I’ve done really well at CVS, Walgreens, Stop & Shop, Shoprite and Walmart.

    I really do love Walmart with their price matching matching and overage. But, it really depends on the sales.

  924. Mary says:

    By far ShopRite! I can’t get enough of the great deals there! Keep them coming!

  925. Kris says:

    Shop Rite, Shop Rite, Shop Rite. Their everyday prices beat competitors and adding the coupons on top makes money in my pocket! Everything is always stocked.

  926. Lori says:

    As a new couponer, I love CVS. My husband was pretty thrilled when we walked out of there this week with $30 worth of product for $5!

  927. Cindy says:

    Rite aid saves us the most money. Freebies every week, and UP rewards to boot.

  928. Bonnie wojcik says:

    I get the best deals on Health and Beauty aids at CVS

  929. Michelle says:

    Def shoprite!

  930. Janelle S says:

    SHOPRITE SHOPRITE SHOPRITE…….I get the best deals their…I used to only shop at Pathmark but know I shop mostly at ShopRite

  931. Alison says:

    ShopRite is the best for savings for me!

  932. John says:

    Shoprite!Hands down.

  933. paula beck says:

    I am a new to couponing, and right now I think Walgreens is the best. I enjoy all savings you get.

  934. Jessica says:

    I LOVE Shop Rite. I definitely save the most money there.

  935. Aimee says:

    I have just started couponing, so I’ve only used coupons at Safeway and cvs so far. I look forward to expanding my horizons to all of the other stores in my area.

  936. Katarina Damstoft says:

    I love cvs…lots of money makers there!

  937. Karen says:

    Without a doubt, ShopRite is where I save the most money.

  938. Michele says:

    love CVS!!! wish we had a shoprite close.

  939. carletta says:

    I love shoprite andWalgreen,s i save a lot of money at both. some weeks Walgreen’s have great deals.

  940. Shell Holland says:

    CVS and Shoprite save me the most money!

  941. Patricia says:

    CVS Rocks!! for most of the frebies and MM!!! for food ShopRite!!

  942. Coleen Salzer says:

    I can’t hit just one store. I save about 70% at Shoprite on food but at CVS, I save 100% on beauty products thanks to the ECB’s!

  943. Darrell E. Jacobs says:

    CVS is my new favorite. Coupon newbie here. Gotta love HEB though as well. Nom nom nom….coupons. 🙂

  944. Alli Helton says:

    I save alot at Walmart!

  945. Cristina says:

    Well, living in San Diego, Ca we don’t have many stores that have GREAT sales, or double coupons consistently but I do like to shop at my local Commissary. I know this is limited to only Active Duty military members but the cost of living here in California really is high. They don’t double/triple coupons and they don’t price match but their prices are already lower than my local Albertsons or Ralph’s. I don’t pay tax but I do pay a surcharge which really equals to tax so in the end with coupons and their low prices I save the most on groceries at the MCAS Miramar Commissary!!

  946. Stephanie says:

    I love my Acme! There are are alot of great deals to be had, and they double all my coupons instead of just 1 when I have 2 of the same. I also really love shop rite even though its kind of far!

  947. danielle says:

    shop rite:)

  948. Jenny says:

    shoprite for sure!!! I just moved to NY from FL where Publix was my go-to but I’m saving more then ever now at Shoprite!

  949. Lisha Pohl says:

    My biggest money saver is CVS. I frequent Wal-mart and Target for specials! Still learning but I LOVE TO COUPON!

  950. Kim P says:

    I save the most at ShopRite and CVS

  951. sharon says:

    cvs rules……

  952. Angelina says:

    I get the best deals at Walgreens. I typically save no less than 60%. I buy one register rewards deal full price at the beginning of the week and float on it all week.
    This week I got: 6 Crest toothpastes, 4 Oral B brushes, 4 boxes of choc. covered cherries, 4 box of chocolate and $35 dollars worth of toys for only $15.

  953. Pam says:

    Price Chopper and Shoprite are neck-in-neck in savings each week. Today I spent $45.26 and saved $44.81 at Price Chopper and I spent $37.29 and saved $43.09 at Shoprite. I already have my coupons together for both stores for next week’s sales!! As Cindy would say…WhooHoo!!

  954. Tida Meas says:

    I love CVS because it saves me more money. There POS system is often and I never have problems receiving my ECBS! Gotta love CVS!

