How to Shop For Free This Week

How to Shop For Free This Week

Here is your round up of all the freebies available this week.  Remember, if you don’t need the item, consider picking some up for your Couponing for a Cause Donation.


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  • sara

    don’t forget the single load tide at walmart for $.97 and the Nov P&G coupon for $2 it is a $1.03 money maker!

    • cara

      Hi sara just a question, i have been to numerous walmarts and can not find the single load tide detergent..where exactly did you find it? is it in the isle with the detergents or is it somewhere else?

      • Karen

        I found it at the very bottom of the travel size products.

  • Heather

    Just to add…the Schick razors at Walmart are $1.97 and each bag comes with a $3 off Schick razors that you can use for future purchases. I’ve been using the $3 off coupon to purchase the $1.97 bag of razors and getting $1.03 off the remainder of my order. I’ve done this multiple times with no problems.

    • Kim

      I looked at the coupon and mine said $3 off ST4 I think it was called and the $1.97 razors aren’t ST4. Are you getting a different coupon?

  • Renata Ahmed

    $.99 card deal did not work for me in NY, NY..:(

  • Sarah

    I just have to say I love this post every week! Thanks for all you do Cindy!!

  • Pasha

    The Air Wick deal is no good. The coupon is for 5.29 oz size. My cashier flat out said no, but she was correct.

  • yolene

    i cannot find tide or razors at my walmart i have been looking for them all month

    • Kim

      Tide should be in travel section..

    • Roslyn G.

      I was able to find the tide and razors once, and I’ve been to three different Walmarts.I got the razors,but they refused to honor the tide $2/1…totally ruining my gameplan for that day. I’m honestly starting to believe that they don’t restock certain things on purpose sometimes…just so they don’t have to deal with coupons. I say this because these are items that I’ve always seen stocked until we came across these fabulous coupons! Keep an eye out after they expire…and we’ll see.

      • My Walmart manager will order items for me and call me when they are in. I’ve only asked for the Tide, Scrubbing Bubbles and Schick razors on 3 separate occasions but he was very courteous about it when they were out of stock. It might be worth asking your store. I know that all Managers are not created equal however! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    To Nichole~ I Agree! also Who ever Shops at Target in Poughkeepsie Can you not Clear the shelf Everytime!!! The Cashiers know it’s one pictuarly person they told me today!

  • Jennifer

    It’s very upsetting when you just one deal and you can’t get it because the shelf has been cleared over and over agian!

  • yazmin

    Don’t forget about Shop Rite deals of this week!!!! free mashed potatoes and solo plates!! GREAT DEALS….

    *Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes – $0.77
    $0.40/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes
    free after coupon

    *Solo Cups, Plates, or Bowls – $1.99
    $0.25/1 Solo Cups, Plates, or Bowls printable
    $0.75/1 Solo Coupons

    Catalina Deal:
    11/4 – 11/27
    Buy 2 Get $1
    Buy 3 Get $3
    Buy 4 or more Get $4

    Deal Idea:
    Buy 4 Solo Cups, Plates or Bowels $1.99 each
    -(4)$0.75/1 Solo Coupons
    Pay: $1.96
    Get a $4 Catalina
    free + $2 Money Maker after coupons & catalina

  • yazmin


  • Kim

    Agree with you first part of comment about the $3 off coupon but when you comment on B1G1 are you referring to Cindy’s post? If you are she is not saying to use the B1G1 coupon and the $2 off, she is simply showing possible coupons for that item.

  • Laurie

    Just an FYI! I don’t really think this is the place for people’s harsh negative feelings. Please take your negativity and “coupon fraud” talk elsewhere. It may be inappropriate use or open to personal interpretation…..but I wouldn’t call it FRAUD! Now if she used a Schick razor coupon on tampons…..then you are right! Happy Black Friday shopping!

    • Carmen Douglas

      I agree, no negative talk and harsh words. WOW!! I come to this site for the positive feedback. Nichole, “caught/banned/jailed”. You most it been having a bad day!!! RELAX!! I am sure no one wants to commit fraud. I hope everyone have a good day. Keep on couponing!!


    • Cindy

      Oh geez, sorry guys. I missed that comment. It’s deleted. I don’t tolerate stuff like that.

  • jl

    Looks like Nichole had a change of heart and deleted her comment. Props to her for that.

  • Cheryl

    Johnson & Johnson Red Cross brand printable site is showing coupons & taking email info then “SORRY NO COUPONS AVAILABLE”