Walmart Black Friday Update – Store Map

Walmart Black Friday Update – Store Map

Need to find your way around Walmart on Black Friday?  Well, now you can use their handy dandy store map so you can map out your route.  Pretty soon they will put up traffic lights in the store to control traffic.  😀

While making your plan of action, be sure to check out the following as well:

Good Luck at Walmart on Black Friday!  Bring your GPS 😉

Walmart Black Friday Update – Store Map

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  • Karen

    It’d all be good IF all the Walmarts were set up the same way. Lawn n Garden is no where near our food section here. It’s on the other side of the store off General Merchadise. Really, Walmart get your maps straight before publishing.

    • each store is different follow the link and put in your info 🙂

      • Anonymous

        lol you have to go to your LOCAL map. dur.

  • Ryan

    Cindy My Other Half Works For Walmart And They Told Everyone Layaway Will Be Avail. On Black Friday Now!!! Just To Give You A Heads Up!!

  • April S

    I was just able to purchase the PS3 at the Black Friday price on the Walmart website to pick up in store on Dec 7. It seemed way too easy.. I wonder if it was a bug, I guess we’ll see. Anyone else try ordering anything online by clicking on the flyer?

    • Ana Iris

      I just tried to buy something from the black Friday ad just to see and it told me that it wont be available til Thursday at 10. and ONLINE FRIDAY. SO I’m assuming that means you will be able to purchase the deals online on Friday, Not sure if the big ticket Items included but, “I did do the WII & the Ps3 Bundle and it said online times Vary.” so that’s a plus! 🙂

      • April S

        Yeah I added the PS3 bundle along with some other items that weren’t BF exclusive, and it added it to my cart at $199.96, let me go through the order, and it says I can pick it up in the store Dec 5th. I hope it works, I worked in the mall for almost 10 years, I just about refuse to leave my house on Black Friday. 🙂

    • Lady J

      nope. I always go to Walmart on Wed because often times their items are marked in advance with the black friday price. Because everyone is waiting for black friday – no one is buying it. Yet, when you take it to the scanner – there it is black friday price before black friday. I have snagged quite a few deals that way.

  • LiveForLife33

    So…what do those numbers on the map actually mean?