ShopRite Triple Coupon – Select NY Stores

ShopRite Triple Coupon – Select Stores

It looks like ShopRite will have triple coupons for select stores.  As far as I can tell this will be for the Westchester, NY area including White Plains, Scarsdale, New Rochelle and Yonkers.

The sale will be running from Saturday 11/12 – 11/13 and will be for coupons up to $0.99.

Thanks Brittany!

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  • bracha komarov

    would be so nice if they’d allow double couponing in nyc for a change…

    • Yvonne

      If you live in NYC, a trip over the GWB and 10 miles from there is a Shoprite. also there’s one in New Rochele and the one is Scarsdale is the best!
      It is worth the journey, unless you don’t have a car.

      • Marques

        Scarsdale is my home SR even though its about 15-20mins from my home. They are the best when you have a bunch of coupons!

  • Matthew F.

    NOT driving over there! Lol!!

    • Brittney

      There is a store in Yonkers (Greenway Plaza only) which is much closer to NYC and they are also tripling coupons!

  • Liz V

    All right, I think I’ve died and gone to coupon heaven. I can easily get to Scarsdale and the store is brand new and beautiful! I usually go to New Rochelle so hopefully it will be there too. Please explain triple coupon restrictions when you have more info. I want to be totally prepared.

    • Janice

      normally the restriction is 99 cents or below they will triple! Wish I were closer, but from NJ…too far!

      • Liz v

        So a $1 is still a $1, but a .60 would become $1.80?

        • Anonymous

          yup…better yet .75 is 2.25!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    ohhhh boy!! I work in westchester but its on the weekend….hmmmmmm may still be worth the drive 🙂 Maybe there are more stores in NY fingers crossed!!!

    • Brittney

      Sorry the pic cuts off the places that will be doubling coupons are White Plains, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, Tuckahoe Rd and Greenway Plaza in Yonkers.

      • Brittney


  • Nicole

    How about rockland county, NY?

    • dcouonsavings

      I go to stony point .i hope they have it there too.i will be fancing in the

  • Kat

    I don’t see it for my Long Island Ad but they do have Essie Nail Polish on sale for $4.99, smh only feeds my nail polish obsession.

    • Liz on LI

      I don’t see it in my LI ad either for West Babylon 🙁

      • Holly LI, NY

        Hi Liz on Long Island!!
        I’m from West Babylon too!! Oh boy, do I wish the West Babylon and Bay Shore store had triples! It’s been a long time since the last time.

  • erin

    Gah. I just moved away from the scarsdale store….ugh!

  • Val


  • Val

    So would that be deals for this week tripled (on saturday) and deals for the following week tripled on sunday??

    • Malinda

      Yes, I’d like to know this too?

    • Kariz

      I’m sure it would apply to both circulars since sales end saturday and begin sunday. I’m so excited!!! I’m within driving range to all them and my favorite one is White Plains.

      • Liz V

        @kariz, I’ve never been to the WP SR since I live in the BX and usually go to New Rochelle. Is it as dreamy as I’ve heard?

        • Kariz

          Liz, yes it is!!! It’s huge, well organized, and well stocked. The staff is very friendly and helpful. If I were you, I’d take the drive up there.

          • Liz V

            My only worry about WP is my frozen defrosting on the way home, lol. Where is the entrance, on main?

            • Kariz

              I would be concerned with ice creams and anything like that. yes, it’s on main st. It’s in the City Center, the same shopping mall as Target.

  • rose

    is there a limit?

  • susan

    Who is up for a road trip from South Jersey?? LOL

    • LaToya

      I most definitley am if you are serious. I have a mini van.

      • Marie

        I would love it–if you are serious!

    • KirstenStar

      I am going from Union! See yah there ladies lol!

  • Kaitlyn

    if anyone finds out croton is included please post that would be closer for me!:)

    • Brittney

      no its only white plains, scarsdale new rochelle, tuckahoe rd and greeenway plaza in yonkers.

      • Kaitlyn

        thanks alot! I will have to google which one is actually closest to me!

      • Cindy

        Thanks Brittney, I’ll update that on the post. Happy shopping 😉

      • Anne McCabe

        HI Brittney,
        Can you tell me if the SR ad that Cindy has posted that starts tomorrow 11/6 is the same ad for the Triple coupons? or is it a completely different ad all together?

  • Gina

    heading over to SR FB page to try to find more info.

    • Gina

      nothing on FB page or my local’s site. would love to know if Peekskill is included.Why is that picture so close up?!

      • Jenny

        Peekskill is not included I already checked and was hoping the same

        • Gina

          Thanks Jenny. I was so hopeful. 🙁 Oh well, maybe next time.