  955. Tida Meas says:

    I love CVS because it saves me more money. There POS system is awesomeand I never have problems receiving my ECBS! Gotta love CVS!

  956. Tida Meas says:

    I love CVS because it saves me more money. There POS system is awesome and I never have problems receiving my ECBS! Gotta love CVS!

  957. Irene D. says:

    Most of the time I save the most money at ShopRite. Lately, I have been doing very well at Target, especially from the clearance section.

  958. 0246 says:

    shoprite for sure!

  959. Terri B says:

    I love Shoprite. Can’t beat double coupons.

  960. Christine says:

    CVS is the BEST STORE! and they save me sooo much money. But Shoprite is a close second!

  961. Maria says:

    ShopRite saves me the most week after week!!!!

  962. Gina says:

    Absolutely Shop Rite!! You can always count on a good deal week after week.

  963. Mary says:

    Shoprite and cvs are the best for me.

  964. Caroline says:

    I love Shop Rite, but I think CVS saves me the MOST money 🙂

  965. Lauren says:

    I save the most money at Shoprite!!

  966. Jenben says:

    I save the most at Price Chopper and Stop and Shop!

  967. Melinda says:

    These days its Walgreens…LOVE the deals!!!

  968. Caroline says:

    I have to say …I love Shop Rite, but I think CVS saves me the MOST money 🙂

  969. Caroline says:

    CVS by far!

  970. Mary says:

    I love shoprite

  971. melissa r says:

    I love Shoprite!

  972. Nicole says:

    I think it’s a tie between CVS and ShopRite. I get more stuff for free at CVS but I have a much lower OOP at CVS 🙂

  973. dlila smith says:

    shoprite and living rich with coupons saves me the most money!!! thanks for everything!

  974. Siri says:

    I’ve grown to love Shop Rite… As long as I shop the LRWC’s way, I save lots of money there and I love all the sales. Of course, since Superfresh closed down it’s pretty much my only shopping choice, so that helps too!!

  975. Gregory says:

    Shoprite for me. It’s the only grocery store where I save significant money.

  976. cathleen says:

    I save most at Shop Rite!! I love their deals and the fact that they double coupons!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these bc I had no SS from 10/30/11 paper!! 🙁 I was ROBBED! (or at least I felt that way!!)

  977. Jame' hunter-davis says:

    Lately, target has been on point with helping me saving money!! I’m there almost every other day!

  978. Tina says:

    Usually stick to shoprite and cvs. just not enough time in the week to do all. I still do well and another deal always comes along.

  979. Melissa p says:

    I love Walgreens and Cvs the best for saving money

  980. Joanna says:

    I am addicted to CVS! Couponing there saves me tons of money and is always a great experience:)

  981. alicia says:

    I think CVS is BEST!!

  982. Christine says:

    CVS has always been my favorite!

  983. Cathy K. says:

    Shop Rite is presently saving me the most money.

  984. Amy says:

    I save a lot at CVS.

  985. Matt says:

    We save a lot at Shoprite.

  986. LindsAy! says:

    Walgreens saves my sister and I the most money with free products and high value coupons that help us get the the items we need as fillers!

  987. Liz Harwood says:

    I love Shoprite!! I use my paper coupons with ecoupons and sometimes get paid to take a product out of the store!! I bring my own bags and save even more while helping to keep plastic bags out of the landfills!

  988. Susan Conti says:

    I save a lot at Shoprite, especially with Cindy’s help. Rite aid and CVS come in second.

  989. jazzycee says:


  990. Sharon says:

    Shoprite is so close to my house and saves me so much money it would be insane to go anywhere else.

  991. Beth says:

    I save the most at Shoprite!

  992. jill says:

    thank you living rich and sandra

  993. Ngoc says:

    It would be really nice to have these coupons for the coming holidays.

  994. jill says:

    walmart and cvs

  995. Ngoc says:

    Oh…I love Rite Aid. Best savings

  996. Laura says:

    I L:)VE my Shoprite!

    1. Laura says:

      The smiley face was supposed to show up in LOVE….. whoops!

  997. Ragazi says:

    Walgreens and Target

  998. Dawn says:

    Martin’s grocery store with double coupons and gas points!

  999. Dsg says:

    CVS saves me the most money every week!

  1000. shannon says:

    I love SHOPRITE!!

  1001. Amy says:

    Target and CVS!

  1002. Kathy B says:

    ShopRite is DEFINITELY my favorite store for saving money!!

  1003. Tracy says:

    Walmart and Walgreens !

