Target Black Friday Ad 2011

Target Black Friday Ad 2011

The new Target Black Friday Ad 2011 is now available.

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  • Haseena

    Hello Everyone! I need some advice.
    I’ve wanted to buy a dyson for a long time now, but I never found them on sale and coupons usually exclude dyson’s and it looks like on Black Friday Target and Khols is going to have them for $279…is it worth they money?

    Thanks in advance

  • Christine

    yes, love mine! i paid over $400 for mine about 5 years ago and it still works great. i have the dc 14 all floors but the newer ones have the ball and are supposed to be even better

  • couponing momma

    Is it me or are these black friday sales mediocre? The past few years I have found great deals, it doesn’t seem like I’m finding anything close to it this year.

    • Joe

      Majority of them have been nothing more than a small discount above a normal sale. Target has had the best item so far with the 160gb PS3 bundle


    I have a dc25 all floors (with the ball which is great for maneuverability) and generally I like it. Definitely doesn’t lose suction and easy to clean.The accessory hose is definitely great too. I just personally find it heavy and even with the ball I find it hard to turn without stressing my wrist (i’m petite, 5’1) and I sometimes still have to go over a spot several times to pick up something (like a string/hair/fuzball) and I guess if I’m paying close to 500 for a vacuum it makes me expect a bit TOO much :p A retractable power cord would also be nice (I got mine over 2 years ago so they may have addressed that). my hubby got an awesome deal on amazon ~3 years ago and I think we paid ~200. We bought it around Xmas time.

  • Buckleigh

    Please, everyone keep in mind that stores have regional circulars (personal experience with Target). Some of the items my not be available at your store. Just a heads-up!

  • Kit

    I bought the 360 xbox tonight at Target for $199 and I recieved a $50 gift card. So it’s really only $10 less on Black Friday. Glad I went tonight and did not have to deal with long lines and possibly walk out empty handed.