What We Love Wednesday

What We Love Wednesday

Have you ever wondered what people love to eat, what store they shop at or even what their favorite mobile app is? Now is your chance!

Every Wednesday I will post “ What We Love Wednesday” where all of you will have the opportunity to send me what you love! This could be anything from your favorite nail color to your favorite website! It is up to you to share what your favorite things are with the Living Rich with Coupons Community.

So, send your favorite things to WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com.

We got some great responses for this week’s What We Love Wednesday! All of the readers below are receiving a reusable Living Rich with Coupons shopping bag!

::Coupon Command Center

Maria Loves –

Coupon Command Center – Maria writes “Just had to share with you what my husband and dad built for me over this weekend. I have my own “Coupon Command Center”. Now I can do everything in this one room and everything is organized. The one thing I love the most are the blue dots in the room. One for each store, so as a deal pops up, I can quickly jot it down on the wall 😉 Thanks for everythimg you do!”

::Favorite App

Bev Loves –

Nike+ GPS– Bev writes “This app is a life saver! It helps me get my runs done quickly and efficiently. It has a GPS in it and it tracks how far I have run. It also keeps track of all of my runs! I love it!”

::Favorite Beauty Item

Layla Loves –

Essie Nail Polish – Layla writes “I love Essie Nail Polish! Their polish always stays on so long and they have the best colors for every season!”

::Favorite Website

Marie Loves –

Mint.comMarie writes “This is a free program that keeps me on my budget.  All of my accounts are updated in one place and this site helps me stick with my plan! I love it!”

So, now it’s your turn.  What do you love?…

send it to: WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com

If your “What We Love” gets posted, we’ll send you a Free Living Rich With Coupons ReUsable Shopping Bag.

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  • Linda

    I love Maria’s Coupon Command Center! Going to show my husband this.

  • Ueen

    Maria, thats easy 8 coupons right there. 🙂

  • Myisha

    I am building my coupon command center in my spare bedroom. You inspired me Maria!

  • loves coupons

    Cindy, where is your “what we love” ?
    I LOVE the coupon command center, wish I had enough room for one of my own. SO AWESOME!

  • Jill

    Dear Santa,
    I want a coupon command center just like Maria!

    • Jen

      Cute Jill! I’m going to ask Santa for one too..lol

    • Kim

      I 2nd….or 3rd that request……..oh santa please, I’ve been good!!

  • Audrey

    OMG i want an office just like this one…i do have an extra room not being used….hummmm HONEY!!!!!!:}

  • Dana C

    Ok I want to move in with Maria!! That’s awesome! I wish I had an extra room!

  • Maria

    Come on down Dana! Lol

  • Lisa

    All I wish for x-mas is a santa command center….PLEEAASE! Maria, that is one awesome room! So jealous. I love the dots too.

  • Sue

    Funny! As soon as I seen the Coupon Command Center I was thinking the same thing as Linda…”Im going to show my husband this!” Looks doable. Thanks for sharing Maria.

  • Michelle

    Maria – I so love your set-up!! The wall dots are a GREAT idea!

  • Lovingmynewhobby

    so inspired by the command center…new project..and Im on it! 🙂