          • Jenny

            Take the trip to white plains or Scarsdale! Its going to be worth it I think!

        • mary

          oh no..that stinks

  • Meli

    omg this is so worth the drive

    • Jenny

      I agree. It’s about 30 minutes for me but the savings are incredible!

  • Debbie

    I just wanted to simply say thank you for sharing this information. You didn’t have to be so bothered, but saw fit to pass along this really great news.

  • Ann

    Is there a limit of coupons per transaction????

    • Jenny

      I am pretty sure it still just the Normal no more than 4 of the same item rule.

  • Evelyn

    Not too far for me where I live in NJ, but too expensive- $12 toll!

    • Kariz

      depends where in NJ you are in. If you are in Northern Jersey, you can cut across the Tappen Zee Bridge and it’s only $5 toll and it’s not far from the White Plains’ Shoprite.

  • Caryn

    Wow, how far of a drive is that from SI?!!! Triple coupons is insane. Last time Pathmark near me did a promotion like that, the amount of free things i got was insane

    • Liz v

      At least an hr from si without traffic. But I don’t know if it’s worth it with the tolls! U guys got that great path mark promotion and the rest of us were shut out, lol!

    • Katie Coupon

      But when Pathmark did the triple coupon promotion, it was up to an including $1. It was definitely easy to get a lot of free stuff with a $1 coupon that turned into a $3 coupon (I zeroed in on $2.99 items) but with this sale, the coupon restriction is up to $.99, so, you’ll get free stuff, but not like the major haul we all got with that Pathmark deal. Good Luck! 🙂

  • sue

    The toll at GW bridge is $12.00. not worth it.

    • Ann


  • Arianna

    that stinks! I’m over an hour north of White Plains…to long a drive for me. 🙁

  • nicole

    does anyone know about rockland county yet? cant find it anywhere

  • Lady J

    I’m not against driving and paying for gas – but I am against paying tolls. All tolls really do is cause traffic, and pay for the toll takers. Tolls would definitely eat into the profit. And, as far as I know, I won’t be the area.

  • Lady J

    P.S. For you SI-ers, the K-Mart on Richmond Ave is closing, maybe you can find some deals there. Watch the prices though, a lot of times stores that are closing jack up the prices.

  • susan

    if they did triple coupons in the NJ store i got to it would be totally chaotic.. worse then black friday! lol..

  • Jenny

    I just called the new Rochelle store and found out the following: even though they are open until 2am which is technically the next day after midnight the sale will not reset in the system until 6am the next day. Also when I asked if there were any additional details on the tripling she said it’s up to .99 as stated in the ad and the regular coupon policy applies as to quantity.

    • Liz v

      Thanks! That’s my store. Looking forward to the deals.

  • Anonymous

    can anyone tell me if there will be triple on staten island?

    • Erik

      I was just wondering and hoping the same thing.

  • LeelalandC

    Yay greenway plaza is only 5 minutes away from me… But I love the Shoprite in scarsdale more. it’s huge.. twice the size… I can’t wait.. i was so inexperience when they had triple days earlier this year at pathmark.. Now I am much better at it now 🙂

  • NICE!!!!!!! I think we might make a trip to Peekskill to take advantage of this!

  • karli

    Anyone know about the stores in Staten Island?

  • Cathy

    Does anyone follow when the Glen Burnie, MD store triples? I realize I’m probably not in the right spot. Thanks for your help.

  • Michael

    Will they be tripling coupons that say “do not double” like pathmark did in the past?

  • Rocky

    I asked at the service counter yesterday at my SR in NW NJ if there were any plans to do it there, and, after she stopped laughing…she said she didn’t think so…waaaaaaaah

  • Jennifer R.

    Does anyone know if there is a restriction as to how many coupons. For example Pathmark only allowed triple coupons on 10 items per card per day.

    • Icini

      I just called the White Plains store and the cust. rep said there is no limit but normal coupon policy will still apply…4 like coupons etc. So just for further clarification I gave an example of buying 20 different items in the same transaction using 20 coupons for those items (1 coupon per item), will all 20 coupons triple in that one transaction and she said yes!!!

      • sarah

        Will they be tripling coupons that say “do not double” ?

  • Eimi M.

    This will be PERFECT for me. I will be visiting my mom in NYC from PA. I am super excited! The boyfriend and I will be making two trips, one Saturday and one Sunday. The food donations that we have planned for next week is going to be great.

  • Anonymous

    When is the next triple coupon day?

  • lippy

    Anyone know when the next triple coupon event in NY/Westchester will be, even if it is not Shoprite??!!