  1004. Kristie says:

    It’s a tie- Harris Teeter & Lowe’s Foods.

  1005. Dana W says:

    I have been able to save so much money with this site at ShopRite, Stop & Shop, and Walgreens. I think I will start going to Rite Aid.

  1006. Sarah says:

    Big Y and cvs!!!!!!

  1007. Houston says:

    I love CVS!

  1008. Amy says:

    I love Walgreens!

  1009. maureen says:

    I price match all the grocery stores at walmart

  1010. Amy says:


  1011. patricia says:

    i save the most at cvs and rite aid!!

  1012. patricia says:

    i save the most money at my rite aid…its crazy how much u can get for NOTHING

  1013. David says:

    i love rite aid

  1014. mrs brooks says:

    i love cvs!!

  1015. tara says:

    Shoprite and CVS

  1016. Jessica says:

    Price Chopper and CVS

  1017. Violetta says:

    My favorite are Target and sometimes Walmart. CVS and Walgreens are also not bad.

  1018. Tiffany says:


  1019. Careen says:

    Publix & CVS

  1020. Jen says:

    Shop Rite baby!

  1021. Anita says:

    I like Kroger – they double my coupons (up to 50 cents). !!!

  1022. Lovingmynewhobby says:

    HANDS DOWN!!! Shoprite! gotta love them!!

  1023. Elizabeth E says:

    I save the most money at ShopRite.

  1024. Nakia Buscemi says:

    I seem to do the best at Shoprite. I am very new to the extreme couponing but i am looking forward to learning how to save more for my family.

  1025. Bethany says:


  1026. Debbie B says:

    I always seem to save the most at Shoprite & CVS!!

  1027. patti says:

    Harris Teeter here in the south!

  1028. shalon kandiko says:

    I go to whatever store saves me the most money! I have been learning this past year to do this and your website has saved my family of 6 so much money i could never repay you!

  1029. Connie J. Treadway says:

    Shop rite &Target

  1030. Donna Mateyka says:

    I save the most money @ Shop Rite! Thanks to you, I’m using coupons like I’ve never used them before!!

  1031. Ebie says:

    ShopRite – wish it were closer!

  1032. Connie says:

    I have saved the most from Shoprite!! Definitely my favorite so far!!

  1033. joanne Barthel says:

    Living rich with coupons has taught me how to shop with coupons , and shoprite saves me a bunch of money . CVS is a close second.. Thank you Living rich with coupons ..

  1034. Mary says:

    target and price chopper

  1035. Veronica says:


  1036. Justus says:

    Love Rite Aid and Shoprite

  1037. Heather says:

    I love shoprite. I am new to couponing this year. I started in May 2011. I have saved $4,000 since May thanks to LRWC and Shoprite. 🙂

  1038. Kami says:

    I love Shoprite!!

  1039. Heather says:

    I love shoprite. I am new to couponing this year. I started in May 2011. I have saved $4,000 since May thanks to LRWC and Shoprite. 🙂

  1040. silvia says:

    Walmart and CVS

  1041. Elizabeth says:

    Harris Teeter!!! I love their e-vic specieals!

  1042. Jen says:

    When there is a good sale, I get the best deals at Acme.

  1043. Carolyn C says:


  1044. Kalyn says:

    Walmarts got the best prices and a clearence rack. But Acme fully doubles my coupons under .99!

  1045. Carrie says:

    I love shop rite and Cvs!

  1046. christine says:

    i love my rite aid 🙂

  1047. sue says:

    Shoprite is the best! But Ihave the most fun at RiteAid…especially when they pay me to take their merchandise out of the store!

  1048. Pat C says:

    I save the most at Shop-Rite but I don’t do too bad at Weis Markets and Walgreens!

  1049. George says:

    I love the coupon savings @ Rite Aid

  1050. Nicole says:

    Shoprite is my favorite!!!

  1051. Katie says:


  1052. Kristie says:

    I would say no contest stop n shop. With the instant savings, random dollar doublets and awesome sales, I save the most. Cvs is a quick second because I live off of using ecbs and only buying products that give ecbs 🙂

  1053. MaryChristine says:

    Shoprite in Scarsdale and White Plains – best deals and excellent customer service when dealing with coupon “issues.”

  1054. Shauna Arris says:

    I save the most money at CVS, with Rite Aid coming in a close second. I wish we had a Shop Rite where I live…sounds like good deals!

  1055. Maria says:


  1056. Jennifer says: